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Sense and Sensibility




chapter 1 the Dashwood's the Dashwood's

lived in the southern english town of

sussex for many generations they owned a

large country house named Norland Park

the head of the family was old mr.

Dashwood an elderly unmarried gentleman

during the last years of mr. Dashwood's

life he invited his nephew Henry

Dashwood and his family to move into

Norland Park


Henry Dashwood had one son John by his

first wife and three daughters by his

present wife John was a young man who

had received a large inheritance from

his mother the Norland fortune was not

as important to John as it was to his

sisters who had little money of their

own when old mr. Dashwood died

Henry learned that his uncle had not

left the fortune to him but rather for

him to use during his lifetime

when Henry died the inheritance would

pass to his son John and then to John's

son this was because old mr. Dashwood

had been especially fond of John's son

but out of kindness the old man left

Henry's daughters 1,000 pounds each

Henry wanted the fortune for his wife

and daughters but if he invested his

money carefully he would have enough to

provide for them unfortunately Henry

suddenly died unable to complete his

plan at this time all that was left for

his wife and daughters was 10,000 pounds

shortly before his death

Henry begged his son John to take care

of his stepmother and sisters John did

not have strong feelings for them but he

promised he would make them comfortable

he was not a bad man but he was selfish

and cold-hearted his wife Fanny was even

more selfish and cold-hearted than him

as soon as Henry was buried Fanny came

to Norland Park uninvited she rudely

informed mrs. Dashwood and her daughters

that Norland Park was now hers and that

they were her guests the recently

widowed mrs. Dashwood was terribly

offended she would have left the estate

immediately if her eldest daughter had

not begged her to reconsider

Elinor was the eldest daughter she

possessed great intelligence and common

sense she was only 19 but she frequently

advised her mother on important matters

Elinor had an excellent sense of self

control which her mother and her younger

sister Marianne lacked like Elinor

Marianne was generous clever and

sensitive but she had very strong

emotions which she was unable to hide

she was much like her mother the

youngest sister Margaret was a sweet 13

year old who shared Marianne's emotional

sensibility but none of her intelligence


one day John Dashwood reminded his wife

of the promise he'd made to his dying

father and said he wanted to give each

of his sister's 1,000 pounds

however Fanny disapproved of this gift

you'll be taking 3,000 pounds out of our

son's future inheritance she said and

you're only related to them by Half

Blood they are hardly even your sisters

I must do something for them when they

leave Norland for a new home perhaps I

should give them five hundred pounds

each replied John that's too much

argued Fanny you're very generous but I

think they'll be able to live very

comfortably on the ten thousand pounds

your father left them that's true

replied John why don't I just give my

stepmother 100 pounds every year yes but

I don't think your father meant for you

to give them any money at all replied

fanny I think he wanted you to find them

a small comfortable house to live in to

help them move and perhaps to send them

an occasional basket of fish on meat

they don't need a carriage or horses and

only one or two servants it would be

foolish to give them any more I think

you're absolutely right

said John now I understand what my

father meant he decided to offer the

assistance his wife suggested

meanwhile Henry's Widow mrs. dashwood

wanted to leave Norland as soon as

possible mrs. Dashwood had come to

strongly dislike her daughter-in-law the

only reason she stayed at Norland was

because her eldest daughter Elinor had

formed a strong relationship with

Fanny's brother Edward Farrar's Edwards

father had died and left behind a lot of

money but Edward was not sure if he

would receive the large inheritance it

depended on his mother's wishes

but mrs. Dashwood didn't care about his

money he and her daughter seemed to love

each other


Edward Farrar's was not handsome or

especially gentlemanly he was shy with a

kind heart

his mother and sister wanted him to be a

great man in society but he was not

ambitious all he wanted were the

comforts and quietness of private life

his younger brother Robert had greater

potential Edward and Elinor will most

likely be married in a few months

mrs. Dashwood told Marianne don't you

approve of Edward he has no fire in his

eyes he doesn't seem to have any taste

in books or music oh how will I ever

find a man I can truly love worried

Marianne you're only seventeen laughed

mrs. Dashwood it's too early for you to

lose hope Elinor had a very high opinion

of Edward but she was not sure she

wanted to marry him he often seemed

strangely depressed and she feared he

thought of her only as a friend but

Marianne and her mother had no such

doubts they believed love could solve

all problems

Marianne thought it was terrible when

her sister described her feelings for

Edward as respect rather than love like

him who respect him Oh

cold-hearted Elinor why are you ashamed

to express your love

Fanny also noticed the attachment

between her brother and Elinor it made

her uneasy she told her mother-in-law

mrs. Dashwood my mother and I expect

Edward to marry will it would be

dangerous for Elinor to try and trap


to marrying her this made mrs. dashwood

furious she decided that she and her

daughters must leave Norland immediately

on that same day she received a letter

from a distant relative of hers named

Sir John Middleton he wrote to offer her

a small house near his estate in Devon

sure his letter was so welcoming that

mrs. Dashwood wrote a letter to accept

his offer right away mrs. Dashwood was

happy to inform John and Fanny that she

and her daughters would be leaving

Norland to live in Devonshire Edward

