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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What the Thunder Said : The waste Land Part 5C , UGC NET/JRF English

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hello welcome to miracle English

language in vintage Institute I'm

professor of Ashima and today I'm going

to finish up with the critical

appreciation of the wasteland written by

T's in it and this is the last part of

the last segment what the Thunderer said

in my last video I already told you

about the empty chapels the backs which

are the symbols of death decay and

desolation and people are not that much

aware they're not conscious of their

senses only they do not know why they

are worshipping they do everything

mechanically just the voice is coming

out from the barrels or the cisterns

making a lot of noise but nothing from

inside there is printer sterility which

is which has prevailed everywhere so

let's begin the next part which says

that the decay in desolation was

everywhere and then it started raining

and this part he has taken from the

fables of cognitions and Hindu mythology

and he talks about when Lord Indra the

Lord of rain became angry due to some

reason some methodological background

and he started to rain and the rain was

so much over the mountains of Himalaya

he has mentioned him over there so let

me read first and then I let you know

Ganga was sunken and the linen leaves

waited for rain when black clouds

far-distant over Hima one the jungle

crouched hunt in silence now he talks

about when there was so much of rainfall

over the Himalayas and the whole jungle

that means all the creatures animals all

of them crouched together and then Lord

Krishna he hold it or say lifted up the

human layers in my lap are worth on his

little finger and saved the complete say

anything for the trustee all the animals

all of them present at that time he

lifted them forward Amalia pervert

honestly little finger in order to save

the civilization in order to save the

natural living beings he came as a

savior there although the rain was too

much everything was overflowing over

flooding and the animals lives were

saved only when they took refuge under

that mountain which was lifted up on the

little finger of Lord Krishna so he's

taken this why has he shifted from the

Western philosophy to the Hindu

religious philosophy because he feels

time Western philosophy was not

sufficient to give to impart peace to

the soul it had become very much

materialistic and there were traces of

spiritualism in the Hindu mythology so

all these readers are well-read and they

don't take out everything good from

every religion and they do mention

writer is not just born by birth but he

is made throughout his life through his

readings and understanding also is

senses are greater than the common man

so he has taken up this myth to

incorporate some consolation to the

living beings of today that is to the

humanity he wants to save the humanity

that's why it has sails to the eastern

banks and then brought all these pieces

in order to save a Western civilization

let's take the next Lance 10-spoke the

Thunder the dice a syllable here it will

be spoken thrice these are automatic

weight lines because the syllable is

repeated original meanings completely

the what happy given my friend bloodshed

in my heart the awful tearing of a

woman's surrender which an age of

prudence can never interact by this and

this only we have existed which is not

to be found in our arteries or in

memories draped by the beneficent spider

or under seals broken by the lean

solicitor in our empty rooms and he says

is to give the first one is to give what

have you given to give not just the

materialistic property the empty rooms

and houses because they are good only

for the spiders he's not counting this


what are we leaving to our future

generations not the houses all the

wealth he's talking about something

concrete which will stay on eternally

with the future generations the humanity

loves speciality so many other things

which we should give there have been

saints in the past there have been

philosophers in the past what have they

given they have given the teachings they

have given the new thoughts

nobody has or you will never see their

houses or their wealth being transferred

from one generation to another

no he's not talking about that well that

is only good for the spiders the

irrelevant the desolated houses and also

the seals broken by the lien solicitors

early settlers are the morals you know

when the person has dead so the lawyers

they announce that whatever property is

will be given or distributed among the

loved will their offsprings so he says

that that would have been given my

friend Clyde shaking my heart the awful

daring of a moment cylinder when you

surrender is life when you surrender

this body that the soul comes out of the

the staying that moment is very daring

and after the heart what happen and the

age of through days he's calling the

present age which doesn't understand all

these things they count their age by the

materialistic wealth so he says a human

has to be another data means the people

means you have to give something if you

have to take it both that is your major

duty but something to this world and the

future generations by your intellect by

wisdom by her spiritualism and awakened


next the the other I heard the key turn

in the door once and turned once for

thee we think of the key each in his

prism taking of the key each confirmed a

prism only at nightfall

ethereal dreamers revived for a moment a

broken Coriolanus

now in this the same syllables that they

are that they are tired have some


have some compassion for the other you

being or the living things - Marta kill

them do not be full of hatred angry


so he says that this e of T has to be

talented once the compassion you don't

need much effort serum you have to just

done once for the overflow of they'll

