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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 5 Creepy Unsolved Halloween Mysteries | Part 1

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1.The Disappearance Of Steven Damman Steven Damman was two years old when his mother,

Marilyn, took him and his seven-month-old sister Pamela to the grocery store on Long

Island, New York on Halloween of 1955.

The store was just a block and a half from the Damman family home.

While she went shopping, Marilyn let Steven wait outside the store with his sister, who

was inside a carriage.

When she came back out, they were gone.

Pamela was found in her carriage nearby by a family friendbut Steven was never seen


The Damman family eventually moved to the Midwest, and Marilyn and the childrens

father, Jerry, later divorced.

Leads have been scarce.

Although the family received a series of ransom letters asking for large sums of money in

return for Stevens safety in the month following his disappearance, these were later

discovered to be the work of an opportunistnot Stevens actual abductor.

Additionally, it was at one time proposed that Steven might be the Boy in the Boxthe

remains of a child that were discovered in a cardboard box in Philadelphia two years

after Stevens disappearance; however, although both boys had blond hair and blue eyes and

had similar scars, their footprints did not match, and the Boy in the Box did not have

evidence of a healed fracture in his left arm (something which Steven did have).

Forensic tests confirmed in 2003 that the Boy in the Box is not related to the Damman


In 2009, a man named John Barnes underwent DNA testing; he suspected that he may have

been Steven Damman.

However, it was found that he and Pamela Damman, now Pamela Damman Horne, did not share the

same mother; as such, Barnes is not likely to be Steven Damman.

The boys fate has never been satisfactorily determined.

Its possible that an adult Steven Damman might be living another life somewhere under

a different identity, unaware that he was once taken from his real family.

However, his whereabouts continue to remain unknown.

2.The Murder Of Nima Louise Carter After placing their daughter, 19-month-old

Nima Louise Carter, into her crib on Halloween night in 1977 in Lawton, Oklahoma, George

and Rose Carter awoke the next morning to discover she was gone.

The frantically searched for signs of an intruder but found nothing.

Shockingly, the house was still locked!

It wasnt until a month later that police found the infants body in a refrigerator

in an old, abandoned house.

The official cause of death was asphyxiation.

Just a month after Nima was born, in April of 1976, twin girls named Mary Elizabeth and

Augustine JacquelineTinaCarpitcher were abducted, also from Lawton, Oklahoma.

The twins were in their grandparents home, watching a television show when they suddenly

vanished; snatched in the middle of the day.

The twins, only three years old, were found two days later, also in an abandoned house

locked inside of a refrigerator.

Thankfully, Tina lived, but tragically Mary was not so lucky and died of asphyxiation.

Tina later testified that Roubideaux had been the one to lead them away and shut them in

the refrigerator.

However, the childs age made her testimony unreliable and there wasnt enough corroborating

evidence to file charges at that time.

Jacqueline Roubideaux eventually became a babysitter for Nima Louise Carter.

She was an obvious suspect after Nimas murder, but once again, there was no evidence

to implicate her.

Years later, Roubideaux was finally charged with Mary Carpitchers murder and given

a life sentence.

She died in prison of liver cancer in 2005 but never admitted to the still-unsolved murder

of Nima Louise Carter.

3.The Death Of the Key West Newborn On the morning of October 31, 2004, a housekeeper

at the Hilton Resort and Marina in Key West, Florida found the body of a dead baby girl

in the ladies' room trash can.

The child still had the umbilical cord and placenta attached to her body, indicating

that someone recently gave birth to this girl and decided to just dump her into the trash.

Police believe the pregnant woman, her boyfriend and two male friends entered the Hilton Resort

and Marina around 1 a.m. on Halloween.

The pregnant woman entered the ladies' room located on the second floor of the hotel.

The restroom is in an isolated area of the hotel away from guest rooms, but not far from

the hotel's ballrooms, which were empty that night.

Around 1:55 a.m., another woman entered the Hilton's bathrooms and heard a woman moaning.

She asked the moaning woman if she needed help and she replied "no."

The woman left the bathroom and asked the three man standing outside the ladies' room

if they knew the moaning woman inside the restroom.

According the female witness, one of the men spoke up and said he was her boyfriend.

