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Hey my beautiful beebies, it's Meghan Tonjes and I am here with...

Hi, I'm Michael Cienfuegos. And we're new best friends, and you have a movie coming out

It's already out and you guys missed the BET airdate, but it's going to be on VOD on the 25th.

It's called Fat Camp. Pack your shit today, or I will.

Welcome to Camp Vision. California's premier fitness camp. Fat camp. I don't need to lose weight! I'm a fricken stud!

And the reason we're making this video is because I actually went to fat camp

So I thought today we played two truths and a lie, and I will I'll give you some fat camp stories

And you can tell me what's real and what's not.

I feel like I'm Maury and I'm about to announce to you if you're the father.

Every bunk has like a camp counselor that goes along with it. Okay. And we had this lady Sarah, who's awesome,

but she was like big on anything you guys gonna do I'm gonna do.

Like, I'm going to show you that I'm willing to like put some skin in the game and be down for it. Okay.

So the first week we had a ropes course and she decided to go first to show us like it's no big deal, don't be scared.

In the middle of her walking across, she fell and broke her leg. No.

So I was terrified the entire like I was there for six weeks

I was terrified the entire time. Oh, yeah.

And I didn't touch a ropes course. There was a black market for candy

And I call it pop, because I'm from Michigan but it's soda here, so other people know

And about a few weeks into it a few counselors were let go, just disappeared.

I hope just fired, not killed because they were found breaking out of the camp and walking down the road to go buy candy and things to smuggle in and sell to campers.

So they were running the black market but they were counsellors?

I don't mean we're running it. Maybe they were just like part of it. Oh gosh. They were brought into the game, okay

That's got to be real that has to be real.

So on the way to get food it was like a downhill hike right? Was like a mile long hike to get down to this shit

They were to make up work on our way back up. The camp counsellors all were in golf carts

And so I remember one fine day two of the counselors in a golf cart driving up

and some of the fat kids in the camp decided to try to hold onto the back of the golf cart

But because you know gravity and life and science the golf cart started moving back down the hill. Right.

And so I clearly remember this woman swatting off fat kids with like a newspaper

Some of them falling not so ceremoniously. And tumbling down the hill.

So me walking up calm, watching other little fat kids roll down a hill.

The woman - she broke her leg and scared everybody off and they didn't want to do that, so I have to believe that one.

Okay. I think okay, so the black market I have to believe because I know it's true. You're not idiot you have to be eating candy as the fat kid Yeah, we did it

They do search your bags by the way when you get back here really they go through to find stuff

and I think I snuck some candy and they didn't find, so... I'm gonna say it's the golf cart one, okay,

just because I think as a fat kid myself yeah that I would know that if I'm gonna grab onto that car it's gonna roll back and

So I'm gonna. I'm gonna guess that it's that one okay. There's your final answers. That's my final answer

Yeah, so the Lie was the camp counselor falling and breaking her leg! Oh!

Got you! I'm an actress bitch take it! No, you're good

I was I was thinking because I'm like my character in the movie is is that counselor that would have gotten to the rope so

I'm like oh, that's gotta be real, those people exist. Okay, so first day on set, okay, we're actually not even on set.

We're going to fit. Okay the very first day and

Watching your eyes and trying to imagine which way you have to be looking to be lying

I'm like body language. Well there's so many cameras. I'm just gonna throw you off and look at all of them. That's true

Look at all its fine. Okay its first day. Okay. We're there for fit, so I'm there with all these wardrobe women

Great women, beautiful women and I have try on all my costume. And I've read the script so I know sort of what happens

You know I mean but uh... I saw the poster, so I feel like I know what happens. yeah. Yeah, so I didn't expect

I don't know why I didn't think of this, but I had to go and try on all my costumes one of them being a tiny Speedo

okay, and um I don't know I was ready to do it put it on or whatever

But um all that all the girls were kind of joking with me and laughing with me about manscaping

Ooh. And so I joined it with the laughter right like. Yeah, it's funny hahaha manscaping manscaping

I thought they were joking until they made me an appointment for a a manzilian at the sugar waxing place. Oh

And uh yeah yeah, so I did thought they were joking until that and I went in and ah

Ten out of ten would you do again? Oh, I made an appointment on my way out

Oh, yeah, it was amazing it was the greatest thing ever and everybody should do it. Oh!

