Practice English Speaking&Listening with: George Hotz | to organize the world's information | Science & Technology

Difficulty: 0

AlfaAnanasz: PogChamp

jonnie_dilly: Got a hickey there, muchacho?

OFFICER_KKONA: greetings

GandalfTheGrayOfHell: Pog

Lord_Likon: imrosenWhatodo

hmnvdota: hey

synthetic11000: Whatโ€™s up George.

GandalfTheGrayOfHell: @georgehotz different place today?

pistolpetepcp: Yooooo

case89: you just notified my phone you bastard

alexmchugh: got in here fast

vbhv: yoyo

Waldoqq: hey bud

tdubey: back to the regular apartment?

epsalt: yoooo

session_variable: what up


JohnnyThe_Hobo: lets goooo

fedecha: Yoo

mmachatschek: Hi George. Greets from austria

tjhackus: tjhackus subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 2 months! only stream I actually watch. blast the AC and stay cool my friend.

sampletexteuv: is this an asmr session Kappa

Akaky_Akakievich: Hi man!

JohnnyThe_Hobo: lets expos the truth

Feenix111: Twitch game. Yeah !!!!!

GandalfTheGrayOfHell: Jebaited organize by stealing everything

jordanoBC: hey George

ThePepe3012: Are you in your kitchen?

deepfrieddeals: yo. long time first time

0hawkinzzz: suuuuuuuuup

jonnie_dilly: A hickey and you lost your voice? Good work, brother

0hawkinzzz: how's it going?

kklisura: What's up?

joker2k999: what'd up

pistolpetepcp: Damn yelling at employees to get their sheit together

audaciousribbon: the cloud

case89: yo George when coronavirus is over throw a party for your twitch fans

tjhackus: only stream I watch, blast the AC and stay cool my friend

ozzy_1024: sup George!!!

angie_exe: heyooo!

3FXX: Google dorking?

optimizely: Weโ€™re building google v2

knotyourshoes: first time actually watching live

GandalfTheGrayOfHell: @georgehotz mergesort repo getting a lot of traction Pog

astrocraft23: hello

ganc3ann: someone got lucky last night

optimizely: Make the world a better place

numinousloop: What ya been up workin on?

Rohitbokade94: We are hungry. What are we eating today?

qlutoo: Yo bro

deepfrieddeals: lol

32bitrobo: Sup Buddy

mattdougherty22: judge my website:

ahfkhal: Or go abroad

ktzKalash: basically you saying you like books

hjklhjklhjkl2008: perverse incentives (SEO)?

wkulikowski: ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Lefer_: LUL

kklisura: Hey Goorge, do you ever get burnout? If so, how do you deal with it?

knotyourshoes: LUL

GandalfTheGrayOfHell: If people didnt want this, BuzzFeed would have ran out of business long ago @georgehotz

masters8: People want an article from 2004??

3FXX: It depends on SEO

LuckyFeathersGames: People love empty whitespace

jdssizan: HeyGuys

SirNitti: 1. is true. Google search Algo pick this place b/c more people stay. time on site & they did not go back to search again on google == feedback user must like it

anguscupcake: Woah this article sounds like it was written for me

chrisxc: hey george

moktheacronym: what's no. 1

wutango: true

GoOnAli: its so annoying

pistolpetepcp: SAME BROO

Lefer_: Yea, same with pinterest

GoOnAli: you cant even view it on mobile browser now

DeeboMC: Is that how itโ€™s pronounced? Never knew..

ktzKalash: same with glassdoor

pistolpetepcp: I. will. not. sign. up.

session_variable: its not what people want

Crypod: i literally just bounced off a website that did that

session_variable: i hate that

ktzKalash: fukkk thattt

Rohitbokade94: What do you think about Youtube?

foxubu: try instead

b2kemann: word

fallaest: eyyy gorggg

chrisxc: is swiss cow good?

foxubu: try it

THE_korbi: ayy ayy ayy

powerofpickle: Like YouTube? Or does Medium not even give creators a cut?

ktzKalash: every time I see those pop ups I had to use Inspect Element LuL

hjklhjklhjkl2008: fuck medium all my homies hate medium

alxhotel: Im dropping frames

covidneunzehn: cmonBruh

youngsachi: LUL

pistolpetepcp: LOL

Crypod: LUL

chrisxc: kek

oppsec: hello god

nsielicki: You can get an MS from GATech in CS for $7k. You're telling me that's a bad investment?

Lefer_: LUL

rhytual: LOL

pistolpetepcp: medium is the same way... I can onlyread articles for 10 minutes

RubberBanditHorse: LUL

spicethyme: LUL

Oisann: LUL

DeeboMC: Itโ€™s really not โ€œcue-oraโ€ tho?

SirNitti: hypothesiso : 1) is ok - kind of correct hypo: 2) reason why google rank those site b/c its algo makes it via SEO strategies

youngsachi: LUL LUL

session_variable: lol

metsu_gadoken: WutFace

hermitjedimaster: try duckduckgo?

GoOnAli: yahoo xqcOld

Crypod: dun dun duuuun monkaS

mttwow: LULW

fallaest: LOl

shakreiner: Go for Bing

moktheacronym: XD

JohnnyThe_Hobo: bing is better tho. it has picturs

GandalfTheGrayOfHell: @nsielicki only if u get in

ktzKalash: lmaoooooo

ozzy_1024: lmao

MEATCHOPS: Qwant, you know its good because its french

lasercatboss: gotta install the internet explorer toolbars for the real deal

fallaest: what about duckduck

1gnorantb0y: ^ yup

grekler3: compare data collecting .. ?

kklisura: Try Altavista

ozzy_1024: George where you at now?

b2kemann: ddg

dogemeat_: duckduckgo gang gang

1gnorantb0y: duckduckgo gives you same content as Google

32bitrobo: have tried the BRAVE browser?

MoreThanHidden: Bing Kappa

Akaky_Akakievich: what about duckduckgo

hermitjedimaster: duckduck and bing

ktzKalash: you gonna search something and forget about

enes_ozdmr: yo whats up


GoOnAli: xqcC

fallaest: i like google for browsing

dogemeat_: duckduckgo aint that strong for programming

Oisann: brave DansGame

PhantomYTReal: has your dna sequence been open-sourced yet?

i_macuser_i: i_macuser_i subscribed at Tier 1.

katoom72: yo why you have a hickey?

hermitjedimaster: bing

DeeboMC: Whatโ€™s that new ddg replacement?

sinisa_koscec: Searx

fallaest: its not as good as google though

malana_cream: what about duck duck go?

hermitjedimaster: theirs a ddg replacement?

roibeardo: ๐Ÿฆ†๐Ÿฆ†๐Ÿƒโ™‚๏ธ

arthur_landd: duck duck go for provacity


raad1masum: why dont you use a tiling windows manager?

youngsachi: monkaS

3FXX: google rely on its crawl bot and SEO

dogemeat_: interesting engine

oppsec: internet explorer 11 > all

JdPaulBlart: new company

JohnnyThe_Hobo: bcz we live in a society and they don't want gamers to rise up

pistolpetepcp: duckduckgo is the search for tor browser

drseussq: google doesn't want you to drop out of society

butyesss: go incognito

jdquintana: They use Bing data. Check Bing.

dogemeat_: triggered my anti virus lmao

DeeboMC: Everyone knows ddg.. yea thereโ€™s something thatโ€™s supposed to be the new, better private search.. heard of it last week but canโ€™t remember itโ€™s name

fallaest: George quick quuestion, do you think i should quit uni, and study programming on my own?

nudax: respect from sweden george

lesserthangood: KEKW

ThePepe3012: Nice hickey bro

GoOnAli: gamers B)

mystkomir: what makes a good website

enes_ozdmr: wikihow I hate that website

Willmakk: immense meme potential though

moktheacronym: y tho

hjklhjklhjkl2008: wikihow art is pretty hilarious you have to admit

robonhansonem: test

AlfaAnanasz: wikihow is like a $5 indian graphic artist and a $7 writer for every article LUL

generated_human: Alternative to Google?

JohnnyThe_Hobo: if its not dark mode i dont want your website

fallaest: ^

grekler3: Minimalism ?

lasercatboss: wikihow isnt intended for the stuff your googling, lets say you dont know how to boil an egg wikihow is great

raad1masum: theres a lot of fan noise


hmnvdota: @enes_ozdmr what about kizlarsoruyor Kappa

session_variable: lol

dogemeat_: anyone used this one

kklisura: Good website is one w/o JS framework, for starterts.

Airfrischung: asking for cookies on a website always makes me wanna close it - I hate cookies..

jsrojoo: lets you do an aggregated search

FruitellaJesus: websites with ads and popups

ItsAMarcos: hello geohot, how ya doinn

Skurt2k: most information in one look

jsrojoo: geohot what's on your neck

Laney_TPK: Clean, easy to read and understand, easy to navigate through, the idea must be clear from the landing page, highly responsive design and well optimised website for me is a good website

YouPowerRush: ruyuF_SG ruyuF ruyuF PokCharizard

inexus_89: HeyGuys HeyGuys

DeeboMC: Too lazy to go grab my credit card from the other room. Somebody gift me.

thearthtyagi: yoooooo

3FXX: intention is ads and little bit of content of something :D

AlfaAnanasz: @georgehotz if you rule out all funnel websites you greatly reduce the amount of valuable content imo.

TheDevWay: yo geo

thearthtyagi: what's this place btw?

ItsAMarcos: have you played with GPT 3 yet George?

ktzKalash: Welcome to GeoEdu TV and today you gonna learn everything about UI/UX

codingquark: Hey!

thearthtyagi: fraud lmao

powerofpickle: I somehow got an internship interview with Tesla Autopilot team. Anything I should study up on?

bravech: How would people continue to make sites if they can't make money? All sites have to be written by someone with a day job?

ItsAMarcos: I can DM you my credentials if you'd like

thearthtyagi: congratulations @powerofpickle

metsu_gadoken: what do I have to do to be high energy like George?

hmnvdota: how does penai stuff go

yuptheladsdownthecans: @powerofpickle fizzbuzz

dogemeat_: love how this website is setup

amoebanomaly: getting scammed on the internet is a modern shared experience

rhytual: LUL

Oisann: LULW

pintwenty: Long time no see


devUdara: missed the first little bit; what you're trying to achieve here?

joiput: LUL

JohnnyThe_Hobo: tomcr00se, the only rapper eminem doesnt dare to diss

powerofpickle: Got it, will practice fizzbuzz over next couple days

Willmakk: LUL

inexus_89: SeemsGood

DeeboMC: @itsamarcos you talking to me? lol

robonhansonem: You can access GPT-3 through AI Dungeon's dragon model. Here's a link to a blank one from my account:

thearthtyagi: iframes

thearthtyagi: xD

Barisartt: Whats with Sony lol

ItsAMarcos: unique = unfamiliar = longer time to process

ivylions: University prof / group websites ?

AlfaAnanasz: how would you even track that

lesserthangood: theres nothing i hate more than a 10,000 word blogpost on something that could be 100 words

lesserthangood: time is a bad metric

ericvaneri9k: Hey Georgina moves to a new place?

beginbot: 70 raiders from beginbot have joined!

r3dsantar: geo whats your opinon about computer science degree

stupac62: RAID

death_gadget: TRUE

jagger_rsw: naaaahh.... us citizens are not allowed :)

ItsAMarcos: google sucks, it looks like they don't even try to prevent rank gaming

stupac62: @beginbot OMG

ZuppaSalata: LUL

Lefer_: LUL

nikhilr14: do you think Twitter is safe after recent incident?

waffleswala: @georgehotz Can you please brainstorm what to do to prevent deaths due to dog bite. 20,000 Indians die every year.

guileBR: daily stream PogChamp

AlfaAnanasz: @waffleswala eat dogs

ktzKalash: became terrible? Google used to be terrible when they had iGoogle

codingquark: Those results are not very useful it seems.

ItsAMarcos: I always google reddit threads then look for the relevant links to blog posts and such

jordandiaz1988: good

jagger_rsw: Actually, you probably cannot go even with tests - Iceland โ€” Admission to Schengen Area refused from noon 17 March until April 30, except residents, family members of EU citizens, medical personnel, and people responsible for transport of goods.

