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Hey, Jjajang

Alright, stop licking.

Stop licking.

What are we going to eat?

I'm not hungry.

I'm on a diet right now.

I'm not going to eat.

but I have to eat something.

I know

Let's go to buy some stuffs for you to eat.

Do you want us to bring and eat it?


Are you gonna do delivery instead?

You can do delivery if you want.

Gimbap Heaven is delicious in here.

I'm not gonna eat.

No, if we go and get it,

then we can eat it tomorrow as well.

but It's kind of awkward for us to pack if we go to the restaurant.

so just go and get it.

How do you wanna do?

Shall we go and get it? Shall we get the food to go?


I'll see if there's a sweet and sour chicken restaurant down there.

I want to eat tteokbokki, sweet and sour chicken,

Gimbap, ramen...

I want to dip gimbap in tteokbokki sauce.

There's a place where they sell sweet and sour chicken on the way to go.

Let's see if there's a food truck or something like that.

Change your clothes./ Can't I go like this?

It's your choice.

Right? Who cares?

Wait Jjajang. I'll be right back.

Jjajang, I'll be right back.

I'll be back, my baby.

It's less hot in the evening, isn't it?

But still...

Well, yeah... it's much better than the afternoon.

Oh, I wanna eat as well. Are you filming it?

I wanna eat it, too.

When you're on a diet,

It normally last for like 2 days. Isn't it?

But I want to eat rose tteokbokki. Rose Tteokbokki

Where's the sweet and sour chicken area?

It used to be in front of the house, but today is not the day.

I really wanna eat it when it's not there, right?

I don't want to eat it right now.

It's what you want to eat.

I want to eat that, too.

You said that you don't want to eat food earlier.

No, I said I don't want to eat sweet and sour chicken.

Something like vegetable tripe.

Stir-fried tripe and vegetable stir-fried tripe

I want to eat those.

You ate meat during the day.

I need to film you yawning.

Why did you want to film me yawning so much?

No wonder why it didn't come out. I didn't turn on the light.

but why do you want to

Why would you film me yawning that bad?

Just for YouTube.

Oh, I'm hungry.

You just said lost your appetite!

But strangely enough, tteokbokki...

I don't think I get tired of it.

Isn't that so?

I think that's right.

At Gimbap Heaven

You know the tteokbokki with chewy noodles.


Rabokki has ramen in it.

It's kind of like hot pot tteokbokki.

That's the place in Geumcheon-dong, isn't?

It's delicious there.

I guess they're not coming out because it's hot outside.

Yeah there used to be one in here but there's non today.

Then let's just park here and go to Gimbap Heaven.

Huh? No, it's not.

Uh, there's sundae. Sundae

Oh, no. I don't want that...

I wanna eat something stimulating.

Is it closed? Can't we order to go?

Can I order it to go?

Let's take it out then.

What are you gonna eat?

Anything else?

I'd like a pork cutlet, too.

Kimbap? / Now...

Rolled omelet kimbap, tuna kimbap

One special rabokki

Pork cutlet!

Oh, I want to eat it.

You said you have no appetite.

I want to eat even if I've lost my appetite.

Enjoy your meal~/Thank you.~

By the way, this Covid...

Because of that...

We can't go anywhere anymore for a while.

Also it's peak season again.

There are a lot of people.

Yeah so, at times like this, we should just...

We should just stay home.


Shall I eat just one piece?

It's gonna be over if you eat it.

I don't want to eat gimbap

but I want pork cutlet.

I don't get tired of kimbap.

Where are you going to eat at?

At the table!

Are you just gonna eat it or...Ouch, ouch, ouch.

Are you gonna change your clothes?

I'm gonna change my clothes. My pants are too tight.

Oh, it looks delicious.

By the way, they wrap it neatly here.

long time ago, when I ordered food from Gimbap Heaven,

You know that white plastic. right?

They used to pack it in there, but it's not like anymore.

There's a lot of comments asking to introduce our house.

Honestly, I don't think there isn't anything to introduce. There isn't really anything ~

It's just an apartment.

but they are keep asking to introduce the house.

Since we can't even go out.

I think they will be disappointed because there isn't really anything.

Yeah. I mean, there isn't really nothing.

There are eggs that I like.

There's dumplings, too.

Oh, it's hot.

I want to eat it.

Then just go there oppa.



Oh, there's a lot of ingredients in it.


Kimbap Heaven's Gimbap is good in here. / Ah, this has tuna in it.

You know that the price of gimbap went up a little. like 3,000 won.

Is it 3,500 won?

There's definitely more stuffs in there.

Jjajang, do you want some?

You can't.


He has a sensitive intestine.

Whether his intestine is sensitive or not, we shouldn't give things like this to him.

I mean,

Are you going to put wasabi in it?

Shall I try one?

Wasabi and tuna were delicious.

