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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 10 Paused Disney Moments That Reveal Hidden Easter Eggs

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You better get ready to use that pause button because you dont want to miss any of these

hidden Easter Eggs. These Disney moments move by so fast that if you dont pause the screen

you will never notice them but dont you worry. Weve got you covered and we will

show you some of the hardest to find moments in your favorite Disney films. Dont forget

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Here is Screen Rants list of ten Paused Disney Moments That Reveal Hidden Easter Eggs.

Monsters, Inc.

When the scarers go in and out of doors to scare little children pay close attention

to the items on the doors. Like most children, the kids in Monsters, Inc. place stickers

on the outside of their doors and if you look closely youll notice something special

about these stickers. They are the little critter characters from the Woodys Round-Up

TV show in Toy Story 2. It looks like Woody is still popular during the time of Monsters,

Inc. maybe thats why Jesse shows up in Boos room.

Inside Out

Inside Out has several Easter Eggs and we have mentioned quite a few of them in past

videos but one arrives in the beginning of the film that if you were still getting popcorn

you might have missed it. When the Anderson family is driving to their new home they drive

past a field of corn but look at the telephone wires. Sitting on the wires are the birds

from the Pixar short, For the Birds. The cool part is, For the Birds must have taken place

in the fall when the corn is dried up and Inside Out during the spring as it grows.

It looks like no one headed south for the winter.

Cars 2

The Pizza Planet truck is a popular Easter egg to spot and in Cars 2 he shows up during

the casual race as a spectator. This one isnt so hard to spot but many people dont realize

hes in two scenes in this film. When Guido is showing off his drink mixing skills stop

looking at him and look above him to the TV. The Pizza Planet truck is being interviewed,

maybe thats why hes in so many Pixar films, hes a world famous celebrity!

Toy Story

The first Toy Story film is what started it all for Disney, Pixar and rightly so, this

film still holds up today and will for another bazillion years. Were pretty sure no one

will argue with us on that point but one argument that stands the test of time is Star Trek

versus Star Wars. The people at Pixar couldnt make a choice in 1995s Toy Story. Check

out Buzzs hand when he says goodbye, Spock would be proud and when Buzz talks about Emperor

Zurgs evil plan. He speaks directly about the Death Star

even in part two we find out Buzz is the son of Zurg. Sound familiar?

Finding Dory

In Finding Nemo we learned that the dentist not only likes to cause pain to the children

he works on but he also likes to provide his niece with fish, no matter how many she kills.

She shouldnt own fish and it seems like the people at the Marine Life Institute know

she shouldnt too. In Finding Dory they have her picture up on the wall at the institute.

Or maybe its hanging there because she belongs in the quarantine section because

something is wrong with her.


George Carlin is highly regarded as one of the greatest and most influential stand-up

comedians of all time. Despite a great career in stand-up he also provided the voice of

the character Fillmore in 2006s Cars. The characters in this film are usually moving

and we never get too close to the license plates but many of the license plates have

double means. For instance Fillmores license plate reads 51237, which stands for Carlins

birthdate, May 12th 1937.

A Bugs Life

Here is one that you have to pause two different films and have a pretty good eye. In the film

A Bugs Life the ants live under a fancy looking tree that seems to mean more than

meets the eye. If you watch Toy Story 2 you will notice that the film has the same exact

tree in it. Just look at that shape! With the erosion around the tree in A Bugs Life

we have to wonder what event took place to cause that erosion and will that be the subject

of an upcoming Pixar film?

The Black Cauldron

In the 1980s Disney was looking at the success of Jim Hensons 1982 film The Dark

Crystal for inspiration. They saw that dark, fantasy adventure films were on the rise and

they wanted to get into that market. Thats why they released The Black Cauldron in 1985;

but they also pulled inspiration from their 1953 film Peter Pan. When Taran heads into

a cave, he is surrounded by fairies and one is none other than the attitude filled, Tinkerbell.

Remember to only think happy thoughts.


Zootopia has numerous references to pop culture that they even hired Shakira to portray Gazelle.

Judy Hopps even has a portable music player with music from Fur Fighters, Fleetwood Yak,

and The Beagles but we only caught one from Star Wars. When the stars of Zootopia break

into Cliffside they look around with a flashlight. Pause the video and you will see the code

TK-421 on the wall, as any good Star Wars fan knows, this is reference to a foolish

Stormtrooper that fell for the oldest trick in the book.

The Incredibles

When Elastigirl flies a plane, she identifies her plane to the radio tower. It stands for

I G 99, which also stands for the Iron Giant that was released in 1999 by director, Brad

Bird. Then when she is in the control tower, A113 makes an appearance too. A113 refers

to a classroom number at the California Institute of Arts, where many artists from Disney started

their careers including Brad Bird. Looks like Bird likes to reference his past.

There you have it ten ten Paused Disney Moments That Reveal Hidden Easter Eggs. Dont forget

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