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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: OCO Labs SuperC Product Profile

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This is the SuperC Extractor by OCO Labs.

Im Chris, with OCO Labs,

and in this video, well be discussing some of

the specifications, new features,

and operating parameters of the equipment.

The SuperC is a table-top, super-critical

CO2 extractor scaled appropriately for

research, batch screening, and home extraction.

Requiring far less in the way of electricity,

the SuperC can be run off of

a single 110 outlet,

and can be fed by any

standard, gas-feed CO2 tank.

The SuperC now includes the autopilot

as a standard feature for every unit.

It is equipped with an industry-standard burst disk,

as well as a pressure shut-off switch

to prevent any over-pressurization.

Designed to run fully super-critical,

the SuperC can run anywhere between

800 PSI and 4500 PSI,

and the temperatures controllable from

an ambient temperature as high as 90 degrees celsius.

The base model comes with a standard chamber,

which can hold about one ounce of dry ground material.

Run times for an ounce of material

can vary pretty widely from 45 to 90 minutes.

Most extractions can be performed in a little over an hour.

Yields are material-dependent,

and can vary from 15 to 18 percent

for material like hops,

or be as low as 0.5 percentif running something like rose petals.

If youd like to learn more about our other products,

be sure to watch our entire video series.

If you have questions, you can reach us at

Im Chris, with OCO Labs. Thanks for watching.

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