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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: NORTH KOREA SIDE OF DMZ (world's most dangerous border)

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I was not paid by any company or government to make this video

I do not condone support or promote the regime of North Korea in any manner whatsoever. Please do your own research

North Korea North Korea the propaganda

Kim jong-un his regime Human Rights prison camps for ballistic missile otto warmbier. It was a moment for the history books

I am NOT a journalist

I'm just some kid with a consumer camera who was lucky enough to gain access into the most isolated

And controlled country in the world. This video series is a product of that

Alright guys, good morning coming to come to film candy from the 20th floor I fight out

She's having a coffee and we're gonna go dad something bus the time to the team said today got an incredible view here

I'll show you that in just a second. Hopefully going to that word where you can walk into South Korea

I crossed the line and then come back into North Korea

That would be a truly epic experience cuz I've seen many people don't from the south to the north

But many people online start from the north to the south

So hopefully that works out and after that hopefully come back to the hotel. I'm gonna try and get a haircut

So I'll finish my coffee. We'll get on the road in the meantime, check out some shots of this

incredible view of a young young

So just stop to the wrists off

Those roads been driving it for about an hour and a half the roads on the way to the dams in are a lot better

Than the roads to the coast from Pyongyang, I guess because this roads used a lot more for the tourists

They do get it's a very interesting time to be going to the DMZ because just recently on April

27th, I believe it was there was the peace conference held by the two leaders the leader of South Korea and the

Leader of North Korea held a peace conference down there. So it's a very interesting time to be going and

Just after I leave North Korea


There's going to be a big kind of agreement made again and hopefully all this develops into a reunification of North and South Korea. So

you know, it's gonna take a while, but you know, it's a start and

looking like a really good step in the

right direction

So very interesting time to be visiting him to be here

So the roads to the DMZ weren't that much different to what we've seen on previous days of the trip

There was a slight difference though. And that was that there were it seemed to be a lot more

Civilizations along the side of the road here a few more villages and lots of houses

you can see you'll also notice that it looks like a lot less money has been invested into these small towns compared to

Pyongyang, well the center of Pyongyang anyway

Which is obviously had a lot more money put into a night and day difference

Between the capital city and the other settlements in North Korea

So we arrived at the DMZ we were greeted by this sign here was the finger. I believe the writing

It says one Korea the finger symbolizing one with the Korean Peninsula in the background

We were introduced to a guide. I think he was a North Korean soldier who's wearing the full uniform

Anyway, it was a really nice guy who's quite interested in all the different countries. We were from and things. Yeah guys. So we've arrived


Demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. So right now we're in kind of

And it's soon we're going to go to

the famous blue rooms we can hopefully it's open and we can walk across the

border and

Lots of military things around here, but not much else to say. Let's see

How it goes we drove here through some land. We weren't allowed to film and we went through the checkpoints and big fences

So this room here was where the papers were signed I believe between North and South Korea and the u.s

A declaring it a demilitarized zone. This is the chair where the papers were signed I believe

All over the wall, there's pictures of important times in Korea's history

Especially later history his kim jeong-hoon here super interesting to just browse over and read all the different bits and pieces covering the walls

Then we continued followed our guide the soldier you'll see these clips here up here on the right-hand side

You can see the famous blue buildings here

So these are actually controlled by South Korea North Korea doesn't actually control when they are open and closed

That's purely to South Korea to decide when they want to open them to tourists sadly. They weren't open on this day for us

So I'll just have to come back another time and cross from the South Korean side

But yeah heavily guarded as you can see on the North Korean side, especially we didn't see any South Korean soldiers

I'm not sure what that was about after seeing this place online

So many times it was just truly amazing to see it in real life

Something that words can't really explain to be honest and the South Korean flag was at half-mast

And so we're thinking that's why the rooms weren't open on this day because maybe something bad happened on career on this day

I'm not sure it was quite rush to be honest

I would love to spend more time there

But they basically just took us there showed us for like hardly any time really and then we were rushed off to jump back on

the bus

Come Sameera


So we arrived at this restaurant for lunch

And look at the spread that they have for us the lady slowly takes off all the different lids of these different kinds of foods

