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After Calvin gets his tonsils out.

We're just going to be home hanging out for the whole week.

Jackson, do you have any advice to give to Calvin when you wake up

from one, then put you to sleep.

It'll be kind of hard to swallow.

Are you ready to rock and roll buddy?

We've got your Minky blanket.

We've got Ruff

and this.

Is the ensemble of choice today.


I'm going to get my tonsils out.

You're getting your tonsils out.

And so what are we going to do special today to prep?


We're going to go pick out a blanket for Calvin and then we're

going to go get some good jello and cream of wheat and popsicles.

We can't forget that.

Look they have like a Dalmatian one.

Or, or this one's kind of cool.

It's like an army print.

You want that one?


And that's the same one, but a bigger size.

So you want the green one?

Calvin knew exactly what he wanted.

The moment we walked in, he goes, that's it.

He wanted the big green one.

So, so Calvin, I love that Calvin picked out all the snacks

that he wanted at the store.

These are the popsicles that he picked out.

And then we got a bunch of jello dots, organic puddings, which I

thought might be a little better than the jello puddings, but we got

both to see what one we liked better.

We're putting away all of the goodies that Calvin just picked out at the store.

After Calvin gets his tonsils out, we're just going to be home.

Hanging out for the whole week.

So I've been doing laundry today.

I've been washing all the kids bedding I've been using Betty's bedding for years.

I do it in two loads.

So what I love about it is you just unzip it all.

So this is like the bottom sheet of Jackson's bed.

This is the, if you guys are in the market, if you need any bedding for

the future, if you need any bedding I have a discount code that I'll put on

the screen right here for you guys.

Literally it's my favorite bedding for kids or campers.

That's awesome.

Is this a family dog pile before Calvin gets his tonsils out

three boys, huh?

Oh yeah.


Oh, I got one.

I want to know.

Do you have any questions for Jackson about getting tonsils out or Jackson?

Do you have any advice to give to Calvin before you have your, his tonsils out?

When you wake up from.

Put you to sleep.

It'll be kind of hard to swallow, but they'll give you

like a Popsicle and a show.

To watch in the middle of the night, your ears might start hurting a lot.

He gave me the medicine and it helped a little bit.

Do you think that's going to help you stay up till one watching TV?

Oh my gosh, because you had such a hard time sleeping.


He's pumped.

He's ready.

He's ready to get his tonsils out.

And if we're lucky we won't have to go to the hospital for any other reason.

Oh my gosh.

We're going to go to the hospital.

Calvin, we gotta go.

Oh, I'm nervous for him.

It's going Oh look, there's Copper sitting right there.

Good morning.


We got to go.

So we're not late Calvarino

you don't want to do it when we get that we'll talk and the doctor

will be really nice and come in and say, hi, good morning, Tom.


should we get going to the doctor with Calvin?

we're going to be a good team.


You want me to do it?


Wait, I thought we were going to be, we fist bumped and everything!

Are you ready to rock and roll buddy?

We've got your minky blanket.

We've got rough.

And this is the ensemble of choice today.


You look comfy.

Should we get this blanket back on you?

There you go.

Nice and warm.

Oh yeah.

They'll probably push this cart into the, the surgery room.

Would you like to put this on your head?

Hey, should we have the doctor take a picture of your

tonsils when they're all out?

Um, yeah.

I want to see them too.

You doing okay, buddy?

You're afraid.

It's okay to be afraid.

That's part of it, but everyone here, their job is to take care of you and

to make sure you're safe and healthy.

And that's exactly what they're going to do today.


I sure love you.

Um, and I'm going to be here, right?

When you wake up, today's a little bit different than

when we had Jackson's surgery.

Jackson, we were able to all come back, but they only let

one person come back this time.

So I'm back here with Calvin and we're just waiting for anesthesia right now.

And they gave him a little bit of medicine for when he wakes up.

It'll kick in when he wakes up.

And Calvin's just feeling a little bit apprehensive, a little bit quiet,

which is very typical of Calvin when he's in an uncomfortable situation, but

he's doing really good and he's being really brave and I'm really proud.

