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I welcome you to a new episode of Azim Al Azim around the world

It is true that watching the images of world figures in history books is fun

But if you were walking in a street where you walked Shakespeare, if you came near the tomb of Princess Diana

And you have the opportunity to discover and touch a history in person like King Arthur, Robin Hood, Queen Elizabeth, and David Beckham, your sense of humor if you see the places where you live and live

Your sense of A and the English Premier League matches are full number. What Captain Hamada Imam was saying

The most famous league in the world

And meet yourself I attended one of the matches in the stadium itself in the middle of the crowd

I think that we are an aversion to an extraordinary episode, an extraordinary place on an exceptional country, England

Yalla Pena on England

At first, I spoke about visa, and what we talked about before we were in the USA

They have arrangements and papers by traveling for 3 or 4 months, I think the same words apply to England

Please note that it is separate from the EU visa

And operates in a center of the embassy in Zamalek

When one of the known mobile phone companies, costing about the equivalent of 5000 pounds

With a time limit of approximately 10 days, it is not possible to specify a possible date for a month before the visa itself

The price of the ticket is possible to arrive in February for 75 British pounds or sterling

The flight from Cairo to England is 5 hours and 10 minutes direct flight to Heathrow Airport, the main airport in England

By the way, the British Pound or the Pound Sterling is worth 23 Egyptian Pounds

Hotels there are very varied, in shape and size, and style in general, in the hotel nature and prices, all you need and fit him

I mean, for example, in the hostels, which are in lively places and at a special level

If you are more than one person you can rent a residential unit

Hotels like all history, buildings are historical form, and every need influenced by history, your sense of time for the places where you are hesitant or to walk in, it exists at distinct levels

For the most affordable hostels in the world, you can get 10 or 15 per night

And hotels can be used, for example, from 50 and provide a lot of levels because diversity is very large

In 3 seasons you can travel to the atmosphere you love, whether you love the winter atmosphere there, and the Bacon is very narrow and varied between different cities

By the way London is the capital of fog

And your choice for the stops in which London will fall between summer and winter, and between the times associated with the events you love attend all you need to prepare for him before traveling Ques

It is also estimated that the timing of the big discounts on the products there is known because in the people, the study of the timing of the timing of a specific and specific and familiar with the arrival of the mother and respond to the requirements of the Mnin and D through the Internet

To eat in England in general, characterized by its simplicity, simplicity, magnificence and diversity

Arab restaurants are strongly present, and in many Arab neighborhoods, the English breakfast, named after England because it has different ingredients and nature

We have agreed to a very important need in our visit to England, England Minfach lost one minute of what you enjoy, because the visit is very important and historical, especially for the first time, you need to have a calendar and a lot of needs to enjoy, Some are not known to others

Including one of the archaeological sites that exist there, Stonehenge

One of the mysterious archaeological sites, though in many legends about the purpose of the site, is that it is a place to offer offerings, or a celestial clock, but the new archaeological discoveries have shown that the surrounding area was a sacred area for hundreds of years. The place is very special and the ticket for adults is 15.5

City of Oxford

Is one of the most important places especially where it is one of the most important international universities, where the myths and tales of a lot of them, and a sense of different you visit and see, and look at its various features, especially the university, and which graduated from the great world

The Lake District

The city of Pismoha is the city of revelation

There are possible cruises in the lake itself, or walking between the mountains, but the fact that most of the visitors were inspired by the literary links of the place, because so many writers have their own revelation and inspiration in the place


Architectural beauty There is an end of the university, which is not universally known on the same name of the city, and because most buildings in the city and the university in particular is variable throughout its history, your presence there Hehssk that you travel between the ages touch and breathe and live needs before you many people in the same detail, Haths that you touch history with your hands.


Mohamed Salah

The city is famous for its wit and manly love of football

There is a great cultural heritage in which there are a few areas to enjoy and visit. The city has many fans around the world. If you have the chance to attend a football tournament there, I think you will never have a chance to make history.