The boyfriend reportedly called out to his girlfriend by name, either "Samantha" or "Sonia."

And, the woman in the bathroom said she was okay.

The witness left the Hilton, and about 30 minutes later, the hotel's security guard

was doing his rounds and saw three men standing outside the ladies' room.

The guard told detectives he asked the three men if everything was alright.

They said it was.

The security guard also witnessed the woman, who had been moaning in the bathroom, leave

the restroom clutching her belly.

The security guard was told the woman was sick from partying at Fantasy Fest.

The three men and one woman left the hotel after 2:30 a.m.

The female witness described the boyfriend as a white male, in his late 20's, about 5'7"

to 5'8", medium build with short, spiky, dark hair.

She said he was clean shaven except for some slight hair growth on his face.

The boyfriend was well dressed wearing a black t-shirt, brown belt and blue jeans.

She said he looked well groomed and nicely dressed compared to the two friends he was

standing with.

The security guard got a good look at the woman, the possible mother of the baby.

He told police she was a white female in her late teens or early 20's.

She was light skinned with shoulder length, highlighted brown or blonde hair.

She was short about 5'0" to 5'3", very slender, approximately 120-130 pounds and was wearing

a white baggy t-shirt and shorts or a skirt.

She would have been about 32-35 weeks pregnant.

Police believe the couple may have been from Florida.

Surveillance video from Fat Tuesday was too blurry to help.

The DNA profiles, blood samples and fingerprints were entered into state and national criminal


They even were entered into an international Interpol database and in some civilian databases,

such as ones that keep prints from gun buyers.

But the mother and the three men have yet to be identified.

4.Kurt Sova On October 28, 1981, 17-year-old Kurt departed

for a Halloween party at a duplex.

Guests later commented that he had been drinking Everclear, the strongest drink on the market

and illegal in many parts of the United States.

The news surprised his friends and family as they did not know him to be a hardened


One guest later said that he took an intoxicated Kurt outdoors for some fresh air, leaving

him hanging on the chain link fence nearby.

When the guest returned shortly with Kurt's jacket, he had vanished.

When Kurt wasnt home by Saturday morning, his parents began calling his friends.

Kurts father, Ken, searched for him around the neighborhood.

There was no sign of Kurt.

On Sunday, the Sovas registered Kurt as a missing person with the police.

On Sunday afternoon, Dorothy learned that Kurt had been at a party at a duplex less

than two miles from where the Sovas lived.

When his mother later came looking for him, the tenant who rented the duplex, named susan,

stated that she had never seen him nor hosted any party.

But a pizza delivery man contradicted Susan.

He stated that there had been a party at the duplex on Friday night.

Dorothy contacted Susan again, and this time she admitted Kurt had been there.

Susan also said that more than a dozen people had dropped by.

Some of them were older than Kurt and most of them were people he had never met.

His parents papered the neighborhoods and local businesses with leaflets looking for


One such business was a record store, which was visited by a strange man who told the

owner that it was fruitless to have the leaflet of Kurt and remarked, "Might as well take

it down, he's gonna be dead in a couple of days."

A sighting of Kurt came from a schoolmate of his who was en route to a job interview.

The man was driving and saw him head towards a van with people who were not native to Newburgh


He also reported hearing Kurt calling out, "Hey, Franco!"

Unfortunately, he did not suspect anything out of the ordinary as he was unaware of Kurt's

status as a missing person at the time of this occurence.

The tenant of the duplex later contacted Kurt's mother stating that he had slept on a cot

in her basement.

She was reluctant to believe her on the basis of her multiple lies, but Kurt's father inspected

the basement.

He did not find him in there nor any of his personal belongings, but did find a cot which

looked like it had been recently used.

Six days after the party, three little boys were exploring a ravine near the Sova residence.

They found Kurt's body.

He was wearing a bright yellow T-shirt which stood out from the natural tones of the ground,

as well as barefoot.

Police could not find any sign of assault.

His body suffered no injuries expect for a few minor scrapes and bruises as a result

of being barefoot.

One tennis shoe was found in a nearby pile of rocks.

The other shoe was missing.

The cause of Kurt's death could not be determined.

Coroners later concluded he died naturally, but that is not accepted by his family.

