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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What's Your Ideal Man? | Practice English Vocabulary

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your ideal type Mina here's what I have

for you take a close look at these

profiles and tell me which guy is the

best man for you I have a good-looking

guy a wealthy one a smart one and of

course other guys with various careers

what's the most important component you

look for well appearance is obviously

the first thing I see so the way he

looks maybe then if I have a chance to

talk to him I will observe the way he

speaks or the things he says along with

a vocabulary he uses when people talk

about their lives I find that it is easy

to know about them and to find clues

about who they are as a person back to

where was next I will find out what he

does for a living when it comes to

careers I don't value jobs like lawyers

doctors and professors I want to know if

he enjoys what he does and if he is good

at it

The Description of What's Your Ideal Man? | Practice English Vocabulary