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Tyler: Ladies and gentlemen handsome boys and beautiful girl, welcome to another episode of,

[Incoherent intro to game]

For Gamers

*ding ding*

Tyler: This week we got a hockey face off, let's see who the announcer is Here it's gonna -

*Drum roll*

Announcer for this face off is...😎


Cory: Okay Okay

Congratulations! Man!

Competitor number one...



Tyler: Tanks bro

And competitor number two is..

Tyler: Am I reading that right? Cory: No that's not right.

Tyler: Tim?

Editor Tim?

Others: No way! Tyler: Get in here

Tyler: Ladies and gentlemen assume your role!


Cory: Yo man, my name is Jim Schorts, I'm from the great island of Yamaica.

Tyler: What from Yamaica? Are you half Spanish?

Cory: It's not Jamaica,

see my accent is from a main land slightly off the coast of more famous, Jamaica.

I'm not from Jamaica. (Other guy: Go look that up on a map actually) I'm from Yamaica.

*Maraca rattle* YAMAICA! Tyler: Yah ah Yamaica.

Cory: Welcome to the hockey face off,

If you didn't hear me, my name is Jim Schorts. My hair is long and my shorts are short here we go

*Crickets* Tyler: Wow that was good Jim, come up with that on your own?

Cory: Contestants please announce yourselves, and list out how much experience you have.

Ty: Thank you, What's your name?

Cory: Jim Schorts! My hair is long (Ty: I know, how could I-) And my shorts are short!

Ty: How could I forget, Jim.

Uh, I'm Ty, I'm from uh Plano Texas. I would say I've got a year and a half to two years of roller hockey experience.

Cory: *Shakes maraca* What about you over here?

Tim: So Jim, I'm Tim. (Cory: OOHHH I LIKE YOU ALREADY!)


Cory: No, I don't recognize you from the videos. Why do we know you?

Tim: Uh I'm one of the editors for dude perfect.

Cory: Okay, how much experience do you have?

More or less than two years?

Tim: Uh a little bit more, 17 years of competitive ice hockey experience.

Cory: Okay I'm not a mathematician, but I think my odds are going to this Tim man.

*maraca shakes* Tim: Thanks dude.


Ty: Aren't you supposed to be non biased? (Cory: I am not biased) But you just said your- what?

Cory: In our first competition today, we are going to knock out........$

Not one

Not two,

Not three,

But four targets from the goal. We call it the sharp shooter challenge. Let's get up in it. (Ty: Sharp)

Tyler, let's get this started. You'll know when to go, when I say I [unintelligible] Shot the pucks!

Over one

Over two

Over three, C'mon Tyler!

Come on!

One, Two!


OOHHH! My new friend Tyler. Tyler, Tyler, Tyler. I thought you were going to do better!

Ty: I know! I thought I was gonna do better!

Cory: There were four targets on that goal. *sigh*

Ty: Jim- (Cory: I'm must say-) It wasn't good, It wasn't good.F###...

Cory: We have a word in my country, disappointed. (Ty: No we say that-) And that's how I feel right now.

Cory: I am disappointed (Ty: That's a world wide adjective) We're moving on to Tim,

Here we go. Let's go

OOHH! My new friend Tim man. (Tim: Sup Jim) Jim and Tim! Buddies for life!

Cory: Tim I need you to get more than two man, our good friend Tyler, he got two.

I need you to get more than two, so that we will lift up the name of Jim and Tim.

Tim: Oh okay, I don't know about the name of Jim and Tim but.. (Jim: Jim and Tim! we are even I do not care for him)


Cory: You will know when to start!


Shoot the pucks!

Over one!


*siren* Cory: I am unbiased. I am not excited. (Ty: No you're super biased!) I am not excited.

Ty: You came here celebrating for him! (Cory: No!)

Cory: You are thinking of somebody else. (Ty: Who was I thinking of?) My hair is long, and my shorts are short.

Cory: I am not short of breath, I am simply excited to see a good performance.

Tim: Honestly I was kinda- disappointed, That word you used- (Cory: Yeah!) I was disappointed in myself.

(Cory: here he comes) Ty: Oh yeah I should've got all four in four shots! I'm so disa- face wash, face wash face-

Cory: Hey no fighting yet! There is no fighting in hockey. There is no fighting in hockey in Yamaica!

*Hockey stick drops*

*ding ding ding* Cory: NO, NO NO!

Break it up, break it up. What is- what is happening?

Cory: Alright man, and man (Ty: Nice) In my country we have a game called Jim.

It is essentially like pig, where you call your shot and then you have to hit it.

(Tim: Alright) Cory: We're going to play that now, and let me remind you,

we're doing two out of three competitions

Tim, if you win,

Ty, you go home.

LET'S DO IT! (Tim: Alright)

Cory: Tyler it is your first shot. You have my blessing, kind of, I like Tim more.




Cory: You've been my favorite the whole time! (Ty: AH NO WAY!)

Both: Jim and Ty! Jim and Ty! Jim and Ty!

Cory: Tim must try and make the shot, if he misses it, he gets a J.

*drum roll*



Cory: Oh my goodness! (Ty: YEAH!) I cannot tell you how surprised I am! (Ty: I- Me too, me too)

Cory: I have to say i'm disappointed. Again that's like sad in my country (Ty: Oh, I know)

Cory: Well I'm disappointed for my friend Tim (Ty: I thought it was was Ty and Jim?)

Cory: No I've always been with Tim. (Ty: Are you kidding?)

Cory: Jim and Tim! (Tim: I'm so confused) Jim and Tim!

Ty: Are you familiar with confused?

Cory: I don't know what that means. What is your next shot?

Ty: This is the pancake shot yeah. (Cory: The pancake shot!)

Ty: Flip and catch

*ding* OOOHH! That's how it's done Jimmy! (Cory: HE DID IT!)

(Ty: YEEAAHH HAHA!) Cory: He's always been my favorite!

Cory: You can do it! Time to flip the pancake.

*ding* Cory: OOOHHHH MAN!

(Ty: Your turn)

Cory: In my country we call that even steven.

Tim: This one's inspired by my home state. This one's called the Michigan. Top cheese.

Ty: Top cheese?

*victory noise* Cory: OOOOOHHHHHH! Ya hu man

Cory: Tim I love him like a brother! Always have, always will. He's my favorite.

*drum roll*

*fail noise* Ty: DAMMIT!

Tim: So back hand, right boost

Ty: YEAH! Yeah!

Round the world.

*sound effects*


Ty: Nice!


Cory: My best friend!

He's my best friend.

*sound effects*

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