National theater

Wade is on the East Bank in London, and Bacon tours in the theater for an hour and a quarter, adults 8.5, children 7.25 pounds, and Bacon at least one round a day

tower of London

Wade is a castle of 22 towers, one of the most distinctive places worth visiting in the British capital, and is estimated to take many pictures and different means of display, and the price of the ticket 22.5 pounds sterling

England has many museums, many of them in London, including the Wax Museum, Madad Tsu Museum, Natural History, the Berry Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, the London Museum, and the Royal Observatory.

shopping in England and Leicester Place, whether on Oxford Street, Piccadilly, etc. There are all the international brands of course, and you will find a great variety of prices from cheap to endless of course, in all the need for appliances and hobbies, especially since they are already very sophisticated. Industry.

London Eye is the place where you can see the peak or highest point in London, and enjoy the view of London from all directions through the Daira, which is sold by the place, Bacon in the tracks of the role after booking the ticket, in fast tracks and in normal tracks, The shops come with souvenirs and souvenir shops

The English Parliament building, the Royal Palace, the Big Ben Building, or the Buckingham Palace, the architecture of it, distinguished by luxury and elegance, history

As you walk in London, you will notice a very nice need: there is a great architectural resemblance between the buildings there and the downtown buildings in Cairo, of course with some differences of maintenance and exterior appearance, but in general your mind automatically connects between the two because of the architectural core that is almost identical to some of them.

Of all the needs you need to experience, no matter how long you are and how old you are, London Bus

Wade Heimelk tour full of you know the whole city and its history and the origins of buildings and architecture, and it crosses the months in the world, during which Bacon in the registration of the definition of buildings and where was resident before Kada, and now Maine, and thus hear the history of the whole of England during the tour De, and Bacon through headphones distributed And choose the language you choose to suit you

Of course we are not saying that in the amount of celebrations and carnivals is not common in England

And each one of them a different character and a different fashion and a different reason and legend to celebrate, whatever the celebrations are different in one character by combining them all, "happiness", whatever its kind and place, shape, or timing Htz happiness is not natural and you are in it

All you have to do, you are going to run on the festivities, before you go, and what you do is suitable for the timing of your journey. Know where you are and go.

The people there are all speaking English, but imagine that the British accents are different and to a large extent you may not be familiar with your numbers and take a long time to understand all the words that are hanging around you

Trip trip for a week or 10 days, England from the country is very expensive

Because of the huge currency difference, you will find the simplest needs by working simple numbers, which means that you will need a small amount of money even with the maximum control of expenses

They cost about 500, and of course each one after he had his arrangements and needed to buy them there

Flight prices are about $ 400, as the average price

Of the very important needs you need to know before you travel that England are not working in euros or the dollar, but you are dealing with sterling, in some places you can accept the euro, but you are left in the British pound, try to make money before you travel or first, Some "ATM" ATM machines do not charge you money, even if they are about 3% in some cases

If you are there more than a week, for example, the best need for transportation will be the bus from the stations, or the metro and his name is there, and the best you use the need Oyster Card, a friendly possible to use in all the buses and the Metro and Htkon over Bacter, and online booking for train tickets or Even buses are up by travel, and bacon is overbacter.

At 3 airports in London, when you book a ticket, you need to check in any airport because it is different from the one you are in, so you need to know the departure or arrival hall because the distances are somewhat distant between them

England is a great security, but in a few needs need to be careful, especially in large cities, as you are clashing phone in your hands Khalik in the trunk, and the device is always locked, means the normal security measures that can work anywhere in the world

The rivers in England are many, but not very long, but yet in the rivers of boats and boats, the medieval boats, the old boats and the old boats, you see that you are in a water museum

Arif must be in England to buy gifts that are amazingly similar, because some of them have a great historical character, and have a lot of creative ideas

It is not desirable that you rent an Arab there because the chair is on the right from the north, especially if you go for a short while and you are not used to it, especially since the streets of the large cities of London are crowded and narrow, as well as changing the driver's chair.

England, where citizens from different countries, many of them, mostly from India and occupied various positions, and Arabs as well as the presence of the presence there, whether in the presence or in restaurants and eating Arab and Egyptian, the most famous Egyptians who lived in England, Mohamed Al Fayed owner of Harold shop is the most famous store in the world But England, of course, is distinguished by the architectural style and nature of the products, and it has products in its name, friendly and very nice needs that are there.

I wish, of course, the England episode, which I'm sure is very different and distinct from any other country in the world that will be your wonder, Estoni in a new episode of "Albu Azim around the world"

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