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Transcript of, "Scoot Smart Portland" produced by Rooted in Rights, brought to you by Lime.

Audio Description: A city sidewalk, in the foreground an electric scooter with the Lime


JOHNNIE: Hi, I'm Johnnie

Audio Description: A man signs to camera.

PHILIP: And I'm Philip.

JOHNNIE: Portland is a great city, you have many ways to get around.

There are a lot of things to see and a lot of things to do.

PHILIP: And the scooter program makes it easy.

[JOHNNIE]: But when people do not scoot smart, it causes problems for everybody.

JEREMY: I'm Jeremy and I work at Lime.

And this is why we're working together to help people understand how to scoot smart.

Audio Description: A fireman holds a helmet.

FIREMAN: As a first responder, I know that safety is key.

For your own safety, please remember to always wear a helmet when you ride.

PHILIP: Scooting smarter is also about understanding how our actions impact our neighbors.

EMILY: Hi, I'm Emily.

I have low vision.

While electric scooters are great way for some folks to get around, if they're parked

poorly we can get hurt.

For example if someone parks in the middle of the sidewalk and I can't find a safe way


Also remember not to place your scooter along the edge of buildings.

Blind and low vision individuals often use those areas for navigation.

JOHNNIE: And please, above all, use common sense.

[PHILIP]: Don't block access to transit stops, curb ramps, accessible parking stalls, stairs,

benches, fire hydrants, driveways or doors.

JEREMY: You can park your scooter in designated parking zones, or as close to the curb as

you can to maximize pedestrian access.

JOHNNIE: The number one thing an older person does not want to do is fall.

So when you come through at a fast pace, that causes us to stumble, and if you're on a cane

like I am, that's not a good thing.

PHILIP: Scooting is fun, and it beats using a car for quick trips.

But it's important to think about safety.

Safe scooting means yielding to pedestrians and staying off of sidewalks.

[FIREMAN]: Riding on the sidewalk is unsafe.

It puts the youth, the elderly, and people with disabilities at risk of being injured.

JEREMY: If you ride in the sidewalk you could even receive a ticket from the city.

So please don't do it.

JOHNNIE: Remember racing on the sidewalks is simply rude and dangerous - not only for

the person that's walking, but for you the rider.

JEREMY: We want scooters to be a fun, safe and environmentally friendly way to get around


But part of that is all up to each of us.

If we scoot smart, we can make that a reality for everybody.

[EMILY]: All it takes, is following the rules, using common sense, and thinking about our


When we scoot smart there's more than enough room for all of us to enjoy safely getting

around our city.

[PHILIP]: Learn more about how to scoot smart at:

JEREMY: If you see an improperly parked scooter or somebody riding unsafely, please let us


We're at, or you can call or text: 888-LIME-345.

[JOHNNIE]: This scoot smart message is brought to you by: Lime, Disability Rights Oregon,

Rooted in Rights and Portland Bureau of Transportation.

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