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Why do you no longer offer the API

making it more difficult for tool developers?

Well, that isnt exactly correct.

Of course we still offer the API.

That was a technical problem we had at the beginning of the month.

The keys have an expiry time, and so they expired

exactly as they should do on 1st July.

Its a simple security setting to ensure

the keys arent permanently valid.

Sadly, that was a weekend and so we werent able

to react quickly enough and extend

the keys.

Nevertheless I think it only took a matter of hours.

The keys have been extended now

I believe until at least November.

Weve also put systems in place

to ensure that there are fewer problems

next time around.

We have a tool to administer these keys.

But we have no intentions of dropping support for the API keys.

And we certainly dont want to make life difficult for the tool developers.

On the contrary, if the developers come to us and say:

Hey, for this site I really wish it were possible

to have more influence on OGame.

then they should tell us and well see if we can lend them a hand

and implement things in the game

to make it easier for them to access the data

or perhaps change the view of OGame

if they need that.

But yeah, the opposite is the case.

Were still very much actively using these things.

So everythings fine?

Everythings fine!

Itd be a pity otherwise.


But theres more in this regard.

For this newsletter, we intend to introduce

one of the tool developers

show how he develops his tool

and how it can be used.

Overall wed like to give these tools

a little more attention.

Wed also love to have more

tool developers contact us and say:

Hey, thats awesome.

Ive got a great idea for OGame

to give the players, I dunno, an easier-to-use fleet dispatch page.

Or: I need information X

then I can display some awesome stats to the players.

Whenever tool devs get in touch with us

were always open to them

and happy to give out more API keys.

So there you have it get in touch!

This is your guy.

Okay, next up I have another longer question

and its coming right at you, Flo.

The question is

Ah! Another one from Lord Kazzarro:

In the last video you talked about

upgradeable ships.

Being able to buy individual components

doesnt sound like a good idea.

Will this be a premium feature and

will every ship have to be upgraded individually?

That sounds like far too much work.

Absolutely. Dont panic!

That will be a non-premium feature.

But we want to keep the option open to us to say:

Okay, upgrading ships takes

X units of time per component.

Then theres some kind of upgrade booster

which you can buy.

Or perhaps its linked to the officers.

Either way, allowing players to purchase a time advantage.

It shouldnt allow you to buy your way to the #1 spot in the rankings.

But if you say:

I dont have that much time

and I cant be so active in the game.

Then you still have options.

But as I say, thats still up in the air

and nothing has been finalised.

I assume anyway that it will be on the PTS first

so players can test it out and give us their feedback.

And then well certainly make

changes of one form or another.

But that will all take some time.

Okay, thanks!


Ill go directly into the next question

from The Nantais.

Im sorry if I pronounced it wrong

you can correct me in the comments.

So the question is:

Are there any plans to optimise server latency

during big fights?

With the last updates we already improved a lot.

The battle system itself.

And we dont receive much feedback

with issues in big battles.

So whenever we have someone

in the community reporting that

we will always forward it to the developers

to check if something really happened

or if its maybe an internet connection

or anything like that.

But as I said:

We have the forums and we have Facebook

we have a lot of tools that they can use

like places where they can report stuff

and we will always check it.

I can add something on this topic.

Right before this video meeting

there was a ticket spawning on my desk

about loading time issues.

On PTS and on QA servers this is normal

and sometimes on live servers its up to 3 times higher.

So we are listening to the voice of the players

there is an issue

and we try to find out, what it is.

If its related to the code or to server settings

or hardware malfunction or something like that.

Now I have a more general question from Dr_Jackal

and Im going to give this one to you, Ren:

What are the current priorities and milestones

for the games future development?

Currently the main focus is of course

to keep the current players we have

and to motivate them further.

On the other hand weve also seen that

we can win back older players

with small things.

And that is naturally a fine thing.

Especially people who say:

God, I played that game for years

but stopped because it was always the same old thing.

Now theres something new.

I think Ill check it out.

That was really nice for us

in the community in particular

to see these old faces again (or at least read their names).

And they were able to share a somewhat more seasoned perspective

on the updates and features.

But there were still lots of little tweaks

we could make.

They soon found their way back into

the new community and shared their stories.

And we can see that both are important.

Both giving older players something to get excited about:

Hey, come back and check this out!

But also winning new players for the game.

Players who are new to the game

might also bring new impetus

and fresh tactics, for example.

Were working with those things in mind.

We used to announce the milestones on our roadmap

but these days we only do that

when were certain about them.

And that makes absolute sense.

For one thing, it takes the pressure off the developers

and it makes sure the community isnt disappointed, saying:

Wait a minute, its Friday today

and theres nothing there!

And in the worst case scenario

which sadly happened in the past

a version gets released on Friday

which is broken somehow.

The community is angry

the programmers are working overtime

and basically the long-awaited update is a failure.

Thats why we always leave ourselves enough time

and youll just have to have a bit of patience.

One important thing of course is that the players

give us their feedback with each version

making use of the great options open to them

on the test servers or Origin.

Sometimes we hear some frustration:

They never listen to us anyway.

But thats not the case. We always forward feedback

and take it to heart.

Some things are easily adjusted, others arent.

But it is really important to report things.

If in doubt, go into detail when explaining it.

That deep tactical view which some of the players have

we might no longer have in our minds.

That means we need the players to have a little patience

and tell us directly:

This is how it is.

No need to be blunt about it.

Just say directly:

I dont like that in this version because X and Y.

Or I have problems with such and such.

And whats really important to me personally

even if one person has reported something

please dont sit back and say:

Well, someone else has written it now

so I wont bother saying anything.

Because it can easily happen

that the information gets lost

because we think it only affects one player

whos using an ancient browser

from 1992 or whatever.

So please: send feedback, send lots.

Its really important.

Were not the only ones who benefit

but also you, the players.

Yes, so just head along to the forums

and post!

Ill give the next question to you, Flo.

Another one from Scorer, this time:

Could you give us some insights

into how decisions get made?

How long does it generally take

until a new idea is implemented in the game?

Yeah, thats a difficult question.

It totally depends on what

is being changed or added.

If its something small then we can

generally manage it within a few days to a week.

For larger things it can take weeks

or even months just for the planning phase.

We talked about that earlier with the features.

I spent all of last week writing up user stories

and use cases.

That gives us an idea about how

the changes will affect the game

and what kind of things we need to watch out for.

In particular considering these different personae.

For example, which user groups might exist

or which have we identified?

Based on that we can then say:

Person 1 or group 1 plays OGame like this

person 2 is maybe an impatient player

a long-time player.

Player 2 wouldnt bother reading

pop-ups or infoboxes

because he thinks he knows everything already.

Hes got a fixed way of playing.

Things like that need to be considered

so that new features or changes to the game behaviour

can be communicated.

It really depends though on

what were implementing or changing.

So, that was Part 2 of the

second Q&A video.

I hope we could answer all of your questions.

At this point Id just like to say thank you again

for all the questions you posted

in the OGame forums.

If you have any more questions

or new ones now youve seen this video

then simply post them in the OGame forums

or write them in the comments.

Well collect them and

as soon as we have enough

well be making another Q&A video for you.

Until next time see you!

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