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welcome to nerd herderz I'm your favorite gamer girl Marissa @themediawitch

*phone rings*

we've got can you get off your phone

no no no I told them matte finish

what are they doing in there what are we paying these people for I'm so sorry I'm

like doing my kitchen and it's a absolute nightmare we doing have we

started Tony Zaret, @tonyzaret

yeah it's right here I loved I love video games just to say I have to get back to you

I'm doing this thing for nerds yeah but listen tell them do not paint anything


*sirens blaring*

and we've got Bardia Salimi @bardiasalimi1

First of all I

just wanted to clear the air and say that I I did this joker play last

week. And while doing this character I couldn't help but realize that in the

end of the day Joker is just poking fun at mental illness and sort of punching

down in a way that really didn't come to light until I was just in the skin of

this person so I'd like to apologize for being in character for the show last

week and for anyone that saw the play I will never perform Joker again and I

will never see any Joker film again I like to say shame on Todd Phillips I'll

never watch his films ever again Joaquin Phoenix Jack Nicholson Heath Ledger Mark

Hamill Ceasar Romano


Romero there is a special place in hell for types

like you and types like me for that matter and I apologize and I will spend

the rest of my life defending mental health and doing whatever I can because

there's just a line that you do not cross and there's a special place in

hell for people like that and I hate myself for what I did

and I also just want to apologize to our viewers I know we're hearing some sirens we had this

intern Skylar and I guess he had like a heart attack or something anyway he

called 911 for himself probably just being dramatic

- anyway so there's gonna be some noise because I guess he's legally not alive

or something they don't know they're out in the hallway trying to bring him back

but anyway so again I want to apologize for that sort of one just plug my brand

real quick I'm launching a wellness company boss up baby girl so you can

click the link below you guys are gonna put a link right I'll talk more about

that later I've got a lot of products so we're gonna start with also Jared Leto

Oh shame on you yes

well I'm very excited about the

launch of this new video game death stranding it is sort of a

post-apocalyptic one kind of kind of my fav genre


the themes of the game are all

connected by the theme of it's a strand which I don't know about you guys but

that is my favorite bookstore and I was actually there a couple nights ago to

get my signed copy of girl wash your face stop believing the lies about who

you are so you can become who you were meant to be incredible book yeah did you

say post-apocalyptic I honestly feel like I'm living in the apocalypse with

what these people are charging me for this kitchen if this was like top shelf

work that's fine but they're not listening to anything I have to say

and honestly I long for the apocalypse because at that point the whole building

will burn down and they didn't collect some insurance money I'm just sort of

back to my wellness brand I just want to quickly plug one of my products

it's called wipe away and it comes three different wipes. one for your p*****

one for your a****** and one for your urethra urethral health is actually very

important to me and not a lot of people are talking about that so that's why I

invite you to sort of click the link below and go to my brand

I said no soapstone

(Whispers): I'm so sorry

soapstone is not in the budget

I said no soapstone we're doing Formica weird I told you I'm in the middle of

shooting my show for geeks and gamers I'm sorry I gotta call you back

I'm so sorry what were you saying about your p**** and your a******

we've got another video game we're excited for The Legend of Heroes trails

of Cold Steel 3 a JRPG game

you know I have to say and I want to apologize

earlier I was a little bit distracted because they're trying to tell me that I

need to pay double for durable tiles and it's like shouldn't all tiles be

durable but I do want to say I am really mad about this game because listen to

this the game was released in Japan and which I know I'm not reading this

off the top of my head the game was released in

Japan in September 2017 and

worldwide on October 2019 so what's going on what are you doing you're gonna

release the game in Japan but before here this is just a typical example of

of this is a typical example of what happens in this is a typical example of

what happens in


so I love an RPG yeah anything with abbreviations just

feels kind of like sexual to me

Bardia what do you use I mean are you like me

and are you excited about the fact that T Duff and Agate, characters from trails

in the sky a previous story arc will be returning

I don't think anyone even wants

my opinion anymore I need to take a step back and start listening to the voices

of others like people in mental health community and

women and anyone that's being punched down in general I'm really have to

reevaluate myself

there goes the siren again

Skylar oh for God's sake live or

or die, live or die, pick one

Need for Speed:Heat is a new game coming out marks the 25th

anniversary of the series

they need to stop making games like this that

encourage speeding and reckless driving and how about having electric cars in

these games also I auditioned for it. when I came in thinking I was doing a

voice for one of the drivers they said no I was there to be the voice of a

cabbie because apparently they have a mini game in the video game where you're

a cabbie and you go around picking people up, and

I thought that was problematic too

hey but who the hell am i right I'm just a guy who's racist to disabled people I

I think, I think it's called an ableist. I'm sorry hang on a second

hello yeah no no I said eggshell no no it's not the same as off-white. No, no, no

eggshell white is a totally different color I'm sorry could you keep an eye

that's my my brand. I'm also launching a fragrance. and it smells like cherries

If you're watching this, there's the logo of Boss Up Baby Girl

I think they're saying the intern flatlined is that bad

I don't know

F****** ablest

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