Farrar's who was in the room at that

time turned quickly toward her and said

Devon sure that's so far from here yes

she replied we'll be in Barton four

miles from the city of Exeter it's only

a cottage but I hope you'll all visit us

there mrs. Dashwood's invitation to

Edward was very affectionate as she did

not want to discourage his relationship

with her Elinor Barton cottage was

furnished and ready for them to move in

at once

Elinor recommended her mother to sell

their carriage and horses and to have

only three servants on his death bed

Henry had told his wife of John's

promise to care for her and her

daughters but as they left it looked as

if John would not offer any assistance

in fact John was heard to complain about

money and how he was in need of more


the sisters cried when they said goodbye

to their beloved home Norland dear dear

Norland cried Marianne while walking

alone in the park on their last evening

I will miss you for the rest of my life


during their journey to Devon sure the

sisters were too miserable to enjoy the


but as they entered Barton Valley they

became more cheerful

they took notice of the countryside

where they would live Barton Valley

consisted of thick woods clear streams

and expansive open fields Barton cottage

was in excellent condition there were

two sitting rooms four bedrooms and two

servants quarters it was much smaller

and poorer than Norland but the girls

made their best efforts to be happy the

next day the Dashwood received a visit

from their landlord Sir John Middleton

he was a good-looking cheerful man he

welcomed them and offered them anything

from his house and garden his house was

called Barton park he tried to make them

as comfortable as possible and said he

hoped they would come and visit his

family soon

they went to Barton park for dinner the

next day the estate was half a mile from

their cottage it was a large stately

house where the Middletons lived in

great comfort Sir John was a sportsman

who enjoyed shooting well lady Middleton

was a mother who spoiled her children

Sir John was a hospitable man and always

had relatives or friends staying at

their house the noisier and more full of

young people the better

Barton park was famous for its summer

parties and winter dances on the night

the Dashwood's arrived for dinner Sir

John apologized that there were no

handsome young male guests to meet them

the only guests were Colonel Brandon a

friend staying at the house and Sir

John's mother-in-law mrs. Jennings mrs.

Jennings was a fat cheerful old lady who

talked and laughed a great deal Colonel

Brandon was silent serious and handsome

Elinor and Marianne noticed he was an

old bachelor on the wrong side of 35

after dinner Maryann sang and played the

piano while Sir John was loud in showing

his delight for the music Colonel

Brandon was quiet and listened



mrs. Jennings was a widow with a

comfortable fortune she had seen both of

her daughters marry respectably and now

had nothing better to do than to try and

marry off the rest of the world she

spent a lot of time matching young

people with one another and planning

their weddings

mrs. Jennings informed the Middletons

and the Dashwood's that Colonel Brandon

was very much in love with Marianne she

felt it would be an excellent marriage

because he was rich and she was

beautiful how cruel for mrs. Jennings to

say that remarked Marianne Colonel

Brandon is old enough to be my father

but I cannot think of a man five years

younger than me being as ancient as you

say replied mrs. Dashwood but didn't you

hear him complaining of his bad back

said Marianne

my child laughed mrs. dashwood it must

seem amazing to you that I've lived to

the great age of 40 35 has nothing to do

with marriage

for example a woman of 27 could easily

consider marrying a man of Colonel

Brandon's age but a woman of 27 could

consider becoming his nurse if her house

is uncomfortable and her fortune is

small it would be a marriage of

convenience it seems a little hard

remarked Eleanor to accuse Colonel

Brandon of meeting nursing just because

he complained of a pain in his shoulder

on a cold wet day but Marianne's view

about the colonel did not change after

Eleanor left the room Marianne said

mother I'm concerned about Edward for


I'm worried he is sick we've been here

two weeks and he hasn't come to see

Eleanor be patient my daughter mrs.

Dashwood answered I don't expect him so

soon and Eleanor doesn't either

it is so strange exclaimed Marianne how

cold and calmed their last goodbyes were

Eleanor is so self controlled never sad

or Restless or miserable I don't

understand her


chapter 2 a handsome stranger


the Dashwood sisters were finally

beginning to feel comfortable at Barton

cottage they enjoyed taking walks and

practicing music for the first time

since their father died they didn't have

many visitors and there were few other

houses within walking distance

the only nearby place was a large

mansion Ellingham a mile away

they heard the owner was an old lady

named mrs. Smith who wasn't well enough

to have visitors


one day despite Eleanor's warning of

rain Marianne and Margaret walked up a

hill behind the cottage at the top they

were delighted at the blue sky and white

clouds they laughed as the wind blew

their hair and Marianne cried this is

the greatest place in the world but

within minutes dark clouds rolled in and

rain poured down the girls ran down the

hill as fast as they could

Margaret was ahead and didn't see

Marianne slip and fall at this time a

gentleman out hunting saw her accident

and ran to help her her ankle was

twisted so she couldn't stand the

gentleman carried her to Barton cottage

there he placed her on the sofa Elinor

and her mother were shocked when the

stranger entered the house carrying

Marianne they both noticed his handsome

appearance he apologized for a rude

entrance and mrs. Dashwood expressed her

gratitude for his helping Marianne she

asked his name

it was Willowby he presently lived at

allenham he said he would visit them

tomorrow to check on Marianne mrs.

