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- Welcome to.

- [Group] Pero Like.

- So today we're talking about good boys versus bad boys.

Which do you prefer?

Have you dated a bad boy?

I've dated a lot of bad boys.

- Have you?

- Not a lot of bad boys.

Oh I've dated like two.

- What constitutes a bad boy to you guys?


- They treat you like shit, and they're a jerk.

- Oh, okay.

- I'm okay with like going into a situation with a bad boy

so long as like I know.

Like I tell myself like, Julice are you stupid?

But you better, go ahead do this girl.

If you want to do this, do this.

- So true, and that's what we've talked about too.

If you're aware of it, just do it.

Like who cares?

But I think that's the thing with me.

I know I wasn't aware of it,

and I would get my heart broken

and be like but why?

Why did this happen?

I just don't understand?

Then I'm like, oh I'm stupid.

I need to stop picking those guys,

and like why don't we ever see the good guys?

Or do you guys see the good guys?

- I feel like I only date the good guys.

I'm not into someone that treats me like shit.

But I get people that confuse that with confidence

and like a sexy swagger or arrogance.

I get being attracted to that.

- I think bad boys do have this (speaks Spanish).

I won't date bad boys anymore,

but I've had my share of bad boys

and like broken hearts. - Me too.

- And it's just like, at the end it's not worth it.

You need someone who's going to treat you with respect,

that you can have confidence in.

- I think as you get older you start to realize it too.

- Yeah exactly.

- Because in the beginning in my younger days

I was like, y'all better come, all y'all.

I'll be bad with you.

And then I'm like getting older, I'm like no.

That's not cute.

Stop. - That's not cute.

- Like as women, we're so iffy too sometimes.

We're like we want this.

We want the good guy who's going to

give us all of their attention.

They're going to be faithful.

We're going to trust them.

And then when they're like obsessive

and they're like, I love you.

You're like, you're a bitch.


- It's science though.

- I know so many women like that.

- There is a science.

There's articles that have been written about like

people being chemically attracted to someone

who is not interested in them

because they think that they're

that unattainability.

Oh they have genes that I need

because they're like not attracted to me

or something like that

whereas someone who is is like, oh wait.

I don't like him

because he likes us. - Well that sucks.


- I used to only date guys that were like

really like beautiful.

You would see them you would be like,

oh that guy, but then he's got two girlfriends on the side,

and it's just like that is painful.

You don't want to go through that.

- I'm dating a guy who I think is probably

what I would think of as a bad boy,

but he's really not.

Does that make sense?

Where it's like the bad boy that looks good, you know,

'cause we always like categorize

like good guys not looking good

and being like the sap and stuff like that,

but why can't I have my mixture of both

where he looks good, and his sex is bomb.

- [Curly] Yep.

- But he answers my text messages,

and he's a sap and is good tell me he loves me.

- Absolutely.

- That's a keeper. - That's right.

- That's a keeper. - Yes please.

- My homegirl says, intellectual thug.

- [Curly] Yep.

- So I want a guy who has a PhD,

but he'll hope out of the car if somebody beeping too much.

He's gone be like, what up?

What's up?

- When the good guy pulls that out

or like calls me on my shit,

I'm just like.

- You're turned on, right?

- Yes.

When the good guy's like I'm done with your shit,

I'm like taking things off.

You're mad at me?

- [Curly] Y'all slide off the couch and shit.


- You leaking. You leaking.


- This advice is not gender specific.

Whoever you're dating, it's not about gender.

It's about being treated right and choosing someone

that you want to be with at the end of the day.

- Yeah but don't be dating no fuck boys or no fuck girls.

Fuck all of them.

- Just want someone to touch my butt.

- [Curly] Should we cut?

- Like this.

- Curly you have like one curl that's like popping.

- [Curly] This one right here?

- Yeah.


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