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unit one greeting hi John hi miss Wong

good morning good morning how are you

I'm fine thank you and you I'm fine too

thanks how are you doing everything is

OK it's nice to see you again it's nice

to see you too

good evening miss Wong good evening I'm

glad to see you again me too how is

everything everything is fine how are

you getting on very well how are your

father and mother they are very well

thank you I must run good night good

night unit 2 introduction John have you

met mr. Chen no this is mr. Chen Chen

Ming how do you do mr. Chen how do you

do my name is John John Smith it's nice

to meet you where are you from I'm from

America I'm glad to meet you too

John this is Leon my good friend

have you met before no how do you do

miss Li how do you do this is my wife

Mary very glad to meet you are you from

Canada no we come from America John the

man over there is our manager let's go

and meet him mr. Jang this is mr. John

Smith from America it's a greater honor

to meet you me too

unit three job what's your job miss Wong

I'm a secretary I work for a car company

that's a very nice job yes it is

I like my job what do you do I have a

good job in a big company I work as a

sales manager sales manager that's a

very interesting job yes I like it

tell me miss Li what's your job I have a

job in a bank Bank of China oh that's a

very good job yes I like it they say you

work for a big company yes

very big I work for IBM I'm a sales

manager oh that's very interesting very

challenging to unit for family tell me a

little about your family mr. Chen we

have three people in our family my wife

my daughter and me I'm sure it is a

happy family yes it is how many people

are there in your family we are a family

of four we have two children a son and a

daughter how old are your children our

son Edward is 10 and Linda our daughter

is only three they are very nice

children these are my family photos may

I have a look sure this is Edward and

this is Linda you have lovely children

this is my wife Mary with two children

and this one the four of us in front of

our house it is a very nice house you

have a happy family unit five invitation

are you free this Sunday yes what I'd

like to invite you to have dinner with


oh it's very kind of you

I'd love to come would you be able to

come at 6:00 Sunday evening yes thank

you very much for inviting me we are

having a party this Saturday we'd like

to invite you to come it's very kind of


Saturday evening no Saturday afternoon

will you be able to come I'm sorry I

want to be free in the afternoon

what a pity anyway

thank you very much for inviting me unit

6 welcome

welcome mr. Smith good evening I'm

afraid I'm a bit late not at all come in

and take a seat make yourself at home

thank you you have a nice home small but

comfortable thank you for saying so tea

or coffee tea please welcome to our

company good morning miss Wang it's nice

to see you again here is our manager mr.