turn towards other living creatures now

there are many illusions there is an

illusion from Inferno of Dante where

there is a tick of the key and other

things are there they are locked up in

Utah and so the other lusion is of the

tragedy of coral illness or of the

Shakespearean play where this man is

full of pride arrogance and it is

important for him to turn the key and be

full of pity so the second connotation

of the is there that first one was to

give the third syllable the dumb yoga

giving the dimittam dimittam means

self-control to have control over your

egos arrogance hatred keep yourself

under control just do not burst this is

one of the very major human

characteristic the dam atop the boot

responded gaily to the hand expert with

sail and oar

the sea was calm you know heart would

have responded gaily men invited beating

obedient to controlling hands see

everything is here in your hand in your

country you can control your own life

because the earth is in your hand you

just cannot give the introduce of your

being and or say Felicity or your anger

so control your angle control yourself

for the benefit of your own self and

this humanity so he says that the wood

wood of life responds to your control

really happy to the hands expert and

sale and over your hand should be expert

to what give the direction to your own

life the sea was calm your heart would

have responded gaily when invited

beating obediently you know what there

are situations when you are you become

too much aggravated you tend to go out

of control but that is the moment where

you should have self-control that is

called da Matta keep your power in


why is he given three syllables here in

the last because the three syllables are

meant for three kinds of nature the

first one human humans tendency is to

give this is there inert potential they

come in this world they make use of all

the natural resources and they try to

give something to this world the second

one is there done that is for your

devilish qualities the devil inside you

will not have compassion but then he is

saying keep the devil inside and do not

let it come out of you and have

compassion for everyone and the third

one is the meta for your godly side for

your part for your so what you have got

in this world belt and also have some

self-control do not show it off do not

be full of arrogance and ego keep

yourself your ego inside your thumb

inside and be very calm and cool towards

the other human beings

living creatures so one is for the human

the other one is for the diminish

qualities of human and the third one is

for body and you know what we all show

these three different phases at three to

three times you know what with somebody

we are humans with some people we have

two devilish we hate that so much some

is so arrogant and rude you know what in

Hindu mythology there are so many gods

and they keep fighting with each other

because of their people because of their

power so those thoughts should keep

their cells in control then there are so

many devils and so many evils and they

don't have compassion they kill and loot

so they should have compassion and

humans should not be selfish they should

give what spirituality

he bought good things in part more so he

talks about the Western civilization

which has lost all these things it is

experiencing total spiritual sterility

so he wants all these to be cultivated

again so that the society is benefited

the future generations are benefited

that's why he's taking the reference

from the Hindu publishers and other

mythology let's take the next as I had

called the shore fishing with the

airplane behind me

shall I at least sent my hands in order

so what am i doing this is a vast

wasteland and I'm trying to fish from

here there's nothing

it is desolated it is full of decay

there's nothing and I'm asking my hands

to set here and take out dig out

something then he says London Bridge is

falling down falling down falling down

and some of the lines also so he's

taking this from the Limerick offs to a

little children when they learn the

nursery rhyme falling down falling down

falling down again for my boy but then

he's trying to point out at the falling

task because

hatred because horse which were there

during his times so all this is all that

destruction and decay can be visualized

in these lights he says that these

fragments I have showed against my ruins

why then alpha to hero never smart again

Dada Dada Dada shanti shanti she says

that we're living in a very bad times so

i have brought all these fragments i

have sealed and i'm trying to save this

humanity from collapsing this world can

be involved in selfishness hey Trent

totally so Ellen wants to save it that's

why he says that if you want to have

peace complete peace he brings the

message of peace in fragments from other

religious context that is Hindus and he

says that if you have if you had Papa

the other pamita there can be peace

remaining in this one

shanthi shanthi shanthi this is the best

and the last part

he had aggravated the problem in the

first four parts and then he has tried

to give the solution by saying that

Shanthi or the complete peace can only

prevail when you give you keep yourself

in control and you have compassion for

everyone shanthi shanthi shanthi i hope

you must have been like this video

please go and watch all the other videos

also in a row so that you can understand

each and every line of this point this

is written an epic romantic style and it

is said that even 12 volumes would be

less if you decode it if you write in

detail so he has just taken the

fragments of the phrases and has taken

many allusions many or

the skull freezes and petitions so there

are many refrain solution spawn text

contained phrases sentences from the old

text so like comment share and subscribe

and let me know which are topics you

want me to do move and you take care


The Description of What the Thunder Said : The waste Land Part 5C , UGC NET/JRF English