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(cheering) (upbeat music)

So it's time for Trendy @ Wendy

and I always tell you guys,

I take most of this stuff home myself.

We talked about this, okay?

Please welcome our friend, Moku Zovu.

(cheering) Hi, hello!

All right Moku, welcome back.

Thank you for having me. Talk about what we have.

Alright, so listen, all of our deals here

are from our friends over at Rue La La.

Let's get started with the first one.

This one is from Ella Jayne.

It is the weighted blanket with the minky reserve.

Ooh! So cozy up

with this soothing, cozy, a weighted blanket,

rest up to the soothing comfort of this cozy blanket.

It's available in five colorways.

What I have right now is the 12-pound one.

But you can get it in 12 pounds, in 15 pounds, in 20 pounds.

So Wendy, if you feel it,

the outside is that soft microfiber--


But then it reverses over to this plushy,

sort of mink feel.

It's the first day of fall,

so today would be the first perfect time to try this out.

We did this before on the show

and I took it to my office and then it was so heavy.

And then I took it home and then I looked at it

and I said, ah!


Because there was action still happening in my life.

I got it, I got it.

You know.

But then when no action was happening,

I said, ooh, this would feel like, you know.

It feels like a warm embrace, it feels like a hug.

And that's what I like about it.

So start with like the 12-pound one

and then you can work your way up.

Now this normally retails between 129 to 179,

but Wendy watchers, you're getting 75% off just 44.99.

(cheering) That's a good price, right?


Let's move on over to here.

So we have the Adagio Professional blowout brush.

Achieve that salon-quality professional blowout brush

with this multitasking brush. Ooh!

So essentially it has three settings, right?

And it also has an air dryer function.

So what it does is it blow-dries your hair

while straightening your hair at the same time.

So if you have a hard time like holding the blow dryer,

holding the brush, this makes it easy for you

'cause you can do it all in one step.

I like this.


So this normally retails for 399.

What!? For Wendy watchers--

That's right, 399.

But you're not paying that, 89% off just 39.99.

(applauding) Oh!


That's good!

All right, this is an item I'm sure we're all using.

This is from ZTech, the wireless earbuds

with the charging station.

So stay connected on the go with these wireless earbuds.

They come with the storage case

and you can charge in there as well.

So essentially what they allow you to do

is the easy controls allow you to play and pause music,

answer a call, dial the last number that you just called.

You guys, these are available in five glam colors.

I love that the Bluetooth pairs up to two phones,

but you can also use it

on most Bluetooth-enabled devices, right?


Yeah, so cordless is great.

It normally we tell us for 79.99--

I like this color right here.

This color is great but there's five to choose from,

so you know, get a couple.

Maybe one for a holiday gift.

Yeah. Maybe, right?

This normally retails for 79.99, but Wendy watchers,

you're getting it for 75% off, just 19.99.



All right.

Really good!

I know you love talking about skincare.

What do we have here? This is from the perfect!

This is the perfect collagen replenish for day and night.

So pamper your skin at home with this set

from Predire Paris, the Replenish set.

It features everything that you need

to take care of your skin day and night.

Let's talk about what you're getting though.

You're getting the Triple Acting Facial Cleansing Scrub,

and then you're also getting this Skin Collagen Cell Renewal

Night Serum and the cream, and then you get

the Anti-Aging Oxygen and Cell Renewal golden mask.

Wendy, whether you're in your 20s or in your 60s,

it's never too soon or too late to take care of your skin.


Yeah, right? The earlier the better.

The earlier the better, start earlier.

(audience applauds)

Well, wait till you guys find out about this price.

It normally retails for 2,420.

(audience exclaims)

I know, but it's the whole entire set.

It's 97% off, right?

And you're getting the entire set for 49.99.

(cheering) (ding)

Well, thank you, Moku.

It's my pleasure.

Everybody, thank you also Rue La La

for these amazing deals.

Go to, get them before they sell out.

(dance music)

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