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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A DAY IN A LIFE OF A TEACHER: ROUTINE AFTER WORK

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today I supposed to have three glasses

yes sir I just finished my dresses from

eight so yeah right now my great time my

next class

well yeah the afternoon but anyway

before I go home I have papers here

because okay yes Olivia see Papa

syllabic sunken no I cut we miss a break

at remember cut I'm going to Marseille





cinnamon only with the elbows one













sorry guys hello everyone oh my god did

I lose okay

hello merits learn Vietnam to be me

hello who else is here John escaped easy

mom sorry guys this ion cannon

Jacques hello sorry guys I was talking

to my co-teacher we were talking

actually about our students yes the

classes bonds ooh yes bones you to the

one have to go because I'm work okay did

I miss anyone here what else is here no

check who else is here nosebleed up

cause I think just my TV thank you for

coming it's my TV naturally I'm not

really very good at French yet but I can

understand when people speak speak I

can't become very well yet that I can a

little thank you so much everyone for

dropping by so if you guys have to do

something yeah just do it okay I'm just

checking the papers here right now you

can say well yes thank you so much for

dropping by everyone have a nice day so

yeah guys I'm here in the Faculty room

right now because um it's very near to a

machine if I want to drink something

yeah but I'm still checking papers I

have actually I have three sets this for

my class

the other and this is for caesium and

they're so happy

yeah okay let's do that check

so much go there there's a machine




my god I said this is my breakfast thank

you for the thumbs up everyone

no problems you'll be me thank you so

much so I'm having my hot choco this is

from machine it's bending machine so

this is my breakfast I have my hot

chocolate and O&I but it's working now

Wow night but finally you're working

this one this hot choco is 40 cents 40

cents okay I'm talking about yours and

then this one is one year so yes guys

it's like black cake yes just like that

so this is my breakfast let's eat


in your hajikko thank you says you'll be

means this you'll be me can you see

nightbot in the chat room finally

nightbot is working yeah knighthood is

very good not what deletes us spamming


yes we say young Alondra Kozma when you

go to people's chat room you have to

avoid spamming because yeah it's not

good so if you want to talk to people

you can say hi hello and then you can

talk about the movies that you have

watched yeah you don't really need to

you oh thank you so much you'll be me

yes my lovely it's working I actually I

activated it you know few days ago but

it didn't work during my live streaming

it just worked now so I really don't

know why so yes guys and that's so not

so bad but it's okay

since you'll be mayor yet we're just

like TV whatever you do me everyone what

are you doing

I do guy's a total more awkward

this is teachers like this after work

after class even if it's our break time

we still have things to do right

teachers will be me that's good so I

just want to finish checking the food

first before I go home I think it's



yeah I worked in the afternoon and ah

yes I like working the afternoon

naturally pictures dovey because you

know we don't have to wake up early

yes but anyway that's life Lukie not

sure this our schedule I mean I didn't

know in your place if you don't choose

your schedule for work but in my teas

done you know whatever it is schedule

it's just given that's all I can

everyone it's not so tasty but it's okay

is that boutique motherly but we love

red or set love redness genuine recipe

reset is with the p-payment no soul of

Prayer oh set youp missus a genuine

recipe yes fabric a on France of the

pulley off the pulley means egg chicken

chicken egg

hello Chris Chris bananas really hello

hello thank you for coming sorry guys

I'm eating and I'm checking paper so if

you guys see me silent not talking


drinking hot choco in a plastic cup not

so good


it's very peaceful here now because I so

yes guys can you see my my dance and

that is everyone guys if you need to

visit your friends just do so this very

idea let's eat everyone it's not so good

but anyway if you don't have any choice

it's okay but this level one I mean oh

well in area and actually Buddhism of

this level here level for the people who

were active in the chapter so yeah it

gives level but for this time it's not

really important but during my life

swimming at home when I give lives of an

idea English lessons life so usually the

level is a helpful for me yes so just

for people who are active voting I think

really special how are you Paul

look at the gun yes well I thought it

was for my full in English I wouldn't

qualify as English Valerie Castro can

help kindness over you I'm actually at

work right now no checking papers I want

to finish it before going home and at

the same time having breakfast at home

it's not really very good but no chance

so I took this hot chocolate from the

vending machine here in the Faculty room

and I have a nice little cupcakes or

little cakes something like that yes

this one this is the 40 cents and this

is for one year

