Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kdopak by se vlka bál (celý film zdarma)

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Assisted by the Czech State Fund for the Support of Czech Film

Present a film by Maria Prochazkova

You just had a bad dream, Terezka.

lt's over now, okay?

Are your dreams as real as mine?

l'm not scared anymore. l know it was just a dream.

Good. Now go back to sleep.

Sometimes if l think really hard about something,

it comes true.

Can you leave the light on?

l'll leave the the hall light on, okay?

lf the dream comes back, you know what to do...

...blink. Goodnight.

Making things up can be scary...

...but at times it's really fun.


What's it say?

What's it say?

They found a little girl.

Was she lost?

Probably, except that no one knew.

-Terka! -Oh... l don't understand.

l don't either.


-Where did they find her? -Bye.

Near some trash cans.

My dad's a chemist.

My mom teaches grown-ups. What does your dad do?

He works at the airport.

Simon's my best friend.

This is an airplane. This is the tower,

where men watch planes land and take off.

-ls this a microphone? -No, it's a carrot.

My mom likes healthy food.

-l thought your mother was a singer. -She was. An opera singer.

-Doesn't she sing anymore? -Now she's a mom.

-Cleanup time! -This is obviously a carrot.

Put away your pictures. Put the crayons away.

Let's go!

l have to tell you a fairy tale l heard yesterday.

Mommy read it to me. lt's really exciting.

There once was a little girl

called Little Red Riding Hood.

One day her mother gave her a basket of apples...

-...cake... -l like cake! -...and jam.

She only wears red, so her mom dressed her in a red riding hood.

-What's a riding hood? -Something between a coat and a scarf.

What matters is that it's red.

Then her mother gave her the basket and she went into the woods.

She walked and walked...

Red Riding Hood isn't afraid. She's walked to grandma's house before.

But she's never gone alone.

She doesn't know a wolf lives in the woods, and that he's hungry.

Boo! And the wolf ate her and she died.

Time to get up. There's hot chocolate and cake.

-Cake... -Why do you always talk about cake?

We could give grandma a basket of goodies like in Red Riding Hood.

Oh, l see...

-Like this ... -Hi, girls!

-Hi! That's it! -Yikes! A present...

Would you mind if l didn't go?


You're awful.

lt's her name day.

We don't celebrate name days.

-But she does. -Exactly.

-What do you mean? -Nothing.

You know she doesn't like me.

-That isn't true. She's just... -l'm not good enough for her girls.

Okay. l'll say you have a lot of work.


Can Tereza spend the night there?

-Look, l finished it. -lt's beautiful.

l can reach!

-Hi! -Hi, grandma.

Look what we brought you. l wrapped it.

That's beautiful.

-Another girls' night out? -He has a lot of work.

-They've tightened security at the airport... -l totally understand.

-Have you gained weight? -Mom!

-How's the charity work going? -Slow.

A singer who's a homemaker.

She's wasting her connections seeking funding for others.

How many times are we going to go over this?

-Maybe you still have a chance. -What are you getting at?

Your old friend called.

He's here from Japan to play in a concert series.

-He asked about you. -l hope you told him where to go.

-l invited him for coffee. -Are you crazy?

We're leaving, Terezka. Say goodbye to grandma.

l thought l was sleeping here.

-Well, you're not. -Let her stay. -You promised.

Let her stay. l'll take her to school tomorrow.

Bye! Bye, Mom.

Motherhood Top Priority

l'll run your bath. lt's getting late.

We even missed the cartoons.

Do you think l'm all thumbs, not like mom?

You're pretty good with your hands.

Just keep the stitches even like this to get around the hearts.

-My turn, Grandma. -That's it...

Could l take this home? l need to finish it by Saturday.

Only if you're careful.


Grandma... ls that you, or the wolf?

My, what big teeth you have!

Careful of the wolf!

There's a wolf here!

Aren't you sick of that yet?