Dashwood said he would always be welcome

at the cottage then he left into the

pouring rain Elinor and her mother

admired the man but Marianne had barely

seen him due to her condition she

imagined her hero so intensely that she

didn't feel the pain of her injured

ankle when Sir John visited them he was

asked if he knew Willoughby of allenham

Willoughby of course he exclaimed he

visits us every year I shall invite him

to dinner on Thursday what sort of man

is he asked mrs. Dashwood he's a good

man he shoots well and he's the best

horseman in England they demanded more

personal details

Sir John told them Willoughby had no

house in Devon sure he stayed with his

relative mrs. Smith at allenham when he

visited he also said Willoughby would

probably inherit the old lady's fortune

Maryann's rescuer visited the next

morning Willowby became very comfortable

with the Dashwood's the fire in

Marianne's eyes seemed to draw him in

they shared many interests and spoke

without shyness by the end of his visit

they talked like old friends

Willoughby visited Barton cottage every

day afterward at first he pretended to

worry about Marianne's health but he

soon stopped pretending and openly

enjoyed Marianne's company they read and

sang and talked together


Marianne thought willoughby possessed

all of the sensibility and taste edward

Farrar's lacked soon after she came to

believe that he was perfect for her

willoughby seemed to feel the same way

mrs. Dashwood secretly congratulated

herself on a great future son-in-law

meanwhile Elinor began to pity Colonel

Brandon who couldn't compete for

Marianne's affection with a young man of

25 it bothered Elinor that Marianne and

willoughby took pleasure in laughing at

Brandon Elinor was not as happy she

found no companion to take her mind away

from missing her friends in Sussex the

only person she could talk to was

Colonel Brandon who liked talking about

Marianne I see your sister is not fond

of second attachments said Brandon all

of her opinions are romantic she

believes we only fall in love once in

our lives I hope she'll become more

sensible and that may happen continued

Brandon I knew a young lady once ooh he

suddenly stopped thinking he had said

too much

Elinor felt sure that his story was of

disappointed love her pity for him grew

the next day Margaret said to Elinor I

have a secret last night I saw

Willoughby begging Marianne for a lock

of hair she cut it off and gave it to

him he kissed it and put it in his


Elinor guessed they were now secretly

engaged she was surprised they had not

told anybody

the following day Sir John planned a

trip for everyone to a house called

Whitwell Oh

by Colonel Brandon's brother-in-law a

large group of them packed picnic

lunches and prepared to leave

but as the people ate breakfast a letter

came for the colonel he looked at it and

explained to the group that he had

urgent business their excursion was

canceled they tried to convince him to

put off his business but he wouldn't

after Brandon left they decided to ride

around the countryside Marianne got into

Willoughby's carriage and the two were

not seen for the rest of the day

the next morning mrs. Dashwood went to

visit lady Middleton with two of her


Marianne stayed home since Willowby

would be coming for a visit

when mrs. Dashwood and her daughters

returned home they were not surprised to

find Willoughby's carriage in front of

the cottage they went inside and

Marianne came rushing out of the

sitting-room sobbing uncontrollably then

she ran upstairs mrs. Dashwood asked

Willowby is she ill no he answered

trying to look cheerful but I have bad

news my cousin mrs. Smith has sent me to

London on business I won't be able to

visit anymore

I'm poor and depend on mrs. Smith I must

do as she asks I've come to say goodbye


well I hope you won't be gone long said

mrs. Dashwood I'm afraid I won't be back

this year

he replied his face reddening mrs.