Oisann: LUL

FruitellaJesus: News all the time, even for the most obscure and nitch query

waffleswala: @AlfaAnanasz Gotta ask dog meat lovers for that

grekler3: 4Head

session_variable: or maybe twitter?

codingquark: huh

ItsAMarcos: needs to be prefix??

fedecha: just reddit

YouPowerRush: lul

stupac62: WTF

Vektorraum: that would be even easier to manipulate public opinion with than news sites

this_is_falcon: thoughts on gpt 3

LiveCustoms: Hey baby xoxox

waffleswala: @georgehotz Can you please brainstorm what to do to prevent deaths due to dog bite. 20,000 Indians die every year.

originogino: "uptime

3FXX: new search engine project idea right there

originogino: !uptime

nikhilr14: is Twitter safe?

LiveCustoms: I finally learnt how to code Python and Django Kreygasm

guileBR: website rank when

alexmchugh: interesting what site on the right says a few lines down

bravech: Spamming doesn't mean he'll read it

ItsAMarcos: how deeply did you study deep learning to found a startup? do you feel pressure to keep up with state of the art? (I feel so much pressure :( )

mkdrmnd: @georgehotz The Lindy Effect for the Web

codingquark: That is an interesting algorithm

Airfrischung: do you speak icelandic?

lesserthangood: Kapp

waffleswala: @georgehotz Can you please brainstorm what to do to prevent deaths due to dog bite. 20,000 Indians die every year.

SHAVEYY_: SHAVEYY_ subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 2 months! wow

LiveCustoms: Google is better bruh


thearthtyagi: nope

stupac62: @LiveCustoms did you just see the searches he did? haha

thearthtyagi: duckduckgo is better

dogemeat_: wiki replacement startup

ktzKalash: These sites are the reason they created AMP Project

fuuqtv: @georgehotz stephen wolfram is trying to organize the world's information with his mathematica

LiveCustoms: @stupac62 just joined the stream and heard that lol

DeeboMC: Thatโ€™s a tough sell

potatosalsa_: bing is better

metsu_gadoken: @waffleswala 20000 is like 0.000014% of indian population

dogemeat_: i bought an xbox with bing points

cefaloclever: bing gank reporting

robonhansonem: OpenAPI-based search:

guileBR: yahoo is better

dogemeat_: \s

smurfd0: isnt it fact that google and some search engines gives different answers to different locations? or has that changed

TowlieGotHigh: Did u hear about Searx? it's an open source search engine

thearthtyagi: duckduckgo is actually getting better but just look at the upside of privacy you get with duckduckgo


death_gadget: One challenge with the internet today is it's grown on offering free services by advertising and selling data, instead of charging for the service.

lobogato619: true

alexmchugh: yeah I believe this is what amps advertised intention was

waffleswala: @metsu_gadoken In absolute terms its pretty high, over 36% of deaths due to dog bites in world is from India

drseussq: lol

mystkomir: truee

dogemeat_: cancell culture strong on twitter lmao

FruitellaJesus: trueee

LiveCustoms: Whats worse Twitter or LinkedIn?

guileBR: Twitter = cancel culture only

ICAntF331MyFAce: Nothing of value was lost

codingquark: https://ss.wodferndripvpe6ib4uz4rtngrnzichnirgn7t5x64gxcyroopbhsuqd.onion/ Ss search engine

thearthtyagi: twitter is worse btw

thearthtyagi: linkedin provides some value to some people

lobogato619: but twitter is useful when dropping a deuce

0979076690: How do you keep windows always on top

thearthtyagi: twitter ruins lives

grekler3: Comments on ?

ItsAMarcos: I hate twitter but it feels good when strangers like my opinions on popular people's tweets, plus I have FOMO to keep up with AI research

robonhansonem: OpenAI API rather.

ktzKalash: Twitter = bunch of crying kids

hjklhjklhjkl2008: coding search engine stream??????

sw1jari: if you have to use twitter, use

pistolpetepcp: awesome stream so far

santyagolp: hack SpaceX!

dogemeat_: yo is geo back in SD apartment

waffleswala: searx is a very good meta search engine

FruitellaJesus: who even logs into linkedin when not looking for a job? besides recruiters

ItsAMarcos: I think blocking twitter is a privilege of people with good friends, I am isolated IRL so twitter fills that void :'(

foxubu: How about the darknet haha

lightb00k: yo man!

codingquark: searx I am not sure

slimpimp007: twitter makes good content ngl

THX1342: Index the internet? You just need a spider written in rust

JohnnyThe_Hobo: elon is gonna create neurolink and some 14 years old genius is gonna hack the human race

pseudocode: !commands

lightb00k: hi

xksteven: it's not just size but it's also the time it takes to reindex after every page every time it updates

dogemeat_: AI wiki

SHAVEYY_: the twitter computer Kappa

Tiacama: Ethereum?

resinfingers: Whats up guys. anybody in this chat have a chance to look at covid data

codingquark: Signal is on AWS you guys

powerofpickle: Back to the mainframe model on a larger scale

Atlas03: but what about the european cloud Kappa

CensoredAlex: The question would be how much size is the internet without the top 10 most used websites. Imagine index youtube content correctly

mattdougherty22: golden is great

MoreThanHidden: google indexes 30 trillion pages

alexmchugh: Twitter moved to custom

THX1342: Altavista

codingquark: ha ha

optimodev: dmoz

mattdougherty22: Jude Gomila who created Golden is pretty smart guy

ItsAMarcos: embeddings are the new categories

grekler3: comments on ?

CoachMeech: Not in the office?

alexmchugh: opinion on twitter using their own datacenters?

bravech: Have you tried searching for it in Icelandic

0979076690: SeemsGood

robonhansonem: Witches.

jasonscottreval: You didn't check yandex?

trampolineOK: remember that there are other languages

slimpimp007: Iceland still accepting Americans?

lesserthangood: political neutrality is impossible KEKW

alexmchugh: i don't think the data exists

rhytual: LULW

FlameSnare: political neutrality is easier said than done

thearthtyagi: what are you views on singularity net?

thearthtyagi: your*

asdhxc: @georgehotz what do you think of peertube?

PhantomYTReal: What do you think of the firefox better web thing?

thearthtyagi: what are your views on the singularity net?

davidbarreroo: what is

hjklhjklhjkl2008: what's the iceland thing again?

codingquark: Hard to get people to use peertube

mattdougherty22: I vote click on one of those clusters and critique it

codingquark: I love the idea, but not sure of practicality

MEATCHOPS: Any alt-site is just going to be filled with those banned by mainstream sites. hard to be neutral

lesserthangood: did he check baidu KEKW

melkeydev: hey @georgehotz

hjklhjklhjkl2008: yandex image search is really really good

bravetraveller: there's a reason why Steve Jobs for the most part stayed away from political involvement

hjklhjklhjkl2008: it's image search blows google's out of the water

melkeydev: what is Yandex

stupac62: remember how you used to be able to search blogs from google?

lightb00k: democratic decentralized online information platform can help achieve unbiased self checking information platform

lesserthangood: baidu ganggang

rhytual: LUL

Ne0Zer0: kayne would make a great social media ceo Kappa

thearthtyagi: fr try out duckduckgo

grekler3: @davidbarreroo like twitter but "free speech" website

cutza: did you already address the twitter bitcoin scam?

erfault: duckduckgo is run by israelis right

codingquark: runnaroo

TheKoreanZombi: This guy said the Iceland corona test want painful.

scat_burgiss: Yandex LUL

thearthtyagi: duckduckgo will give you results you won't expect on google at all

fabi0___: What do you think of blockchain-based search engines?

melkeydev: which search engine do you suggest @georgehotz ?

FusRoDead: Have you tried searx?

hjklhjklhjkl2008: isn't quality something that's hard to define?

waffleswala: @thearthtyagi DDG keeps failing

JohnnyThe_Hobo: you won 20 bucks but now they have your face forevr

illogicalism: you have to check bing, its the best out there

LiveCustoms: Thoughts on Yo Gotti - Recession Proof?

JumpTwiice: what up george

lightb00k: duck duck go gives better result than google

muffclap: indexing without bias

jawbre9ker: domain authority

ktzKalash: GitHub stored your repositories in a Artic Vault. what's u thoughts on it?

this_is_falcon: but how do u determine quality ?

dr_set: why should tech companies have political neutrality? They depend on and drive innovation and that is the polar opposite of "conservative" by definition

DeeboMC: @georgehotz what do you think of wolfram-alpha? (Specifically, with regard to future evolution of search/info-seeking/organize/and or general computation interfacing)

codingquark: Yes, the privacy orientation works only so much

TowlieGotHigh: But how do u know, what is quality and what is not?

Atlas03: rolf

Ne0Zer0: yo bing it

Ne0Zer0: ez

rhytual: @georgehotz well how would you quantify quality?

thearthtyagi: @waffleswala actually not, it's really cool.

robonhansonem: DuckDuckGO is bing.

waffleswala: @FusRoDead searx is great in my experience

blabbernab: why sub only vods sir?

thediamnd: Didnโ€™t think that you know about search that we use in Russia

thearthtyagi: bing SUCKS

jasonscottreval: yandex's reverse image search is decent imo. At least the one time I tried.

ItsAMarcos: george I'll start a search engine startup with you if we make Lisbon the HQ

Moe_Bradberry: bing Kappa LUL

YouPowerRush: HahaReindeer

Trindor_: what are you looking for when you search how to drop out

codingquark: https://ss.wodferndripvpe6ib4uz4rtngrnzichnirgn7t5x64gxcyroopbhsuqd.onion/ Ss search engine

stupac62: it was there

Kamranfb: (people in chat that know how to code) how did u learn how to code , ive been trying for awhile and it just doesnt stick

stupac62: 6th one down

dogemeat_: bing bing (bing bing bing bing bing) said crazy frawg

Moe_Bradberry: stop trolling him with bing chat Keepo

foxubu: For face search try

slimpimp007: Bing is doing the most

EstrangedTV: quora LUL

davidbarreroo: set up in the kichen ?

gigafact: Can you check runnaro?

jagger_rsw: which George's distraction are we processing today? :)

joshperri: How do you measure quality when thereโ€™s HUGE incentive to game the algorithm?

corpus_cule: is bing even remotely competitive anymore?

dogemeat_: QUORA gang gang

waffleswala: @thearthtyagi it just crashed for a couple hours just a couple days back at least in India

ktzKalash: @kamranfb practice practice practice

dogemeat_: lmao

cutza: Ask Jeeves is the only way to go Kappa

ThePepe3012: What are your opinions on Clearview AI?

rhytual: @Kamranfb what have you tried?

lorride: yandex?

FusRoDead: @waffleswala Yeah searx is almost completely anonymous and has plenty of options to organize searches

lightb00k: can search and indexing be optimised by using unbiased ML model?

intjaded: i wish i had this little responsibility lmao

TJSparks: I would never pay you

kvndsantos: askjeeves

intjaded: all love georgie

hjklhjklhjkl2008: so this is a search engine purely for poweruser?

waffleswala: @georgehotz Can you please brainstorm what to do to prevent deaths due to dog bite. 20,000 Indians die every year.

Kamranfb: books , courses, videos

ThePepe3012: What are your opinions on Clearview AI?

Kodaly: they mispell stuff on purpose PepoThink

Tal_X_Tal: !uptime

codingquark: @gigafact runnaroo is weirder than ddg in a way because they don't close anything at all about themselves (relevant details that is)

kklisura: Do you think search engines should respect robotos.txt?

LiveCustoms: Id give you 500 Rupees

adibaby04: @waffleswala shut up

stupac62: @Kodaly they do

dogemeat_: dady geo

thearthtyagi: wait why do those scammers misspell on purpose?

muffclap: ill work for free

DeeboMC: @georgehotz wolfram-alpha thoughts?

melkeydev: so what is ur search engine of choice? Google?

pistolpetepcp: parameterized search engine

Tal_X_Tal: wassup george

21_savior: @georgehotz huh? explain the nigerian missspelling thing please

Moe_Bradberry: but who really cares about morals anyway Kappa

Ne0Zer0: LUL

Skyshifter: if you cared about money u would build google lol

this_is_falcon: read about GPT 3 ?

dogemeat_: hipster gang

FusRoDead: @georgehotz use searx

JumpTwiice: LUL

JohnnyThe_Hobo: i get my news from mirc channels

foogs_: id use your search to find an exploit to get out of the known universe

thearthtyagi: what do you think of

Vektorraum: what if news talk about you

erfault: money = resources = typically increased product quality

waffleswala: @adibaby04 asking for his views not yours

Willmakk: found you in the news Kappa

corpus_cule: aren't they just catering to the most number of users rather than a small subsection?

stupac62: @21_savior it's so the scammers don't waste time with smart people

iamaflex: @georgehotz what do you think about Tiktok as Chinese spy tool and getting banned in India

zafke: What about GPT-3?

grekler3: LUL

Tal_X_Tal: help him BibleThump

Kejisey: i am :)

calcmath: Have you seen the new GPT-3 model?

covidneunzehn: help the prince

gigafact: Did you check search engine Runnaroo?