hi shiny hello - sure you are like with

Simone you don't want to touch okay now

I was the checking something I didn't

see who came here and shiny man because

you know I'm using my phone right now

and usually the messages disappear after

every like a few seconds I think 30

seconds here

Geneva believer block thank you so much

for coming oh okay uncle kindness you're

really kind lunch drink hello in France

kids quiet my own well this time cannot

kindness my God thank you so much cannot

go kindness for your generosity

yes I am in the faculty room and yeah I

finished my class I had two classes from

8 a.m. right now what time is it now I

think it's the 10:30 a.m. right now yeah

I finished class at 10 a.m. I start 8 8

to 9 my first class and the second class

is 9 to 10 so yeah after the class I

moved here in the Faculty room shut some

papers actually it has three sets does I

have three sets to check yeah oh my god

cannot go kindness now you are really

kind your name speaks yourself speaks

about yourself

try the small cakes big pieces of fruits

in it they call it booty cakes I think

put it you got to we a little I fan you

give it bad how are you yeah this one

but they don't have here in the vending

machine I can't find anything

that it sounds interesting shining with

3:38 in here after my mom come on


everyone yeah just working hard so yes

guys let's start not let's not let's

continue with the check-in okay and yes

um nothing here

it sounds like the fruitcake here for


oh really wow I haven't seen that here

in the vending machine my hair guys it's

not so good

shiny shine shine let your light shine

like this song the little item is it a


can I go kindness love the hair shining

with my eyes


I am here with you oh my god DJ what are

you doing her singing or reading wow

it's really the same I've got only 1 in

100 miles like quickly in USA Liam yeah

good cake yeah actually fruit cake is

very good I think while the lingam on

its own that's my TV nice boys now many

songs titled shine Shh

shine bright like a diamond guys some

with that I need to check papers movie I

need to check papers something positive

love your way amen amen is the content

and Schumer chemical kindness yes even

is a Content consumer and yes he is a

very genuine person

yes 10% of course he's a person Miriam 8

1 7 hello mama Dina are you my goodness

nobody does my TV no way guys I'm gonna

check now and cakes - yeah cake a cake

I didn't like this guy's it feels like

so oily so oily I think this is very

good if it this would cook cook cook you

know what guys I don't want to say that

this but I have a story to tell you this

is not only my experience with my Korean

students but also one of my french


I mean at all okay

I asked her to give example not really

one of my students only oh yeah some of

my students we're talking about coke

anyway so one of my students in

Australia he wanted no she wanted to

order coke McDonald and she she said can

I help someone cook sorry good it's not

funny okay but anyway so she was very

surprised while the people were looking

at her in a very strange way and like

some people really loved it so yeah they

were asking her what do you need she

repeated the same thing so yeah in the

end the people don't know they said even

you need some coke because the student

did some action drink drink so they said

oh we want some coke so yeah coke and

then few days ago that fast sorry typing

oh we are let me see the messages here

make test multiple a two day no no I

don't like ABC because oh this is a very

easy kind of test actually can act of

kindness she asked as video

I also had my class of my friends to

attend high school cement I told a

private lesson and I told her can you

make exam using one because she said my

mom wants that I get good scores I said

no you have to say my mom wants me to

get a good score so one object and then

to her

so what me to her so she made another

example genders to the pattern so and

then she said my mom always my mom

always wants me to bring her know what

did you just say

she said she repeated the word and I

said no we just said we're a bitch is

not good okay you have to say cold coke

and finally she said okay coke the truth

what is this I said no you are just

saying something that is not good okay

so I just didn't but I just showed her


sorry go say yeah that's why I always

tell my students it's very important for

you to know the correct pronunciation

because you know if the pronunciations

wrong oh my god people will

misunderstand just like that you know

it's a very single word it's a very

simple word is one okay it's only one

word a single word can't actually what

destroy in the river no he's really guys

it will great misunderstanding itself

very important you know so it's nothing

really guys I just wanted to share you

know I think you have heard a lot of

stories like that haven't you uncle's

wedding here at Astoria taking Spanish

means oh I see also in France a Java me

it's also French Kaakha Kaakha is poor

right shiny men haha

everyone is laughing huh yeah I will buy

more monk

recordation this mic TV mm-hmm you are

amazing guys

Oh guys I will check now okay your talks

too much

you see so I think it's not a good idea

to go live because I'm talking too much

I can't finish my work

oh I see same here yeah caca is poo

right Chinaman shiny man what are you

