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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Gavin's Secret Admirer

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Gavin: See, I never get attention like that unless it's from dudes.

Gus: What you mean? Gavin: I was on set once.

We were on a cooking show. This guy was cooking all these recipes.

So, uhm, the camera is looking at him and I'm attached to the camera with a cable

looking at what the camera sees but I'm off to the side.

But in between all the takes he was always looking to the side on the screen.

I was like, "What is he looking--"

"Oh, he is looking at me!" [Gus laughs]

So he didn't know I could see what the camera was seeing.

And apparently he goes up to the director and go, "Who's that young man?"

"He's beautiful."

And then at lunch the director came over and said:

"This TV chef... he's got a thing for you."

Gavin: "He's a big fan." [Barbara laughs] Gus: A big fan?!

Gavin: And it all made sense cause in between the takes as well...

...he would like cook me up these little...

...nibbles and stuff.

"What do you think of this one?" and I'd be like, "Yeah, it's great!" and I'd just wolf them down

I didn't realize it was flirting until it was too late.

Gus: You were like gone home and be like, "Ohh, shit!" Barbara: "I lost my chance!"

Gavin: Anyway, so I'm only there for two days, but the whole shoot was three months long.

Gavin: Apparently they couldn't get him to look up at the camera enough.

So the producer went online and went on to my facebook.

Gus: Nooooo... Gavin: And printed out my profile picture.

And taped it on the camera to get him look to the thing.

And about six or seven months later...

This was probably Christmas time, someone got my mom his cookbook.

Gus: You were like, "This is the dude I banged on set!" [Burnie laughs]

Gavin: In the front page of the book he got all his thanks and stuff

So it's, "Thanks to the lighting guy."

And a list of all these names and at the end it just says, "And Gavin."

Gus: "My rock."

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