Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [R6] RAINBOWSIX RENOWN GLITCH - ( Para Kasma Hilesi )

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Everybody hello friends


Welcome to your video.

on the internet

I found many foreign videos,

I tried each one individually

let's see what glitches give us free money in the rainbow six?

what brings us to it? how long is it done?

Let's examine the videos.

Let's go!

As the man showed,

we are entering the settings tab ...

through network connections

we interrupt the internet connection.

then what sir?

from here

correcting date time settings

like the man did

we do everything but no heck!

because all of the videos are "ClickBite"

there is no glitch at the moment.

there is no chance of being! already an absurd system

if there are friends who can

write us at the bottom, we really do not have videosunu

friends, 20 minutes of video

"ClickBite" 'lanmaktansa our videomuzla

Be Click Bite

thanks for watching.

we will continue to draw useful content about the channel,

do not waste time trying these things,

I tried everything in any way

shuan does not have a working glitch friends!

Do not forget to throw your VIDEO!

because it was a complete disslike video!

thank you all friends!

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