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- Well, is there any blood?

- We are producing Almost Maine.

which is a story written by John Cariani.

And it is a series of eight vignettes,

which tell the story of people

who are the residents of Maine in a city called Almost.

And it's the stories of them falling in and out of love.

- Ow!

- Am so sorry are you okay?

- We chose it here,

one because it is about communities

and it is about relationships,

but also when there's only two people on stage,

it's easier to do contact tracing.

So there's only ever two people on stage at one time.

And so we know who's with who

instead of large group numbers.

- It's a really fun show.

It's a collection of different scenes

with a lot of really cool characters

and they're just regular people,

but they all kind of meet new people

and figure out more about themselves.

And it's a lot of different love stories.

It's a really good show.

- Will you help? - Nope.

- Well, all my characters I play as Lendell and Dave.

And Lendell is kind of like a chilled back

relaxed kind of guy.

He's been dating this girl for 11 years and stuff.

And he hasn't asked her to marry him.

He's just like this, you know, relaxed kind of guy,

and he know he's that kind of guy.

And then Dave, he's you know, this kind of anxious

kind of, you know, upbeat kind of fun little guy, you know,

he's got a lot of personality in him.

And his person who wants to get with is Rhonda, right.

They've been friends for years

and they go snowmobiling every Friday and all that.

And it's a real fun time.

And, you know, he just starts, you know,

really, really liking her.

You know, doing shows this year it's a relief.

Cause like whenever we first got the news that, you know,

we'd have to do school online, back last semester,

It was like, aw, dang, this sucks.

Cause like our, we were doing Gypsy at that time.

And then right in the middle as

we were doing gypsy the second week and a shows just got

canceled right out from under us.

And all the hard work we put in was just gone

and then unprecedented times happened.

And that was like, you know,

kind of bring the community back together.

And then like finally doing this show.

It's like, we can do this in this kind of environment

and we can do it safely.

And so far we, haven't got a single COVID case

in the cast, which is like, great.

- The performances take place in person on the stage,

but they are recorded and broadcast digitally.

So we have a limited end person audience

as a result of the pandemic.

And then people can buy online virtual tickets

through a organization called Show Ticks.

And when they buy the ticket there,

it's just a film production of the show, but it's done live.

So we have multiple cameras in the audience

capturing different angles,

the students and they're acting.

So its like being there in person but

without having it right in front of you.

I think the kids are so resilient

and so excited just to be a part of something.

They all really miss theater

because it's what they're passionate about.

It's what they love.

And so they kind of didn't care what we did

as long as we were doing something,

they just wanted to be a part of it.

So they are extremely positive.

They're so hardworking and they're very engaged

and thrilled for this production.

- I think people should come and see this play because

it's definitely a great way to support the arts right now.

Obviously COVID has probably had a bigger impact on

the performance industry since the 1948 musicians strike

was probably the next biggest thing.

So a lot of performing arts places really need it.

But aside from that I think we really deserve it.

Because we've worked so hard,

I think we've got a really fun show.

- Oh!

(upbeat music)

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