TheKoreanZombi: Search in google: iceland border covid test "painful"

dogemeat_: confirmed geo sold out

pistolpetepcp: phishing has evolved from nigerian to african

JumpTwiice: ๐Ÿ˜ก help him

northumb: he has a bruise in his neck? carefull with vampires

shakreiner: "If the news is talking about it - It's dumb and I don't want to hear it" Great

muffclap: how do you adequately eliminate the bias factor?

erfault: tiktok is banned in india b/c of current events, not spying lol

21_savior: @stupac62 makes sense actually, thanks

thearthtyagi: what do you think about

pistolpetepcp: LOL

fernaoguerra: have we talked about the twitter hack?

FlameSnare: do you think there should be social media linked with users real/government ID?

cutza: is Huawei a spy tool>

dogemeat_: tic tak trash

owvanguard: chech out yahoo search Pog

adibaby04: george get a tiktok

ThePepe3012: Oh the twitter hack

THX1342: let me rage about tiktok being a chinese spy tool on facebook

ItsAMarcos: hey george how did you come up with the idea for your startup? how to find things people would pay for?

phrixus_bro: there was a george hotz thread on /g/ last night

Kodaly: why would it matter if the us or china is spying on you

Tal_X_Tal: poor zoomers

fabi0___: What do you think of blockchain-based search engines?

wazaR: tiktok is the buttplug of google play ?!? @georgehotz

TJSparks: i mean facebook and other are already spy tool lol

IAmChi_: IAmChi_ subscribed at Tier 1.

mikey9988: Riot vangaurd

glueck486: @georgehotz How much time till AI replaces programmers? :)

334_ranker: tiktok is just as bad as other apps FailFish


squishy_swishy_fishy: discord is the real spy tool

asdhxc: the tech board

PhantomYTReal: I think the US is causing other countries to ostracize Huawei

muffclap: indexing without bias?

the_benju: Micheal Scott fell for the Nigerian prince scan

maxschneider96: AI for drug discovery is promising

vrnvu: What do you think about a RSS based search engine / indexer?

LejLje: @georgehotz what do you do in your recreational time? If you have any.

corpus_cule: indian government is filled with alarmist idiots

blabbernab: g is tech

kalireza: all propriatary software can be spy ware

mattdougherty22: Golden is getting good, it just isn't a search engine

Tal_X_Tal: poggies g

Atlas03: monkaS

Denis0109: all of social media is bullshit inless you don't care about privacy, then go for it noobs

lightb00k: information is being gatekeeping by big 4 corporations

Skyshifter: does that mean we're not gonna see u do the latest tiktok trend?

stupac62: for open source discord

thearthtyagi: what do you think about

thediamnd: How do you use that small interface on mac

dogemeat_: AI indexed the categories

TowlieGotHigh: But Discord has emotes :) so that's why its better than anything else

Parkpark1997: huawei is a spy tool

JumpTwiice: PogChamp

lightb00k: stack exchange is good

cutza: did you already address the twitter security breach?

melkeydev: jesus

jasonscottreval: Stephen Wolfram seems to have spent a good amount of time on Wolphram | Alpha

illogicalism: spam ip ranges

rhytual: @Kamranfb just pick anything (small) to implement, can be anything really and stick with it - iterating over your approaches will make you better, not reading books or whatever (books are good to dive into a certain topic, not to get the feeling for coding)

Tal_X_Tal: JumpTwiice jump 3 times

Oisann: "i took covid test iceland arrival"

jawbre9ker: crawling bot

blabbernab: why sub only vods?

melkeydev: this guy is about to show us how he is going to index search engine optimization

SHAVEYY_: all these alternatives I'm still comfy in IRC :)

codingquark: Would be great if we brainstormed some ideas

rdrgcnt: what can you say about randonautica app??

JumpTwiice: @Tal_X_Tal no

bravech: "A PCR test is performed by taking a swab from the nasopharynx and / or throat. The long swab is inserted into the nose [and mouth] to obtain samples from the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. This may cause minor discomfort. "

stupac62: @melkeydev we about to see some vim!

Tal_X_Tal: JumpTwiice FeelsBadMan ok

iamaflex: @georgehotz would be able to pass a typical algorithm interview for a FAANG company? Ever do leetcode contests?

jagger_rsw: @georgehotz you play CS:GO?

dogemeat_: with our subhuman ideas combined: we can index the internet - twitch chat

melkeydev: @stupac62 aye cheers brother

JumpTwiice: F

owvanguard: F

TJSparks: F?

FruitellaJesus: F

thearthtyagi: have a look at

kivasho: @melkeydev yoooo

dogemeat_: F

JumpTwiice: we back

dreameragar33: anyone can clue me in on what are we talking about here plz?

anguscupcake: just make it archive all the social media sites you visit and then click all links and archive those too

stupac62: geohot doesn't need to pass leetcode interviews LUL

foogs_: throughput

334_ranker: wget too stronk

blabbernab: F

melkeydev: @kivasho aye aye aye aye aye

Tal_X_Tal: smol f

ktzKalash: @jagger_rsw bro, he only plays Chess

TJSparks: lol the download dropped your stream

mystkomir: f

pistolpetepcp: cya

Ne0Zer0: we gettin curled bois

stupac62: if the company doesn't know about Geohot, then don't work for that company!

dogemeat_: f

covidneunzehn: how to download the internet DatSheffy

iamaflex: @stupac62 I know but I am wondering how his algos skills are

JumpTwiice: @dreameragar33 we're making a better version of google

THX1342: stream is fine..

pistolpetepcp: internet vs inter-webz

sw1jari: wget *

dogemeat_: "how to tar.gz the entire internet"

Tal_X_Tal: download more ram

Gamer_nohope: download the Wikipedia?

pleasant_94: Kappa

ItsAMarcos: hey chat bros, how would you guys come up with product ideas? I want to afford a tesla, can code anything, studying AI

lightb00k: @georgehotz can self checking unbiased information/news platform can be created?

Kamranfb: @georgehotz where did u learn how to code

FruitellaJesus: get one of those internet CDs

thearthtyagi: have a look at

fallaest: is george going to upload this to youtube right?

robonhansonem: Is search a learning problem?

dogemeat_: he's downloading the darknet on stream

dreameragar33: @JumpTwiice terrific

0xnan: George has already talked about GPT-3?

sliderspy: create a deep learning crawlbot

Gamer_nohope: you wouldn't download a bear ScaredyCat


multimartax: It's kinda sad how Time-share mainframes never died out and everything we own is turning back into dumb terminals talking over https

Kodaly: just drink some water bro

dogemeat_: deplern internet

codingquark: yo for real

blabbernab: don't care about money by the way

muffclap: u doin drugs?

BlueSeamoose: SeemsGood SeemsGood SeemsGood

aaddrr: #ad

TowlieGotHigh: What if, u made an AI that can recognize what is spam, ad etc... and blacklist those websites monkaHmm

Tal_X_Tal: KKona

TJSparks: bong?

LejLje: what is lemonbong

lightb00k: @georgehotz can self checking unbiased information/news platform can be created?

GandalfTheGrayOfHell: monkaS

dogemeat_: #ad

smurfd0: carbonated?

Oisann: "i took covid test iceland arrival" Third results says it was mildly uncomfortable

thearthtyagi: have a look at

fallaest: drink ascorbic acid with water bro

dreameragar33: @muffclap if i had to guess he isnt


anguscupcake: hemp oil cures cancer

Skyshifter: Drugs Pog

illogicalism: please get rid of some of current SEO bullshit if you make a search engine

muffclap: such an innocent looking can

JdPaulBlart: @georgehotz

Kamranfb: @georgehotz where did u learn how to code

5GToren: Panax ginseng tho

Akaky_Akakievich: It's the choice of the new generation

nitrix_live: Lemon Balm is a nootropic.

thearthtyagi: yooo

dogemeat_: did GEO go to uni

bravetraveller: eww

TowlieGotHigh: Mac CPUs LUL

loduerik: @georgehotz How is life as a Silicon Valley elite?

dogemeat_: Mac ARM CPU gang

TJSparks: @thearthtyagi chill out man...

sw1jari: zucc has cake

Oisann: our experience

Tal_X_Tal: JdPaulBlart zuck lookin thicc af

ItsAMarcos: If you weren't working on self driving cars how would you find something to work on? How do you look for problems?

5GToren: you dont wan to get your ginseng from products from the supermarket with tons of sugar ini t

dogemeat_: is geo going new macbook CPU

erfault: hopefully TSMC's ARM chips wont be thermal throttling 99% of the time like intels

Oisann: @georgehotz the Our experience one

resinfingers: What are we trying to solve here

codingquark: Evidently you cannot

maxschneider96: @ItsAMarcos Have u ever tried design thinking?

erihen: Iceland covid test...a little lame

maxschneider96: thatยด s a fantastic method

Denis0109: @Kamranfb No "How learn to code" messages, there are enough ressources to know about how to START

codingquark: You guys are scraper scripts of your own right!

lightb00k: @georgehotz can self checking unbiased information/news platform can be created?

Zepcon7: @georgehotz What do you think about the ARM transition?

ktzKalash: Y'all talking about discord and tiktok. Reddit is a honeypot

nordwars82: I went to Iceland 3 weeks ago and had the COVID test. Itโ€™s not painful, although itโ€™s mildly uncomfortable. 2 swabs, one in the nose and one in the mouth. The nose one is the uncomfortable one, makes your eyes water. (couldnโ€™t comment earlier because Follower only mode is on and had to wait 10 mins) @georgehotz

Oisann: It took me way too long to find

lightb00k: condenast suck

owvanguard: pizza

lightb00k: condenast

ellips0nspice: hey GEO what you're doing? you're need train GPT-3, then he do everything LUL

thearthtyagi: yooo

loduerik: @georgehotz Is Reddit popular in silicon valley?

dogemeat_: reddit cancel culture is strong

Tal_X_Tal: poggers reddit

lightb00k: reddit is good

gigafact: Runnaroo is a privacy focused search engine that pulls in relevant search results from the best vertical sources

onlycase_: what about HN?

5GToren: twitter is

anguscupcake: Reddit is weird social engineering

erfault: reddit is where ppl go to complain i thought

codingquark: @gigafact who pays them?

ktzKalash: leddit LUL

darkzade: whats on your neck ๐Ÿ˜ณ

nordwars82: Itโ€™s funny that I also described it as mildly uncomfortable. Thatโ€™s not my reddit post!

minibroman: the r/TempleOS_official is popin

corpus_cule: reddit is echochamber central

FruitellaJesus: @darkzade hickeys bruv drhgPepega

muffclap: thats what your twitch streams are for now

iamaflex: @georgehotz are you proficient in algorithms enough to pass a FAANG interview right now?I know you donโ€™t need to, just wondering. 4 rounds of leetcode mediums-hard?

asdhxc: imo consume product was always political

madmocro: @georgehotz Any tips for CS graduates? Should I go for a Big Data master degree or just start getting work experience?

TJSparks: how does that differ from reddit

erfault: also reddit is probably the target of numerous HUMINT ops

comradejaalle: Almost everything is political.

thearthtyagi: yooo

loduerik: Reddit has been infiltrated by corporations owning subreddits

death_gadget: I remember the golden days of Reddit. All good things come to an end.

sw1jari: apple made the intel chips thermal throttle so they can show nice graphs of the arm chips @ me

THX1342: the amount of stupid politicization going on in the US right now is ridiculous for an outsider.

nordwars82: The test process was super efficient. They tested between 1000 and 2000 people per day, and I received the results via an app within 5 hours

mattdougherty22: I took mouth swab test in PA

DeeboMC: @georgehotz I want a general compute engine to replace the current concept of โ€œsearch engines.โ€ (Along the lines of a wolfram-alpha but smarter.. so stupid people can use it successfully).. let give you an example query to demonstrate what Iโ€™ve got in mind.

aaddrr: LULW

owvanguard: reddit is more hive mind than a bee hive lol

buklao: suh

surajt: :D

lesserthangood: do buble sort, bet you cant ;)

Darkm1ght: ratirlPickle

Ne0Zer0: merge_sort FTW

sokhibjke: LUL LUL

loduerik: I learned a lot of useful info from reddit


Gamer_nohope: Chan's are better than reddit it respects my privacy Kappa DarkMode

nordwars82: I was nervous about the Iceland test, but it wasnโ€™t so bad


rhytual: LUL

Ne0Zer0: yikes LUL

Lefer_: LUL

loduerik: LUL

anguscupcake: weed is good

ItsAMarcos: how deeply did you study deep learning to work on your startup?

thearthtyagi: i love your impressions xD xD

Moe_Bradberry: what is implicit bias training?