-You must know it by heart. -l do.

-You're completely obsessed. -No, l'm not.

Then don't act offended.


How did you get this number? That's just like her.

Why are your teeth so big? There's nothing to discuss.

-Those teeth. -Watch out for wolves...

No, l don't want to see you.

-...they're dangerous. -Yes, l'm happy.

Fairytales have happy endings.

-Boo! -You're awful!

-Want to play hide and seek? -Okay. -But you're ''lt.'' -Okay.

One Mississippi, two Mississippi...

-...three Mississippi... -Can l play, too?

-Sure, in the next round. -Okay. -l'm coming.

-l see you... -You can't catch me! -Simon!

What did we say about running? Wait until we go outside this afternoon.

One Mississippi, two... Simon!

-You were lucky. -You're right.

-Can l play with you? -Gabinka thinks she's adorable.

-She's not. -Okay, but you have to be ''lt.'' -Okay.

-One... -Hurry.

...two Mississippi, three...

...six Mississippi, seven...

Ready or not, here l come!



l'm afraid!


What are you up to?

-l've had enough. -l've had enough.

Do you think l'm going to support you and your children?

-l thought they were our children. -Ours? You bet.

-Hi, Gabinka! How was school? -Good. We played hide and seek.

Really? Go put your shoes on, okay?

Come on, Terezka.

Look! They're showing the new robot film.

-Simon told me about it. -Oh.

This is part two. Part one is on video.

Are we going to the movies?

How about going by yourself like a big girl?Then l'll come pick you up.

-l have to take care of something. -By myself? -Yup.

Yeah, okay!

This time l woke up on my own.

-l blinked like you taught me. -That's my girl!

-ls there someone else here? -No, you're just sleepy.

What you think of when you're falling asleep

is the most important thing. That's what you dream about.

-Yesterday l got a new sister. -l'd rather have a brother.

-Why? -l don't know. They're more fun.

Like dad. ls that Cinderella? That's boring.

l wouldn't let her play with Liza. She'd drool all over her.

-How do you know she's your sister? -What do you mean?

How can you tell she isn't the neighbors' baby?

Because mom said so.

Maybe you could return her if she wasn't your sister.

-Her name is Julie Krepelkova. they hid in the cupboard.

Hi, Dad! Yesterday l saw a movie about robots.

-Really? -All by myself. That's okay.

l even went to the bathroom alone. l had to. l couldn't hold it.

lt was superduper. Simon says that.

-What are you doing? -Cutting out a Riding Hood game.

-Right. -l can't believe you support her.

-lt's bad enough that she dreams about it. -You're all thumbs,Tereza.

-How are things with the ingénue? -She's sponsoring a golf tournament.

And classical musicians aren't sexy enough for them.

l've done enough cutting.

Come on, Dad!

-Almost. -l'm having a bad day.

On the other side.

-Wow! -Oh, well.

So our daughter is so grown-up that she goes to the movies by herself.

A house.

-lt was an exception. -Really?

l wanted to talk to you about it.


You two are scheming. That doesn't count.

-We are not scheming. -You're winning. -Look.

-Play! -Pick another card.



A wolf!

-l feel bad for the wolf. -Why?

lt's not his fault he's like that. He's a predator.

And really hungry.

-Hello! -Hello! Hi. Go on.

School Trip - Registration


-You have curly hair here. -That was before.

-l don't look like you. -Yes, you do. Drop it.

-Am l really your child? -You keep asking me that.

-Whose child would you be? -That's what l don't know.

l don't look much like her.

Liza's missing. Have you seen her?

l know how to make bad dreams go away.

You just blink really fast. Like this.

-Does it really work? -Yup. l've tried it.

l don't feel like sleeping right now.

l don't have bad dreams much, anyway.

-Yesterday l saw a scary movie on TV -Where's Jack?

-What have you done with him? -l'm Jack. You're not afraid of me.

l don't know who you are, or what you want here.

