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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: T.O., Chad Ochocinco Take Riley Ridley to WR School | Simms & Lefkoe: The Show

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- You see I got the shirt tucked in, right?

- That don't mean nothing to me. - You know what that means?

- No, I don't know what it means.

- I got this shirt tucked in, right? - What's that mean?

- That means you learned how to put your shirt in your pants.

- Listen, when you go on a job

don't you go with your shirt tucked in?

Cuz you mean business, right?

Hello. I am Chad Johnson.

I am here with my good friend

and Hall of Fame receiver Terrell Owens

and up-and-coming draft prospect

one of the best receivers in the nation, Riley Ridley.

- Riley Ridley stepping up! - Touchdown, Riley Ridley.

- Touchdown, Georgia!

- What do you feel like your best asset is as a receiver?

- Right now, I'm physical. - OK.

- I'm physical, more physical than any receiver

going into the draft.

I'm more physical than any DB.

- So that's something that you don't have to work on.

So now, you gotta worry aboutwork on the finesse part of the game.

- So you got T: muscle. - Right. - Physical.

- Physical, get through you, and then you have my skill set

where it's completely opposite.

"Don't touch me."

How I like to do itlike, I like to get jiggy at the line.

Man, let's ride with it.

Oh, 'scuse me. And I need all this space.

- My coach saidhe said this to me

because he knew I liked basketball.

- Right. - And this is what clicked for me.

He said you have to treat the defensive back

like you're playin' one-on-one.

If you playin' one-on-one and you tryin' to get by me

what are you gonna do?

- I'm gonna make some moves. - You gotta make me move.

- Right.

- Same thing with every route, pretty much

cuz I'm tryin' to score a bucket.

- That's what I'm tryin' to get at. I'm here.

I'm gonna give you two steps

and then I'm gettin' right into this.

- OK, show me. - So I'm here, and I'm gone.

- OK.

Initially when you came off the ball, boom-boom

you kinda got wide a little bit.

Try to stay a little

Try to engage them a little bit more, you know what I mean? - Absolutely, mhmm.

- So I like what you did.

Boom-boom-boom, here, then kinda get into him.

Invite him. Invite him.

And when you here, you wanna show that acceleration

like you about to go deep. - Deep. - Then you stop.

My problem was, when I used to get it going in my breaks

I used toyeah, I used to have these flappers right here.

Then my coach told me

I had to be a drummer boy, you know what I mean?

Be a drummer boy.

Then when I did, when I did it here

transition, it's in and out of my breaks quick.

- Right.

- We're trying to get you to become a salesman

before you actually a salesman.

I do a dig route based off a, off a comeback stance.

I call it send the dude to the Gatorade.

I'm gonna send him to the Gatorade.

So, just saycome here, come in here.

Just say the ball is in there.

- Right. - The ball is in there.

And I got a dig route.

So this is what I'm gonna do.

Boom, boom, I'm gonna get him right here.

Aha. Ioooh.

I'mma send him to the Gatorade.

- No doubt. - All this right here is open.

Cuz as soon as you nod that way, he gone.

- And very seldom on deep balls do you just blow by a dude.

That ain't happenin'. - Yeah.

- That ain't happenin'

unless you just beat somebody off the line.

You just gas him. - Yeah, exactly.

- I mean, you got to be goddamn Tyreek Hill or some

That's a different ballgame. - Randy is one of those guys.

- Randy. - There's a few guys.

- Yeah, Randy, you see the mailbox like

- When he throw that hand up— - It's really over.

- Not, not everybody is like that.

He's freakish.

Just freakishly fast, you know what I mean

to the point that he start coming off the line

and he already sticking his hands up.

Right, he's sticking his hands up.

- DB five yards away, he gonna throw his hand up.

It's a bunch of receivers in the NFL.

There's 32 teams.

There's a No. 1 on every team. - Right.

- What's the difference in each No. 1

and the rest of the receivers on the team?

It's something about that dude that makes him special.

It's something about Odell that makes him different

than the rest of the Giants receivers. - Right.

There's something about AB that makes him special.

Something about Julio.

You got to go out wherever you go, and when you get there

there gotta be something about f--king Ridley

that makes him special. - Exactly.

- That separates him from everybody else.

- No doubt. - Whether it's the way you work

whether it's your hands, whether it's your feet

whether it's your routes, whether it's you

being consistent, gotta be something. One!

Ain't gotta be a bunch of things.

It's one thing about Floyd that makes him great.

There's a f--kin' million boxers!

- Yeah. - You not gonna hit me.

I'mma hit you whenever I want.

So as a receiver, you find whatever that niche about you

that makes you special, it's a wrap.

- I got a brother in the NFL, but to be able to go

through this on your own, you know what I'm sayin'

and have great people around you

and willing to help you, it's amazing.

- And Calvin Ridley, if you see this

I will lock you up, period. - [Laughing] - Period.

- No, you ain't finna to lock nobody up, dawg.

Nobody. - Check my resume.

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