Shall I try one or not?

It's gonna be over if you eat one.

Why are you keep going back and forth?

I wanted to film you eating.

while looking

I'm just watching in front of you.

Hey, then please do me a favor.

You are keep ordering stuffs to me while I'm eating thesedays.

Dip kimbap in wasabi

and put some wasabi on the top and eat it.

Put a wasabi on the top of kimbap.

about this much?/yes.

'Cause this one is strong/No, no, you need to put more on it.

this much? / Yeah.

Don't you want me to dip this in the soup?/Uh, but, but...

I'll ask one more.

You don't have to dip it in the soup, but don't make a noise while eating it.

I can't see if you make a noise.

These are the delicacy. Delicacy.

Putting wasabi in tuna kimbap, right? / Yeah.

When I watch eating broadcast, / Yes.

The reason why people are watching eating broadcast is because...

people wants to get vicarious satisfaction while they are on diet.

But I don't get vicarious pleasure from it.

When I'm looking at it, I just want to eat more /Me, too.

I can endure at first

I do, but it's really...

If I keep looking at it then it drives me crazy.

If I was going to order it in anyhow then I should have ordered it earlier.

That's what I think./ Jjajang!

Don't bark. You must not comply with his demands.

You're not listening. You got in trouble last time.

Oh, this is the highlight. The highlight.

I need eggs in tteokbokki no matter what.

You boil 5 eggs when you eat tteokbokki.

I think you are eating tteokbokki to eat eggs.

But you know that I love eggs so much.

I mean...

why are you laying right after eating?

Are you filming this kind of stuff again?

I'll get up right now.

You're yawning again.

Jjajang think that we're going out somewhere right now/What should

I introduce for the first thing?

A lot of people ask about this double door.

This double door.

The reason why we installed this double door is because to not give

any harm to neighbors when Jjajang barks. / Also

when we have this,

there's no wind coming inside the house during winter.

during winter? Yes.

But honestly, there's no wind in here.

We've been living in a place where there used be a wind.

Uh, yeah. / That's...

Most of the apartments don't have much of wind.

Because it's not an old apartment?

But I'd love to have this.

Toilet! It's comfortable.

Why do we have to install in the bathroom?

Bathroom is just a bathroom.

And the room that exist as soon as you enter to the house is...

Computer room! /Yeah.

- This is a computer room. - Real real.

I'm sleeping in here for real.

This is the place to edit

This is how we do it, and this is...

This is your dressing room!

Oppa's clothes

I have clothes for all four seasons.

All of my clothes.

All four season clothes are in here/ Lmao

It's not that he doesn't buy it.

He usually does not buy clothes.

Last year, honey, during summer.

Didn't you used to live just with two or three t-shirts?

What do you mean I have two or three

There's a lot of the same stuff, Steve Jobs style.

Here, here, here, here. Show them.

This is! All your clothes.

That's it! That's it!

When I wear sportswear or do an eating show,

Or when I have to go out for a short period.

Anyway, does this make sense? / Here's my pajamas.

But this is only half of it.

There's another one over there!No!

That's right~ / Ah..?

No, honey, while I was moving,

I threw away all my clothes.

Well, the living room.

I'm on the screen here, too.


The master bedroom!

Hey, this bed.

What size is this?

I bought the biggest one and requested bigger than the biggest one.

I mean, it's the biggest king size.

Is it Eastern King or something of King?

suddenly, I don't remember about this.

I mean, your clothes...

I don't have a lot of clothes right now.

These are all your clothes. But I threw away a lot of them.

But the clothing bin...But it's been a long that I didn't by casual clothes.

Well you putted a few dozens in the clothing bin.

But there's still so much.

but girls will feel the same about this.

There's too much style for the clothes

andd If you wear one, you've only wear it once.

then you'll think that you could wear it again.

Because you've had it all along the whole time

So there are clothes that are three years old or even five years old.

But you have to throw it away to clean it up.

That's why I threw them all away when I came. Is this the amount that are left over after you've thrown away?

This is a long dress! / There are so many.

It's only for you. All the other women, I!

I saw that they have two or three full rooms.

This is my favorite.


These are all equipments. / Equipment addcits.

All this stuff here. No, no, no.

No, it's like this. These are like wires and stuffs.

That's why I've arranged everything.


Shall we show pantry? Pantry

Pantry, you know, it's always on our food broadcast.

Like this.

I'm afraid it's gonna fall. Now

There are so many.

We need to buy more now.

but there are things I can't buy. I'm almost piling them up.

It's a case like this.

Here is kimchi container.

And side dish container.

When I use it,

If you put it somewhere else, / When I put it here, right?

Then, She always put it back to where it was.


It's like I'm not looking at anything now, right?

Just like this.

But it's in my head right now.

This and the side dishes.

It's supposed to be like this.