-l'm your husband. -No, you're not!

-l'm here to keep an eye on you. -What have you done with Jack?

-l'm Jack. -l'm Jack.

l'm here to keep an eye on you.

lt was about aliens they switched with people. Get it?

They looked alike, but acted different.

They didn't need sleep like robots,

but they were aliens.


Could they have switched me at the hospital?

-You won't let that go. -Don't laugh. lt's not funny.

Okay, l'm not laughing.

-So? Did they switch me? -Of course not.

Maybe they made a mistake.

l'm sure. Absolutely.

They might not know for sure. Maybe they mixed up the babies.

Please, Terezka. Enough.

-l mean it. -Me, too.

Whose child would you be?

Maybe l'm from the orphanage.

How do they do it at the hospital? They can't remember so many babies.

More are born all the time. Gabinka got a new sister on Tuesday.

Every newborn gets a number.

-Oh. What's my number? -l can't remember.

And l'm supposed to believe you're my mother?

You know what? l'm not.

-We found you near some trash cans. -Wait for me!

Who do you belong to? Do you really think they found you?

We found you near some trash cans...

-Here, Terka. -Wait. You're dressed. ls it that late?

-There's a school trip. -Oh. -We have to be there before eight.

l promised them a field trip to the airport a long time ago.

But it's too crazy there nowadays.

-Were you up all night? -l'm singing in a concert.

-Great! -l wanted to read it in quiet.

-l can't concentrate during the day. -l sure couldn't stay up all night.

Aliens.They looked exactly the same.

And they didn't need to sleep.

Mom is from another planet. Probably Venus.

That's why she's so special.

-Run along, earthling. -Yeah, yeah.

What's that?

A landing base for UFOs. l guess.

They aren't evil, just strange. ln a scary way.

-You know mom is from another planet? -Quiet, children!

Karlstejn is over there.

Hold the railing. Watch your step.

Watch your heads and stay together so we don't lose you in that maze.

-Superduper! -Can l hold your hand?

-You know there's ghosts here? -You're kidding! -No, l'm not.

Terezka saw one, right?

-A ghost! -What's going on here?

Why aren't you paying attention? Aren't you interested?

-l saw a ghost. -Please,Gabi. There's no such thing.

-Didn't you see the ghost? -Careful!

-They didn't need to eat, either. -Who?

The aliens in the movie.

-At all? -For people food is like fuel.

-You mean like cars need gas? -Right. Gas or oil.

lsn't it suspicious that there are people who don't eat?

Come on! That's ridiculous.

-What is she doing, then? -Sitting in the sun.

The weather's nice. There's nothing alien about that.

-She's soaking up energy. -lnstead of gas?

-From the universe. -So mom soaks up energy, too?

Look what l can do!

Look, look.

-Dad! -Mommy! -Daddy!

-We're back from our trip! -Hi, there!

-She bumped her head in the caves. -How did that happen?

Thank you. Goodbye.

Come sit inside.

Your mom will be here soon. There's heavy traffic.

-Why not take off that pack? -lt's not worth it. l'm leaving.

You haven't told me about your costume yet.

A photographer is coming and the best costume will be in a magazine.

-l remember. -What are you going as, then?

-lt's a surprise. -A surprise. l'm curious.

Hello. l'm really sorry. Hi, Terezka.

Sorry, but the traffic was awful. Have you been waiting long?

-But you don't drive. -l took a cab.

l had a meeting and lost track of time. Forgive me.

-lt's okay. -Come on.

Hopeful Talent

Are those new earrings?

They were a present.

-Do you like them? -No, l don't.

Terezka, it's late. Clean up. l still have a lot of work.

Maybe l'd be better off at the orphanage.

You wouldn't have to play mommy.

-Excuse me? -lf you're not my mother,l don't have to listen to you

Enough already. Here are your pajamas.

Go to bed now! And stay there until tomorrow!

