Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Returning Student Registration for Parents, Northside ISD

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Welcome to Northside ISD's online returning student registration

In this video, you will learn how to complete your student's returning student registration.

Please note, only elementary aged students, grade level EE thru 4th grade, can complete the online priority registration at this time.

Middle and high school students, grades 5th thru 11th, will be completed later on in the Spring.

In order to complete your returning student registration, from the Northside ISD homepage at the top of the screen, click on Parents.

Scroll down until you see Home Access Center.

Here, you will find a Home Access Center or HAC quick start guide.

You will also find the printed versions of the returning student registration guide in both English and Spanish.

If you do not already have a Home Access Center or HAC account, or if you need assistance with the account, click on "complete this online form."

All submitted forms will be answered within two business days.

Click the Home Access Center or HAC button to go to the HAC login page.

The username is the email address you provided when creating your account. The password is the one you created

or the temporary password that was assigned to you and sent via email from

or from

Click sign in

The first time you sign into your account

you should create a new password and three challenge questions.

Your password should be unique to you and eight to fifteen characters long.

Do not share your password with anyone you do not want to have full access to your Home Access Center account and to view all of your student's data.

Challenge questions should not be easily guessed by someone else and unique to you.

You must create the three questions and their answers.

Once you are fully logged into HAC, click on the Registration button.

Next, click on the Update Enrollment tab.

Click on Star to begin the returning student registration form.

The first time you log in, you will be asked to affirm that you are over thirteen years old.

To do so, put a checkmark next to the phrase, "To comply with COPPA, I affirm that I am 13 years or older."

Next, click Begin Forms.

You will then be asked to enter your student's date of birth. Once completed, click Continue.

Click Next.

You will then be asked if your student is returning to Northside ISD for the 2020 - 2021 school year.

If your child will be returning to ANY Northside school next year, please select Yes.

If your child will NOT be returning to any Northside school next year please select No and answer the following question.

Click Next.

Review your student's data and update any information that is needed.

Please note, as a parent or guardian, you will always be contacted first. As such, please do not list yourself as an Emergency Contact as well.

Please list a different person as an Emergency Contact.

To fully submit your student's returning student registration you must click Submit after reviewing all of your student's data.

This completes the registration process for this student.

If you have additional students, please return to your Home Access Center account.

Click on your student's name in the upper right hand corner and select your other student from the drop down.

You will then follow the process of clicking on registration, clicking the update enrollment tab, and then clicking start on that student's returning student registration.

If you do not see all of your student's listed in your Home Access Center account, please submit the HAC help form as shown at the beginning of this video.

Thank you for completing your online student registration.

Have a great year!

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