doing shiny immigration I am inside and

this is sleeping because of my voice I

think Simon is falling asleep because of

the way I talk

oh my god my hot choco is a it's called

choco now it's very tiring but it's a

very nice feeling when you see your

students improve a lot especially when

it comes to English guys when I hear my

students you know speak English the

right way oh my god I'm so happy the

feeling is so good I'm talking too much

is good we enjoy when someone talked

about fruitcake tried the English one

with 30% verbs in it kind of package for

anagrams beyond but this one is waiting

guys look look at that


this is here yeah but it's so oily yeah

and it's so dry it's so true I like my

face no my face is dry everyone I put

you know I could watch you right sir but

of course when it's you know cold season

our skin easily gets dry hello nurse aid

in America it's very sweet no this one

is not sweet

there's no problem like in your career

but not sweet is dry I can only feel

it's oil

I can't even finish something oh there's

only one nest

how many pieces about eating

I'll call volunteer taste make sure it's

okay yes cannot become difficult right

you need to drink it in your in your

chocolate really yes I'm drinking I'm

wondering if I do that I took a little

this one actually it not spoon is only

for a mixed thing you know that makes me

laugh I can't finish oh no I thought

there was a lot but I think how how many

pieces have I eaten anyone there who

knows please tell me because I forgot I

mean I didn't realize that her

everything oh my god look guys oh my god

it's your for China man I drop it oh

yeah look do you think I can eat it all

at once


ooh so sweet so sweet with hot chocolate

and then mixing it mixing it it's weekly

maybe some paper Oh lives don't

recognize me for doing this okay

yes guys there you go all right very

resourceful teacher okay let me check

the chat room oh I cannot finish

checking down submarine cake YUM oh


I haven't tried that submarine cake life

fearful it's a it's my breakfast nurse

eight in America who would use ginger

sweat seeds or sweater to wipe hands

because a cuckoo oh no not the hand

it's dirty cannot go clean this okay

3:30 you can use papers

yes you I don't know if you guys can

relate um I mean I don't want to talk

about it disgusting sorry I mean

submarining will give me currencies my

submarine cake because

I understand no cannot okay we got you

guys are pointing up I'm not funny you

guys are funny

oh my hot choco is cold chocolate now

who wants to finish only wanting left I

thought I couldn't finish but there's my

grandmother dream me when you eat

something you have to finish all because

other kids on the street they don't have

food so we shouldn't waste it okay

submarine cake is any cake drop in the

confusion yes I just got it hmm Wendy

says also such Oh co-op I decide I wish

but nobody saw here justice mighty the

only person yeah you so my breakfast I

think it was yesterday was done okay yes

submarine cake is submarine cake excuse

I can't eat this every day no never I

can only eat this when I don't have

chores I took that advice all the time I

look at me that's really - oh yeah you

guys ever took a team huh good idea

submarine cake naturally I left them

track today

we checked together but I need to review

the things they check if they really

checked out perfect square is 15 but

plus five so it becomes 20 over 20 me oh

I think my god I think I will finish

this finished Kristina's good morning

not bad ah it's ok no problem Bisou

Bisou Bisou Bisou I'm at work my belly

my belly this we see on table I just we

all all across the correction in my name

is my teacher guys I had a pure

chocolate day from Philippines yes sir

oh really ok neck of kindness this hot

chocolate follow me hands guys I always

doing hot chocolate I told you for my

breakfast when kind

not at home but you should have at home

I drink milk tu1 Juma back and what

about how Greek la bonne année well but

anyway código guys guess what I did not

show it today of course I shall read

yesterday everyone today because you

know I started class at 8:00 and yeah no

problems is Cristina Gonzales a little


rat baby family who are you I'm good I'm

at work right now

Melda and amaura baby family we are

family guys they have to check my gun

now I forgot what I have to do

many people got perfect so I will become

very bankrupt everyone because I told

them whoever gets perfect there will be

a Lia put it Sir Chris there will be a

little surprised if you get perfect I

look a lot of people come perfect yes no

problem my tea has window that is shot

again no taste




why why doesn't it have any what is this




guys if you don't know nightblood is

always already working join Amon night

but is there in the chat room and I

think he works well he's very active in

deleting spam messages guys how about if

we do that my hair cannot elegan

embosses you very bad that might be

because does mighty guys it's from

Middle East it's a Filipino but he is a

Middle East

yep watching you now Wow be careful

she'll be mean well then my baby

family's watching you I continue writing

continue check wait

all right thanks know that I'm coming to

you later

Wow you guys are very interesting you

know you watch each other and you come

to each other's house a lot interesting

not I hope you can also visit France