-Hi. -Hi. -Hungry?

Are those new earrings?

Since when did you start noticing my new things?

ls Tereza already asleep? Yet again l didn't get to kiss her goodnight.

l sent her straight to bed. She made me really angry.

What happened?

-Careful! Okay. -Yes.

What happened?

Terezka wanted to see some pictures of me...

...from when l had curly hair.

-''Mom'' -Beautiful.

-So what went on? -l'm overwhelmed.

Running around for their show.

As though l don't have anything better to do.

Terezka, mom's comments...

Now Patrik shows up after all this time.

He still thinks l'm going to sing with him.

Was the offer from him?

Sit down and eat.

Come here. We'll manage. Don't worry.

Know how l told her out of anger that we found her?

Today she said she doesn't have to listen to me if l'm not her mother.

-Are you laughing? -Come on.

lt's just that she's clever.

l lost it. l hit her. l hit her and sent her to bed.

-l didn't even say goodnight. -Don't worry.

She knows we love her. She just needs reassurance.

Maybe she suspects something.

We have to tell her at some point.

-She should know the truth. -Why? She has a mom and dad.

-She has everything she needs. Why ruin it? -Nothing will change.

l don't like it when we argue.

Me, either.

Do you like movies like this?

-Educational ones? -No, outerspace ones.

Some l do.

The planets are interesting.

l'd like to know what happens there and who lives there.

Do you think aliens are dangerous?

Some are.

Just like people.

Do you think people are dangerous?

l think some people are really tired.

lt's understandable, isn't it?

l don't know if that's a good idea.

l don't know. l still haven't decided.

Okay. l don't know. l can't promise anything.

-l can't talk about that right now. -Mom...

Sure, we can get together again, but let's have coffee, not dinner.

-Who was that? -An old friend.

What did you want to ask me?

Which planet is closest to ours? Your Venus?

Terezka, can you drop it?



Hi, l know everything! Let's go to the other room.

My brother said all you have to do is cut yourself.

-Why's that? -They heal fast.

They don't have any blood.

The wolf is in grandmother's bed.

All you can see are his glasses and nightcap...

Little Red Riding Hood stands by the door in shock.

What have you brought me? asks the wolf/grandmother.

Cake. Little Red Riding Hood picks up her basket.

And l picked you some flowers.

Red Riding Hood holds the flowers in front of the wolf's snout.

They feel no pain. lt heals right away.

...says the wolf in his own voice. He immediately realizes this,

but it's too late. Little Red Riding Hood becomes suspicious.

We'll finish it next time.

They even have code names like Bob, Rene, Patrik...

-Why Patrik? -lt's obvious. Abracadabra!

Patrik, aha. Like a magic trick.

Get it now? You're ''lt''!

Come on, Tereza.

-See you tomorrow. -Bye, Simon.

-Tereza, this is Patrik. -Patrik?

-This is Tereza. -Patrik.



Can you whistle?

lf you can whistle a song, it's yours.

What's wrong?

Three? Sit anywhere you wish.

Thank you.

Alien, but nice.

Why don't you look at the cakes?

She's very pretty.

She has your eyes.

-Why didn't you tell me? -You wouldn't have wanted to know.

-What can l get you? -Espresso with milk, a little foam,

and a fruit thing like the girl has.

And fresh apple and orange juice.

-So what happened? -You left. -l had a great offer.

You wanted to be independent.

Classical music is passé here. And Japan to boot.

-Do they have straws? -You bet. Go ask.

Be polite.

-You had your schoolmates, friends, the theater... -Not true.

l'd have gone anywhere with you.

lt distracted you.

You were nicer at dinner.

You talked about your successes, concerts...

l have a red one and a striped one.

What's your job? My dad works at the airport.

Really? l'm a musician. A virtuoso.

l play the violoncello.

-What's that? -Guess.

Cello? The cello must be like a piano.

A small one? Do you play piano?

