Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 17 augustus 1986 Prince in de Ahoy

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very good lyrics


very good

beautiful music

i'm glad that he is in the Netherlands



why ?

hmmmm hmmmmm

8000 Prince fans squeezed themselves tonight at the gates of the Ahoy hall

to get the best possible place

tonight was the first of three concerts in Rotterdam

the tickets were sold out within a few hours

and then the people are pushing

he you there quit pushing, our we will close back off

some prince fan's behave as if they were the star itself

prince is very shy of publicity and does not show himself

at least not the real one

how did you get that beautiful suit?

well my mother made it

are you now the real fake prince?

yes, i believe i am the only true Dutch fake prince

from Groningen ?

yes of course from Groningen

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