So delicious, once again, we enjoyed this meal

They also gave us a North Korean alcoholic shocked with it, which was interesting from here

We drove to I think it was a museum of a university to be honest with you guys

This wasn't that interesting to me, especially after we will rush through the DMZ


Really had wished to spend more time at the dam said rather than coming to a museum and seeing more photos of you know

The leaders who have visited this place and it is interesting to learn about different parts of Korea's ancient history

But my main interest in this country as many other people is their more recent

History and just kind of getting a feel for the place and the DMZ is so special

So I really emphasized on the fact that I wish that I had been able to spend a bit more time there

It's have been in the bus for another hour or two hours I

Arrived to this viewpoint. It's good to get a bit of exercise just walked up from down here. I'll show you the view

Guys come down from up there. I think now we're gonna open the bus and go to the

Two women monument that that signifiers North and South Korea were unifying. It's a big famous statue

You might have seen it before

This is the first organized tour that I've been on you do a lot of things in one day. I'll tell you

It can be pretty

Exhausting it's necessary. If you come to North Korea, so that's why I did it

It does have its advantages, but it's not really for me

I prefer to kind of do my own thing on my own pace and go to places that I really want to see

The museums and things that's not really my style

Especially to film you know, like I like to visit museums kind of but to film these ends. It's not really that

Interesting. Do you guys unless it's like a really stand out museum and then tonight we're going to the big famous hotel

That sits on the island. You've probably seen it if you watch the documentaries on North Korea and the recent

incidents that have happened there

Sorry about that really bumpy footage but it's like again on these roads so we've arrived at the three charters four

reunifications Monument

Check it out here

Pretty stunning what it represents is hopefully one day the Korean Peninsula will be reunited in one country

That's what they are working to towards the moment, which is called big moment in time. So it's a cool time to visit the country

They don't show you some shots

Alright guys, so here I am right way of the day began this morning right now

We're heading to dinner and then we're heading to the hotel in the island. Hopefully they'd let us go up to the top floor, but

Yet really? No big day just a shame we

Can cross them to the into those blue buildings we can step over the border?

I'll have to go to South Korea and step over into the North Korean side when it's open

but super cool to me that soldier died and

It was nice. He was asking if there was any news that we had from like the outside world or

Anyway guys, huh? I'm late. We're gonna go

Thank you miss Terry is here

So here's another delicious dinner that's not the main course here it is here's some fried tofu

delicious and this was some kind of a potato fritter thing really nice as well and more salads and

Beer and here are some like potato tempura. I think this is after dinner. We had a live show

So check out these clips of the live show. It's pretty cool

And then we arrived at the yanggakdo

Hotel, so that's the famous hotel on the island in the middle of the Taedong River the main river that goes through Pyongyang the same

Place where the american student otto was found taking down a political poster and sentenced to 15 years hard labor

so we went up to the

47th floor of this hotel the very top we had a beer on the very top with the group

We couldn't see much out of the window as you can see

I'm trying to get some clips here, but the reflection off the inside of the glass plus young

Yang at nighttime isn't extremely lit up

I think they turned down the lights it at a certain time. But yes still epic to go in that hotel and

Explore it. Anyway. All right guys all done after a huge day. We went out for dinner

Then we went up to the top of that

famous infamous hotel had a few beers with the group that we've been traveling with for the last

Eight days to suit goodbye to them all it's funny. Actually. I'm the only one going back by train tomorrow

I'll be going back by train the rest of the group of flying but I'm going across the border by train which is a over

24 hour journey. I think it's 26 hour journey the heads gonna meet tomorrow

So wish me luck for leaving North Korea and getting into China by land

I kind of booked that extra because I wanted to

Experience the the land travel. I thought it'd be super

Unique something brilliant to document on this channel. We just had a few more beers downstairs

So super tired right now

This trip has been action-packed but I booked myself a haircut like eight o'clock in the morning right now. It's 1:00 a.m

Tomorrow we got a haircut in the morning

But I'm gonna document and then I have to jump on train after that and then head back to China

I don't think I have to say thank you so much for watching and in case they don't see you good afternoon. Good evening

And good night from North Korea


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