Roman182: I'll bet you money to solve a leetcode question in like 20 minutes

MEATCHOPS: only 27 hours, what a steal

Vektorraum: heap sort in 60 seconds?

loduerik: "Telle me about a time you talked to a customer"

jiffyjaffy: People who think reddit is all hivemind have never sorted by controversial lol

hjklhjklhjkl2008: ur good at algorithms? implement a iterative postorder dfs from scratch

codingquark: bias training what is that

happypuppppy: "Tell me about a time you overcame adversity"

surajt: link him

Roman182: Idk chat gimme a hard question LOL

smurfd0: is island testing a different way than any other? deep nasal swab

ofaas: uh oh

sandlordium: oh boy

wutango: uh oh

lesserthangood: POGGERS

premell: is it possible with open source search engine or will it just be abused?

aaddrr: why does he open incognito for reddit??

hardtarget4: never had to reverse a binary tree outside of an interview

iamaflex: @georgehotz nice man! Would be fun to see you do a 1.5 hour leetcode contest on saturdays

jawbre9ker: its so biased

pistolpetepcp: @georgehotz are you still hiring

Darkm1ght: @codingquark probably something related to ML models having biases and then someone crying about it being racist

asdhxc: politics is completely astroturfed

loduerik: @georgehotz Would you recommend a smart 18 year old to go into Computer Science/Medicine/Politics or anything else?

anguscupcake: lol r/politics

Lefer_: @jiffyjaffy lol and those comments are getting buried every time

Tal_X_Tal: reddit bad

BibleTrump: monkaS

angie_exe: f

muffclap: Sure but how would YOU measure relevance?

bravetraveller: yes

tchaikovsky69: republicans hate people reeee

ktzKalash: @aaddrr cookies

buklao: Cheer1 hows life

dogemeat_: reddit filled with bots

Tal_X_Tal: ^

nordwars82: @smurfd0 it was a deep nasal swab and a throat swab through the mouth. Not sure if thatโ€™s different to others since itโ€™s the only test I have had

lesserthangood: left to more left KEKW

aaddrr: @ktzKalash t

stupac62: true

TJSparks: TRUE

zafke: skyliasMUSKLUL skyliasMUSKLUL skyliasMUSKLUL skyliasMUSKLUL skyliasMUSKLUL

onlycase_: thats a good take

darkzade: LUL

aaddrr: @ktzKalash ty

robonhansonem: "/r/slatestarcodex"

loduerik: browsing that subreddit seems so boring

smurfd0: nordwars82 oh ... i have only heard of nasal swabs

thearthtyagi: have you checked out

Vektorraum: how are the controversial comments calculated

konradmad: damn boi Hotz looks sober and calm asf didnt have his coffee yet

loduerik: @georgehotz Would you recommend a smart 18 year old to go into Computer Science/Medicine/Politics or anything else?

illogicalism: whats the controversial thing in the first one??

codingquark: I want to know how it is calculated too

comradejaalle: R/Politicls is bad, they ban anti-capitalist asap.

zafke: Squid1 Squid3 Squid2 Squid4

SmokeAndMirrors2: are we on the MacBook today?

spitza: What are we doing ?

lesserthangood: cant bucker the tucker

anguscupcake: R/lolitics

Kev_Rhino: fuck tucker carlson

wutango: LUL

LiveCustoms: George you should listen to Yo Gotti - Recession Proof

TowlieGotHigh: what if, someone made a web on a different port, and made it hard for normies to get in, we can also remove javascript in the process so our browsers dont use 3gb of RAM monkaHmm

Tal_X_Tal: LuL

Mefe_1337: @loduerik why if sm1 is 18 year old he cant choose what he want to do in his life by himself?

dogemeat_: tucker fired himself

dogemeat_: lmao

Ne0Zer0: lesserthangood LUL

mattdougherty22: fuck NYT for what they did to Scott Alexander

MEATCHOPS: Cucker Tarlson

OttoCavalry: based af

covidneunzehn: nice

wolkantrop: old coke <#

squiggly_nibs: I tihnk he was saying they were going to leak his address

pilliam2: @georgehotz teach us stuff about algorithims

multimartax: the new layout is trash, add old. before the link

ItsAMarcos: how do you motivate yourself if you have no peers holding you accountable? how to make smart friends??

Skyshifter: u high as fucc boiiii

dogemeat_: wget entire_internet_com

muffclap: a dainty looking drug drink

5GToren: Lol went down the rabbit hole real quick

aaddrr: new google Pogchamp

LiveCustoms: print('Hello World')

feed2: how do you motivate yourself if you have no peers holding you accountable? how to make smart friends??

Moe_Bradberry: Squid1 Squid2 fragiiFML Squid2 Squid4

hanzo_93: dox his place of residence

EbeneezerPrime: Yo

Kev_Rhino: eat the rich dsaRose

Tal_X_Tal: yes eat them !

crispi____: LUL

ktzKalash: eat the rice

TJSparks: lol

myasovlavashe: LUL

aaddrr: LUL

crispi____: soyboy

jawbre9ker: lol

kenqzzzz: LUL

darkzade: @feed2 be smart and make alot of friends, then filter

pistolpetepcp: ??????

LiveCustoms: F

loduerik: STRAWMAN

wolkantrop: voice user

pistolpetepcp: DOesn't even make sense

JumpTwiice: soy LULW

loduerik: LUL STRAWMAN

crispi____: actual libtard

hjklhjklhjkl2008: MARTIN SHKRELI LUL

zafke: kekw

anguscupcake: Lol

LiveCustoms: wait your not trolling? KappaPride

Ne0Zer0: Kappa LUL

Erichmoraga: Joe is an idiot.

metsu_gadoken: How do you make friends period?

Tal_X_Tal: JumpTwiice ravenr9Yus soy u say

kenqzzzz: i bet he uses PHP

Skyshifter: its self righteous

pistolpetepcp: Linus Tech Tips is boss c:

ktzKalash: @kenqzzzz the fuckkk

LejLje: what if the guy just doesnt know any better

hjklhjklhjkl2008: how do you feel about ineffectual preventative measures?

codingquark: Hmm

codingquark: Not logical

anguscupcake: friends are a hoax

loduerik: LUL

YouPowerRush: ruyuF_SG ruyuF ruyuF PokCharizard

5GToren: Its half a black mail

Kev_Rhino: fuck capitalism

devUdara: what about a search engine that only took in primary sources for indexing and ranking; the likes of research papers, Q&A threads and forums? wouldn't that help?

hjklhjklhjkl2008: in this case, isn't a false negative way worse than a false positiveEEEEEEEEEEEE?

muffclap: skepticism on its face can trip people up. He probably didn't watch enough of the stream

BigBurrito_09: synonym dictionary was used in the making of this paragraph

jawbre9ker: thats how they pressure people to agree with them

comradejaalle: I don't understand what you did.

thearthtyagi: the comment on top of it is mine lol

robonhansonem: Classic concern trolling.

YouPowerRush: spit fire

loduerik: youtube comments xD

comradejaalle: What did you say?

codingquark: Passive aggressive thing

session_variable: totally

aaddrr: if you have a big following you are obligated to say what the public wants to hear?

FlameSnare: responsibility shmesponsibility

MICROSPECTROPHOTOMETER: If you think like that you get people like trump lmao

TJSparks: I SAW IT

TJSparks: GO UP

hjklhjklhjkl2008: i feel sometimes you just have to take preventative measures because of the assymetry between false positives and false negatives

stupac62: so a mask is a political thing??

JumpTwiice: @comradejaalle explored studies showing that wearing masks is not as effective as people make it out to be

stupac62: WHY

Tal_X_Tal: Kev_Rhino lets eat them !

elephantpandas_8p: lol

hjklhjklhjkl2008: regardless of wheter there's clear evidence the preventative measure is actually efec tive

Moe_Bradberry: @stupac62 in America, yes LUL

crispi____: LMAO

onlycase_: lmao what

Ne0Zer0: LUL

corpus_cule: LUL

5GToren: lmfao

r000sh: LOL

Skyshifter: that has to be a troll LUL

Kev_Rhino: yikes

shanumbra: LUL

pielliepalie: 1 problem of the world is that asking questions is discouraged

Kev_Rhino: @Tal_X_Tal hell yea

bananiel66: TRUE

the_benju: russian bots

Tal_X_Tal: JumpTwiice didn't the media start the whole meme lol

erfault: -9000IQ andy?

loduerik: LOL

JumpTwiice: LUL classic

FruitellaJesus: LULW

Kev_Rhino: KKomrade

codingquark: That's trolling who cares

5GToren: underflow

Kamranfb: what do you think about the "7 years of coding , in 7 minutes" its just for views

JumpTwiice: @Tal_X_Tal what meme?

Tauromachine: Crimge

celebrimborfan123: Bro, working out is seen to have many long term benefits. You are hurting your brand by not working out or encouraging people to workout. Shame on you. Curls for girls, tris for guys.

aaddrr: true

Tal_X_Tal: JumpTwiice the masks dont work meme

buklao: Cheer10 take this on stream


jiffyjaffy: Cut them out because they used their voice innapropraitely Kapp

Tal_X_Tal: LuL

TJSparks: ctrl + f voice

aaddrr: same people on the cancel culture

JumpTwiice: @Tal_X_Tal it's not that they work

anguscupcake: glutes for the sloots

hjklhjklhjkl2008: how do you feel about type1/type2 error in this case though

Famous54: LUL

comradejaalle: @JumpTwiice Studies i visited showed if two people wear masks 70% less chance of transmitting covid, but yeah there's of course still a chance, and if only one person wears the mask the % is even less of course. But masks are beneficial, so are gloves

lithiumx4900: lithiumx4900 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 5 months! I'm thoroughly convinced that the anti Bill Gates rhetoric is state sponsored disinformation.

thearthtyagi: hey man, check out

334_ranker: boomers trying to clickbait

FlameSnare: when the word is an acronym?

ItsAMarcos: George how do you motivate yourself if you have no peers holding you accountable? how to make smart friends?

Tal_X_Tal: boomers fucked everything up tbh

robonhansonem: Sir Richard Zinc created the methodology of the study in question.

5GToren: KNOW, COVID, HAZMAT wtf lol

the_EZPZ: Doesn't the evidence point towards certain types of masks being effective?

itsChopsticks: @georgehotz isn't it strange that you're told not to use the soapbox you've earned, but if you don't have a following you're also told to pipe down? stifles conversation.

Moe_Bradberry: press ctrl f and type it in

hjklhjklhjkl2008: like even if a posteriori masks didn't work, if there was even a 1% chance that they did something depending we should wear them

JumpTwiice: @comradejaalle he looked at the different infection rates with different types of masks

comradejaalle: @the_EZPZ of course

dreameragar33: can u guys send a link to this video?

anguscupcake: No one holds anyone accountable, everyone is on their own

nbkar: except masks ARE effective in preventing spread... are they 100% effective? no. but do they have any negative effects on you for using them? also no. so it's a net positive in the end, and there's literally 0 reason to not using them...

luspr: LUL

hjklhjklhjkl2008: east Asia LOL imagine not understanding contact tracing

loduerik: lul

sw1jari: NotLikeThis

loduerik: EAST asia xD

cunny38: LUL

codingquark: What quick look

CyberNuance: The obsession with IQ is an internet mental disorder.

Ne0Zer0: oh no the horror LUL

JumpTwiice: @comradejaalle some studies showed that cloth masks increase infection rates while others showed that they were no more effective than not wearing a mask

5GToren: enjoy being outspoken, what kind of cuckoldry

covidneunzehn: lol

domtomthedev: george needs to go on rogan and have rogan teach him a lesson on reading comments

hjklhjklhjkl2008: LUL imagine talking about IQ as if it was a serious concept

Tal_X_Tal: lulw

JohnnyThe_Hobo: @comradejaalle when you say th 70% thing you talk about this meme?

