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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A Weird Sketchbook Tour

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Hey, it's Echo.

I curled my hair yesterday. And now I can't find my hairbrush.

So, my hair just looks stupid today.

It works, it works, magic!

So, recently I've been getting a lot of requests to make a sketchbook tour video

and show some of my old drawings.

So, I've gone ahead and I've chosen one of my old collections of artwork from 2008

and I've specifically chosen this because it is the smallest one I have.

And look how long this video is.

All of these are from 2008, so I feel like I need to give you fair warning

I was a teenager, so I drew things because, teenager.

If you see anything that worries you, don't worry. Because this was from 2008. It was a loong time ago.

I might turn this into a series and go through my entire collection,

if enough people, watch it, share it and like it.

But, for now I'm gonna make at least one, for the people who asked. Onto the sketchbook tour! When I start a new binder, the first picture that I draw is

usually placed in the front and then that becomes the title of the binder

this one is a testimonial to my insanity and this was a self-portrait that I did

in 2008 so it's pretty old please have in mind that I was a teenager when I

drew all of these so a lot of them are probably going to be weird

and my style in general is very weird and kind of creepy so don't be weirded

out by that. Okay, brace yourselves. First of all we had a bunch of little sketches

that I was doing I think these were just inspired by something that I found on

Deviant Art that I thought was kind of cute and then I was also practicing just

kind of anime eyes I was really into anime in high school have that in mind

cuz probably gonna see it reflected in here. This was a sketch of something cute

being eaten by something giant this is the dog, dog get out of the way this was

another self-portrait that I did. I've been trying to figure out my personal

style for a really long time and so I kept drawing self-portraits to try and

help figure that out. Developing a personal style is very

difficult and then here we have a zombie girl which I actually colored and I've

got that somewhere if I can find it I will show it on the screen. Here you areA

I tried to replicate that style here with this skater girl who is t-shirt

says pain, because teenager next I have girl in a tank, because "science". I was

thinking about unconsciousness and dreams and how they relate to happiness

so this is kind a bliss tank if that makes any sense and

then on the bottom it says "A Permanent State of Dream". So at the time I was kind

of just thinking that if you could sleep forever because I did love to sleep 'cause

teenager that you would just be eternally happy, because teenager. I went

through a really crazy phase with silhouettes which you are soon going to see, and

this was one when I tried to do a duplicate drawing so I drew this

originally and it's just two kids in front of a city and it says "the right

side of reality" and then I flipped it, and then traced it onto the other side

and then converted it to a silhouette so it would be a darker kind of spooky-ish

kind of thing? And then here it says "the left side of reality" so it's kind of

like that comparison between right and left and having left as a representation

of evil and darker things because that's... I don't know, historically how it goes

which is kind of ridiculous. More silhouettes! It's kind of hard to see but

I have in pencil written here "so far apart" and I can't completely remember

why. This one I believe was slightly inspired by Sailor Moon and just that

whole magical, anime, kind of like crowns and like the hairstyle and that kind of

thing and then this one was just meant to have a really creepy smile. I believe

I had just read "Johnny The Homicidal Maniac" and that was

part of the reason that I was working so much with dark, dark, dark colors and

silhouettes. More silhouettes. I know this was originally supposed to be hair but

now that I'm looking at it it just seems very alien like I also kept trying to

capture hysterical laughter in an image and I feel like that one does a pretty

good job of it. I'm pretty sure for these I used gel pens because gel pens are

awesome. And then I have a silhouetted ballerina that's meant to be just a tiny

bit creepy, which is why they're very sharp shadows and her dress instead of

being poofy and happy, is sharp and spiky and then also why her fingers are all

pointed. This one was inspired by a poem that I had read in one of my English

classes and it says "Under thy roof no guests shall sit, nor at thy table eat a

bit. No pleasant tale shall ever be told, nor things recounted done of old." It's

just kind of a poem that represents loneliness, so I drew an image to match

that feeling. Beautifully tragic, isn't it? And then I drew a happy clown because

once again, totally inspired by Jhonen Vasquez. "Let us be happy before we die."

And then here we had another self-portrait once again

I was just trying to develop a style and I was kind of upset because there was

like an argument or something that was going on in one of my classes and I just

felt like both of the people who were arguing were stupid. High school is a

weird time for everyone, let's not think too deeply about it. More silhouettes!

Because, silhouettes! Party at the Church of Scientology, this was inspired by a

song that's written by MC Lars. When I was in high school I went through a

phase where I was kind of obsessed with MC Lars and I used to listen to all of

his music and one of my favourite ones was part of the Church of Scientology so

I went ahead and I drew a picture just listening to the song. With this one, I was

listening to a song by t.A.T.u I can't remember the name of it, but there is a

phrase in it that says "will I ever be free?" a lot of my drawings I couldn't

really show anyone because I knew that if I showed them independent of their

inspiration that they would think that something was wrong with me, but a lot of

the time they were just inspired by other artists or music or the culture

that I was being exposed to over the Internet.