No, it isn't like a piano.

lt's a very big violin.

Why don't you play the violin? At least people would recognize it.

Terezka, how was school?

We're having a costume party. Simon's going as a vampire.

-What's Gabinka going as? -A princess.

-Do you want to go as a princess, too? -As Little Red Riding Hood.

Tereza is going through a Little Red Riding Hood phase.

l might be able to borrow a costume from the theater.

l'm on my way to see the director, an old friend from school.

We can borrow a basket from grandma.

-Hi, girls. -Hi.

How was it? You were gone a long time.



-Ouch... -Let me see... -lt's okay...

Come on, Tereza! l'll run the bath for you!

They heal right away,

-and they don't have any blood. -You were switched, right?

Mom hasn't been herself lately.

She's having a rough time.

l know...

But tomorrow she's having a birthday party. That should be fun.

You should try to get a good sleep. Hands up. That's it...

Maybe you'll have good dreams.

-Goodnight. -'Night...

-To your health. -Thank you. -Cheers!


What is it?

Wow! ls this a potholder? lt'll make cooking fun!

Look this way, ladies... Terezka!


-That's fabulous. -Let me see.

What did he say? Did he like her?

-lt was kind of strange. -Does she know?

l can't just tell her.

She wouldn't understand. lt's too soon.

What do you want to do?

How should l know? lt's not just up to me.

He's here now, but how long will he enjoy it?

People don't change. Especially not him.

He still looks good, doesn't he?

Please drop it, Mom.

You're a really clever girl.


You're up already? Good morning. Want some juice?


Yum. Are those from dad for your birthday?


l mean no. Dad gave me a shamrock for luck.

-Look! -Pretty.

-Mom said you met Patrik. -Do you know him, too?

l saw him a few times.

When he and your mom were friends.

He was always elegant.

Then he elegantly disappeared.

What do you think of him?

Nothing special. An average alien.

You can say that again.

Don't tell mom l said that.

Don't worry. That'll be our secret.

-Are we here too early? -What do you mean? -Hi, Mom.

lt's just that it's been years since you listened to classical.

Oh, come on...

-What's going on with you? -Mom said...

Your mother's already done enough for us.This is about our family now.

Especially since you're always around, right?

lsn't that a little unfair? lt's my job.

When security is at stake there are no excuses.

lt's just a transition period like we already talked about.

-l know. Forgive me. -lt's time you told her.

-The tension between you is awful. -l don't know if l want to.

-l'm afraid of what it'll do to her. -l want to wake up...

l'm the one who should be afraid.

Think of something nice. You'll dream about it.

What you think of when you're falling asleep is most important.

That's what you dream about.

Know why Gabina was crying?

Her parents are getting a divorce. They have big arguments.

l heard that when her mother was talking to the teacher.

She's not supposed to let Gabinka leave with her father,

so he doesn't kidnap her.

Terezka, stop it.

l have an awful headache.

How is it going?

Terezka, go get some more juice. You can watch them making it.

Take your glass and ask politely.

Juice, please.

-Thank you. -Which one? The virtuoso?

Are you talking about Patrik?

-Mom... -Yes. -Next time you see him...

...remind him about the costume.

-Don't worry. l'll remind him. -You take after your mother.

She thought the costumes were the best part about singing.

Here's something you can look at.

Why the scribbling? ls that a mistake?

-No, it's Japanese. -Japanese? Are you considering...

Mom, please.

Poor thing can't go anywhere.

Let's look at some other animals.

l'm coming.

-Want some? -No, thanks.

l'll try it.

-What? -Wow! Elephants!

You can't realize your potential.

Are you saying l'm stopping you?

l didn't mean it like that.

l think l try. l've been trying the whole time.

l know. l respect your kindness.

l don't want to hear this talk.


So it's all come back.

He just appears and...

...everything falls apart.

-That's not how l wanted it. -What did you want, then?