PiroFloydian: @georgehotz are you not a consequentialist?

loduerik: UR BRAND

codingquark: Yes, fake person

itsChopsticks: that's the commodification of humanity

celebrimborfan123: Bro, working out is seen to have many long term benefits. You are hurting your brand by not working out or not encouraging people to workout. Shame on you.

muffclap: skepticism on its face can trip people up. he didnt watch the whole stream

saxxxey: welcome to late stage capitalism LUL

Tal_X_Tal: PridePenguin true tho

madmocro: @georgehotz I am interested in the data science field, do you think I should do a

codingquark: Yeah like Joe is now a brand

numinousloop: preeacchhhhhh

RoboticMind90: LUL

hjklhjklhjkl2008: LUL imagine thinking you can sum up a concept as complex as human intelligence using one singular value

session_variable: what's a consequentialist

loduerik: yes

crispi____: KEKW

JumpTwiice: LUL

thearthtyagi: not ethics, TETHICS bro!

comradejaalle: @JohnnyThe_Hobo no i said two masks.

Translogical: how deeply did you study deep learning to work on your startup?

robonhansonem: Fame becomes a disfigurement when you let you identify with thoughts in the minds of other people.

loduerik: LUL

Oisann: LUL

dr_set: LUL

dunehazard: @georgehotz the world has become full of middle managers, everybody has the answers without any context or drive to learn

jiffyjaffy: aight ill cutmyself out

Roman182: LUL

thearthtyagi: tethics btw

cutza: lol


pistolpetepcp: I don't think this even has anything to do with the brand lol

Tal_X_Tal: kek

codingquark: cool

numinousloop: FUCK BRANDS

luspr: why would you be a consequentialist

OttoCavalry: LUl

sliderspy: in this age of information, there has never been so much misinformation.


Reelix: @georgehotz Reminds me of people who say that the only reason that people commit code to github is to enhance their brand, and that people don't actually code for fun :p

UnnamedEntity: @georgehotz WikiData attributes are pretty good for indexing.

AlfaAnanasz: youtube comments is a cesspool

codingquark: Knowledge organisation now

Ne0Zer0: yo sponsor me with your brand george LUL

muffclap: skepticism on its face can trip people up. he didnt watch the whole stream

aaddrr: you are human hahah

thearthtyagi: yo man it's not ethics, it's TETHICS

antiratt: KEKW

hjklhjklhjkl2008: ur good at algorithms? implement pagerank/solving for the stationary state of a markov chain from scratch

Joooooooooonas: Youtube Comments are the worst

me2m8: ye its like constant PR risk estimation

cutza: People love shortcuts

foogs_: what about cattle brands?

Tal_X_Tal: not the brand bro

robonhansonem: Human memes.

joker2k999: damn. LUL


loduerik: @georgehotz Do u have ny advice for a 18 year old

maxschneider96: letยด s get started guys

FlameSnare: what was the "controversial" take you had in that video?

notoriousfats: didn't this start with you talking about toxic communities?

DeeboMC: I wanna be able to ask an engine to show me the number of known elements by year, then itโ€™ll build a graph of the data. Wolfram Alpha gets confused by this question. @georgehotz

thearthtyagi: TETHICS

Tal_X_Tal: BibleTrump oh no

moshiko777: how do you keep motivated yourself while coding ?

utahjazz777: Agree about the freedom of speech, but masks are useful.

madmocro: @georgehotz I am interested in the data science field, do you think I should do a master in Big Data after I graduate for CS? Or do you reckon I should just start getting work experience

Kev_Rhino: FUCK CAPITALISM dsaRose

noemichael: yo from Belgium

Skyshifter: I think the commentor means ur brand as in your company? either way still stupid

PiroFloydian: @session_variable making decisions based on what the outcome/consequences will be

Oisann: and brands who think they are people

fernaoguerra: we still need that !M followers on Ig tho

loduerik: Rip instagram influencers KEKW

bravetraveller: don't read the comments man, it's just creates mind chatter

Ne0Zer0: LUL

fernaoguerra: haha

JumpTwiice: already high LUL

jawbre9ker: weed in a can

LiveCustoms: what drink is it?

crispi____: what is that

codingquark: lulz

itsChopsticks: what are you drinking?

wutango: what is it

JohnnyThe_Hobo: rip the original four loko

nbkar: @georgehotz except masks ARE effective in preventing spread... are they 100% effective? no. but do they have any negative effects on you for using them? also no. so it's a net positive in the end, and there's literally 0 reason to not using them...

Tal_X_Tal: LUL

champ900: can you zoom in to terminal

crispi____: lmao

muffclap: This tangent was sponsored to you by "weed juice"

fallaest: lolx

buklao: spindrift is better

jasonscottreval: Now that I think of it, it should be called geohot archive lol. Orrr maybe not...

aaddrr: has it been regulated though

Translogical: how deeply did you study deep learning to work on your startup?

tajpouria: You talking too harsh lately

thearthtyagi: Sign Gavin's TETHICS pledge!!

CyberNuance: cbd?

resinfingers: Just read my comments

JdPaulBlart: whats the drink

codingquark: Sounds cool man

DeeboMC: I wanna be able to ask an engine to show me the number of known elements by year, then itโ€™ll build a graph of the data. Wolfram Alpha gets confused by this question. @georgehotz

doomhammerorgrim: yeah what drink is it

loduerik: Instagram influencers crying

UnnamedEntity: I just ordered some, you should have shared a referral link

Ne0Zer0: LUL

AlfaAnanasz: @georgehotz what is your main project right now and how many hours a week do you spend on it?

shanumbra: LUL LUL

onlycase_: LUL

5GToren: xD weed juice

neunaaz: no leetcode?

fallaest: drinking weeeeed streeeams

stalys_: imagine your brand not having an instagram checkmark Kappa

maxschneider96: U need to try Stroh80 liquor, thatยด s some nice shit haha

thearthtyagi: gavin belson is calling you

5GToren: brought by xXHotzXx666

yogi_1010: Lol

loduerik: 18-25 year old women PogChamp

ofaas: im in texas and ngl this negative news has gotten to my head ive been holed up for the past two weeks and my mental health has become a wreck, gotta snap out of it

comradejaalle: still 7% PogChamp

loduerik: Kappa

erfault: everyone's a critic/non-conformist these days, which makes them technically all conformists Kappa

localcanofdutchgold: sounds better than any cs program

Tal_X_Tal: all those men PogChamp

moshiko777: project idea - hack dating apps algoritems

Vektorraum: to be fair, you closed out of a NNT article with several rigorous statistical arguments after reading the final sentence and saying "this is political", that was not scientific

thearthtyagi: page rank algo

Kenturo: wahts the drink

B1_Renekton: hi George, hope you are doing good

dogemeat_: std::index(web.begin() , web.end() )

smurfd0: i want metacrawler back

thearthtyagi: crawlee

programmingmouse: lets do it LUL

JAKWAI: george got a different location each stream ^^

comradejaalle: I would never try to crawl facebook seems like a big monkaW

kklisura: On facebook you can just crawl videos

lesserthangood: yikes

Tal_X_Tal: hes drinking weed xd

hjklhjklhjkl2008: pagerank isn't even used anymore lol

Ziv0: I use a thing called colly

sliderspy: use deep learning

hjklhjklhjkl2008: google has some more complex algorithms mumbo jumbo now

fizeh: decentralize the web

Tal_X_Tal: comradejaalle it is

Ne0Zer0: yeah the local part is the real quesiton

5GToren: google dorks are filtered?

Tal_X_Tal: fizeh eat all the admins

thearthtyagi: but pagerank is good for coding up in a stream tho @hjklhjklhjkl2008

Mefe_1337: are we talking about white hat approach or black hat approach?

WhiteTailedSpider: hey, guys, what is going on?

muffclap: Could say fuck facebook and keep it in the corner by itself

lesserthangood: who would trust the company though KEKW

WhiteTailedSpider: KonCha

comradejaalle: @Tal_X_Tal i open developer tools once and i remember a big warning sign

cutza: Piedpiper did it

tajpouria: Let's write beautiful soup baby!

hjklhjklhjkl2008: @thearthtyagi coding up pagerank is pretty dumb you just plug a matrix into a markov chain stationary state solver

moshiko777: how do you keep motivated yourself while coding ?

thearthtyagi: pipernet should be a reality man

ofaas: what the heck is qq

JohnnyThe_Hobo: pornhub not even top 10

itsChopsticks: isn't tmall just taobao?

Ne0Zer0: wow

Moe_Bradberry: @mefe_1337 I'm a n9ob. whats the difference between the approaches ?

comradejaalle: Never heard of it

TJSparks: wtf is tmall lol

thearthtyagi: @moshiko777 i agree but as i said it can be done wuick

Ne0Zer0: ah china

Dieun: Never heard of tmall LUL

Tal_X_Tal: comradejaalle monkaS the zuck

kenqzzzz: looks like a scam to me

himusta: ROFL

Mefe_1337: Baidu on 4 LUL

thearthtyagi: quick*

spicethyme: LUL

5GToren: alot of asian shit

dogemeat_: elon's latest tweet confirmed lizard man with wings

itsChopsticks: tmall isn't a scam. it's alibaba, taobao, etc.

l1ght5p33d: @thearthtyagi iCloud is like pipernet pretty much

pistolpetepcp: @moshiko777 start a project

ofaas: thats with ad block

gyne: china LUL

Mefe_1337: @Moe_Bradberry one is full of roaches, one is not

Ziv0: but the shipping costs tho

cutza: makeup paraphernalia

ck1956: makeup grocery

thearthtyagi: why is chinese shit so horny

JumpTwiice: VoHiYo

aaddrr: does amazon not operate in asia?

lesserthangood: its amazon bro

XiuzSu: Where is amazon there?

gyne: chinese UX is wild

Tal_X_Tal: omg weeb sites Kappa

JohnnyThe_Hobo: more popular than facebook

PhosphoricAcid: yahoo still going strong

pistolpetepcp: hahah my asian girlfriend bought me a windows activation code from here

erfault: invest in tmall new startup venture

covidneunzehn: drinking weed and building your own search-engine business - new content POGchamp

B1_Renekton: ig Amazon is banned in china

thediamnd: Itโ€™s alibaba

Dervolleschlanke: smoke some weed dude

hardtarget4: chinese amazon?

sureom: just got here , what is george trying to do

5GToren: Lmao

dogemeat_: !g alexa

Ne0Zer0: lmfao

Ne0Zer0: lul

Ne0Zer0: LUL

comradejaalle: Wtf

TJSparks: alot of asian website

LeeFranser: LUL

shanumbra: LUL

itsChopsticks: it's their news site

Ziv0: LUL

twitchtest00123: same

dogemeat_: LUL

Tal_X_Tal: lulw

myasovlavashe: LUL

Skyshifter: news site?

xmase123: LUL

ozzy_1024: lol

localcanofdutchgold: orange man bad PepeLaugh

muffclap: is there an nba tab? xD

ozzy_1024: asian websites man

bichid69: whats going on?

codingquark: How about metasearch engines?

TowlieGotHigh: YEP China

Mefe_1337: maybe we should exclude asian sites? LUL

5GToren: chinese google ?

twitchtest00123: its like the start page of yahoo

TJSparks: true

thearthtyagi: chinese shit looks so horny WHYYY

celebrimborfan123: it looks like msn lol

the_EZPZ: Looks archaic

covidneunzehn: behind the great firewall of china man

twitchtest00123: yes exactly

itsChopsticks: YA-HOO SO-HU

cutza: chinese home screen

JumpTwiice: LULW what the hell

kenqzzzz: copied homework

comradejaalle: yes


jawbre9ker: chu implying

TJSparks: yes, different language

JAKWAI: yea the signs ^^

thediamnd: Vpn

bravetraveller: they have no shame man, no shame....

Ziv0: one is in chinese andthe other in English

TheStudentDoctor: @georgehotz you should look at what Prof. Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, is doing:

Ne0Zer0: LUL

dogemeat_: Y A H O O

bichid69: looks like bing tbh

Gamer_nohope: you guys know about

BrodatyWhiteBear: Yahoo has less ads swatThink

Tal_X_Tal: china only lied about covid 1 time

mikey9988: the blurple stank more

thearthtyagi: also yes china literally just copies stuff lmao!

JumpTwiice: kanye is out of his mind lately monkaS

triple__m: Yeah, ones trying to sell me to the government and filled with propaganda and the other one is in chinese font

wolkantrop: now you knows

Tal_X_Tal: yahoooo


ozzy_1024: kanye west for president

dogemeat_: who dafuq uses yahoo

twitchtest00123: yahoo at number 10 lol

Jeptah88: yahoo LUL

itsChopsticks: literally none of it

sw1jari: zoom lmao

premell: is it possible with open source search engine or will it just be abused?

himusta: what are we doing today chat

334_ranker: thoughts on baidu?

5GToren: is there mass production of alexa in china

hlikeocean: former google ad exec left to start this search engine

nickname6031: where is the porn?