Zhang we have met good morning mr. Jang

good morning mr. Smith we are happy to

have you here thank you very much for

inviting me to your company

unit 7 thanks did you enjoy your visit

oh yes thank you for the pleasant

afternoon I'm glad you enjoyed it I'm

really grateful to you it's our pleasure

to have you

you are very helpful miss Wong thank you

again for your kindness

you are welcome many thanks miss Wong

I'm sorry we couldn't find kites for

your children I can buy something else

thank you just the same

don't mention it I'm really grateful to

you for all the trouble there's no

trouble at all unit 8 parting I'm afraid

I must be leaving now must you it's

still early we must leave for Nanjing

early tomorrow morning in that case I

won't keep you thank you again for

inviting me take care and good night

good night it's very nice of you to come

to see me off it's my pleasure I enjoyed

my stay in Shanghai very much I really

don't know how to thank you enough don't

mention it

it's very nice knowing you we'll see

each other again very soon I'm sure have

a nice trip goodbye goodbye unit 9

shopping how do you like this one can I

have a look at that one sure it's very

nice I'll take it is there anything else

no thank you

what can I do for you sir I need a

woolen sweater like that one over there

what size please my size is this alright

have you anything a size bigger how

about this one that's very nice I'll

take it

unit 10 asking price how much please

that's $32 in all anything else

how much is that handbag the price is on

the label let me see

it's $45 that's more than I wanted to

pay here's $40 thank you here's your


$8 how much are the apples that's 50

cents each that's very dear but they are

very good apples fresh and sweet I'll

take ten and five oranges

how much please that's seven dollars in

all sir unit 11 asking the way excuse me

sir is there a post office nearby go

straight on to the traffic lights then

turn right is it far from here no it

will take you five minutes to walk go

straight on and turn right yes it's a

green building thank you very much

excuse me how can I get to the station

go along this road then turn left at the

traffic lights

is it far to walk it's about ten minutes

walk thank you very much you are welcome

excuse me is this the right way to the

station yes go straight off many thanks

unit 12 taking a taxi or bus does this

bus go downtown yes but you must change

to bus number 66 can you tell me where

to get off I'm new here sure it's only a

few stops from here how much is the fare

fifty fan please sir you get off at the

next stop thank you very much

taxi good morning where are you going

take me to the airport please get in

please how much please

it's 28 UN and 50 fen here's 30 UN and

keep the change

unit 13 eating let's go and have

something to eat

good I'm really hungry have you tried

Chinese food no but I'd like to try it's

on me this time okay thank you very much

can we see the menu please sure here you

are thanks John you do the ordering to

your health

Cheers I hope you like the food here oh

it's delicious try some of this fish

please thank you hmm it's very good fish

have another piece of Peking Duck

I'm afraid I can't have any more waiter

may I have the bill please no no it's on

me this time unit 14 telephone can I

speak to mr. Smith please hold on please

John you're wanted on the phone hello

hello John Smith yes speaking

this is Wong lean here mr. Jang our

manager wants to know if he can see you

at 2:00 this afternoon yes 2 o'clock is

fine thank you for calling bye bye bye

hello extension 1 to 2 please just a

minute please

the line is busy now okay I'll call

again later

can I have extension one two three

you're through

hello it's miss Wong in miss Wong I'm

afraid you've got a wrong number unit 15

whether miss Wong what's the weather

like it's still cloudy and a bit cold

but it seems to be clearing up

that's good what's the temperature today

I think it's warmer than yesterday what

does the weather forecast say I don't

know but it seems it's going to be fine

tomorrow I hope it will what a lovely

day it's a bit cold but bright and sunny

yes a lovely day isn't it

I hope it stays fine does it often snow

in winter here no it doesn't snow much

in this part of China I'll come back in


how is summer here I'm afraid it will be

very hot but it will be lovely and cool

in September unit 16 illness you look


what's wrong with you I have a bad

headache and feel dizzy do you call

Eickhoff a lot at night how about your

appetite I don't have any appetite I'm

afraid you've got a bad cold you must

see a doctor what's your trouble

I'm afraid I've got a bad cold when did

you begin to feel ill yesterday morning

I'm afraid you've got a fever too what

must I do doctor take these tablets

three times a day have a good rest and

drink plenty of water I'm sure you will

be all right soon unit 17 interests what

are you interested in miss Wong I enjoy

reading novels it's being novels that's

great are you interested in love stories

no I'm fond of classical novels oh

that's interesting what do you like to

do in your free time I enjoy reading -

what's your favorite pastime I'm keen on

sports what sport do you like most

I'm fond of swimming swimming

it's great I like swimming too but I'm

not a very good swimmer well that's not

very important the important thing is to

keep fit unit 18 language I beg your


oh it's a line from Longfellow I'm sorry

I didn't hear you clearly can you say

that again learn to labor and learn to

wait what does labor mean it means to

work hard how do you spell the word L a

B Oh our labor I'm afraid I can't speak

English well your English is okay

what does WC there mean it means water

closet it is important to know that oh

you're right what do you say if you want

to find that place you say excuse me

where is the men's room or ladies room

you can also say where can I wash my

hands unit 19 appointment miss Wang I'd

like to make an appointment with your

manager when do you want to see him can

I see him this afternoon I'm afraid he

won't be free in the afternoon well

tomorrow morning be alright tomorrow

morning will be fine with me when will

it be convenient for you

nine o'clock anytime in the morning 9 o

clock is OK when can I see you how about

this evening after supper it's 7 o clock

alright for you good 7 o clock sharp

shall we meet at the Hilton Hotel right

