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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Literary Theory 4, Modernism, Avant Garde, Stream Of Consciousness, UGC NET/JRF,MA,BA

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discuss mortals the plot will pick meet

whatever was said was said again and

again already experienced by the world

something new was to be taken in in 1901

when Queen Victoria died there was a

demand of change in the complete century

the nerve shattering impact of the two

world war was very very severe it

changed the complete scenario on writing

on painting on every little of big thing

the psychological study by Sigmund Freud

in his interpretations of dream which

was published in 1900 was a big

blockbuster it changed it gave an

awareness to the psychology of man and

again the writer now came from inside

not from outside inside the sight the

stream of consciousness evolved the the

different layers of consciousness were

discovered unconscious conscious and

subconscious even the time was divided

into two the mechanical time and the

inner during so the complete change in

the writers and their works was their

change Joyce Virginia was D H Lawrence

TS Eliot Ezra Pound who these people

they are responsible change the world

even the painters

like Pablo Picasso they introduced new

concepts in painting cubism was there

the art became absurd might be angled if

there wasn't any clear-cut demarcation

of anything which they were doing there

were different angles added to it this

kind of major change is referred as


who in Victoria strike was but defined

they had proper stories look at Dickens

characters they were so evolved there

were so many things discussed they were

models which were emphasized by the

poets by the writers by the authors by

the novelist then in the modern era

everything became half as it people

believed that they had complete faith on

humanity they had complete faith on God

but then what happened

David dissolution this was not true the

reality was something else and the

reality which they faced was because of

the two world wars which finished their

over believes all morals the complete

Society was on the verge of

disintegration and you can see that in

TS Eliot's wasteland which was published

in 1922 savior James Joyce Ulysses was

also published but due to some political

and other reasons it was banned in

Greece like this Elliot has clearly

mentioned that Western civilization was

not no more sufficient to sustain human

life and he studied those initials and

Vedas and he added the fifth part in his

waistline what the Thunder Thunder said

then he mentions the three syllables

dirt dirty one is Tata

the other is devam the home and the

third one is da matta these are the

three phases of human life one is to

give the other is

if you are very very powerful you should

have some self-control on you and the

third one is to have compassion in the

end he says that if you want to lead a

very political life you should believe

in these three syllables the director or

shanthi shanthi shanthi

one of the major characteristic of the

modernism was free interact expression

of sets and this was due to this

psychological studies coming in

especially from Sigmund friend he gave

two complexes it was complex and Electra

complex the writers now started

exploring themselves they thought that

whatever was written already was so

happening so worried so they've started

experimenting some with something new

sex was no more a taboo now the complete

break from Victorian era was seen in

this age in Victorian era when we read

with your nose

dovie's we find that man was trying to

sustain fate he says what love let us be

true to one another it's this world lies

before us a kind of illusionary thing or

say totally a fake thing but still we

should have faith in each other and we

should try to sustain love what happened

due to the increase of technical life so

many machines playing strange none of

those things man became lonely and he

started thinking about his own self

started having conversations with his

own self

he started exploring his own psyche and

then came stream of consciousness so

Virginia woods novels are based on the

same mrs. Dalloway to the lighthouse and

the waves even James Joyce the portrait

of an artist as a young man is

based on the same his he explores

himself he explores us past when he was

a young boy and how he grew up as an

artist you know what these modernist

Morden's was to try something they were

experimenting something they were trying

to hold something which was really

breaking away the modern times had

another shock from Frederick needs the

French philosopher who said God was dead

Victorian life was stable it stretched

on morality it stressed on simplicity it

wanted to sustain faith in each other so

in short we can say modernism is a new

experimentation you want forms new

psychological studies new social

structure by Karl Marx you missionary

theory by Charles Darwin new cerebral

work rather than emotion was Newtonian

laws we changed into Einstein's theory

of relativity from Newton we came up to

ice time that much science had developed

and then 200 physics new illusions new

educational forms all of these together

formed a new human expression that is

called in a next video we would discuss

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The Description of Literary Theory 4, Modernism, Avant Garde, Stream Of Consciousness, UGC NET/JRF,MA,BA