Ne0Zer0: they played us like a fiddle

Reelix: @georgehotz 15 - tmall again :p

dogemeat_: internet.begin() , internet.end() )

metsu_gadoken: who uses yahoo?

thearthtyagi: no one

Tal_X_Tal: metsu_gadoken boomers

TowlieGotHigh: 360 is Antivirus, why is it top 11 KEKW

dogemeat_: no noe

Ein_Steinway: I started to download the entire internet for offline viewing with my 1 gbps fiber........ I stopped when I found out it was going to take me 3 million years

muffclap: Could you maybe elevator pitch your big idea behind this? if you already did then disregard me

Tal_X_Tal: boomers love yahoo

thearthtyagi: Torch search is good!

kenqzzzz: looks sketch

itsChopsticks: it's a very popular site, yes.

himusta: Based Tmall

premell: but can people trick the algorithm to get top result?

gyne: gmaul PogChamp

r000sh: yeap

comradejaalle: i cant

Ne0Zer0: a literal fron for the mafia LUL

jawbre9ker: isnt it bad for people to know the search engine's algorithm?

fernaoguerra: TMAL is big

334_ranker: it kinda is

Ne0Zer0: font*

fernaoguerra: in China

death_gadget: TRUUU

NonTrivial778: serx


Tal_X_Tal: PogChamp

fernaoguerra: it's ture

Ne0Zer0: front*


NonTrivial778: searx

ozzy_1024: Is big in china

cutza: chinese controlled websites

Atlas03: i use it Kappa

dogemeat_: YMAL is my uncle

5GToren: tho.. lol

itsChopsticks: tmall is equivalent to taobao or alibaba

bichid69: where is pornhub?

aaddrr: im kim jon un and ccan confirm i use it

alfantasticdd: @metsu_gadoken I dont know O.o

334_ranker: it's pretty big in china

itsChopsticks: aliexpress*

deviad01: What about IPFS then? No way it's gonna become mainstream?

Moe_Bradberry: 300 yuan is 50cent not 50 bucks

Mefe_1337: isnt this like chineese goverment amazon thingy? LUL

sumardi: tmall > ebay

comradejaalle: Amazon looks like trash too

kektobiologist: yup i use everyday :)

triple__m: Does he have hickies on his neck PogChamp

TheStudentDoctor: @georgehotz true decentralised web -

moshiko777: there is 1.5b of chinee people so this make sence

ofaas: george have you noticed increasing trend of fake reviews on amazon?

TriXav1er: would it be more worth to create visual slam or perspective-n-point combined with odometry for confined room localization?


JohnnyThe_Hobo: yes :)

Ne0Zer0: everday LUL

JumpTwiice: i use it too :)

bichid69: where is pornhub on this list?

itsChopsticks: tmall is just general shopping

thediamnd: Yep

hardtarget4: who tf is going to

Mefe_1337: how would conquer google "addiction" of many people?

5GToren: everyday bro

ozzy_1024: yeah whats that in you neck George

NonTrivial778: Google is getting worse everyday

Tal_X_Tal: i do Keepo

jawbre9ker: they love to consooom there, huh

r000sh: every second

cutza: asians really like make up

dogemeat_: where is pornhub wtf

pistolpetepcp: windows activation codes

PiroFloydian: well what happened to google post-2015 then? @georgehotz

ck1956: ALIBABAs step child

thediamnd: Its taobao

Mefe_1337: We been using google for like decade...

gunz4kids: baidu is super garbage

PigeonsDontFlyFar: tmall is good I shop on it

itsChopsticks: tmall is the chinese amazon

twitchtest00123: yeah it is the same with most open source tech. the ideal would be that the fact that it is open does not compromise its security or utility in any way

fernaoguerra: it's an ECOM in CHina. Biggest in China

Gamer_nohope: @georgehotz did you know about metasearch engine PogChamp

ahfkhal: Itโ€™s like amazon

kenqzzzz: Zoom Kappa

comradejaalle: I never use Amazon cuz im european

AlfaAnanasz: chaturbate number 45 PogChamp

CyberNuance: Populations

Ne0Zer0: chaturbate LUL

kektobiologist: chaturbate at 45 LUL

PigeonsDontFlyFar: Tmall is actually very good quality

Gamer_nohope: MrDestructoid MrDestructoid MrDestructoid

kenqzzzz: Chaturbate LUL

SirJohnDewkitch: tmall looks like a shell company for jakuza xD for money laundering

owvanguard: in canada ppl still use instead of .ca lol

himusta: Amazon for different countries too

Tal_X_Tal: LuL

tkrshh: Maybe some chinese scammers you know

fernaoguerra: Yes!

gho00sts: Hi from Hitcon!

ozzy_1024: is that hickies on his neck??

5GToren: need a new gucci bag

Denis0109: Chaturbate is my favourite Site!

iimeyris: COVID19 plus large population

PigeonsDontFlyFar: better than .ca

thearthtyagi: oh yeah shit hickies on his neck

DeeboMC: I wanna be able to ask an engine to show me the number of known elements by year from 1945 to present, then itโ€™ll build a bar graph from the data. Wolfram Alpha gets confused by this question. @georgehotz try

lesserthangood: KEKW

Ne0Zer0: LUL

covidneunzehn: hahahaha

dogemeat_: HAHAHAHA

kenqzzzz: LUL

pistolpetepcp: LOLL

her3hero: risky link

sw1jari: Kappa

Ziv0: blogspot is still a thing damn

covidneunzehn: chaturbate made it

comradejaalle: you gonna click some random one and it is porn

maddyakhil: LUL

JohnnyThe_Hobo: pornhub really need to step their game up

TJSparks: twitch is 32 @georgehotz

LiveCustoms: where's phub?

pistolpetepcp: toptencams

gyne: click them to make sure :)

antiratt: go to bonga

TowlieGotHigh: twitch 32 PogChamp

dogemeat_: phub ? ? ? ??

notoriousfats: it was the top of your personal list LUL

gyne: monkaS

B1_Renekton: indian google uses by default these days, the is just from old users who have that linked bookmarked

NonTrivial778: edge

Tal_X_Tal: monkaS

AlfaAnanasz: ???????

corpus_cule: microsoft LUL

ozzy_1024: fuck phub

ahfkhal: Also check itโ€™s Koreaโ€™s search website

localcanofdutchgold: gonna get banned PepeLaugh

dogemeat_: fantanoThicc fantanoThicc fantanoThicc

Atlas03: indian yahoo LUL

Tal_X_Tal: ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ

the_EZPZ: be careful twitch doesn't like porn on their website

TJSparks: @georgehotz twitch is 32

thearthtyagi: wear a turtle neck, we can see your hickies xD xD

NonTrivial778: latin is the best languaged

ck1956: maxthon

hardtarget4: bongacams sounds good

kektobiologist: @georgehotz is super popular in india


ozzy_1024: hickies hickies hickies

Ne0Zer0: LUL

JumpTwiice: twitch is sketchy with that stuff

saxxxey: Jebaited

yogi_1010: here we go

pistolpetepcp: This is why he was streaming on youtube

rhytual: Kappa

thearthtyagi: last night i left hickie on her neck

filipeoliveiraa: follow him on instagram btw

her3hero: sex in games is ok btw Kappa

PhosphoricAcid: twitch ToS works in mysterious ways

localcanofdutchgold: 5Head

thearthtyagi: xD

Skyshifter: no you're fine, i used to watch nerds watch chaturbate on their second monitor while streaming LUL

bravetraveller: corporate windows install with lazy admins have ie11 as the default browser, and there are a lot more of those than you'd imagine, it's a pain for web developers still

itsChopsticks: twitch legitimately does not care. a dota 2 commentator was describing a porn video he was in the background of.

PiroFloydian: True

john_kosta01: yeah do you

twitchtest00123: how long until he loads a foreign porn site because he has never heard the sites name

iMoggy: think it was more you blindly going on some random website which may or may not be porn

mongoloid_jones: LOOOOOOL

covidneunzehn: there are twitch partners ( at least in germany ) that stream on both - twitch and chaturbate. so they are okay i guess

hardtarget4: lol

Tal_X_Tal: Keepo

comradejaalle: LULW

muffclap: elevator pitch behind this idea? unbiased search engine?

rtcspxstn: i dont think anyone was ever banned for talking about porn, just showing it :)

celebrimborfan123: twitch is losing market share anyways

sw1jari: no all that is fine but you can't show nips and shit

kenqzzzz: why is chaturbate not intellectual?

comradejaalle: Real one

NonTrivial778: GET BANNED!

infowarez: fuck u f@ggot

Quad_lol: TRUE

kenqzzzz: LUL

aaddrr: where are you going if you get banned?facebook gaming?

himusta: LUL

thearthtyagi: HICKIES

mongoloid_jones: what ethnicity are u bro

Quad_lol: cmonBruh


Ziv0: true LUL

Lefer_: LUL

ofaas: monkaS

buklao: take this ->

jaayymie: I know why he was banned, can't say why though :)

itunesgeschenkekarte: LUL

gyne: LUL

Denis0109: do you still jerk off?

localcanofdutchgold: the shungite obviously

Skyshifter: george knows monkaS

kektobiologist: monkaS

Gamer_nohope: He wanted a raise

triple__m: Dr Disrespect got banned just like 5G is giving us corona PogChamp

infowarez: you f@ggot

Translogical: how deeply did you study deep learning to work on your startup?

mongoloid_jones: LOL

infowarez: fuck u

PhosphoricAcid: @georgehotz apparently he himself doesn't even know

5GToren: mixer hehe

ozzy_1024: who is the girl George?

pistolpetepcp: Yuotube

cutza: dlive lol

jsnfly: Thoughts on GPT-3?

Tal_X_Tal: i know but i won't tell :)

dogemeat_: geo confirmed redtube streamer

RoboticMind90: Is onlyfans in the list?

her3hero: lets protest twitch to find out why the doc got banned

ELEMENTiQ1337: Sony doesnt want u Kappa

thearthtyagi: hickies bro

illogicalism: why mixer shut down?

the_EZPZ: it was the shungite crystals that got him

deviad01: The day when they ban you, you will make your own twitch and with all the popularity you have, they will cry. :D

r000sh: we are internet

sw1jari: monkaS 5g

NonTrivial778: twitch is not the internet

comradejaalle: @infowarez calm down alex jones

TJSparks: we got nice chatters here lol

CensoredAlex: he killed his wife this time Kappa

lucasfernsilva: you go to youtube again

Nebulala: its fine, there was a guy who streamed at a porn convention interviewing pornstars, ur goood

thearthtyagi: hide em

a_ato: pa pa

thearthtyagi: xD

codingquark: Run peertube of course

infowarez: NO IM ANGRY

zafke: monkaS

LeeFranser: twitch doesn't know either

robonhansonem: Urbit. /s

ozzy_1024: hickies lol

Quad_lol: we can do IRL meeting instead of streamig

hardtarget4: we need real p2p livestreaming so they can't censor

Reelix: @georgehotz With Twitch's recent crackdown on people who are disrepespectful to female viewers, is it really surprising that someone literally named disrespect got banned? :p

jawbre9ker: if I search a product + price

bravetraveller: index qualifier is stage 1 then

infowarez: NEEGA

B1_Renekton: We will follow you to bitwave or alternate Twitch if you get banned lsxyzOfc

metsu_gadoken: twitch != internet

sliderspy: @georgehotz your thoughts on IPFS?

sunole: Why

NonTrivial778: have you ever use searx?