very soon enough oh goodness

Aladin I can show with you the world

it's the home I can show you the world

shining shimmering splendid we've heard

my prisoner look night Google would be

good yes he's a good guy I think you're

not getting ready for work oh you're

looking to be more aged in America have

a good day at work might be Remy


perfect guys I'll become bankrupt

because I'm gonna give them a little

surprise okay let's finish this on I

cannot finish this we're waiting I'm

very careless today you know do you know

that do you know where are you going to

do you like the place where I am yeah

know your background good please does my

TV like you're very funny

yes does this my TV guys he has been my

friend for ages already yes he is in the

Middle East

everyone yes splendid actually I don't

know the whole lyrics guys and I don't

even know if the lyrics i'm saying is

correct or not but it's break time but

only for 10 minutes then i will be no

easy enough if you guys have to do

something please

okay the whiny

I asked no breaktime it straight because

the breakdown is me yeah before the

10:00 a.m. class is the break time so

right now no breakdown guys there's no

break time just cause if they see teach

me thinking to myself people think

someone has gone to the toilet okay

someone has gone to the toilet can you

repeat maybe they are used to be slack

people guys my hair is very very

annoying my hair guys should I have my

hair should I have a bald head

hey three more and we will be finished

with one class only one twice okay I

think it's so much for talking to me

today and you guys your presence today

really makes me feel better because

actually I haven't been I haven't been

feeling fine I had to be made where

you're laughing

sending rescue me then you guys are



plus 5 equals 15 over 20 shiny a dick

well the thing is what happens to

I hate you


I wear sometimes Oh feed that way stage

of course many sorry guys a moment guys

many some breeders and hundreds your way

oh and Shh thank you so much Kanako

kindness where is migrating to foreign

land do this no guys my god you are a

good teacher and I am a scoreline

students more proud to be knowing

oh yeah thank you so much everyone I am

a proud Pinoy in a foreign land you know

we have to be proud because we're able

to send someone abroad and that's you

know yeah that groups that we hope in

those are amazing

yes letter a and a Z ing amazing get

that for those because I still got do

two classes to check


to put this on the computer I will

record this when I get to it yeah

another I looked up the other one at

home so I think I still have 30 minutes

more and after 30 minutes I'm gonna end

this show and I'm gonna go home because

I think your guys I broke mine I broke

my was that my monopod so I can't go

like walking you know on the street with

that thing I only have tripod now and

tried by the shirt

so if I use that right but it's very me

in my face you're gonna see my face very

big so yeah so I have all my actually

ordered I'm gonna tell you later I'm

gonna do inbox think about it oh I love

it okay let's check another this is also

the caesium everyone oh yeah very true




God loved my snoring laughing out loud

we're gonna see the foundation where you

lost laughing you gave it buzz

to the moon booms you tiny V hello guys

another friend of ours Langley's here

well jumpin Joe I am here at school

right now tiny be I'm just checking

yes bones you to demonic means well

hello everyone

everyone yes guys teachers illness guys

is always touching her hair if I put a

clip here it's okay I don't have a clip

everyone yes I put the clip of my baby

here maybe it will look good right

meeting but here oh yeah I'm checking

papers my dear tiny B by the way guys

tiny please also a teach for everyone so

we've got tiny base a teacher and we all

sub job image is also teacher is paying

the ISIS and he wants teacher in Spain

as well which we stop talking okay

one two three

my plus 5 equals Dean right I forget I

need to go and cook breakfast oh my god

lucky no strategize don't tell you I may

be lost

what's your memory unless your memory

bad guys now and this is no umbrella

because the umbrella I showed you in one

of my videos what's in my bag

yeah the umbrella I think because this

one or another one because the weather

is very disappointing disappointing you

know the weather it hasn't been a very

good these days they feature is you know

a girl scout so I always bring my

umbrella with me I always take my

umbrella with me guys

what's the difference between take and

going oh my god teacher no class today

featured I know you're gonna say that

okay no question we'll have tonight

let's have a break have a kit kat

oh okay teach me cuz I'm Chucky

nine plus four equals mom lunch break

nominee - Oh have a good lunch chance

Mike teavee no problem thanks canticle

kindness okay yes Kanako kindness is

laughing where you love it and a

professor because there's no class today

I mean right now yes what's the

difference between take and bring anyone

who can answer come on what's the

difference between take and bring

actually the difference is similar to

the difference between go and come

please write your answer in the chat

room come on everyone while teacher is

checking you need to do something okay

go write your answers in the chat window