It's like a sickness that I have.

Stang is between Stang. / Uh, this one, too.

We have to put them in order.

Plates, too, huh?

After washing the dishes,

Like this. The wooden plates need to be together.

What's funny about the plate is that...

You have to put them in order. All the time

If this one is up there. x2

Then I have to take this out and put it underneath.

That kind of obsession. I have my own obsession.

And the cup is... the handle is...

You're going back alone like this?

You can't do that. You have to turn it around like this.

It's all like this. It's supposed to be like this.

I bought this on my way here.

You've seen this place all the time.

It's just...

I bought this.

This is really good. But this is really...

And I bought this from Daiso.

All of them.

When you go to Daiso,

There are different sizes.

We measured the size before we go.

I bought it according to the length.

This is probably a small one.

It's probably a big one here.

It's a little longer here.

It's deeper! It's deeper and longer.

I bought something like this.

But it looked like this.

I heard it's a fridge organizer.

This place is for Jjajang

For Jjajang..

Like this?

You don't have to say that.

Here is only for the marinade.

And the sauce is between the sauces.

It's kind of my distinction.

But there's so much right now that it's almost overflowing.

It's on the side. It's not organized again.

There's only two spaces left for this.

So I had no choice but to mix it up.


There's always something to eat in the freezer.

Because I have to eat it when I want to.

Where did you put the beef bone soup?

That way

It's a little messy here.

This place can be messy.

It's too small.

It's a tissue, a Jjajang's pad.

[Drink, alcohol, instant rice, canned food, shampoo, body wash]

There should be there when I want to eat snacks.

Because I have to go to buy it again.

People ask a lot about this.

How do you manage the gas stove?

We... we used to do it together.


But now I'm in charge of cleaning.

Here in the kitchen.

You're in charge of the laundry.

Because I don't like laundry.

He told me to do the laundry and he said he will do the dishes.

He said he will do the dishes, but we have a dishwasher.

That's it. Laundry for me

I'm putting it in, folding it, and everything but

Because he's a dishwasher.

just putting it in and organizing.

And in this case,

It's just nothing.

Wipe it right away.

Because if you fry it in a place like this and when it gets hard,

It's really hard to clean it up later.

You had a roast of skirtmeat here.

Look at what's in here, the oil splatter.

that's because I went straight to the dry cleaners.

But usually, how I wipe is...

Take all of this out. unconditionally / yes

Remove all of this and turn it into a dishwasher.

But this is just... yeah, yeah.

I don't spin it.

It's overflowing. / Yeah, it's overflowing with soybean paste stew.

When that happens, I take it all out.

I'm going to separate all of this./Yeah

We can turn this all around in the dishwasher.

And you take out all of this.

Hey, get this straight.

You should do this later.

After filming.

And then...

Let's clean the walls first.

Because I always wipe it like this.

Of course it's gotta be clean.

But we.. peppers like.. (red)


If you fry kimchi soup while cooking, it turns into orange?

There's a magic sponge up there.

With a magic sponge in the water!Always on top of it's...

I always wipe it off like this.

Because if you dye it, it's messy.

Take the water off with a toothbrush like this!

It's very slippery when it's wet.

I wipe it in between like this.

This is the guy who takes the video.

It shouldn't be messy. But I cleaned it before we started YouTube.

We really have a little bit of a OCD.

There's a bathroom.

You know, when the bathroom is slippery, too.

I just stop washing my hair

because that mark is bothering me.

So I'm gonna hold my head with the bubbles left on my hair.

Wipe it off with your hands

And then I wash my hair...

because that's what's bothering me.

You and I have a good chemistry.


That's one thing that fits well.

Anything else?

Most of the stuffs are opposite.

Just boil it once in a while!

Put it in here.

Put it in here like this.

I need to soak it in.

Yeah, you can put water in here.

No, after adding a spoon of baking soda?

Like this? Microwave it.

If you boil it for about five minutes.

We've got scrubbers and sink caps.

You put that in the dishwasher, too.

But, uh, you know, you know, we don't do it like this

when we go to another house.

That's what we do here.

When I see a hair on the floor. Then,

I just have to go and it up. Hair

Or if there are too much hair then I have to vacuum it.

Yeah, we both have a little bit of a OCD.

You've been spraying water and your hair is all over the place, right?

Every time I wash my hair, I take it out.

I did everything in the bathtub with my hands.

Bathroom... / But suddenly, why are you talking so much?

I'm doing it for us.

I need to write a caption for this.

That's why I had to clean the bathroom. Can you get to the point? Just the point?

I told you to take a picture of the bathroom because I was proud of it.

He has got nothing to show for his shoes because

You don't need to show mine.

These are just two.

What do you mean, it's in there!

I have my shoes inside. see?

I had a lot of shoes.

This is my shoe.


Like this.