WiseSwift: Tmall pog

daxyxy98: @georgehotz btw the leetcode-bet guy disappeared real quick LUL

multimartax: Ever look at searx?

ofaas: didnt buy it Kappa

jaayymie: Reelix Can't tell if your being satirical or not

kektobiologist: wow i literally bought a coffee maker today

himusta: hot girls near me @georgehotz

mongoloid_jones: porn

Atlas03: coffee maker Pog

Quad_lol: I love chinese blurry images that are not SVGs KEKW including the text

Twixasz: why do some people use duckduckgo instead of google? @georgehotz

Mefe_1337: if we are making an english searching site, why would we go to chineese site that doesnt have an english version of it

gyne: how to assassinate a president

DeeboMC: I wanna be able to ask an engine to show me the number of known elements by year from 1945 to present, then itโ€™ll build a bar graph from the data. Wolfram Alpha gets confused by this question. @georgehotz

SHAVEYY_: big boob

muffclap: covid deaths


notoriousfats: BEST WRESTLER EVER

corpus_cule: google is awful for scientific paper imo

WiseSwift: Small boob

gunz4kids: "Whats the text size of the internet?"

r000sh: What if this is bad coffe maker...

dogemeat_: CR is great

0xnan: what do you think about the use of BERT on google? changed something about quality of the result?

her3hero: Query: "Why did Dr Disrespect got banned"

comradejaalle: @georgehotz you talking about ?

nordwars82: If thatโ€™s what you want then Sort that table by the number of pages that link to it (last column)

5achin5harma: finding torrents

lesserthangood: "is kanye west crazy"

doomhammerorgrim: Google sucks for finding good research papers for stuff - still have to travel references

celphysc2: happens everyday when I dont know the right terminology. google doesn't understand paraphrasing a word

PiroFloydian: "duke ellington death"

cutza: "why do remote controlers like blink when light"

dogemeat_: "is kanye okay"

SirJohnDewkitch: there was some conbtroversy about typing dumbest man and google returned Trump i think

DeeboMC: I wanna be able to ask an engine to show me the number of known elements by year from 1945 to present, then itโ€™ll build a bar graph from the data. Wolfram Alpha gets confused by this question. @georgehotz try it.

chrisxc: thoughts on weboas. is?

dogemeat_: "is kanye my dad"

thearthtyagi: billionaires list


himusta: Well there's google scholar and google

SirJohnDewkitch: it was a while ago

comradejaalle: is literally for studies @georgehotz

pielliepalie: Popular inventors - google it and look at the results

maddyakhil: whatever is made .. people gonna use it for porn

helenocampos: richest man in LA

CyberNuance: Sorting by impact

CollinPCO: live!

sw1jari: well use google scholar for papers then lol

dontcrysomuch21: Google for scientific papers = google scholar.

thearthtyagi: muskeh ambani just became the fifth richest lmao!!

JumpTwiice: "what is a mask"

dogemeat_: sort by girth

stickyshrimp: wikipedia

Dervolleschlanke: nobody uses google to find scientific papers

Reelix: @jaayymie Not at all. There's recently been a mass banning of streamers in cases where they have been disrespectful to a certain demographic

mongoloid_jones: how to scam bitcoin

daxyxy98: @helenocampos Cx

xksteven: semantic scholar > Google scholar

dogemeat_: how to get rich quick

jaayymie: Reelix Ok confirmed moron.

mongoloid_jones: Cx TriHard PedoBear

helenocampos: CX

RoboticMind90: Cx in chat


musabkilic0: "shirt without stripes"

kingkong3211: @georgehotz what are you doing today

JumpTwiice: haHAA ice degens finally showed up

salem_8salem: Do you believe in life target? How did you find your own?

Quad_lol: CX CX CX

nordwars82: Itโ€™s the last column โ€œsites linking in โ€œ

himusta: tmall new meta

twitchtest00123: "pants that dont rip between the legs "

Ne0Zer0: 5 min to log in LUL

mongoloid_jones: KEKW

helenocampos: yahoooo

comradejaalle: @georgehotz microsoft doc

CollinPCO: yahoo fiance

B1_Renekton: this is 'george hotz' google tho, try searching with VPN and see if there's difference

codingquark: ha ha

twinkiee: chaturbate Kappa

Eyachi: boomers

fiendodto: Hey George, how does one acquire the same level of expertise in tech as you? @georgehotz

Dieun: I do :)

Ziv0: yahoo might be for news

jawbre9ker: yahoo news

deviad01: They could be internal links too

LeeFranser: LUL

corpus_cule: bullying yahoo LUL

the_EZPZ: I'm linking to yahoo :)

Ne0Zer0: LUL

Twixasz: LUL

dogemeat_: "can I yahoo google on searx"

5GToren: haha that makes sense

CJslider14: they api requests

rhytual: LUL

RoboticMind90: Onlyfans

musabkilic0: "shirt without stripes"

covidneunzehn: haha

Reelix: @jaayymie Google "twitch harassment allegations" ...

XiuzSu: Microsoft prob to link to solutions/problems?

CyberNuance: econ and free items

squishy_swishy_fishy: maybe we don't need a search engine, just a website that can provide all of the information like the covid test thing, it would end up sort of like a mix between a search engine and Wikipedia and it actually sounds really dumb now that I have typed it.

Denis0109: Bongaaacaaams for liifee maan!

the_benju: internal linking

jsnfly: Thoughts on GPT-3?

Nafferza: hell yeah

SgT_Vimes: Wolfram alpha?

comradejaalle: microsoft doc programmers linking each other shit LUL

Airfrischung: linking to amazon doesnt make sense

owvanguard: ppl still use yahoo finance often. and they scrape stock data often

mongoloid_jones: vpn is pointless in 2020

thearthtyagi: use TORCH

JohnnyThe_Hobo: dark memes

r000sh: Marissa linking Yahoo 3v a day

pistolpetepcp: i am on work computer lol

aleDsz: Tor monkaS

dogemeat_: y not brave for tor

Airfrischung: should be more

stalys_: monkaS

mikey9988: Tor monkaS

thearthtyagi: TORCH search engine

Tal_X_Tal: monkaS

the_EZPZ: tor monkaS

jaayymie: Reelix He isn't banned because his name has the word disrespect in it you tit.

0xnan: do you think the use of BERT for google ranking changed the quality of the results?

mongoloid_jones: POGGERS

saxxxey: linking to amazon makes you money

celebrimborfan123: yahoo finance is the only reason they existy

thejuror8: @jsnfly What kind of answer do you expect

mongoloid_jones: TOR BRAZZERS GANG

kektobiologist: hackerman monkaS

twitchtest00123: yahoo finance is actually a go to for much of the financial world

thearthtyagi: Yo TORCH vs NOT EVIL

Mefe_1337: @comradejaalle isnt live office treated differently?

JohnnyThe_Hobo: i heard fbi puts you on a list if you download tor

DeeboMC: I wanna be able to ask an engine to show me the number of known elements by year from 1945 to present, then itโ€™ll build a bar graph from the data. Wolfram Alpha gets confused by this question. @georgehotz try it bro

dogemeat_: monkaS search

comradejaalle: @Mefe_1337 i cant remember actually

infowarez: U FUCKING PUSSY


the_EZPZ: the onion router WutFace

deviad01: Anyways, alexa is not reliable at all. Their results are based on some kind of addon which installs a bar that only maybe hundreds of people use.

cutza: "LeT's ViSit tHe dArK weB"

Reelix: @jaayymie No - But it's likely that his persona encompasses the subset of individuals that they blanket-banned

deviad01: I was into seo in 2014-2015 and I know something aobut it.

Tal_X_Tal: infowarez shut up alex

Gamer_nohope: @DeeboMC how did you ask wolfram?

deviad01: It can also show overinflated estimations.

jaayymie: Reelix Pure speculation. You have no idea.

sw1jari: @dogemeat_ brave tor is a little less anonymous

doomhammerorgrim: yeah Alexa data isn't great but it's the best we have maybe

many_mangos: @georgehotz any luck hiring new employees?

CollinPCO: burn it down

TJSparks: lol

Ziv0: LUL

pistolpetepcp: lol sounds like Jordan Peterson

stalys_: LUL

AlfaAnanasz: monkaS

Mefe_1337: XD

dogemeat_: lol

jawbre9ker: LUL

noobaj: LUL

Lefer_: monkaS

5GToren: WTF

LeeFranser: monkaS

Skyshifter: google's listening monkaS

metsu_gadoken: LUL

helenocampos: LOL

covidneunzehn: stfu alexa

surajt: LOL

FlameSnare: MonkaS

cutza: LOL alexa play despacito

sokhibjke: LUL LUL LUL LUL

XiuzSu: LOL

wutango: monkaS

JumpTwiice: monkaS

WhiteTailedSpider: LUL

dunehazard: KEKW

nakuzr: KEKW


Mefe_1337: alexa can you shut the fuck up LUL

corpus_cule: LUL

Tal_X_Tal: monkaS

LejLje: she took that one personally

peabu423: Kappa

LeeFranser: LUL

slimpimp007: LUL

saxxxey: LUL

Muzyd: Alexa? monkaS

covidneunzehn: she is listening

DeeboMC: @gamer_nohope a few ways. Are you good with wolfram? If so please try it.

kektobiologist: monkaS


Denis0109: FBI OPEN UP

wolkantrop: ....

timonx01: similiarweb is good

jaayymie: Alexa phone the FBI

Tal_X_Tal: monkaS wtf

gunz4kids: throw that shit out

dogemeat_: FBI OPEN UP

sokhibjke: LUL LUL

corpus_cule: its always listening monkaW

rhytual: monkaS

Muzyd: They're listening monkaS


zafke: Hey alexa

programmingmouse: LUL

Skyshifter: don't sleep in that house monkaS

PhosphoricAcid: LUL

Ziv0: wtf LUL

gunz4kids: BURN IT

I_am_paranoid: hachuDisgust



Gamer_nohope: alexa turned off .. seems legit lol

RobMonstaFlex: LUL

Julll: LUL

RoboticMind90: Real talk

rhytual: lmao

covidneunzehn: hahaha

Lefer_: LUL

LiveCustoms: My Alexa talks to me at night

codingquark: amazing

iMoggy: "no speaker connected" what does she mean??


rstk1: wtf

JumpTwiice: LUL wtf

celebrimborfan123: only way to turn off alexa is to throw it in the garbage lul

Ziv0: that's creepy af LUL

JohnnyThe_Hobo: freaking fbi man

onlycase_: what the hell

Sylens__: LUL

1xelerate: LUL

pigporkman: LOL

mikey9988: LUL

lookmagic1: wait

plumycli: wtf

rtcspxstn: wtf LUL

gyne: D:


Mefe_1337: the fuck

TheStudentDoctor: George Hotz with an Alexa within 10 metres of him? LUL

GrumpyJeff_TTV: LUL

wutango: wtf

stalys_: They're listening monkaS

dontcrysomuch21: HAHAHAHAHA

joiput: LUL

TowlieGotHigh: LUL

patrykwys: LUL

dogemeat_: BURN IT

slimpimp007: LUL

codingquark: Marshall

TeaPardee: WTF

PigeonsDontFlyFar: WHAT THE FUCK

covidneunzehn: burn it CurseLit

dogemeat_: LUL

Tal_X_Tal: LuL

jsnfly: wtf :D


B1_Renekton: destroy alexa

devUdara: lol wtf

PigeonsDontFlyFar: WTF

gunz4kids: CAST IT IN THE WELL

PiroFloydian: D: monkaS

Waldoqq: monkaW

SlowDeluxe: Time to smash it LUL

1xelerate: @georgehotz, do you go on /g/ ?


NonTrivial778: LOL

bichid69: hahahahahaha hiding alexa

aleDsz: Snowden monkaS

m0claw: what is happening

pec_adillo: cia surveillance

JumpTwiice: they're on to you monkaS

Ne0Zer0: LUL

saxxxey: now say "Ok google"

PigeonsDontFlyFar: OH MY GOD

CJslider14: check the request from that device its talking to amazon constantly

NonTrivial778: LULW

Skyshifter: starzi monkaS

erfault: itd need power

Tal_X_Tal: spying

Waldoqq: monkaS

sw1jari: monkaS or was it

TeaPardee: NO

thearthtyagi: Torch vs not evil!

5GToren: Connected with 5G

XiuzSu: @georgehotz Thermaltake has a 230 RBG Fan with a mic built into it....

RoboticMind90: Alexa call 911

PiroFloydian: monkaW

suukiu: destroy it monkaS

wolkantrop: 5g monkaS

powerofpickle: hats what it wants you to think

TeaPardee: TORCH IT

dogemeat_: FBI OPEN UP

mkdrmnd: is this an AirBnB?

JohnnyThe_Hobo: they dont us to know the truth about corona

sw1jari: monkaS 5g

many_mangos: My wife asked me why I was whispering, I told her I thought zuckerberg was listening to us. She laughed.... siri laughed... alexa laughed..... we all lauighed

TeaPardee: FBI

B1_Renekton: WTF

stalys_: Corporate espionage monkaS

PiroFloydian: @georgehotz eneable monkaW

codingquark: Still spying, will keep audio in queue

PigeonsDontFlyFar: BLACK MIRROR


LejLje: true

1xelerate: @georgehotz do you go on /g/ ?

daxyxy98: do you have enought Shungite around ?monkaS

nordwars82: Not your apartment?

Reelix: @georgehotz Use your guitar amp as a proxy ;D

the_EZPZ: time to invest in some shungite crystal

metsu_gadoken: George's handler is on high alert now

death_gadget: WHAAT ???

bichid69: 5g is coronavirus

TowlieGotHigh: it's logging ur data monkaS burn it down before u connect it to wifi

PigeonsDontFlyFar: B L A C K M I R R O R

Skyshifter: burn it just in case monkaS

cutza: why are people so scared of cookies?

