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>>Hi everyone on YouTube. I wanted to create a quick video to let you know about some features

that came out this past Wednesday. And um. I'm not going to cover all of them.

If you want to read the details, you can go to the blog.

And Mia has posted there, in detail, all the features that came out.

So first thing I wanted to do actually is uh, say how much we enjoyed the As One Conference.

Many of us from YouTube showed up at the pier and met many of you who came from all over

the world to this gathering. So thank you to Mrs. Safety for making the gathering happen.

And it was great meeting people like Smush, and TheHill88, and Spricket24, and um, Reneto.

Reneto and I had a very long conversation which I enjoyed.

So uh. What came out on Wedneday and um, the first thing I think you notice in channels.

You'll notice there's a browse area for gurus. So um, what that does is lets you explore

all the people who are creating educational channels or channels about how to create good

videos or build a roof. There's even one about Bible prophecy so it's

a fun area and I invite you to sign up as a guru.

The other thing is in your channel now, there are many modules on your channel that you

can move left or right. Many of you wrote and said that you wanted

your comments to be back on the left. So now you can do that so go to your settings

and you can move the modules around. Another thing is, everybody has a featured

video now and it defaults to show your most recent video that you uploaded.

So what's nice about that is you don't have to think about it if you don't want to.

You can just set it up and it will pick your latest video.

Otherwise, you can go in and explicitly tell it the video you want to feature.

And Smush wrote me and asked me if the viewcounts count on featured videos.

Yes they do. Every video that shows on there will count

towards your overall rating. Or viewcount. The other thing is we added a feature so that

you can set it, set your messages, to only be allowed from friends.

So if you're one of the more popular members, you're probably getting flooded with messages

that are coming from people that are not your friends and this way you can set, flip the

switch in your inbox and you'll only receive private messages from people that you know.

I hope that helps on some of the control of message spam.

So another thing that's really cool. If you go to the TestTube area which is down

at the bottom of our homepage, it's where we experiment with new things.

There's a feature called AudioSwap and what you can do is take any video and block out

your audio and we have a whole library of songs that have been given to us by studios

that are free for you to use. And you can lay down another track on top

of your video so if your video doesn't have audio or you just want music in the background,

it's a great place to go and just quickly switch your video to a fun music track.

Where there's like techno or you know, a classical piece.

And then the last thing I wanted to say is many of you create playlists every day.

But it was hard to track how popular they were.

So if you go to your playlist now, it will tell you how many views you have on your playlist

overall just like videos do. So that's about it on the features side and

I invite you to send video responses, comments, and let us know what you think about the features

that are there and what you'd like to see us do in the next couple passes.

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