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I'm Susie Hall.

And I'm the president of Vitamin T. And I'm here to

tell you a little bit about my career path here at Aquent and

Vitamin T, and also to talk to you a little bit about what we

look for in great candidates to add to our Vitamin T team.

So over 13 years ago, I walked into our Los Angeles office.

And I kept meeting nice, smart people with

toys on their desks.

And I decided this is the place for me.

We are surrounded by creative talent.

We help get them work.

We work with creative clients who are looking for those

highly skilled, interactive talent.

That was the place that I wanted to join.

So over 13 years later, here I am, happy to say I'm glad to

still be here.

In May of last year, I got the opportunity to launch our

newest brand, Vitamin T. We focus on advertising agencies

and midsize businesses and help them find highly skilled

digital creatives very quickly.

So there are four key traits that we look for in staff as

we're looking to add people to our team here at Vitamin T.

The first one is confidence.

Obviously, we spend a lot of time working with people.

And we need the confidence to be able to reach out to them

and tell them about our brand.

We are new and very much in start-up mode.

And we certainly want to be helping

them grow their business.

So confidence is very important as we network and

meet people.

The second thing we look for is a high sense of urgency.

We spend a lot of time responding very quickly to the

needs of our clients, who often

need something yesterday.

So bringing a high sense of urgency really helps someone

be very successful here.

The third thing we look for is a lot of drive.

We have a highly entrepreneurial culture here.

So we look for people who want accountability for the growth

of their business and bring with them their own drive to

continue to grow their business here at Vitamin T.

The fourth thing that we look for is business acumen,

someone who understands what makes companies tick, so that

as they're talking to our customers, they can talk to

them about growing their revenues.

They can talk to them about things like adding the right

creative talent who can create the marketing materials that

are going to help them grow those revenues.

So those four traits are very important as we're adding

people to our team.

So if you are looking for a place to join where you can

meet nice, smart people who have toys on their desk, and

you bring those four traits with you, we would love to

talk to you.

Thank you.


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