Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 排队去买的绸缎饼,教你在家做,柔软轻薄如纸,比春饼简单!【海娟美食】

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hi everyone

this is Haijuan

we often wait in long queues to buy silk pancakes

today, I'll be sharing with you

a simple and easy recipe

it's almost effortless

check this out, isn't it appetizing?

we can definitely make this at home

let's get right into it!

put in 500 grams of regular flour

add 5 grams of salt

this is to improve the texture

mix the flour using 340 ml of warm water

stir as you add in water

keep mixing it until the flour turn into flakes, then make it into a dough with your hands

aim for a soft dough as shown here

transfer it to a piece of cutting board

work the dough for a few minutes, make it nice and smooth

then work the dough into a long piece

make it into 4 equal-sized chunks

work the chunks until they become nice and smooth

add some oil to a big bowl

rub it across evenly

put in the chunks

apply some oil to the surface of the chunks as well

this way every chunk is coated in oil

put on a lid, have the chunks chill for 2 hours

if you don't have enough time

put the chunks in zip-loc bags

this can reduce the amount of time needed for the chunks to chill. apply some oil to the cutting board

take out a chunk

flatten it with your hand, press it for a bit longer

the dough is really soft and easy to work with after it's been chilled

stretch the thin piece longer using a rolling pin

then stretch the thin piece wider

the trick is to push from the top while pulling from the bottom

make it as long and wide as you possibly can

then roll it up using the rolling pin

give it a gentle stretching during this process

this is to make the finished product even thinner

keep stretching and rolling

preheat the pancake maker, brush some oil on it

make sure to pre-heat it, it has to be hot when you put the thin piece on it

now put in the thin piece

rotate the rolling pin as you put in the thin piece. if you see it's shape getting firm

push it aside to allow raw portions to come in

put new portions in as you push the firmed portions aside

keep pushing it aside

rotate the rolling pin as you do

flip around the thin piece when its bottom browns

bake it for longer if you like the more crispy texture

the silk pancakes is ready after both sides gets a nice brown

check this out

it's as thin as insect wings

doesn't it look nice?

isn't this really easy to make?

isn't it appetizing?

now you can make this at home easily, no need to buy this anymore

you can always bookmark this video for future reference

try this out if you got time

it's very soft

you can also eat it with seasoning sauce or other fillings

there are many good options out there

thank you for watching, we will see you in the next one

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