write your answers everyone in the

chatroom husband take your umbrella you

bring it aha so what's the difference

everyone come on explain the difference

what's the difference between bring in

take and the difference between common

go one teacher suddenly planets 90 truth

I don't want a glass

2 4 5 6 7 8 9 yes 9 + y 9 + 4 9 + 5

equals 18 opportunity

we were family I love you You Love Me we

overhead means that I'm only and right


why'd you say two plus five equals seven

okay bye all off to explore vitamins

Barney Lee I can have with kindness

thank you so much for dropping by

have a good day okay let's to see you

again can act of kindness at your live

streaming is all your they enjoy the

rest of your take an act of kindness

Wow perfect perfect

sorry guys I'm sure they will be bored

now oh no shine even see you cannot go

kindness yes see you can act of kindness

just like TV hello okay thanks not that

hot you're talking to Jubilee northern

shining or here we go


my co-teacher guys he's going home he is

the advisor

okay prevent splitting each other

she'll be me jalebi Junie be perfect

block or nothing all loved verse 8 in

America your paper has no name so - your

score okay -

taking place from or with bring all my

students very serious okay let me see

bring implies to someone aha from a week


bring to or someone so yeah how is it

similar to the difference between come

and go join Amon how was the difference


a couple you my struggles your teacher

got to get tired


it is so much to be made no problems

there is no problems just do what you

have to do okay because yeah I'm just

checking papers here so it's okay

everyone so y'all I still have 27

minutes more so I should finish this

within 27 minutes

what do you mean chef like TV guys is a

chef of course she'll like TVs a chef

chef chef

nobody has answered my question huh

no problem John just my TV no problem

everyone because anyway I don't really

need much you know much watch time yes

of course but I need some views so it's

okay guys if you have to do something

just do it and if you want to come back

you are very welcome back here baby come

back to me stressed I know anyway strong

guys my mister stress of my time

now Kofi cannibal t-shirt Oh Lemmy

castra I just had my hot chocolate here

I had my hot chocolate and some cakes


which is very interesting she put her

bed like that on the table

let's finish guys I have one more paper


I very sleepy guys I don't


UGI no problem Baumann okapi Oh

enjoy your breakfast uh lemme Castro

that's Jenny differently rev loves



so yes guys I'm almost finished after

this I'm gonna go but this one I will

check this later and just check this

October I look at these two I

substituted up glass today guys because

the teachers absent and this is the de

Treville I usually replace no so yeah

I'm gonna shut this later where is that

I need to add someone that's my

moderator where is that oh I can set

moderator anymore why maybe later

I'm gonna go to us muttering I'll just

throw the trash


go home everyone in three books and one

three books in one this one look

everyone oh my god okay all right

because it's freezing

so yeah you go home insert that under

the Sun yes guys let's block this one

because it's very cold outside every

time I think about a top hole that is

outside I feel cold already guys

so it's not really a good much everyone

but yeah the other scarf of mine are for


I think it's almost everyone for staying

where is the chat room gum hello William

Monroe welcome to my watchman thank you

for coming William and well thank you I

wanted to add someone a smaller reader

but I can do it with my phone yeah but I

have you guys so I hope to see you guys

again but my life's really mater just

your chats and oh how are you mr. Jack's

no I just finished my checking so yeah

that's the end of my time at work


so I'm gonna go home now that's a good

idea I take you home I think it's not

freezing so yeah guys I'm just going in

this dream okay you're building love

your coat teacher oh my god I'm going

home now I'm going home because I just

finished I finish the Chucky Mulvaney

first fury school

I'm actually here at school mind your

hair in the soup my hair is pinkish like

a men shall dawn bong bong bong sau ho

shut up didn't say you mr. Jack's so yes

that's the team had should take video a

little bit outside but I'm not sure we

the connection of


it's hard to open the door nice jacket

oh thank you my one downstairs first oh

it's freezing Gus

I haven't even gone outside the school

metaphors I'm outside the classroom hey

braces and leather stir the guys welcome

to my life stream where is it I guess

guys oh so that's the playground there

of the students hey girl so yeah we go

home now

hehe how are you take care mom see you

next LSDs CEO just just just Mike teevee

few guys are interested I actually go

live today I will go live maybe uh seven

hours from now I will go live again

yes guys please let me know you can if

you can see this stream thing early or


we called everyone look outside can you

guys see who's ooh

was a Libyan OB that she was revoir

so yes guys walking guys t-shirt is

walking and yeah I look too sweet guys

until uh I mean I have four minutes more


oh four minutes guys then I'm gonna

industry it's very cold everyone I love

Beckett Barton who are you Becky Buckton