Dashwood looked at Elinor with surprise

Elinor was just shocked Willoughby said

goodbye and rushed out to his carriage

then he was gone Elinor was worried

about her sister whose emotional nature

would encourage her misery

later that day mrs. Dashwood told Elinor

that mrs. Smith probably sent willoughby

away because she disapproved of his

engagement to Marianne he'll return to

Barton as soon as he can

why would they hide their engagement

from us questioned Elinor dear child

scolded her mother it is strange for you

to accuse Willoughby and Marianne of

hiding their feelings you have accused

them of showing their feelings too

openly in the past

do you prefer to believe he has bad

intentions toward Marianne rather than

good I hope not

cried Elinor I hope there is a simple

explanation for his strange behavior

this morning


nobody saw Maryann until dinner at the

table she was so upset she couldn't eat

or look at anyone and when someone

mentioned anything connected with

Willowby she burst into tears

as the days passed Marianne got worse

and worse a week later her sisters

persuaded her to go for a walk while

walking they saw a gentleman riding

toward them it's Willoughby I know it is

cried Marianne she ran toward the

carriage it was not willoughby but

Edward Farrar's the only person in the

world she could forgive for not being


she stopped and smiled holding back her

tears as Edward and Elinor exchanged


Marianne saw their polite yet distant

behavior when they returned to the


mrs. Dashwood greeted Edward warmly so


what are your mother's plans for you

these days does she still want you to be

a politician no replied Edward she knows

I could never do that we'll never agree

on a profession for me I've always

wanted to work for the church but that's

too ordinary for my family I know you're

not ambitious Edward said mrs. Dashwood

no I wish to be like everybody else to

be perfectly happy in my own way

greatness won't make me happy you're

right cried Marianne what does wealth or

greatness have to do what happiness

greatness has very little to do with it

said Elinor but wealth has much to do

with it

Elinor cried Marianne money only gives

happiness where there is nothing else to

give it beyond answering our basic needs

it's of no use at all how much do you

need for your basic needs asked Elinor

two thousand per year said Marianne no

more than that

Elinor laughed two thousand one thousand

a year would be wealthy to me a family

cannot live on less than two thousand

per year said Marianne it takes that

much to have enough servants plus a

carriage and horses for riding Elinor

smiled at her sister's description of

her future life with Willoughby during

Edward visit Elinor showed her you

will politeness an interest but she was

alarmed by his coldness toward her he

was clearly unhappy and she doubted

whether he still loved her she could see

he was confused the next day while

having tea

Marianne noticed a ring on Edwards

finger I've never seen that before

Edward is that your sister's hair in the

ring Edward blushed deeply and looking

quickly at Eleanor answered yes it's

Fanny's hair it looks lighter than it

really is

Eleanor was sure that he had taken some

of her hair without her knowing



Chapter three secrets


Sir John soon had more visitors at

Barton park he had recently met two

young ladies with the family name Steele

who were his distant cousins he had

invited them to visit and they had

accepted immediately the Dashwood

sisters came to Barton park to meet Sir

John's new guests

they found the steel sister's polite and

elegant the elder sister Ann looked very

plain but the younger sister Lucy was a

beautiful 23 year old lady and Miss

Dashwood asked the elder miss Steele

do you like Devon sure you must have

been sorry to leave beautiful Norland

Elinor was surprised that the Steele's

knew about her family yes

Norland is a lovely place you must have

had many handsome bachelors there added

an good heavens Ann cried Lucy oh you

think and talk about his men Elinor was

glad when their meeting was finished she

found the elder steel sister's

conversation too vulgar and the younger

sister Lucy too clever for her taste the

Steele's thought differently and soon

the young ladies were together for an

hour or two every day Sir John told the

Steele's everything about the Dashwood's

lives one day and Steele congratulated

Elinor on Marianne's engagement to a

very fine young man

then the Steele's told Elinor that Sir

John talked about her suspected

attachment to Edward his name is fair

ours whispered Sir John but it's a big

secret mr. Frye's repeated Ann's deal

your sister-in-laws brother he's a very

pleasant young man we know him well

how can you say that Anne cried Lucy who

always corrected everything her sister

said we've only seen him once or twice

at my uncle's house Elinor was shocked

she wanted to know who their uncle was

and have a new Edward but she didn't ask



during the next few days Lucy took every

chance to make conversation with Elinor

she was a clever and humorous companion

but Elinor pitied her for lacking

education she disliked the insincerity

dishonesty and self-interest that lay

behind her words and actions while

Elinor and Lucy were walking alone Lucy

asked you may think this question

strange but do you know your

sister-in-laws mother mrs. Farrar's

the question was strange to Elinor I've

never met her she answered coldly then

you couldn't say what kind of woman she


question Lucy no Eleanor plainly replied

holding back her true opinion of Edwards

mother I don't know anything about her

then Lucy looked at Elinor I wish I

could tell you about the difficult

situation I'm in well I wish I could

help you but I don't know mrs. Farrar's

mrs. Farrar's knows nothing of me Lucy

said with a shy sidelong glance at

Elinor but we will be closely connected

soon good lord

cried Elinor do you mean with mr. Robert


she didn't like the idea of Lucy

becoming her sister-in-law no replied

Lucy not Robert I've never met him in my

life I mean his elder brother Edward

Elinor was silent with shock you must be

surprised said Lucy because he never

mentioned our relationship to your

family I know Edward won't be angry that

I've told you our secret he trusts you

so much and looks upon you and your

family almost as sisters Elinor forced

herself to remain calm may I ask how

long you have been engaged we've been

engaged for four years now

she answered Elinor couldn't believe it

we been here in Devonshire while Edward

was studying law said Lucy I didn't want

to get engaged without his mother's

approval but I was young and loved him

so much

oh dear Edward look I carry his picture


she pulled a small painting of Edward

from her pocket and showed it to Elinor

her heart sank

you can't imagine my suffering continued

Lucy we see each other so infrequently

she put her hand to her eyes Elinor was

unsympathetic sometimes I think about

breaking it off continued Lucy but I

couldn't bear hurting him what do you

think you must decide for yourself

answered Elinor poor Edward doesn't even

have my picture Lucy went on but I sent

him a ring with a lock of my hair in it

did you see him wearing it when he

visited you recently I did Elinor

answered her calm voice concealed her

great unhappiness she was shocked

confused and miserable their

conversation ended and Elinor was sure

Edward still cared for her she felt he

loved her and would never have

intentionally deceived her he was

trapped by a beautiful yet insincere

vulgar selfish girl her interest lay in

his future income

Elinor was very careful to hide her

unhappiness she knew if she told her

family the bad news about Edward their

misery would only add to her own on

several occasions she spoke quietly with

Lucy about the situation

Elinor learned that Lucy planned to hold

Edward to the engagement she was jealous

that Edward held Elinor in such high


why else would Lucy tell Elinor her

secret but to warn her to keep away from

Edward what made Elinor most sad was

that she knew Edward did not love his

future wife he had no chance of having a

happy marriage


mrs. Jennings who is making plans to

return to her London house surprised

Elinor and Marianne with an invitation

you must come along she told the

Dashwood sisters I'm so good at finding

husbands for single girls if I can't get

at least one of you married it won't be

my fault

Elinor wanted to refuse she feared she

might run into Edward and Lucy Steele in

London but Marianne was excited at the

chance of seeing Willowby who was still

in London mrs. Dashwood insisted that

they accept the invitation when Elinor

and Marianne got to their room and mrs.

