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It looks like there is a rivalry

between Donald Trump and

his own son-in-law Jared Kushner,

especially when it comes to policy

advice that Trump received

from his son-in-law.

We love the drama, another episode

of As The White House Turns.


>> I made some perfect mistakes.

>> I asked for his resignation.

>> I'm disappointed in

the Attorney General


>> Jonathan Swan over at Axios is

reporting that Donald Trump regrets

passing criminal justice reform.

And look, if you are a rational

human being, then you would have

known that Donald Trump

never really cared about criminal

justice reform and the first step

act was toothless to begin with.

And you should have known

the second Donald Trump was

inaugurated and decided to

reinstitute the use of private

prisons for federal inmates.

But anyway, here's what the latest

is based on Axios' reporting.

One person who spoke with

the president interpreted his way

of his thinking this way.

No more of Jared woke.

Another said Trump has indicated

that following Kushner's advice has

harmed him politically.

So Jared Kushner apparently was

the influence behind the scenes,

the person who was encouraging

Donald Trump to provide pardons to

certain non-violent offenders,

to pass a criminal justice reform.

And apparently Trump realized that

he is so racist and

so terrible to minority communities

that that small effort would not

actually lead to people of color

voting for

him over a Democratic challenger.

So Trump tipped his toe into police

reform under pressure

after a Minneapolis police officer

killed George Floyd and

an executive order that activists

considered toothless, but

he likely will not go further to

restrain law enforcement officers

moving forward.

So there was the initial criminal

justice reform.

And then if you guys can remember,

there was the executive order after

the protests started,

which essentially would do nothing.

But it was enough to make the law

enforcement community frustrated

and angry with him.

Conservatives have been angry

with him.

More importantly,

someone he watches regularly on

Fox News was angry with him.

That was Tucker Carlson.

And after he watched this segment,

he decided to change course and

move away from

criminal justice reform.

Take a quick look.

>> No one has more contempt for

Donald Trump's voters than

Jared Kushner does, and no one

expresses it more frequently.

In 2016,

Donald Trump ran as a law and order

candidate because he meant it.

And his views remain

fundamentally unchanged today.

But the President's famously sharp

instincts, the ones that won him

the presidency almost four years

ago, have been since subverted at

every level by Jared Kushner.

This is true on immigration,

on foreign policy, and

especially on law enforcement.

As crime in this country continues

to rise, Jared Kushner has led

a highly aggressive effort to let

more criminals out of prison and

back on to the streets.

This is reckless.

At this moment in time,

it's insane.

It continues to happen.

>> So Trump has now made clear,

Cenk, that he wants to support law

enforcement unequivocably, and

he won't do anything that could

be seen as undercutting police.

>> Yeah. >> So we'll see

what happens with Kushner.

But he seems to regret taking

Kushner's advice.

>> Yeah, I mean, he's going as

usual, full racist, especially when

it comes to Black Lives Matter.

But I want to be clear about

something then come back to

an important part of why he's

listening to Tucker Carlson.

So there's two different reforms

that people are talking about.

There's a criminal justice reform

that was passed, and some people

say that that was not enough.

Of course, it's not enough.

But the question is,

was it a good start?

I actually think it was, and

I know took some heat recently for

being part of that effort.

I don't agree with that.

I think that what he was trying

to do was constructive and

productive and I think people on

the left try to tear down

constructive people too much.

I'm keeping it real, okay?

So you can tell that it was real

because now Trump regrets it, and

Tucker Carlson hates it.

So it actually did have an effect.

It is a good beginning and

you could tell by the right-wing

reaction, that goddamn liberal,

Jared Kushner made us do it.

Now, that's ridiculous to call

Jared Kushner a liberal, but

that bill was not bad.

And I have given Trump credit for

that in the past because we

actually care about the truth.

Now, the second reform they're

telling you about is the so-called

reform that Trump proposed

after George Floyd got killed.

And he's like, okay, yeah,

I hear there's police brutality.

All right, let's ban chokeholds

unless you feel like it.

First of all,

banning chokeholds is incredibly

minor reform.

Chokeholds are banned in most

places anyway.

And the cops do it anyway and

they get away with it anyway.

And in this case,

he wasn't even banning it.

He said if they feel like they're

in danger, they can do a chokehold.

Well, they don't

do a chokehold because they're out

to lunch, right?

They do it because they claim they

feel like they're in danger.

So it was useless and

on purpose because at that point,

Trump had already turned away

from criminal justice reform.

And so no, no, it's better to

lean into my base and

to be vicious against black people.

So now why is he listening to

Tucker Carlson?

According to the reporting,

it's partly because Tucker Carlson

is now the number one rated

host on Fox News.

So he's like, he's got good

ratings, so he must be right.

You idiot with 1%

of the country watching you,

you have the top rated

cable news show in the country.

There's 330 million people.

You've got 3 million people,

you got a top show, but that's

still only 1% of the country.

Look at the polls.

The polls say two-thirds

of Americans think that Trump has

handled the George Floyd situation

poorly, including an overwhelming

majority of independence.

But he does not have the ability

to understand that.

All he thinks is me on TV,

me no ratings.

Rating's important.

Me get paid based on ratings.

Okay, God, what a moron.

Okay, God, what a moron.

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