Calvin, did you know that you're being really brave?

You already are.

Did you know that?

Oh, fist bump?

We just talked with the doctor.

He came in and like, you know, gave us a little pregame chat.

Calvin was like this the whole time.

Show me your eyebrows.

How were your eyebrows like that?

I said, Hey, you don't have to be so angry all the time.

Get those eyebrows up, put those brows away.

There you go.

Can you give me thumbs up?

I just spoke with the doctor and they said everything went really, really well.

He said that they were not as big as Jackson's, but there

were plenty of stones in there.

He said, this is the best time to do it.

So I'm glad you guys did it now.

Kind of good.

Jackson, tomorrow you can eat some of my dots.

What got you some ice cream dots.

Did you get him some?

Yeah, I thought, do you want to see your courage present?

Talking good.

He asked for a robot.

So I saw a robot dog is called squeaky and it has like a bone in there.

And if this dog isn't cool enough.

You can play with this dog.

Now, this is the moment you've been waiting for Popsicle time.

Oh, and mom got your doggy out.

It's really cute.

That's fun.

We got it at target so batteries in it?

Oh, it can pee and fart.

Oh my Gosh.

You the ready to go meet Calvin.

He's excited to meet you.

He sounds like a balloon animal.

He's eating it.

Do you love him?

Aw, when we do surgery, recovery.

Hey, listen, doggy, be quiet.


Good boy.

When we do recovery in the Mecham household, we take it very seriously.

There are things that we're going to do to make your recovery

experience as enjoyable as possible.

So I moved this right here and I'm going to go get something set up just for, you.

We think it's really important when.

It's the kids' birthdays or when they have an operation.

That it's their time.

Even like with this, like we've prepped the kids this week where

it's like, this is about Calvin this week, we're going to give him space.

And so that he feels like he has everything he needs.

That's why I really liked that we have the room, he just peed again.

Jackson, will you go get some towels?

It's true though.

It absolutely is true that they know.

And it's really sweet because Jackson's been really sweet and calm and tender to

Calvin because he knows what it's like.

And Calvin was really good to get Jackson's space, but was his time.

How, well you should just put the towel under.

Oh, that's a good idea.

How to prevent it.

I know some of you might be eye-rolling, but I.

And basically patting my younger self on the back.

We've got the TV with the Nintendo Switch now there are some rules

that come associated with this.

This is not just to play video games all day, all day long, right?

We need to rest and recover during some periods of the day will be, we will be

able to watch movies and play some games.

Do you agree to those terms and conditions?

If daddy says it's time to turn it off, what do you say?

That's right.

You say, okay, even though Calvin cannot eat anything right now, I am making soup.

So the next few days will go smooth.

I won't have to be in the kitchen.

We'll just see leftovers.

So I'm making some beef stew.

That'll actually be good too, because Calvin can drink some broth

when it's really, really cool.

Cause you can't eat anything hot.

And that sounds so gross with it broth, but Jared gave him the

spoon so that if he needs anything.

He can tap on his bowl, just like that, and can call for help.

He's actually doing really good and talking, how are you feeling?


What do you think you want to do later?

Do you wanna go like draw on the sidewalk and get some sunshine in a little

bit feeling like I'm feeling good.

That's awesome.

We're just going to stay nice and rested and hydrated.

He's doing really good.

Today is actually day two of Calvins.

Tonsil surgery, recovery.

He had the procedure done yesterday morning, and I cannot tell you

like how amazing he is doing.

I am having my mind blown.

How are you feeling, buddy?

Kind of better.

Kind of better.

He slept so well.

Well, last night I did wake him up to give him some medicine, but he

has not once complained of any pain or anything like that in his throat

or in his ears, which is so great.

I do know that days three and like five or seven are usually the worst.

That's when like the anesthesia wears off a little bit.

That's when the medication isn't doing as much.

That's when the scabs go off and bleeding might start.

So I am definitely not going to sit back and relax.