so yes guys lemon my way home now I just

finished work so I only have seven

minutes more then I'm gonna end the

stream okay guys the yes guys it's not

very traffic anyway there's no traffic

here what am I talking about there's no


oh this one is the circle place I'm not

sure if you know that so yes guys I'm

just making use of the time oh I'm

freezing everyone everything the guy

answered by the moon it's a bit

sophisticated yes it means you too right

shiny man the guy actually is a friend

of my husband yeah so I think we use

that when we know each other right shiny

men simple ways of OC Orvis yes I will

see it's correct shiny man but I think

if you're close to each other or you're

very familiar with each other you can

actually see that expression right shine

image oh my god back in 410 thank you so

much Becky Barton oh my god big shout

out to you Becky Barton thank you so

much so yes guys I hope you can see the

view can you guys that tell me if you

can see I mean if the quality of this

room is good oh look at the birds flying

over there

oh you surprised me back in Parkton

thank you so much

there used to be a there used to be a

fountain there I think some of you saw

that before at my previous streaming

there used to be a fountain there but

now it has gone I didn't know I think

they have the but they're trying to fix

something yeah yeah this is the river

here River moose here in verden can you

guys see it clearly you need no camisa

let me Johnny yes I'm even freezing can

you see the camera is freezing as well

perfect quality what's going on laughing

a little thank you sign even because I'm

worried about my data you know but I

think oh it's the 20th now so the

quality should be good my turn it should

be good but sad to say I can't oh thank

you so much Becky Barton I said to say I

can't show you my face because I'm just

holding my tripod right now I broke my

monopod everyone and I have ordered one

I think it's going to arrive next week

I've ordered I've ordered a four in one

tripod and they're guys you see that is

the you know fall you see I think you

have seen this area before I've taken a

video to show you the leaves before the

autumn leaves but believes now everyone

and some people are I don't know what

they're doing

maybe they are oh yeah I think they are

putting some Christmas lights on the

trees yeah Christmas lights were there

because you know they are preparing for

Christmas market moves you yeah they're

preparing for Christmas market so

they're putting some Christmas lights

over there

every tree yeah they're for something

okay let me show you the river the whole

river for those people who haven't seen

this here we go that's it this is river

moosi this is very popular in my place

most tourists come here so usually that

there that is a very popular hotel here

here in verden I mean the biggest hotel

here Jordan no mess oh look at the birds

yeah that's it and those boats there

actually some people live in it and

that's a floating restaurant and there's

also a floating a bar yeah is it

everyone and there are some restaurants

here on the side there's some


there's a sandwich area whatever Pizza

different kinds of restaurants and bars

sorry guys the connectionless can leaves

two weeks ago and is totally barren fall

is coming hard and fast us here oh yeah

I thought there are still leaves on it I

was not able to finish reading yes you

see you see how trees are hard lives are

but yeah that life everyone I think in

one of my lives ruling I've said it's

just like you know people people come

and go and the leaves as well they go

but for sure they will be back they will

come back yeah that's how it is here

guys and lots of restaurants here in

bars look at all those tables and chairs

full of leaves guys can you see I can't

imagine having a restaurant like that

and every time I start opening I have to

clean the table and chairs like that

tables and chairs oh that's a big job

it's a big work oh that's freezing it's

freezing cold in here students walking

yeah guys okay and that there there

there are two flags but in a way it's a

flag of France it's a kind of there's

kind of historical place guys oh yeah

anyway all the leaves are making the

river dirty look

the leaves are floating there but every

is natural you know that is nature

nature yes guys there you go oh

windy guys can you see the leaves moving

yes guys so yeah I think I'm gonna end

the show right now

Oh 23 minutes look hey I'll make it 25

minutes okay two minutes more everyone

know one minute one minute more and I'm

gonna end the show so yeah by the way

Becky Barton have you found the book for

your son

Becky Barton I hope you have so yes guys

in a way before I end the show thank you

so much everyone for tuning in once

again this is English teacher in France

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my channel and yes guys I hope to see

you again at my live-streaming later

maybe seven or eight hours from now I'm

gonna go live again look at the Ducks

guys they are very beautiful you can see

them okay anyway guys um I have gotta go

now so ten seconds more I'm gonna say

goodbye to everyone thank you so much so

yes guys this is teacher yes guys oh my

god the Steve Fein see ya guys bye

everyone thank you so much for dropping

by bye bye bye see you have a wonderful

day everyone yeah yeah it's very cold