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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Minecraft: 100 WAYS TO DIE CHALLENGE - AIRPLANE DEATH!!

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Hey guess what? We're Back!

Did you guys miss us!?!

Please don't say no...

(Say no...)


Hey whats going on guys SSundee here!

with Crainer and Ambrew--


Crainer: Are you back?

SSundee: *laughs*

Crainer: Are you?!?!?

Ambrew: He's back.

SSundee: Di- di- di- did you- you miss me?

Crainer: I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!

SSundee: Wha-What did-What did you do while I was gone?

Crainer: Nothing!

SSundee: *Laughs*

Crainer: My life doesn't continue, without you Ian!

SSundee: *laughing* You are so freaking weird

So-- *laughs*

Dudes, welcome back

to 100 Ways to Die,

the series!

Ehh- Once again where Ambrew

Asks us questions and if we

get them wrong he punishes us by murdering us...

Crainer: Yayyy!! Ambrew:Repeating


Ambrew: *laughs*

Crainer: What a nice series to come back to, being punished.

SSundee: What a nice series..

I go away for three days to come back and get murdered.

Crainer: *laughs* *ding*

But anyways, uh, this week's challenge

Erh- This was Crainer's idea

Crainer: Yep!Ambrew: *Wheezes*

The loser has to fill a 'Wubble Bubble'

Full of something that you guys suggest

and then pop it

over them, or on them...

or Belly-flop on it

or do something..

Crainer: Please don't suggest anything that is extremely gross like--

SSundee: C-cat..

SSundee: Cat urine!

SSundee: C-cat urine!

Crainer: Why Cat Urine, Ian!?

Ambrew: Cat urine.. *Laughs*

SSundee: Oh gosh

Alright Ambrew,

You got your first question?

And again guys,

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And uh, Ambrew Are you ready?

Hold on... Music.

You got , You ready Ambrew?

Ambrew: I'm ready, are-- are you guys ready?

Crainer: He's getting music, dude

*suspenseful music*

Ambrew, *suspenseful music*

SSundee: First Question!


Ambrew: First Question is: true or false,

SSundee: True or false

Ambrew: Yes, in Vanilla Minecraft, there are such things as killer bunnies that will attack you.

Crainer: Killer..? Oh..

SSundee: Killer bunnies?!

Ambrew: Killer Bunnies Crainer: I think I might know this one.

Are these the knights that say "Nee? N-nay?" What is it?


Ambrew: *laughs*

SSundee: Have you guys never se-

Crainer: What are you talking about??

You guys have never seen that movie??

Crainer & Ambrew: No!

Ambrew: I hav--

SSundee: I'm trying to think of the title of the movie..

I forgot with the killer rabbit?

Crainer: You've been gone so long you don't even know memes anymore, dude!

SSundee: What is that movie?? Oh my gosh,

You guys will know it when I say it!

Hold on let me look this up..

Yea, uh, "Monty Python --

-- and the Holy Grail"

Crainer: Oh yeah!

Ambrew: Monty Python...

SSundee: K-k-killer bunnies, dude!

Crainer: Dude I know about that movie. Sorry bro, you know you're memes.

SSundee: Okay, okay so true or false:

SSundee: In vanilla Minecraft, there are such thing as killer bunnies that will attack you.

Ambrew: Yes. Crainer: Okay...

Ambrew: Do you guys have your answers?

SSundee: I--

Crainer: I think I have mine.

Ambrew: You guys have your answers?

Answers in...





Ambrew: It is true!

Ambrew: There are killer bunnies-- Crainer: Yes!!

-- in Vanilla Minecraft that will attack you

SSundee: What?! Where?!? Crainer: I freakin knew it dude!

SSundee: So you're telling me Mojang stole Monty Python's idea!?! *laughs*

Crainer: It's probably a reference dude..

Ambrew: It's a really small chance to find them though

SSundee: I didn't know

Crainer: *laughs*

SSundee: Do I even Monty Python bro?

Ambrew give me my death room... Crainer: Do you even killer bunny?!

Please don't murder me.

