Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Zie het voor je: Digitalisering binnen de overheid

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The digitisation of our society takes place at a rapid pace

and poses major challenges for our government.

They will have to move along because the interests are great.

By embracing digitisation and targeting societal challenges effectively,

our government will become a director again of a digital Netherlands.

But how do we get the data management in order?

And how do you keep a grip on citizen data in the cloud?

How do you monitor public safety without infringing on the privacy of citizens?

And how do you ensure an inclusive society if not everyone in the Netherlands is digitally connected?

Together we must make the change

to a targeted, safe and accessible digitisation for our government,

without losing sight of social responsibilities.

Can you envision it?

Look through the eyes of TNO

and discover how we contribute to a accessible director's role for our government

in the digital age of tomorrow.

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