I was the awkward kid who always sat in the back of the classroom. I don't think

there was any particular motivation or inspiration behind these two I was just

scribbling. I really love this one just because the facial shape is beautiful

and I was also trying to work with hair. So many collarbones,

look at those collarbones, oh my god. Also, I really love the border on this one and

then I started to getting into some cute stuff. Look at how cute this one is. This

one was inspired by the doll in the movie Mulan in combination with my

creepy dark silhouette phase because, teenager. And this is Jim bones. I just

drew a really cute skeleton kid and then I couldn't decide whether I wanted his

eyes to be filled in or not and I couldn't decide whether I wanted the

stripes to be on his pants or on his shirt so I did both and then I named him

Jim bones. I drew this one as I was slowly

transitioning out of the silhouette phase and I believe it was inspired by

Teen Titans, specifically Starfire and then another character whose name

escapes me at the moment. And then on the other side I was just practicing faces

and trying out a new pen for filling in but it wasn't working as well you can see

all the textures and it was affecting the paper really negatively, and then I

also wanted to try and throw some red into it because I had just gotten a red

gel pen. I used to burn through pens. This one was very much inspired by Invader Zim,

and then that was a scribble. Jhonen Vasquez is one of my favorite artists.

After the silhouette phase was essentially completely gone, I started

drawing a lot of these little ghost characters. When I used to live at my

grandmother's house, we all had our own chores and one of the chores that I used

to do is sweeping. So, while I was sleeping I would be thinking about

really random things, so, I drew a little ghost character sweeping and thinking

about a bunch of random things. And then over here it says "I want to touch it..." and

that was just because it looks like that's what he's thinking. He's so cute I

was an emotional teen, let's pretend this phase never existed. I believe this one

was inspired by these little characters that I used to see online all the time.

He's just a little rag doll and his eye fell out and he's confused. And then here

we have the original sketch which was actually attached to something else so I

cut it loose and then I photocopied it so that it would be in the center of the

page but I couldn't stand to throw away the original drawing. And then this one

is a lemon! I actually just drew this really

incredibly happy smiley face and for some reason in my head it seemed like he

was screaming "I'm a lemon" and that he is just so happy to be a lemon. I think I've

actually used this as an icon in some of my online profiles. Next, and then I just

kind of continued with the ragdoll theme and these guys are beans, at a point I

started drawing the figures without bodies so I just kind of felt like they

look like beans because they're like bean bag heads which makes sense because

they're originally supposed to be dolls buttons for eyes, buttons for eyes. I was also

very big into Tim Burton so fun stuff with this one, I had kind of hit a point

where I wasn't happy with anything that I was drawing so this was just a

scribble. I specifically remember drawing this one

in my Spanish class and thinking that it was a terrible drawing and that I just

hit this point where I couldn't draw anymore because nothing I was drawing

was good enough? And I still felt like I wasn't completely developing a style yet

and then on the other side I drew a

rag doll and I can't completely remember why there was some reason that I was

specifically drawing a bunch of rag doll. I think I actually drew this

because I started thinking about Industrial Engineering and how the

speakers were always placed in the heart of rag dolls instead of in the face so

whenever they said anything it always came from heart. This one is one of my

favorite drawings I momentarily went back to my Silhouette phase and I just

tried to draw something that was sharp, I guess? This one was actually scribble

that I did on the back of a notebook and then I photocopied it and finished it on

the photocopy. Which is why you can see the gray area

here and then the black binding from the notebook. And then I started drawing cute

little emo-y figures because there was just this emo blog that I was following.

Because, teenager. I liked the art style of emo artwork and this was the very

first drawing of Chui bunny. This is another one that I drew on the back of a

notebook and then ended up photocopying I remember drawing this in my honors

English class and then I went into a huge bunny phase where I started drawing

bunnies! Creepy demonic bunnies, this is a Reaper bunny and this is a skeleton

bunny and then chui began I'd actually gotten this set of markers as a gift

from someone and they were just a bunch of gray markers so I started using them

to make shadows on this one character which I named Chui bunny. I really liked

Chui, he was just an adorably creepy little bunny.

More Chui comics, more Chui comics, more chewy bunny. For this one, someone

actually gave me one of those multi-coloured ballpoint pens and I just

decided to try and make something really colorful and by really colorful, I mean,

tiny little spots of color. I'm just gonna play some music while you watch

all the Chui bunny comics ( Nice piano music begins to play)

And then this is just a photocopy of the chewy bunny page. And that's the end! I

know a lot of the stuff is really dark but to be honest I wouldn't change it. I

love looking back at all of these because it's a part of me. It's a part of

my brain and I think I'm happy with it I loved all the phases that I went through

in art and style development and I don't know I'm happy with it. I've also done

some how to draw videos you want to check those out and subscribe for more

of my weird brain if this is your kind of thing please let me know in the

comments section and by liking this video so that I can make more. If this is

what people want because believe me, I have SO many binders and sketchbooks I

can probably make about 20 of these videos I have sketchbooks for daaayys and

hopefully I will see you around. Bye.

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