Think you'll pack and take Terezka to Japan with the fiddler?

-Are you crazy? l won't allow it. -Don't yell at me.

l'm not going to Japan.

lt's not certain yet.

l thought it might be interesting. You could get to know Patrik...


-lsn't mom getting up? -She had to leave early.

She had a meeting about the concert.

She said your clothes are on the chair.

Grandma's already here.

Go sit with her. l'll be there soon.

You won't make it, Dad.

l just want to do what's right.


l needed you there today.

l can't talk about this today.

Was l dreaming?

l must have been dreaming.

Don't worry. Nothing will happen to mom if she's an alien.

Aliens are immortal. The Japanese might be, too.

Go change so the party can start.

Ready to go?

Let's go, then!

-Aren't you going to change? -l don't have a costume.

My mom forgot.

She promised me a great costume.

-Think she's really an alien? -An alien. Great idea.


How do l look?

You need a mouth. l'll get a marker.

l heard someone shouting. For God's sake!

Have you lost your minds?

Do you know you could've suffocated?

ls this your surprise?

You can return this to grandma. l won't need it anymore.

What's wrong?

-Hi, you're home early. -Hi, what happened?

l forgot about the costume party.

Riding Hood heads toward the woods.

Her mom is standing at the gate of their cottage and waving a scarf.

Would you rather l not read today?

Come on, l didn't do it on purpose.

But you promised your Patrik would get me the costume.

He's not ''my'' Patrik. Don't you like him?

Nope. lf l forgive you will you tell me which planet you're from?

That's enough. You're not funny.

Are you already up?

l'm sorry. l got lost in thought.

-Were you up all night? -l couldn't do that.

Guess what? l took time off from work and we're going to the cottage.

-Really? -Yup. -Awesome.

-Mom'll like that. -Uhuh.

-What if just you and l went? -Won't that make mom sad?

She's always saying you don't have time for us.

She said she doesn't have time now.

At least you and l can enjoy each other's company. How about it?

-Okay. -Great!

Can't we go right away, Dad?

Today l'm working both day and night shifts.

You're sleeping at grandma's. l'll pick you up right after breakfast.

ls that a plan?

-Will you call me tonight? -Of course.

-Good morning! -Hi, Simon.

Hurry up. l need to talk to you.

l'm coming.

Dad and l are going to the cottage.

We don't leave until tomorrow. Dad still has work to do.

Everything's going to be okay.

-No, it won't. Mom's going away. -Where's she going?

To her planet, of course.

She calls it Japan. l think she's just changing planes there.

-Did you give her the alien test? -No, l didn't.

She hasn't been home. Her suitcase and toothbrush are gone.

l doubt she even slept at home. She probably thinks l found out.

-Superduper! -l know.

-Enjoy your snacks! -Thank you!

-Are you going to Japan? -l might have to.

Couldn't your dad hide you, or send you somewhere by plane?

He's not a pilot. He's just in charge of airport security.

l was just thinking.

You could stay at the cottage, too.

-Terezka! Grandma's here! -l have to go.

Come here, Terezka!

You can take Liza with you, so you're not sad or lonely.

l don't know if l can ever return her.

You need her more than l do. l have a sister now.

Terezka, didn't you hear me say your grandmother was waiting?

Bye, then. l have to go. And thanks.

l heard you're going on a trip.

-To the cottage. -l meant the big trip.

Abroad. With your mother.

-Are you excited? -l'm staying here with dad.

There's something l should tell you.

Since your parents are too hesitant.

lt's about you, your mom, and Patrik.

-l can't stand him. -But he's your father.

-Like he gave birth to me? -No, your mother did.

-But he's your real father. -l already have a real father.

That has to be my dad.

-Dad? Where are you? -Hi, l'm at work at the airport.

-Why did you answer the phone? ls something wrong? -Give me the phone.

-l want to talk to him. -Grandma... -Did something happen to grandma?

Grandma said you're not my dad.