let's see each other in the lobby

ok that's settled unit 20 agreement what

do you think of the performance it's

very good don't you think

yes I quite agree with you the act is

excellent I think so too and the songs

are beautiful I'm afraid I wouldn't say

that miss Wang they seemed a bit too

loud to me in fact many foreigners think

Peking Opera is too loud

what do you think of the price I'm

afraid I can't accept that it's still

too high not really you know the high

quality of our goods

I agree but do we buy a large amount

it's a good business I see your point

but the price is really very low already

unit 21 acceptance and declining can I

give you a hand yes that would be a

great help the bag is too heavy for me

would you like me to take it to your

office if it's not too much trouble no

trouble at all let me carry that handbag

too thank you for offering but I can

manage here is a little something for

you oh thank you very much it's a

picture book of our hometown it's a

little token of my gratitude to you for

your help these days it's beautiful

thank you so much I hope you like it

my wife is thinking of selecting a scarf

for you it's very kind of her but really

please don't bother unit 22 compliments

you look wonderful today miss Wang well

thank you for saying so - I really like

your coat the color and design are so

nice I'm glad you like it

it's perfect on you really it's one of

the prettiest coats I've ever seen oh

you flatter me I really like your

cooking the food is so delicious oh

you're just saying so no I mean it I

must have tried the food is super it's

very kind of you to say that

miss Wang I think you're one of the best

cooks I've ever met

oh you flatter me unit 23 apology I need

to apologize to you may I ask why I

opened to this letter I thought it was

mine don't worry these things happen

I'm really sorry about that let's forget


I hope you're not upset with me of

course not miss Wang you're half an hour

late I don't think so

it's just 7:30 you said seven o'clock

but don't worry about it

really oh I'm so sorry it doesn't matter

I enjoyed sitting here in the lobby I

must apologize please excuse me for

coming late never mind

unit 24 suggestions I'm planning to

visit some places before I leave China

I'd like to hear your suggestions if I

were you I would go to Xian that's the

best place to go Xian that sounds like a

good idea I also suggest you visit

Beijing Qingdao and greeting but I have

only a few days what would you do in my

situation in that case go to Xian and

Beijing thank you for your suggestion

I'm thinking of buying some souvenirs

for my relatives what do you suggest

that's a difficult question if you were

in my shoes what would you do what about

some Chinese silk for ladies that's not

a bad idea

why not buy some paper cut great idea

unit 25 comparison and choice there are

many kinds of silk to choose from what

do you prefer it's a difficult question

how about this compared with other

designs the

seems much better the price it's much

more expensive than others to have a

look at this it's as beautiful as that

one I like this design better than that

one what do you think the choice is

yours the afternoon what do you prefer

to do are you interested in going out

you mean shopping yes that's not my cup

of tea I would rather stay at home but

but the choice is yours dear go or stay

okay let's go

unit 26 request could you do me a favor

well of course could I ask you to get a

typewriter for me I'd be glad to I'll be

grateful if you could get it today

I'll try my best thank you very much for

the trouble that's no trouble at all

miss Wang I hope you could do me a favor

sure what is it I'm going to see a

Chinese businessman I'll be grateful if

you could be our interpreter okay when I

was wondering if you could help tomorrow

afternoon I'm afraid I can't get away in

the afternoon I would if I could

unit 27 Hotel hello peace hotel yes good

morning what do I do for you I'd like to

make a reservation single or double room

a double room please how much is a room

for one night seventy dollars how long

will you be staying we'll be staying for

about two days I want to book a room for

Friday and Saturday

very good sir a double room for Friday

and Saturday I booked a room here my

name is John Smith yes we have room 203

reserved for you a double room yes fill

out this form please by the way is there

a dining room in the

Hotel yes here's your key if you want

anything just call the desk thank you

have a nice stay here unit 28 post


what's the postage for a letter to Hong

Kong do you want to send it by airmail

yes of course that's 80 fen 280 fen

stamps please oh wait

I'd like to register the letters that

would be 2 yuan and 20 fen each how long

does it take from here to Hong Kong

it usually takes 3 days by airmail I'd

like to send this little box to New York

how would you like to send it by Parcel

Post I know I mean by surface mail or

airmail our surface mail please do you

want it insured yes I think so

unit 29 Bank good morning may I help you

good morning I'd like to open an account

here we have savings accounts and

checking accounts in the bank what's the

difference a checking account is more

convenient but you get more interest

from your savings account what's the

interest rate for a savings account it

varies from time to time it's 5% at

present ok savings account fill out this

form and sign your name here I'd like to

withdraw $50 from my account how would

you like your money please give me four

tens and two fives

here you are sir thank you please give

me 100 pounds worth of US dollars what's

the exchange rate today let me see

it's one hundred fifty six dollars for

100 pound unit 30 Airport

excuse me when can we board the plane

what's the flight number see a flight

three three four to New York

they say the plane is delayed by bad

weather your flight will take off in 20


it will board through gate eight thank

you very much

attention please see a flight number

three three for two New York is now

boarding through gate number eight

flight number three three four can I

check in yes may I have your ticket and

passport please

sure here you are what do you check in

just this suitcase yes and I have one

hand luggage too smoking or non-smoking

non-smoking please here are your ticket

and your boarding card Thanks



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