Jennings luxurious house in London both

girls took out their pens and paper for

letter-writing I'm writing home to

mother said Elinor - Marianne perhaps

you should hold off a few days I'm not

writing - mother replied Marianne Elinor

realized her sister was writing to

Willowby Marianne was nervous for the

rest of the evening she could eat almost

nothing and anxiously listened to the

sound of every passing carriage after

dinner there was a knock on the door

Marianne jumped up and cried it must be

willoughby she ran toward the door and

almost threw herself into the arms of

Colonel Brandon her shock was too great

to bear with calmness she left the room

and Elinor greeted the colonel Elinor

was sorry to see the man so in love with

her sister he experienced only her

bitter disappointment when she saw him

the colonel asked is she you Elinor made

several excuses about tiredness and


mrs. Jennings entered the room

cheerfully and asked the colonel where

he had been

the colonel replied politely but gave no

definitive answer he soon left and all

of the ladies went to bed early the next

day found Mary Ann cheerfully hoping to

see Willowby she was terribly distracted

all day when the ladies returned from

shopping there was still no answer from

willoughby after being at mrs. Jennings

house for a week Marianne finally saw

Willoughby's card on the table when they

came home from

ride he's been here while we were out

exclaimed Marianne from then on she

stayed at home while the others went out

when a letter came the next day

Marianne tried to grab it but it was for

mrs. Jennings were you expecting a

letter asked Elinor who could see her

sister's disappointment just a little

side Marianne dear sister don't you

trust me

asked Elinor how can you who trusts and

no one asked me that replied Marianne I

have nothing to tell Elinor blustered

wanting to reveal the secret of Lucy

Steele's engagement to Edward nor do i

replied Marianne you communicate nothing

and I hide nothing

the next day there was a dance at lady

Middleton's London home when Marianne

realized Willowby wasn't there she lost

interest in the festivities she was hurt

that Willowby was invited but hadn't

come one night the two Dashwood sisters

went to a party with Lady Middleton

Willowby was there standing with an

elegant young lady Marianne was

delighted when she saw him she began to

run to him but Elinor stopped her be

calm said Elinor hide your feelings it

was impossible for Marianne she sat with

anxiety and impatience written on her

face why won't he look at me cried

Marianne finally Willowby turned around

and looked at them Marianne jumped up

and held her hand out to him he came

over and spoke to Elinor not Marianne

asking about their mother's health

Marianne blushed and cried Oh lob why

didn't you visit me I visited he said

but you weren't home haven't you

received my letters she said with wild

anxiety there must have been some

terrible mistake I beg you to tell me

what's the matter

Willoughby looked ashamed glancing over

at the young lady he had been standing

next to earlier yes I received the

information that you were in town thank

you for it with that he turned away to

join a friend Marianne was pale and

unable to stand eleanor helped her into

a chair Willowby left the party soon

after riding home Elinor realized that

Marianne's attachment with Willowby was

over she felt bitter over his tasteless

manner of ending it that night

Elinor was kept awake by the sound of

Marianne sobbing the next day a letter

arrived for Marianne

mrs. Jennings asked if it was a love

letter I've never seen a woman showing

love in my life I hope he won't keep her

waiting when Elinor went into their room

Marianne was sobbing violently Elinor

held her hand and

burst into tears - then she read his

letter dear madam I beg your forgiveness

if you didn't approve of my behavior

last night I will always remember our

visits with great fondness I hope I

didn't give you the impression that I

felt more for you than I ever expressed

please understand that I've been engaged

to someone else for a long time we will

be married soon with this letter I am

returning the lock of your hair that you

so kindly offered me your friend John

Willoughby Elinor was disgusted with the

cold official manner of this letter it

was hurtful and cruel in an instant she

was glad that Marianne would not Wed

such a terrible man Oh Elinor said

Marianne I'm sorry to make you so

unhappy just think how much she would

have suffered if you discovered how

terrible he was at the end of your

engagement replied Elinor engagement

cried Marianne we were never engaged he

never promised me anything he said he

loved you questioned Elinor no he never

said so cried Marianne but I could feel

it in his eyes

she began sobbing again later mrs.

Jennings showed concern for Marianne who

had made herself sick she told them that

Willoughby's other woman was miss gray

with an income of fifty thousand pounds

per year and that Willowby spent too

much money on his carriage and horses

and needed money very badly she thought

his behavior was terrible but cheerfully

she said that it was all for the best

because now Marianne could marry Colonel




chapter 4 the truth revealed


Marianne felt more miserable the next

day she was determined to avoid mrs.