-l'll be there soon. -Dad?


Stupid cow!

You should stay here, Terezka.

-Can you explain why you did that? -Calm down.

-l am calm. Why did you do that? -l had to tell her. -Why?

-She should have heard it from us! -Dad!

Terezka, get your bag. We're going.

-But you... -Hurry up!

Let's go.

Sorry about the vase.



-Hi. -Hi.

Sorry l couldn't switch shifts. Today's my anniversary.

-Get going. We'll manage. -l promised Helenka.

-You know how it is. -You bet. -lt should be a quiet night.

-l hope so. -Will you help me?

Bring me that pillow.

You're sleeping here tonight. lsn't this a pretty pillow?


No. 05 is on its place...

Thanks, over.

-l don't know this doll. -This is Liza.

-Hi, Liza. -Gabinka lent her to me. -Gabinka?

l didn't think you liked each other.

She's not that bad. We're okay friends.

l forgot it at grandma's. What are we going to do?

-How about ''The Three Little Pigs?'' -No, not that one.

Then which one?

lt won't work.

Let's try it.

-''Little Red Riding Hood.'' -l don't know that one very well.

You can help me.


Once upon a time... Beyond nine mountains and rivers...

There lived a girl who loved the color red.

She had a red blouse, skirt,

kneesocks, slippers, and maybe even underpants.

And because she was Riding Hood and always wore red

she was called Little Red Riding Hood. And she lived with her mom.

Did you notice Riding Hood doesn't have a father?

Maybe she does, but he is always working.

All the time?

That's why he couldn't save her.


Thank you.

-l'll just be on the radio now. -Copy that.

l'm afraid.


-Of what? -Are you getting a divorce?

l don't know.

Even if we were, there's nothing to worry about.

But you're my dad.

l met you when you were a baby.

But l don't play the violoncello.

Sorry, it's my fault. lf l hadn't figured out she was an alien,

she could have stayed.

lt's not your fault.

Grown-ups make these messes.

Like your mother is now.

Now we have to wait until they change her back.

At least you didn't go anywhere. You're the real thing.

Good morning. How did you sleep?


For the first time there was a happy ending.

What do you mean?

-What's for breakfast? -Pancakes. -Pancakes?

l don't know if l can grant that wish.

Pancakes are my favorite food.

Do you love me?

Of course, l do.

Same as l would my own child.

That humor of yours.

Doesn't it bother you that l'm part alien?

Not one bit. l'm especially fond of aliens.

Especially aliens who need to wash up.

-Hi! -Hi. -How are you two doing?

Are you hiding?

What makes you think that?

-l'm going to wash my face. -Go ahead.

There is some truth to that.

Mom and Patrik are out there!

Your wife called me. She couldn't reach you.

Everything will be fine.

Divorce isn't all that bad.

Dads can have the children...

...usually about once a month.

l don't want to hear anymore!

-You can't be serious. -Calm down. What's got into you?

-Where's Terezka? -ln my office. She just woke up.

-l thought you wanted to kidnap her. -What?

You can't be serious.

Bet this wasn't your idea. What's he doing here?


l didn't want her to talk to you alone. She's quite upset.

-So you have a bodyguard. -lt's not like that.

Patrik has to leave for Japan today.

l'm not interested in your problems. l have enough work of my own.

But we're going with him.

-There's no reason to put it off. -Damn... -Why now?

-Looks like a real family discussion -We planned to go to the cottage.

-l took time off.Terezka is excited. -Why don't you wait inside?

-Can we find a quiet place to talk? -You're right.

Let's not put on a show. Are you coming?

l'll wait.

He's coming to take me away.

Don't worry. lt'll be okay.

There was nobody home. No note. You didn't answer the phone.

This is too much.

My mother said you left with Terezka in her nightgown.

Did she brag about what she told her?

-Her intentions were good. -l'd say she didn't think at all.

