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What is up guys? Fated here and welcome back to my channel for another video. Today I am

covering gameplay on the G751 from ASUS. This model packs in a powerful GTX 980M which is

close to the most powerful GPU on the market right now and it can really handle some extreme

graphics. Also in this model is 24Gb's of ram an Intel 4710HQ and also a 1920x1080 screen

so we are going to be playing and testing in 1920x1080 at 1080p. So as you can tell

straight off the bat it does handle ultra setting preset very well, especially on a

small map but when moving onto a larger map or intense battle scenes it can dip below

what you would want it to be at. So for instance, a conquest map with helicopters and tanks

you are probably going to dip below 60 frames per second in some instances. So do keep that

in mind. But the majority of the time it is going to be playable but I don't think it's

quite smooth enough. So for now the high settings preset is basically where I think

we should be, that's the place to go. You get well over 60 frames per second and it

can maintain that on a larger map and gametypes and more chaos and destruction but it to will

suffer below 60 frames per second if say, a C4 or helicopter blows up next to you and

your frames will drop considerably but that is only for a short instance. Most people

will not even notice it. So for me this is my favorite setting and I think most people

will be playing on this setting, though ultra still is an option and is very much playable.

Especially if you are ok with 30 frames per second, it will probably never dip below 30.

So you don't really have to worry about that part. Anyways, if you are still not comfortable

with high settings or say you have an extreme gaming monitor or something like that and

you would like to really take advantage of higher frames per second. Then medium settings

is definitely an option, you can get close to 120 on small maps and even 80-100 range

on larger maps and you can definitely crank out a whole bunch of frames in any situation

that battlefield 4 has to offer. So low settings is not even worth really showing you because

you can tell here that medium is already performing extremely well so that is the lowest I would

suggest so medium is the lowest I would go. High settings is my favorite. So be sure to

like the video and subscribe and also be on the look out for my ASUS G751 review which

is coming this week. Anyways guys, thank you so much for watching and you guys have a good one!

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