Jennings her kindness is not sympathy

she complained she enjoys gossiping

about my problems to her friends after

breakfast mrs. Jennings found the

sisters in their room and delivered a

letter to Marianne my dear this will

make you happy

Marianne hoped it was from Willowby

explaining and apologizing for his

strange behavior but it was from her

mother the letter expressed confidence

in will obey

Marianne began to cry again at the

thought of her mother's disappointment

when she learned the truth about him

then there was a knock on the door it

was Colonel Brandon Marianne ran away to

her room Eleanor greeted him he seemed

unhappy I've come to speak with you

Brandon said to Eleanor I want to tell

you some details about mr. Willoughby's

character your words are proof of your

feelings for Marianne said Eleanor

perhaps you remember a lady I mentioned

once at Barton park she was like your

sister with an eager mind a warm heart

and great Sensibility she was a distant

cousin of mine we played together when

we were children and this grew into love

said Brandon

but at 17 she was married to my brother

against her wishes before the wedding we

planned to run away to marry secretly my

father discovered the plan and sent me

to the army their marriage was unhappy

my brother cheated on her with countless

other women two years later they were

divorced Elinor looked upon him with

great sympathy and concern

he continued three years later I found

her in a debtors prison she was terribly

sick and had only a short while left to

live I cared for her until she died in

my arms she left a little girl in my

care named Eliza I sent Eliza to school

and then left her in the care of a

respectable woman in the country Eliza

is now 17 last year she suddenly

disappeared she was gone for eight

months while I searched for her good


cried Elinor could Willoughby be

remember the day at Barton park we were

supposed to go on the outing but I

received an urgent letter I was called

away Willowby didn't know it was to help

someone he'd made poor and miserable but

he wouldn't have cared he did the worst

a man could do he left a girl he'd

seduced with no home no friends and no

money this is an outrage cried Elinor

now you understand what he is like

imagine how hard it was for me to see

your sisters affection for him when I

knew of his character who knows what his

intentions were toward her one day she

will feel grateful when she compares her

situation to that of my poor Eliza

have you seen Willowby since you left

barton asked Elinor yes after Eliza

confessed the name of her seducer i

accused him of dishonorable behavior and

challenged him to a duel

we met in combat but both of us returned

unwounded my poor Eliza had her child

and now lives in the country the colonel

left Elinor told her sister the details

of their conversation but the result was

not what she had hoped Marianne listened

attentively and accepted Willoughby's

guilt but she seemed even more saddened

that Willoughby's good character was

lost as well as his heart misses -

letter of reply came the following day

she advised them not to shorten their

stay with mrs. Jennings a hasty return

to Barton would only bring back memories

of happy times with Willowby Sir John

and mrs. Jennings condemned Willoughby

when they heard of his dishonour they

also shared the belief that Elinor would

be the woman to marry Colonel Brandon

two weeks after Willoughby's letter

Elinor found out that he had gotten

married Marianne was calm when she first

received the news but later began to sob

wildly at this time

Elinor unhappily met the Steele sisters

who had arrived in London Lucy pretended

to be happy to meet her Elinor had to

use all of her self-control to remain

polite a more welcomed meeting occurred

when John Dashwood visited them at mrs.

Jennings after being introduced to

Colonel Brandon he asked Elinor to take

a walk with him privately

Elinor I think I'll be congratulating

you on a very respectable marriage soon

said John Colonel Brandon is most

gentlemanly and I'm sure he likes you he

doesn't wish to marry me she replied

you're wrong sister you can catch him

with a little effort how funny it would

be if Fanny had a brother and I had a

sister marrying at the same time is mr.