Oh, shoot. Just don't say the works like you like act like you've been there before

Don't just go in and be like give me the works. 'Cause that's everything. It's like you're ordering a sandwich. Yeah yeah no

But that's what they have a thing for that, and that's everything.

Ooh. Yeah, you'll be like oh I'm all done, and they're like "No flip over". And I'm like okay wait! You know what?

OK story number two. I am a huge uh Prince fan, okay, and I love the movie Purple Rain favorite movie of all time. 'kay

If you haven't seen it go watch Purple Rain right now out of respect

so in our in our dance scene right we had a choreographer named Allison Fall and she also enjoyed Purple Rain and

For some reason I couldn't get a one of the dance moves down until she started calling it the Purple Rain.

Right, so we're like literally dancing and these are little kids they have no idea what Purple Rain is,

but like we're like dancing and she would call it

And, like one two three four five six and Purple Rain

And it was the only way that I could get this move down

And it was like it, was like me tapping into like my childhood and just being like okay

This is, this is what I want to do, my whole life. I watched Purple Rain,

I wanted to do that scene and here it is. I love it, okay.

Alright story number two, we filmed in Malibu at Calamigos Ranch right and

we used like the same cabins that they used in "Wet Hot American Summer" okay, so

One of the days we actually had to shut down filming

Because we found like you know little wrappers and stuff from our crafty services which are right behind the cabin

leading to underneath the cabin and we found a family of raccoons and

Yeah, we had to shut down for a day just in case they were... rabid

Oh no! And yeah in they were basically just sitting there you know flipping us off with they're real hand and ruined a whole day of filming. Oh great

Okay so those are, so we got so we got okay? We got

Manscaping Story Mm-Hmm. Okay, we have Purple Rain story, and we have the raccoon story

Which ones real? And which was fake?

Those were all very realistic stories.

Okay. I am an actor. You are an actor and I feel like I intrinsically want to trust you

Okay. That's awesome. But you're a man so I don't. Ooh smart

The first one. I just feel like you know a lot about the work and the situation that might may or may not happen

So I'm tempted to think that that's true. Okay, okay, so the second one

We have the Prince move I feel you're gonna pull something on me and be like no actually it was Michael Jackson. It was a different artist. I got you there

But then you had to count down, and I feel like that's a little intricate to come up with the count. It sounded a real the count right?

It sounded real with the count. But then maybe I added..

But now you're saying it sounded real with the count. Maybe I added that in there. Now I'm doubting it.

The raccoon one is the least salacious of the three

I don't know what salacious means. I don't know what it is either, But it feels fancy.

Wondering if you would find a bunch of raccoons under this and it would shut down filming for a day

I mean racoons they're pretty... Rabid? Racoon're pretty disgusting. They're pretty... I mean they seem like they would be cute but they're not. No

No, why would you seem like they're cute? They got like cute little faces

You don't think they've got like cute little faces? No not at all they look like little bandits. Like they're literally gonna steal from you. Yeah! But in a cute way

I don't know. I don't know man. I've seen I've seen way too many documentaries about raccoons. Which is weird but I have.

It's intense which doesn't help you with the truth though because I feel like now

You know a lot about raccoons you just be making that up too. My gut, my first impression. Go with your gut

I wish that...Go with it. Is that the raccoon story is false.

But I'm torn between that and the Prince one. But I'm going raccoon is false and the other are true

OK. Oh, no

No, you're right. Am I right? Yea heh heh heh

Damn it! Damn it! I'm so good at it! That like that like makes me just so self-conscious on my acting ability.

No! I was watching you know first of all you look the same way all three times. Okay good. That was planned

I was trying to see if your eyes moving right or left which one and you were looking the same way the whole time it

So I was like okay, because he's in it. So the other two had just a little bit more.. detail. Right! Personally to you.

Do I need to hang this in my bedroom now? Only if its on the ceiling

Fat camp please download it on VOD July 25th

You just download it and watch it. Whenever you want.

Alone, lights off, maybe just over and over again.

Where can I find you? Um you can find me everywhere on Social Media? I'm @MC100fires on Instagram.

@MCFuego24 on Twitter and on Facebook I'm Michael Cienfuegos.

Okay well let us know below in the comments D'you..did you win this game of two truths and one lie? Who is a better liar? Let us know.

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And I will see you tomorrow. Bye. Bye guys!

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