Some believe that his death may be related to the that of another boy from the local

area, 13-year old Eugene Kvet, in the same neighborhood as the Sovas, and whom Kurt had

been acquainted with.

Interestingly, he was also found barefoot, and his right shoe was never found.

The authorities wanted to identify a man named Franco who Kurt had been hanging out with

in the days before the party.

It is possible but not determined that he is the same person in the record store who

predicted Kurt would be found dead.

On the same day of discovery of Kurt's body, the owner whom had earlier been told the search

for him was pointless was visited again by Franco.

He had given her a bouquet of flowers with a card that read, "Roses are red, the sky

is blue.

They found him dead, and they will find you dead too".

She felt sufficiently intimidated by this gesture and reported it to police, who arrested

and interrogated Franco.

Police determined he was mentally and emotionally disturbed, but ruled him out as a suspect

in Kurt's death.

After his release from police custody he left Newburgh Heights.

He has not been seen since.

Both Kurt's parents are now deceased.

Kurt's father, Kenneth died in 2001 and Dorothy died in 2014 without hearing any new info

in the case.

5.David Stone David Stone was a twenty-nine-year-old successful

stock market analyst from La Jolla, California, who was deep into the New Age movement as

he sought spiritual guidance.

However, a few days before Halloween of 1988 he left his home when a heated argument with

a party guest turned violent, something that those close to Stone say was completely out

of character.

He said he would return in a few days.

According to deputy Sheriff Bill Cavaliere, the investigating officer, on the morning

of Halloween 1988, he walked into the desert, 145 miles east of Tucson, Arizona.

At around dawn, a farmer spotted him walking along a dirt road.

The farmer briefly chatted with David, as it was seldom he saw tourists in the remote

part of Arizona.

David told the farmer that he was looking for the "beast".

Throughout the day, several local residents had seen him around the desert.

He was acting strangely, talking to himself and walking through rough terrain.

Five days later, his car was found abandoned along a desolate stretch of New Mexico Highway

80, fourteen miles south of Roadforks, New Mexico.

David's family believes that he went on a "vision quest" which is common among people

in the New Age Movement.

In this quest, the person goes on a journey to learn more about him or herself.

It was discovered that David had left several mysterious clues after he vanished.

These clues appeared to relate to the New Age movement.

First, he had left his car near pyramid-shaped mountains, and pyramids were important symbols

in the movement.

As a search for him began, his trail headed northwest from his car towards Granite Peak.

Searchers found a pyramid of rocks surrounded by a triangle.

On the next day of searching, another pyramid was found, and next to it was David's watch

and two quarters.

Three miles to the north, searchers found a string of numbers written in the sand.

They realized the series of numbers were Fibonacci numbers, which are often used by engineers

and stock market analysts.

However, instead of 21 ending the sequence, David had mistakenly written 18.

It may have a way of David leaving a cryptic message, as when he was a college football

player he owned the number 18 jersey.

However, as David's car was found close to the number 18 mile marker on Highway 80, investigators

think it may have been a coded distress signal.

Bloodhounds tracked David's scent back to Highway 80.

However, they stopped at a highway intersection with Interstate 10, which was thirteen miles

north of where his car was found.

While looking through items in his car, his parents found a strange business card in a

pocketbook Bible.

It belonged to a man named Tony Ballesteros.

Ballesteros was interrogated by police, but claims he never met David.

Ballesteros was camping with friends, and it was likely the business card fell out of

his pocket onto the ground, and was claimed by David while he briefly crossed through

the campground on his excursion.

David's parents also found a strange note that read:

"They think the WORD is in the safe.

Six knives in Rob's room.

Yous buys your tea and yous take your chances Halloween."

Halloween just happened to be the day that David vanished.

In February 1992, two hikers discovered David's remains in the desert near Granite Gap, New


This is the same area where he left behind several clues before he vanished.

Although police have been unable to determine when, how, or why he died, there was no evidence

of foul play in his death.

While some believe David may have been unlucky enough to encounter drug smugglers who murdered

him, as the New Mexico backcountry is a choice location for smuggling and civilians have

been murdered to protect shipments, police have chalked up David's death to dehydration

and prolonged exposure to the outdoors, a.k.a. "death by misadventure".

To this day, nobody knows what happened to him or why he acted so strangely before he


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