edward Farrar's getting married Elinor

asked calmly it's not arranged yet but

he is to Wed the lady miss Morton she's

lord morton's only daughter with 30,000

pounds of her own Edwards mother will

give him 1,000 pounds per year if he

marries her I wish we could be so

comfortable he said a week later John

and Fanny Dashwood gave a dinner party

the Middleton's mrs. Jennings Colonel

Brandon the Dashwood sisters and the

Steele sisters were all invited Elinor

and Lucy both knew that mrs. Ferrara's

would be there oh dear Miss Dashwood

whispered Lucy as they walked upstairs

in a moment I'll be seeing the person on

whom my happiness

my future mother-in-law mrs. Ferrara's

was a small scrawny woman with a grouchy


she clearly disliked Eleanor and

approved of Lucy Steele if only she knew

Lucy's secret mused Eleanor how she

would hate her

the next morning Lucy bragged to Eleanor

about how much mrs. Farrar's liked her

before Eleanor could reply the door

opened Edward walked in it was an

awkward moment between the three of them

and Lenore welcomed him

Lucy kept watch over Eleanor from the

corner of her eye

Eleanor decided to leave the couple

alone and went to find Marianne after

visiting with his sisters John Dashwood

thought about inviting them to visit

Norland for a few days but Fanny

Dashwood quickly informed him I'm

shocked by your suggestion I've just

decided to ask the Steele sisters to

stay with us we'll have to ask your

sisters some other year John agreed and

Fanny invited Lucy and her sister Lucy

was very happy for the useful

opportunity to be close to Edward


some days later mrs. Jennings came back

from her daughter mrs. Palmer's house

with a new piece of gossip Fanny is ill

because her brother Edward has been

engaged to Lucy Steele for over a year

only her sister Anne knew the Steele's

are staying at your brother's house

right now and being a creature of no

intelligence told Fanny your

sister-in-law fell on the floor sobbing

and screaming the Steele girls were told

to pack their bags immediately the

Farrar's family wanted Edward to marry

that rich miss Morton they I have no

pity for them and I can't stand people

who think money and greatness is

important now all of the talk was about


Eleanor knew Marianne would be angry

with him she decided to tell her sister

the truth in preparation Marianne

listened to Eleanor story in horror and

cried continuously Edward seemed like a

second Willoughby how long have you


she asked Lucy told me of her engagement

four months ago at Barton I promised to

keep it a secret all this time you've

been caring for me and you've had this

on your heart how could you put up with

it cried Marianne I was just doing my

duty I didn't want to worry everyone

replied Elinor for months and yet you

loved him

yes but I love my family too and I don't

have any ill will toward Edward they

will marry and in time he will forget

that he ever thought another woman

better than her I'm beginning to

understand the way you think your

self-control doesn't seem so strange

anymore I know you think I lack emotions

this has been on my mind for months I

couldn't tell anyone

the person who destroyed my hopes of

happiness told me this she saw me as a

rival and was happy to defeat me I've

had to listen to her talking about

Edward again and again and pretend I

wasn't interested in him and I had to

endure the unkindness and rudeness of

his mother surely you can see how I've

suffered now

Oh Elinor Marianne cried how unkind I've

been to you then the two sisters fell

into each others arms

sobbing the next day John Dashwood came

to visit them I suppose you've heard of

our shocking discovery

he said the sisters nodded silently your

sister-in-law has suffered terribly

so has mrs. Ferrars they were both

deceived and after we showed those young

women such kindness Fanny wishes she'd

invited you to to visit instead poor

mrs. Farrar sent for Edward and he came

to see her I'm sorry to say what

happened next

our efforts to persuade Edward to end

his engagement were useless his mother

offered to give him 1,000 pounds per

year to marry miss Morton but he refused

mrs. Farrar's told him he would receive

no money from her and she would do her

best to prevent him from succeeding in

any profession he entered good heavens

cried Marianne it's so terrible your

shock is understandable John said to his

sisters his stubbornness is astonishing

mr. Farrar's has behaved like an honest

man cried mrs. Jennings who was

listening to them he must keep his

promise to bury Lucy Steele madam I

respect your opinion replied John but a

good woman like mrs. Farrar's with such

an enormous fortune cannot approve of

her son's secret engagement to an

unsuitable woman mrs. Ferrars told

Edward to leave her house forever and he

did she never wants to see him again

Robert shall inherit her fortune when

she dies Edward will be poor while his

younger brother is wealthy I sincerely

pity him John Dashwood soon left and the

three women condemned mrs. Farrar's

behavior and warmly supported Edward a

letter from Lucy came the next morning

dear Miss Dashwood as a true friend I

know you will be pleased to hear this

despite the terrible suffering that

Edward and I have been through we are

quite well now

god we are happy in each other's love

thank you for helping us through our

difficulties yesterday we spent two

hours together and I offered him his

freedom and was ready to call our

engagement off if he desired but he

refused he said he didn't care about his

mother's anger as long as I loved him

life will not be easy for us but we must

hope for the best

he will enter the church I hope you can

recommend him to somebody who can offer

him a job please tell dear mrs. Jennings

that I hope she won't forget us either

please remember me well and send my

regards to Sir John and Lady Middleton

their dear children and give my love to

miss Marianne yours truly Lucy Steele

Elinor was sure that Lucy wanted mrs.

Jennings to see the letter and showed it

to her immediately

the old woman praised Lucy's warm heart

she calls me dear mrs. Jennings oh I

wish I could get him a job with all my


the Dashwood sisters had been in London

for more than two months Marianne was

ready to go home she missed the country

terribly Elinor was also anxious to go

but she dreaded the long journey that

lay ahead this problem was solved when

the Palmers invited mrs. Jennings and

the Dashwood sisters to their home in

Somerset only a day away from Barton

they accepted the invitation and planned

to stay at the Palmers home for a week a

few days later Colonel Brandon came to

speak with Elinor he had a job for

Edward it would be a start for mr.

Ferrars at least continued Colonel

Brandon the minister's duties there are

light and a cottage comes with the job

I'm sorry for the smallness of the house

and the income is only 200 pounds a year

Elinor thanked the colonel and promised

to tell Edward the good news


chapter 5 back to Barton

before leaving London Eleanor visited

her brother and Fannie John was

interested to hear of Colonel Brandon's

job offer to Edward John took her aside

and said I want to tell you one more

thing although mrs. Farrar's did not

approve of Edwards attachment to you she

would have preferred he marry you than

Lucy Steele of course it's too late now

suddenly Robert Farrar's entered she had

only met the younger Farrar's brother

once and found him to be a thoughtless

and self-important young man this

meeting increased her dislike for him he

talked happily of how he would receive

Edwards inheritance and laughed at the

idea of Edward being a poor minister who

lived in the cottage I said to my mother

he said dear madam if Edward marries

this young woman I shall never see him

again if I'd known of this country girl

earlier I would have tried to persuade

him to break it off eleanor was glad she

couldn't stay long and hope she would

never see Robert Ferrara's again

the trip to Cleveland the Palmers home

in Somerset took two days when they

arrived Marianne felt worse than usual

they were only thirty miles away from

Willoughby's country house she planned

to spend her time taking lonely walks

and delighting in her misery Colonel

Brandon was also a guest of the Palmer's

he spent a great deal of time talking to

Elinor about the repairs he would make

to the minister's cottage at delaford

before Edward took up residence there he

talked to her so much that she began to

wonder if John Dashwood had been right

about the Colonel's interest in her but

she still got the feeling that when

Colonel Brandon spoke to her he wished

he was talking to Marianne after two

evenings of walking in the thick wet

grass Marianne came down with a terrible


she felt feverish with soreness all over

her body

she refused all medicine insisting that

all she needed was a good night's rest

but by the next day she was very sick

Elinor sent for the doctor who said she

suffered from an infection and would

recover in a few days after several days

Marianne's condition remained the same

the doctor came every day Elinor was

hopeful and in letters to her mother

didn't mention the seriousness of

Marianne's illness that evening as

Elinor sat beside her sister's bed

Marianne sat up suddenly and cried

wildly is mama coming not yet Elinor

replied hiding her fear and helping

Marianne lie down again please tell her

to come soon Marianne cried desperately

or I shall never see her again Elinor

was so alarmed that she sent for the

doctor immediately Colonel Brandon drove

through the night to Barton to fetch

mrs. Dashwood

when the doctor came he admitted that

the medicines had failed the infection

was stronger than ever

Elinor hoped her mother would arrive in

time to say goodbye to her dying sister

but by midday signs of Marianne's fever

were going down Elinor began to hope

that Marianne would survive on the

doctor's next visit he congratulated her

on Marianne slow recovery that night

Elinor slept peacefully knowing her

sister was out of danger


around eight o'clock Elinor heard a

carriage drive up to the front door she

rushed downstairs to meet her mother but

in the sitting room she found a willow

be fearful she stepped backward Miss

Dashwood I have something to tell you

begged Willowby Elinor agreed

reluctantly hurry

I have no spare time first of all is

your sister out of danger we hope so

Elinor replied frigidly thank God I

heard she was ill I want to offer an

explanation for my actions I have not

always been a scoundrel I beg your

sister's forgiveness Marianne has

already forgiven you really he cried

eagerly still I'll explain when I first

met her my only intention was to pass my

time in Devonshire pleasantly my debts

are great I was planning to marry a

woman of fortune but I soon found myself

falling in love with Marianne by the

time I prepared myself to ask for her

hand in marriage my relative old mrs.

