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What do you remember about your childhood ?

We had a small house where we played games in the backyard.

I spend the winter with braids knitted by my grandmother,

I was never cold.

Now I've come across a page on instagram and when i find a chance i go to my chilhood.

Those days we cook chestnuts on the burning stove,

We were putting our foots on the stove even through we knew our socks will burn.

I think people carry their chilhood with them.

Those days maybe we didn't have everything but we were happy.

My dad buy a bag full of junk food ,

My mom allowed me for helping her although i was a child

The days when i mess with my sister/brother and make them angry,

The toys my uncles bought for us when they come to us.

And like every little girl i feel happy when my aunt do my hair.

All of these are beautiful memories i remember with a smile

Good or bad we live many moments

Well no matter what good or bad living moments,

Do we thank eveyone who with us at all these momets?

I wanted tell you for don't be late.

I have a big thank :)

to always being with me ,my family and of course you..

So glad i have you :)

The pyjamas give warm and fuzzy to people.

I feel peace with the socks i told you abot.

What we need to make the winter more peaceful;

a hot coffe,

The clothes we'll feel comfortable in,

a beautiful home we have

and sense of the gratitude to the beauties you live in.

Be happy

Everbody don't live always beautiful things.

But everbody will live beautiful things a day.

Steep tea to yourself and enjoy your moment now.

Don't feel sorryfor what you don't have.

Be thankful for what you have.

Not everything has to be good about financially.

Not only a warm home

a warm heart must be a must.

There is a hadith i like about this;

"Definite there is a part of body;if it's regular the whole of the body is regular,if it's discored the whole of the body discorded .attention it's heart.

What is the most activity you do? (These days)

I'm knitting new things and i started a new book.

I bought with suggestion of my follower,

so i am very excited.

I always discover new sentences and i take note these,

Taking care of activities that are good for us,

It will even reflect on your behaviors,

You have to make time for yourself to love yourself.

You can apply cream to have beautiful hands ,

You can listen beautiful song to have a beautiful mind.

I hope good night to yours and me :)

Good night my friends :)

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