Lefer_: monkaS

thearthtyagi: TORCH vs NOT EVIL search engine

dogemeat_: 5g aka rona

sw1jari: monkaS get more shungite

world2vec: sup @georgehotz made an account just to follow you. would love to hear your thoughts on GPT-3

mongoloid_jones: 350z POGGERS

insignia_microwave: what we doing today

jsnfly: put it in the microwave

codingquark: No local storage?

B1_Renekton: Alex Jones warned us

PigeonsDontFlyFar: Cookies can be stolen and someone can impersonate you

JumpTwiice: monkaS covid

bravetraveller: yeah, and one day alexa gets jalous and goes all HAL9000 on you and locks all your doors

Willmakk: amplexa monkaS

WhiteTailedSpider: alcoholic game: you drink every time a chat room asks, "What's going on?" LUL

tatsumiss: coronaS

CJslider14: the death of the serial port will be the end of man

xmase123: coronaS

TJSparks: i hate striped shirts


LiveCustoms: Can I buy Stonks in your company yet, I got free cash flow baby KappaPride

hexadecimalinteger: This can be solved using Elmo

bichid69: pornhub

twitchtest00123: chart looks like us employment stats right now

AlfaAnanasz: facebook is a news website

jawbre9ker: yahoo news?

LejLje: @georgehotz are you familiar with twitch emotes like MonkaS and Trihard?

TJSparks: google news?

bichid69: why is pornhub not there

Jon_Moose: So like what's going on? lmao

the_EZPZ: shirts without stripes sounds like an nlp problem

TheRealMast3r: cnn not there ? strange.. Kappa

codingquark: Right

stalys_: most of yahoo's traffic is probably yahoo news

muffclap: Twitter though

cutza: bongacams is news

thearthtyagi: have a look at man

mongoloid_jones: yo georgehotz i want to hire you for the Cx network, it is a group of pedophile streamers of youtube Cx TriHard PedoBear

sliderspy: reddit is news

LuckyFeathersGames: Sohu and yahoo are news

CollinPCO: f?

pielliepalie: Google/twitter is news

TheStudentDoctor: Probably because social media has taken over traditional news outlets

naujsenju: George, you're my hero! What're we doing today, I just joined the chat?

lesserthangood: @thearthtyagi why u promoting ur shit business

Mithu: that indonesian one wasnt news?

comradejaalle: reddit/twitch/youtube/twitter can also be news.

CollinPCO: camera f

bichid69: a porn engine

LiveCustoms: Who'd win in a fist fight Elon or Bezos?

thearthtyagi: that's not my business bruh @lesserthangood

many_mangos: @georgehotz if you were the one who hacked into twitter what would you do to make the most amount of money

LejLje: @bichid69 genuis idea

AlfaAnanasz: fuck off

codingquark: Shouldn't porn be the top?

XiuzSu: not me

fuuqtv: no

Ne0Zer0: nope

AlfaAnanasz: no LUL

stickyshrimp: nope

JohnnyThe_Hobo: me

RubberBanditHorse: no way

lesserthangood: no

many_mangos: piss off

Ziv0: NO LUL

0xnan: someone can explain me what George is doing?

bryyce: me

polygxn: sure

R0J0_JP: me :)

TJSparks: I WILL :)

Ssach_: no

comradejaalle: nope

1xelerate: nope

jsnfly: nope

stalys_: nah LUL

Aedroth: no

Madill_: No

naujsenju: I the name of science I would

devUdara: if it's opensource yes

qatarking24xd: not me

covidneunzehn: hell no

msmxm: no

fernaoguerra: hell no

musabkilic0: no

horwardl: no

Ne0Zer0: only local

m0bzero: no one

TeaPardee: no

Skoluh: no

rhytual: nope

Sim_Ayo: what is the goal of the project ?

B1_Renekton: @georgehotz half of HN was going crazy over GPT 3 and half of HN was underwhelmed, what are your views on GPT3

PiroFloydian: Nope

mongoloid_jones: me

saxxxey: nope

bichid69: fucking not a chance

squiggly_nibs: You'll see a lot of porn

sliderspy: nope

PhosphoricAcid: nop

LiveCustoms: Hell no

rstk1: no


aar0npham: but why tho

muffclap: What would it do for me

insignia_microwave: as long as its anonymous

Aedroth: I'll pass

raad1masum: no

Gamer_nohope: for money ...m e

thearthtyagi: me

multimartax: you'd get a lot of porn

LejLje: i would try it

DerZemba: You would have to trust the plugin users to not manipulate the data thoughn right?

shadedcane: nah i'm good

robonhansonem: Nope.

session_variable: i mean i would

lasercatboss: yep

powerofpickle: nope

cutza: only my incognito searches

moktheacronym: nope

kektobiologist: me :)

SirJohnDewkitch: nope

bojosos: me

aaddrr: me :)

Skyshifter: it would have to be crazy good for me to consider it

NonTrivial778: what

ragecoder: im not sharing my porn

IAmChi_: nah im good

Pratzz: no

FaceTheWolf: foss, yes

alessandro711: NOPE

Airfrischung: not me

I_am_paranoid: why would i?

dank_may_mays: nope

celphysc2: nope, id forget about turning it off

naujsenju: I would, in the name of SCIENCE

Tal_X_Tal: me :)

wutango: me :)

musabkilic0: cant you make a poll on twitch?

owvanguard: na plugins are lame af

JohnnyThe_Hobo: steal my data baby lets go

mongoloid_jones: fuck google

illogicalism: lol thats actually my university assignment

DeeboMC: Dafuq

5GToren: I mean I would go less to pron

comradejaalle: @georgehotz We're nerds doe, normies wont care.

northumb: me

jasonscottreval: nah dude

dr_set: What's in it for me?

PinkEyedOrphan: heck no

foon123456: I would

Mithu: i would put it on my botnet zombies

codingquark: Unfortunately I don't have any history stored

fuuqtv: how much do you pay?

sokhibjke: I would sign blank paper for you KAPA

mongoloid_jones: fuck google fuck the cia make i5 b4o

JustLOL__: job offer from google inc Kappa

AlfaAnanasz: @georgehotz we dont get any benefit by installing

insignia_microwave: is it anonymous

Catching_Spiders: no and no

geokwi: depends on what the greater goal is

dorkmo: sounds like honey

saxxxey: Maybe if the results are also open source

Gamer_nohope: for you ... yes :) lol

Ne0Zer0: yes local

LiveCustoms: I don't trust you bro

hexadecimalinteger: NOMEGALOL

comradejaalle: yes

stickyshrimp: incentive

rhytual: maybe

Skoluh: still no

insignia_microwave: then yes

bichid69: still nope, what will I get out of it?

JohnnyThe_Hobo: YESSS

Ne0Zer0: yes

PiroFloydian: is it encrypted? @georgehotz

jasonscottreval: only if you pay us

TheStudentDoctor: Read the link I sent earlier - it's exactly what you're thinking @georgehotz

sliderspy: yes

B1_Renekton: yess

0xnan: federated learning!

nordwars82: You can turn off plugins in incognito mode donโ€™t worry ;)

hexadecimalinteger: NO

XiuzSu: @georgehotz Depends on the ultimate reason for this plugin? Like what am I helping with?

JavierSO: me โœ‹

insignia_microwave: yup

wutango: yes

owvanguard: na. plugins still suck. dude. the problem is its a plugin

hardtarget4: nope

IMTotes: maybe ?

2Good5You: maybe

world2vec: nope

PigeonsDontFlyFar: YESSSS

jsnfly: nope

Pratzz: aahhh no google love

TJSparks: what does that accomplish

LiveCustoms: bruh this sounds sketchy af

TheRealMast3r: no

insignia_microwave: yessir

lesserthangood: no

dogemeat_: YES

fuuqtv: dosnt matter

TeaPardee: still no?

shadedcane: nope

aar0npham: welp sounds good to me

comradejaalle: Depends then it requires more on my side

jaegerbott: tens to little

JumpTwiice: sounds sketchy

the_benju: maybe

codingquark: Okay

Catching_Spiders: How could we possibly check that

Reelix: @georgehotz Depends on how the data was stored. If I use your plugin and search "How to kill the President", would that be linked to me?

Bentipe: yes

dank_may_mays: WHY

nbkar: nope nope nope

death_gadget: Probably

wainemier: yes

muffclap: What do you mean by upload?

naujsenju: wait what info are you taking in if less than 10 people use it

session_variable: more than tem people viewed what

alessandro711: ok

mongoloid_jones: CAP

JohnnyThe_Hobo: fuck yes. steal my data baby

coProof: Can I also give you root access for o my devices??

foon123456: I would because it's open source


PiroFloydian: encrypted?

corpus_cule: most ppl wouldn't see the difference tbh

Vektorraum: what kind of data would get uploaded?

hexadecimalinteger: no one has time for that

codingquark: I'm fine if anon

PigeonsDontFlyFar: YESSSSSS

fmlpandawhale: i think i would use it, but I don't think it's the best solution

celebrimborfan123: I don't think any system should go off of popularity

illogicalism: i am not sure your plugin will be published

salem_8salem: Hi George, Do you believe in concept "Purpose in life" If yes, how did you find you yours? Or it's trashthinking

rhytual: @georgehotz would the collected data also be freely available?

Ne0Zer0: JohnnyThe_Hobo LUL

many_mangos: you will shill out once you have enough data just like brave broswer!!!

squiggly_nibs: Why not make a chromium browser

Airfrischung: how would it know locally that more than 10 people clicked the same thing?

squishy_swishy_fishy: how does it know that more then 10 people have viewed if everything is local?

powerofpickle: How would we know if others viewed them before uploading?

PigeonsDontFlyFar: TAKE MY PORN DATA

bichid69: what will I get out of it? why would i go through the effort of using a plugin?

Mithu: how can it not be uploaded and still know more than 10 viewed it

hoffs: @georgehotz how would it know whether 10 people searched for it in the first place, that requires tracking already

PigeonsDontFlyFar: TAKE MY DATA DAD

5GToren: they are already monitoring your data, one more wouldnt mind

cutza: i'm fine with that, but people don't trust tech because they don't understand what "open source" means

BrodatyWhiteBear: You mean plugin to make your browser a Chrome but open sourced? LUL

foon123456: would it be encrypted?

LiveCustoms: LUL

LejLje: yep

naujsenju: wait what info are you taking in if less than 10 people use it ???

mongoloid_jones: fax

onlycase_: exactly

TJSparks: yea i know

codingquark: That and my uploading IP!

TeaPardee: most people wont be able to know whether its safe or not, ya know?

sw1jari: yeah lmao

Christian__Steiffen: D:

wutango: yup

hexadecimalinteger: We trust Google

polygxn: monkaS

Translogical: lol


Aedroth: YEAH LMAO

saxxxey: Firefox bruh

rstk1: LUL

LejLje: i dont mind at the moment

owvanguard: ya. but they arent a plugin we have to download

LikeReason: well shi lemme delete google Kappa

codingquark: I am not!

Gamer_nohope: no D: lol

Denis0109: I give you all my porn history and then you can judge me if I'm sick or not, I mean what is sick these days right?

JumpTwiice: we trust google more than you Kappa

comradejaalle: hello duckduck @georgehotz

Bentipe: duckduckgo?

hiddenkumquat: shit all my porn

SirJohnDewkitch: exactly

XiuzSu: I try to make it difficult for them at least...

musabkilic0: because google = internet

sokhibjke: LOL he's right

Mithu: like we use google lol

mongoloid_jones: google = cia

Nebulala: i use incognito Kappa

ofaas: google is faceless

dank_may_mays: DansGame

LiveCustoms: Private browser bro KappaPride

Mithu: duckduckgo >

dogemeat_: don't call out chat wow

NonTrivial778: nah bro I use duckduckgo and waterfox

bichid69: what will I get out of it? with google I get a service back

polysoulz_: yeah but we need chrome right /

dogemeat_: my feels

deviad01: duckduck.go is the way :D

dr_set: duck duck go

IMTotes: nope never used the internet, never will

sliderspy: i am not, i de-googled myself

AlfaAnanasz: because there is benefit with google. @georgehotz

m0bzero: what about duck go

PiroFloydian: not if i use firefox and ecosia

Vektorraum: duckduckgo!

Zarickan: How is google getting it?

many_mangos: @georgehotz why don't you use duck duck go?

naujsenju: fair point

illogicalism: i am not sure your plugin will be accepted and published

gunz4kids: just hack google

DeeboMC: We know

qatarking24xd: millions of people use google but only 20~ people will use yours