Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [3x43] Ámbar bittet Simón um Verzeihung / Übersetzung

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I think you have a message

Pedro tonight fantastic chords came into my head

Yeah? Can you give them to me?

I will give them to you


Today Luna meets Felipe Mandevilla

What is it about?

I don't know but it has to be something important because Felipe is an important person

He was very professional

Oh perfect so places in this house aren't respected anymore

No Ámbar I also can

No it's fine Pedro. You should have thought about that earlier

I once read that every try on your way is a step to your goal

So Luna will do fine right?


I don't have any doubts about that. Luna has a good heard

Those people will always be fine

Okay guys I have to go to the Blake


Okay I'll come with you

I don't want to be late at work so my boss doesn't get mad

Simón I wanted to ask you for forgiveness for everything that happened

Ah so you don't answer me

I just wanted to take this toast

I don't want it

Come on Simón. How long do you want to do this?

I already said I'm sorry. I said I'm sorry a few seconds ago

I know I was wrong and that I made a mistake

and that you gave me a chance to fix that but I didn't

and I really regret that. I don't know, don't you think it's time to forgive me?

What have I to do so you will forgive me?

Tell me what I have to do and I will do it but tell me

I would say you have to change but you don't have to

You have to be yourself Ámbar

Aren't you tired of that? I'm serious

Aren't you tired of seeing that the people you love

avoid you for the actions you do?

Don't you want to change something Ámbar? Don't you want to be yourself?

I don't know

I have much work to do

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