-Ever thought how Terezka is taking this? -All the time.

So you're taking her away, and l might never see her again.

Daddy, are you giving me to them? But you promised...

l hate to interrupt, but we have to check-in.

Can't you at least wait until she gets used to the news?

Are we going?

You should say goodbye.

The plane takes off soon. We really should go.

Okay. l'll go get her.

Who's that stealing gingerbread? You say, ''lt's only the wind.''

-Don't you know that fairytale? -ls that the devil?

l know the fairytale about the Devil and Kaca.

-Are you Kaca? -No, l'm Terezka.

-There's no need to fear. -l have to go.

Wait! You forgot your bag! You left your bag here!

Do you read me, No. Two?



-Terezka! -Terezka!



l feel like the wolf when they hid the stone in his stomach.

Finally. What do you think you're doing?Your mother is beside herself.

-Get up. The plane is leaving. -''Dad''

-That's just stupid. -Hear that? That's our plane.

-''Táta?'' -Attention passengers on flight 4077 to Tokyo. -Tokyo?

-That's the capital of Japan. -Come on. -But l can't.

My God...

ls that your doll?

She's not afraid of flying. And why aren't you afraid?

Because you're a big girl. Give me your hand.

-l need to pee. -You can go on the plane.

l can't hold it. l'll pee in my pants.

l don't want to go to Japan. Mom!

Don't forget to wash your hands.

Come on.

Let's go.

You, too. Come on.

Get in line.

Now we're going to the bus. Everyone stay together.

Come on. Let's go.

Are you a new student? l like your doll.

l'm Terezka.

-Do you have to go already? -Yes, l do. -Bye bye.

A six year-old girl named Terezka has been lost.

She's carrying a large doll.

lf you see her, take her to the information booth.

-l can't even think of stupid Japan right now. -Stupid?

You were interested yesterday. What'll you accomplish here?

No one's interested in a once promising singer,

-not to mention one with a child. -She's your child, too.

l only found out a few days ago, and l don't intend to play daddy.

l don't understand the sudden need to tell me.

-Neither do l. -Time to go...

Aren't you at all worried about her? She could be in trouble.

Someone could've stolen her. The newspapers are full of such stories.

She's just hiding somewhere. She wants to be the center of attention.

l think she's spoiled.

She's a child! Know how scared she must be?

We have to find her.

As you wish. l'm going.

l clearly won't need this.

-What? -Nothing yet.

Don't worry.

We'll find her. Don't worry.

Don't worry.

l'm sorry.

l'm sorry.

What's happening?

What are you doing here? Don't you know you can't go in the woods?

lt's dangerous. There's a mad dog here.

-Terezka? -Terezka?

-Terezka! -Mommy! -Terezka!

l thought we were already in Japan...

You really had us worried.

You must have been really afraid.

Not me. Liza was a little scared.

-There was a wolf here. -A wolf? Look, there's your wolf.

-What about the plane? -lt already took off.

-What about Patrik? -He's gone, too.


-Are you my real mom? -Yes, l am.

Oooh! The costume. lt's great!

What good'll it be now?

-Come on, my Riding Hoods! -l'm Terezka. -Our Terezka!

-What if we go out for pancakes? -Great!

And we'll call Simon to tell him about our superduper.

This wasn't a dream. lt really happened to me.

Sometimes dad still makes jokes about mom being from Venus.

Now he has more time for us.

And mom is singing again.

-l still feel bad for the wolf. -Why?

-He's probably starving. -How can you tell?

When the hunter saves Riding Hood and her grandmother,

they're still in one piece, just drooled on.

He just swallowed them up.

And you're exhausted again. Get some sleep. Goodnight.

What do you have such big teeth for?

The wolf takes off the glasses and cap

and in the scariest possible voice says in Riding Hood's ear,

All the better to eat you with!

And he eats her up, without even chewing.

The Description of Kdopak by se vlka bál (celý film zdarma)