But yesterday, I did say that we were going to go see Calvin wake up.

And that's what I was expecting.

I kind of had an idea, interesting experience in the surgery center,

and I only have my other experience with Jackson to relate it to.

So I was expecting a completely similar experience, Ellie and I would be able

to go in there with him or just me in this case and see him wake up, be there

with some juice and a Popsicle, and just kind of be there for him as he wakes up.

That's what I was told was going to happen.

But as they brought me out of the waiting room, they brought me to this back corner.

They said, we'll grab you when he's done.

So you can be there with him when he wakes up, he woke up.

And the next thing I knew a nurse was carrying him out of the recovery

room to where I was sitting.

And I'm going to be completely honest.

I was kind of taken aback by that because I thought one,

if they were bringing him out.

You'd be in like a wheelchair or a bed or something like that.

I didn't think that they would be carrying him out.

Two, I was kind of disappointed that I wasn't there when he woke up.

So Calvin, I want to ask you, do you remember waking up

from getting your tonsils out?

First day.

So I took off my mask, they gave me this other mask.

They took me to this other room.

I got onto a different bed and then they put it onto the mask.

I put it on.

Then I breathed in and out that said I was doing.


I bleeding, kept doing it.

Then I just fell asleep.

Then when I woke up, I was kind of on my bed.

I was on last and I'll go.

And then they took me off the bed.

They carried me to you.


So do you remember waking up and me not being there?

Was that kind of scary or was that okay?

Kind of.


Oh, good.

I'm so glad because you know what?

You are so brave, you know that.


Me being a parent, I was a little upset that I wasn't given the

opportunity to be there with him.

When he woke up in the long run.

Does it matter?

Probably not.

He seems to be totally fine with that.

Are you playing with your little squeaker dog?

You love that.

Don't you?

I don't want it to seem like I'm complaining about the

situation, but it just was.

Not what I was used to.

I was like concerned for Calvin sake that Jackson was like building

up this experience for him.

And he didn't get that.

It is about 10 30 at night, and I am filling up Calvin's humidifier

to help him breathe a little bit easier in the middle of the night.

But honestly, he's just been doing so good.

It feels like he hasn't even had tonsil surgery the way that he's acting,

but I'm anxious to see how he does in the morning, because the third day I

think is where things start to turn.

A little bit, but if that's not the case, this kid's freaking superhuman.

Calvin likes to lock the door because a little someone who's a little bit

shorter than Calvin likes to come in there unannounced and totally ruin

everything that is happening inside there in terms of recovery and enjoyment.

So Calvin, can you unlock the door, buddy?

Thank you very much.

Good morning and welcome to KE&J news, where we get the live report

on how Calvin is recovering today.

Calvin, why didn't you tell us how you're feeling today?

Not good, not good.

What happened?

I got my tonsils out.

Oh, you got your tonsils.

Well guys, you heard it here.

First Calvin got his tonsils out and he is no longer feeling well.

In fact, this morning is the first time that Calvin has complained

about having his tonsils out.

At all, he woke up this morning and said his throat hurt quite a bit.

So we got him the medicine, and then we have these little lollipops

that the pharmacy gave us that kind of numb your throat a little bit.

So I gave him a little bit of that.

So that helped a lot as well.

So are you feeling a little bit better from this morning, would you say

I'm kind of feeling a little good?

I'm so happy to hear that as I predicted day three is kind of when things

start to dip a little bit, but we're going to keep our eye on him and make

sure he is all comfortable and good.

And, uh, we're going to play a little animal crossing in the meantime.

Well, guys, there, you have it two tonsilectomies

Two slightly different experiences with those tonsillectomies, but two parents

who are very keen on taking care of their kids in the best way possible.

Thank you guys so much for watching.

Give the video a big thumbs up for Calvin.

Thank you for all your well wishes already.

We've posted some Instagrams and it's so sweet to hear all of your nice comments.

So thank you so much.

And we'll see you guys next time, but Tommy gets his tonsils out.

I'm just kidding.

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