Crainer: Hope you get murdered by killer bunnies Ambrew: I hope you die by bunnies. That'd be pretty funny here.

SSundee: If I get murdered by killer bunnies I quit Minecraft. Crainer: *Laughs*

I'd quit minecraft-- Oooh ooh oh

My health...My health...My health has been lowered!?!?!

Crainer: Oh, your--

SSundee: "Please stand by while your health is lowered"

"Reach the beacon!"

Crainer: So you can't hit any cactus dude!

SSundee: *high pitch* Aaaaahhh


Crainer: What?

SSundee: hoooohhhhh Crainer: *laughs*

*even more weird noises*

Crainer: This is so nerve racking dude!

SSundee: Do I have to jump over the Red spot??

No.. I can't jump..

Okay okay okay

Crainer: *laughs*

Ambrew: It'd be funnier if they gave you a time limit. *soft laugh*

SSundee: Where's the beacon??

Crainer: Umm... I'm not gonna help you...

SSundee: Crainer...

Crainer: Look up, can you not see the beacon?

SSundee: Look up? Crainer: It's there

SSundee: Where?

SSundee: *high pitch* aaahhh

Crainer: I can see the beacon SSundee: *laughs*

SSundee: Okay okay okay Ambrew: Yeah,

Ambrew: We see the beacon just fine.

Where is it??

Crainer: You just gotta get to the end bro

SSundee: To the end of what? --

-- Oh there it is!!

SSundee:It's the-- it's the green thingy! It's the green thingy! Crainer: To the end of the- yeah there it is, dude!

We got this!

Crowd: Booooooooo! Ssundee: *Laughs*

Crainer: He actually did it??

Ambrew: That was pretty impressive.

SSundee: I did it! Crainer: Dang It!

Oh.. That--

That was one of the most stressful ones I've had

Holy Crap.

Crainer: Dude, that was intense, but good job!-

Ambrew: Nice one dude Crainer: -I guess.

SSundee: I cactus bro..


Real quick before this next question..

As you...Ambrew and Crainer

You guys saw the last challenge that I did

Where I had to get shot by the gun six times?

Ambrew: Umm hum

Crainer: Yep

I only got shot five times..

Crainer: I know Ambrew: Oh yeahh

SSundee: So what I'm gonna do as a punishment,

In this video

Whenever, eh, Crainer.. Whenever you say it I have to take one shot...

...of ketchup.

Whenever you say to--

Crainer: Whenever I say what?

SSundee: Whenever you tell me to.

Crainer: Tell you to what? Drink Ketchup!?

Only once though you only get once...

Crainer: Okay I don't wanna do it yet, then.

SSundee: S-so use it sparingly..

Please don't use it at all...


Everyone: *laughs*

SSundee: Alright, Ambrew. Hold on, let me turn on the music..

Ambrew, next question! *suspenseful music*

Ambrew: question is:

Ambrew: What is the name of the World of Warcraft star...

...that is know by running in too early?

SSundee: *laughs*

Crainer: I know this one. SSundee: *laughs and claps*

Crainer: I for sure know this one.

Ambrew: I would hope you guys knew this one.

SSundee: Of course! Ambrew: Especially you, Ian!

SSundee: Of course Ambrew asks us a World of Warcraft question

I've been playing a crap ton of World of Warcraft-- don't judge me

SSundee: I know this one though

Crainer: Everybody knows about this guy

Ambrew: Everybody should know this one

SSundee: I forgo--

Ambrew: So, uh..

SSundee: I think I got it


Crainer: Are you ready for this?

SSundee: Yea, I'm pretty-- pretty sure I know this one

Ambrew: Alright, answers in...

3 Crainer: Yeah.




Ambrew: Leeroy Jenkins

That's right

SSundee: Leeroy...

SSundee: *Low pitch*... JENKINS! Crainer: Leeroy!...

SSundee: *laughs*

Ok, ok, hold on--

Crainer: I guess we World of Warcraft bro

SSundee: We World of Warcraft bro,

our moms would be proud.