We really don't have much to show.

Yeah, what if they're disappointed?

That's it.


People misunderstand that

You know, they say the house is really nice. / No, but...

Don't you think it's like this?

It doesn't contain anything like this.

What if they think it's organized like this?

We just did this randomly. Just.

Lock it up like this, only fries on this side.

I've never left here.

It's just that you can't get out of Cheongju at all.


I can't go to another place alone.

I'm not good at adapting to unfamiliar environments.

You told me to eat three gimbap that are left.


I was thinking about it little bit.

I've been thinking a lot about whether to eat or not.

You didn't look good like you were mad at something.

Haha, What do you mean angry?

I saw this earlier.

You looked at me but your face didn't look good at all.

So I said, "Are you done? "Did you finish it?" I kept saying this.

It's like that we need to go out fast.

The COVID-19 has to end quickly so we can walk around filming it.

We don't have much to do because we are only staying at home. Really

I think there's more jajang's clothes than my clothes.

We have to be nice to Jjajang.

Jjajang is the model.

He's a mascot. He got the stock.

Jjajang is the mascot.

So pretty.

He thinks that we are leaving.

Do you wanna eat watermelon? Watermelon?

What's funny about this guy is...

He never eat alone. I guess we have to eat it together.

You can't even bring a can of coke.

There should be seperate coke for each.

I have to do mine separately.

I'm the type to swallow it down.

No, but he talks a lot.

But there's no food. I can eat it all

while talking.

No, I can eat everything while I'm talking.

After the shoot?

It's a mess.

But I cleaned this while I was doing it.

But we clean up whenever we have time.

Yeah, it was so full in here.

If I don't clean it up, I can't take it.

I have no choice to clean it up!

It's almost ruined. But especially when you fry it.

You know it's worse.

But I fried it.

Why is there fries on your clothes?

Because I'm shooting next to you.

It's so hot that I'm losing my appetite. What should I do with the dishes?

I'm in charge of cleaning up the dishes.

Oh, you're highlighting this again.

Oh... / Oh, I'm tired.

Hey, let's eat that or what's left!


I'll drink a beer, too.

But you know what?

You know people who fried don't want to eat fried food.

And you can't turn on the air conditioner and cook.

That's why it's hot.

I've been shooting for almost three hours now.

But fried food made it longer.

Look at this visual My god,,,Lmao.

That's what happened! Because...

It's really good if you eat it right away.

Cause we have to do fried.

I can't help with this.

I'm not lying to the viewers.

It's really good.

I added a lot of perilla powder and it's really good.

It's savory

I was going to clean it up.

But the reason I'm showing you this is...

Some people think I throw away food when there's food left.

But we're actually eating with beer.

That's one thing, and honey eats it.

I'm just eating it because it's we are down for it now.

but I usually eat stew the next day.

Jeonju bean sprout rice soup.

I've had a whole bowl. Totally.

Then honey really wants to eat it in front of me.

So I start over again and do it for him.

Just the same.

He said he wouldn't eat it.

He really wants to eat it.

So just do it for me.

It's oily because I ate fried food. I need to eat with this together.

This tastes like cucumber.

It's delicious.

It's seasoned well, isn't it?

Don't you think I'm good at seasoning?


No. No.

Don't pretend to compliment me./No Hey, I've been through this before.

That's right!

I don't even measure. / Yeah.

I'm not kidding.

In the old house, we...

The house was a little small.

close by

I'm talking right now.

All right. Lmao.

Okay, okay.

You know what he said to me?

He told me to not to talk when he is talking.

because audio overlaps.

But you're cutting in a lot right now.

He always turned off the camera and says something to me.

I didn't say nothing~

You did! No.

When we talk let's not cut each other in the middle!

But honey cutted in.

That's right. This is the second time. Oh, sorry.

Yeah, sorry, sorry.

He's pretend to be nice

He's laughing because he is ridiculous too.

He's so freaking good at pretending to be nice

Where were we talking before?

I always turn it off and on whenever I'm filming an eating show.

The refrigerator broke down once.

So we got an A/S.

It hasn't been long since I bought it.

It's broken. I think the reaon why is that is because I kept turning it off and on.

Jjajang, Do you think that I'm going to give it to you if you shout it out?

He really enjoy eating, isn't he?


Oh, my.

Oh, my.

What are you doing now?

He's saying hi. He thinks that he will get it when he says hi.

Hello! Properly!

Oh, good job.

Let's clean up now.

Sigh.. Guys/ I'm tired, I'm exhausted.

I will clean it up.

Clean the floor.

Jjajang say bye.

Say bye Jjajang, say bye here. 592 00:21:03,866 --> 00:21:05,416 Look here Jjajang.

Say bye

Good night~/Bye~


Hey, say bye.

He doesn't do it.

He doesn't do it without food.


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