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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Unwatchable Youtubers. (again)

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hey guys its your unemployed common nobody

And today we're going to talk about unwatchable youtubers

but before we do

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Because I'm trying to get to 60k by the end of the year. And with that being said we're gonna get to the video

now the first person on the list is someone a few of you guys requested and I

Didn't know how I forgot about her.

But the first person that I find unwatchable is

common nobody

she's sooo


All she does is talk about other people to get a check. Her voice is annoying

Her videos are absolute trash and she's probably super rude in person

Honestly, no wonder she's unemployed. But that's just my opinion

The next person I'm going to talk about is Lilly Singh aka IISuperwomanII

And I've known about Lilly Singh since her types of videos in like 2013

And I personally never found them to be funny

And now I feel like her videos have gotten progressively worse

And now I guess people are starting to see it the same way because for someone with 14 million

Subscribers her views aren't doing all that great

Now the next person I'm gonna talk about is Gabbie Hanna aka The Gabbie Show

Gabby was on my list last time but I decided to not put her in the video

But after watching her last video I decided to put her in this one

Now Gabbie's content in itself is not... bad

But it's Gabbie's obvious insecurities that remind me of why I don't watch her often

Watching a Gabby Hanna video is like reading a diary that never gets better

I've just never seen a youtuber be so confrontational

Then cry about it like a minute later and the video she makes are centered around

Gabbie's life, so it ends up affecting her content overall

I just personally wish she was a little bit more confident in herself and less dramatic and

That's pretty much it

The next person is Onision, a lot of you guys also wanted Onision on the list

But I feel like it's just one of those

obvious ones that everybody already knows and now his views are

Really really really really really down and nobody really really really cares anymore to watch him

So yeah, that's it. The next person I'm going to talk about is My Life is Eva and


She's pretty much known for doing

family-friendly videos but recently...

Eva talked about the old YouTube and how she wants to change up her content, and I personally was rooting for her

however, I saw what she was releasing so far

and I was... very confused.

She made the "Confronting My Crush" video, which was fine

It was really different, but then she decided to go back to high school for

some reason and now this

I guess she's starting to milk this thing with Brent Rivera because it's getting the most views but at what cost and

Speaking of the next person I'm going to talk about is Brent Rivera

To be completely honest. I have no idea how Brent Rivera

Lasted as long as he has I'm guessing it's because he has a relatively younger fanbase

But he's been making videos about school

His sister and overall cringy things for quite some time now

However, he's gotten away with it for nearly five years and his views are actually doing really well

so... I

guess I kind of commend him for

somehow making

Seventh grade humorous still relevant, but overall

I think his content is highly repetitive and very unfunny

The next youtuber I find unwatchable is Tyler Oakley

Tyler used to be at one point one of the biggest youtubers on the platform and everybody most likely

Still knows who he is

I personally

stopped watching his videos around... 2015

because I also felt like Tyler got repetitive and kind of just refused to change

Recently on Twitter

I randomly saw a tweet Tyler was responding to

and I found it kind of interesting

The tweet said new idea for at Tyler Oakley

old-school versus new-school

YouTube sit down with the new generation Youtuber and talk about things no one talks about

Tyler responded by saying, "who cares though lol"

"Surely not me"

That was an example of an older Youtuber not wanting to try something new

Tyler obviously didn't have to do everything in the tweet

He could have changed things up, but I definitely could have seen someone like Lilly Singh do that type of video

But Tyler could have at least given it some thought all in all I think

Tyler is unwatchable because he just gave up and last but not least his Lele Pons

A lot of you guys wanted her in here, but once again, I thought it was kind of obvious...

terrible writing, lack of comedy, cringy skits just

terrible across the board. Cool? Cool.

So that's the list of people this time but

Who do you guys think I missed?

Who do you think didn't deserve to be on the list?

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The Description of Unwatchable Youtubers. (again)