Alright Ambr--

Ambrew: Our moms would be very proud.

SSundee: Next question, what do you got?

Go ahead

Ambrew: Alright, next question is:

Ambrew: If you had 162 iron nuggets,

how many blocks of iron do you have?

Ssundee: Oo! Crainer: Are you really going to ask me a math question, Ambrew?!

Ambrew: It's been awhile dude

Crainer: I'm just going to straight up guess, 'cause I have no idea.

SSundee: *gibberish*-- no...

Ambrew: You have 10 more seconds

If you could do the math

Crainer: *laughs*

SSundee: *weird loud noise*

SSundee: "Weha-ah"

Crainer: Ok, ok

Ambrew: 5



Crainer: 3

Ambrew: 2

Crainer: 2

Ambrew: 1

Crainer: 1

Ambrew: 2-- yo--yup, ya 2

So Ian's closer--

SSundee: YES!!

Crainer: oh *soft laugh* SSundee: *loud laugh*

SSundee: 20?!

Crainer: *laughs*

SSundee: 20... Ambrew: Just regular-

Ambrew: iron ingots

Crainer: It was a typo...

It was a typo...

Crainer: I meant to type "2.0" Ambrew: *laughs*

Crainer: Yup.

Ambrew: That's what it was.

SSundee: Sure you did, Crainer.

Crainer: Yo, uh, Ian

SSundee: Sure you did...

SSundee: What?

Crainer: Drink ketchup.

*awkward silence*

SSundee: Wh-


SSundee: Do you-- Crainer: Yup.

SSundee: Do you mean it?!

Crainer: Yup. I want you to do it right now, because you just made fun of my math...

Crainer: Do it, drink ketchup SSundee: *Laughs*

*cries and laughs at same time*

Crainer: You have to do it, dude!

SSundee: *whining* Crainer i just came back from my break!

Crainer: I don't care, you're a jerk, ok?!

SSundee: *High pitched* I don't want to.

Crainer: *Laughs* SSundee: *High pitched* I don't want to.

Ambrew: *Laughs* Crainer: *Laughs* SSundee: *High pitched* I don't want to.

SSundee: Alright

Ssundee: This is so disgusting, Alright going.

Crainer: You want me to give you a countdown?

SSundee: Alright, ok, give a countdown..

Crainer: 3




SSundee: mm..



Crainer: Ahaha!

Ambrew: Ehh.. Crainer: Ahaha!

SSundee: I'm bleeding!

Ambrew: *Laughing*

Crainer: Oh my goodness..

Is it good, Ian?

SSundee: *angry sounds*

Crainer: Is it everything you wanted?

SSundee: Crainer, that is terrible!

Crainer: Ahaha, you're welcome, dude!

SSundee: Ambrew?!

Crainer: Now I can enjoy my death room. SSundee: Ambrew?

SSundee: Ambrew, kill Crainer. Kill him. Kill 'em right now!

Crainer: *Laughs*

Ambrew: I think a- I think a is better with some fries

Ssundee: ohh, that was terrible!

Crainer: Oo! 41.

Ssundee: What is this?

'Find a copy of your favorite book'

Crainer: Whats my favorite book?

Crainer: How do i know what my favorite book is?

Crainer: I Dont have a favorite book! Ssundee: Ambrew, Ambrew!

Ssundee: Say nothing! Ambrew: *soft* nothing

Ssundee: 'That one's "To Serve Man". Seem to be a cook book. Try agian!'

Crainer: Oo! There's so many books!

Crainer Ooh!

Ssundee: Ooh! Crainer: Look at this one! What about this one!

Ssundee: That book is appar- *crainer inturrupts and said: Ahh! Im dying!!*

Ssundee: *Stutters* Ambrew *soft laugh* I dont know what that means!

Ssundee: What does it mean either, ok-ok-oo!

Ssundee: *Laughs* Crainer: REALLY!?

Ssundee: Crainer it was simple you- you didn't find your favorite book!

The Description of Minecraft: 100 WAYS TO DIE CHALLENGE - AIRPLANE DEATH!!