Smith discovered my scandalous

connection he blushed and turned away

but you've probably heard that story

from Colonel Brandon I have said Elinor

who is also blushing

will o be continued mrs. Smith was very

angry with me and I suffered she cut off

my money and refused to see me again I

knew that if I married Maryann I would

be poor so I came to Barton cottage to

say goodbye I was miserable when I saw

her sorrow and disappointment there was

a short silence and Elinor softened

toward him Marianne's notes to me were

like knives in my heart she was far

dearer to me than miss grey whom I was

engaged to remember that you are a

married man now said Elinor Willoughby

laughed wildly married yes miss grey saw

Marianne's last letter and was jealous

and angry

as punishment she made me write that

terrible letter to Marianne you have

made your choice Elinor replied coldly

respect your wife my wife doesn't

deserve your pity I have no chance of

happiness with her if I'm ever free


Elinor stopped him with a frown I'll

leave now he said but I'll live in

terror of one event your sister's

marriage she can never be more lost to

you than she is now said Elinor but she

will be gained by someone else with that

Willowby ran away a half hour later the

girl's mother entered the house

half-dead with fear Elinor gave her the

good news

mrs. Dashwood cried tears of relief

Colonel Brandon shared their relief with

his profound silence Marianne's recovery

continued daily mrs. Dashwood soon found

an opportunity to tell Elinor other news

on the long drive from Barton Colonel

Brandon told mrs. Dashwood he could no

longer hide his feelings for Marianne he

would ask for her hand in marriage

mrs. Dashwood convinced of his excellent

character hoped that in time Marianne

would accept his offer

maryanne recovered quickly and returned

to Barton in a week on the ride home in

Colonel Brandon's carriage Elinor saw

that Marianne was now able to control

her feelings Elinor was pleased to see

her becoming enthusiastic again a few

days later

Marianne confessed to Elinor I behaved

badly I was too free with willoughby and

so impolite to other people I was

terrible to you dear Elinor you were

suffering too

I thought only of my own broken heart

Elinor took a deep breath and told

Marianne everything Willoughby said to

her Mary Ann said nothing tears ran down

her face

that evening Marianne told her mother

and sister what Eleanor told me was a

great relief I could have never been

happy with him knowing what he did happy

with a scoundrel like that cried her

mother not my Marianne you are

considering the matter like a sensible

person said Eleanor how foolish I was

cried Marianne it's all my fault said

mrs. Dashwood I should have smelled his

intentions earlier like that Barton

became normal again

Eleanor waited for news of Edward it

arrived unexpectedly from mrs.

Dashwood's manservant Thomas he returned

with report that mr. burrows was married

Marianne took one look at Eleanor's pale

face and burst into sobs mrs. Dashwood

didn't know which daughter to comfort

first she led Marianne to another room

and hurried back to Eleanor who had

begun questioning Thomas who told you

this Thomas I saw him myself with the

former miss Steele she called to me from

a carriage and asked about Marianne's

health then she smiled and said her name

had changed since she was last in

Devonshire was mr. Ferrara's in the

carriage with her yes madam he was next

to her but I didn't see his face


did mrs. Ferrara's look happy asked

Elinor yes madam very happy indeed

Thomas was sent away while Elinor and

her mother sat in silence mrs. Dashwood

felt sad for her a few days later a

carriage rode up to the front door

Elinor thought it was Colonel Brandon

but it was Edward I must remain calm she

said to herself

he entered looking pale and nervous mrs.

Dashwood greeted him kindly and

congratulated him he blushed and mumbled

and awful silence came over the room

mrs. Dashwood ended it by telling him

she hoped mrs. Ferrara's was well is

mrs. Ferrara's in delaford Elinor

bravely asked Dilla for

he said with surprise my mother is in


I meant your new wife Eleanor said

Edward hesitated and perhaps you mean my

brother's new wife

your brother's new wife Marianne and her

mother repeated together with


Eleanor couldn't speak yes Edward said

my brother is now married to Miss Lucy


ellinor ran out of the room and burst

into tears of happiness

Edward watched her run away and followed

her the ladies were astonished when they

all sat down for tea Edward asked for

mrs. Dashwood's permission to marry

Elinor she said yes

he was the happiest man alive my foolish

engagement would not have happened if my

mother had let me choose my own

profession I imagined myself in love

when I met you Eleanor I realized how

wrong it was everyone was delighted he

explained that his brother had visited

Lucy trying to persuade her to break off

the engagement with his brother

Lucy realized that Robert rather than

Edward would inherit his mother's

fortune since they were both of a

similarly selfish character they became

attracted to one another and got married

with speed and secrecy Edwards mother

was horrified but eventually accepted it

she wasn't happy about Edwards

engagement to Elinor either but she gave

them ten thousand pounds the money would

allow Edward and Elinor to marry very

soon and move into the minister's

cottage at delaford they were the

happiest couple in the world moving to

delaford did not separate Elinor from

her sister

by the time Marianne was 19 with

feelings of warm friendship and respect

she agreed to marry Colonel Brandon a

man she had once considered DOE and too

old Colonel Brandon was as happy now as

everybody else in time

Marianne came to love him as much as she

had loved Willowby mrs. Dashwood kept

living at Barton cottage as soon as

Margaret grew old enough for dancing and

parties she visited Sir John and mrs.

Jennings Barton and delaford were

connected and filled with strong family

affection Elinor and Marianne lived very

happily with their husbands and were

very close to each other as the years


the sisters became ever closer

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