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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 5 Stupidest Weapons Ever Built

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people have invented some really dumb

weapons let's talk about that


good mythical morning now for whatever

reason since the beginning of time

people have had a tendency to want to

hurt one another sometimes just one

person hurting another person sometimes

it's a whole group of people want to

hurt another group of people we call

that war and what is it good for

absolutely nothing

and then in the context of war people

come up with really creative and almost

sometimes stupid ways to hurt one

another and I'm gonna see how well you

know those things and how stupid they

might be but not celebrate them no no no

we hate them as we play hope you've been

prepping suggest these dumb weapons okay

link here's how this is going to work

I've got no half-stepping I got eight of

these for you if you get five of these

right you're a winner man you're just a

winner but what do I win you don't want

anything is if you lose you get a

nuclear surprise and good mythical

nucular surprise new killer it's new

color man

are you ready link do it do it false it

yeah that's all you gotta do is tell me

whether this is a real weapon er yeah I

excel at few options developed by the US

during World War Two the bat bomb was a

bomb casing containing a thousand

hibernating bats carrying napalm the

bats would be released and start small

fires over a wide area unfortunately

unfortunately development was halted in

favour of the atomic bomb why'd you say

unfortunately twice is that a hint no it

was just weird it's just a you know he

doesn't make sense you know I know the

whole things about none of it makes

sense it's a real face it's totally fake

you can't have hibernating bats deliver

napalm it was a real man now I will say

I will say this none of these actually

ended up being used but they were all in

developments they were all seriously in

development at a time okay but they

abandoned this one before it became a


it's the craziest thing I ever heard of

it sounds like something Shepard would

come up with

I did yeah it doesn't that's a tie you

got a bomb and you put him on fire dad

and release him in the woods dad you

born a baby's heart no idea is a bad


swellin wofe or swell weapon was a

german chemical weapon developed in the

1970s that caused enemy soldiers

extremities to swell as much as 3

centimeters each direction making

wearing shoes and walking extremely

painful now fortunately don't worry it

hits you the chemicals proved extremely

difficult to administer as they had to

be swallowed in large quantities in

order to work also like you're yelling

at the enemies over your mouths about to

fire a pill that's gonna make you smell

oh yeah what yeah oh yeah you can see my

did you work real or fake

like coated in peanut butter and I'll be

swallowing them things man makes party

advice well uh yeah they sell that they

do and the other one was true I thought

it was false I think this one's true so

I'm gonna say you're right link

you're wrong which makes you right it's

fake but if it were real the foot

sweater would be called pregnancy in

World War 2 or World War two as we used

to say

World War two the u.s. needed a way to

guide bombs to sink German ships they

decided to try attaching a bomb to a cat

and releasing it mirrors ship hoping it

would naturally guide itself to the deck

to avoid getting wet

cuz cat Oh in the water a swimming would

top it no they would drop it from a

plane near a ship and hope that the cat

could guide itself to a ship because

cats don't like to get wet and they

always land on their feet course when

they landed they would blow up

unfortunately during the testing cats

kept passing out mid drop

that's an interesting tidbit yeah it

makes it seem true yeah exactly makes me

say thoughts again it is real the cat

bombs were real although I'm more of a

dog bomb person myself who me was a

sulfuric stench weapon used by the

French resistance to spray on to Nazi

occupiers an attempt to demoralize them

only problem is the guy who did the

spring also ended up smell

like poo himself so after only two weeks

who me

was deemed a failure so a stench spray

to demoralize the opposition who me who

me yeah no you that's who

no the Nazis the Nazis the ones they


nasal warfare I've heard of this new

color punish me or you got to sweep the

rest of them I'm just playing psychology

here I thought it was sounded real well

it does sound real and actually it's not

a new idea it was originally conceived

in some zoos famous book fart of war not

real you know I was thinking what you

know you when you barking again when you

fart near somebody it is like a biologic

card it should be called I'm near 'td

okay put that in your pocket

the krummlauf or curved barrel gun was

invented by the Germans in World War 2

it was designed to shoot around corners

but had some significant design flaws

bullets would shatter as they rounded

the curve you think and then there were

multiple cases of friendly fire

casualties among German troops who

couldn't see what they were shooting it

you think true

you're right late that's right it's real

I've got one of these yeah there's a bit

of a learning curve in project salt

water the Russian army attempted to

Train octopi that's multiple octopuses

yep to cling to the carbon monoxide

release valve of in enemy submarines

thus clogging them and slowly poisoning

the crew inside Wow the program was

abandoned when the trained octopi failed

to perform consistently I'm not putting

my mouth on a muffler right there's some

more like they're smart who do it yeah

suck on the muffler you like it yeah

yeah man this is some cruel people

coming up I mean if you don't kill

humans you might as well kill animals

too bats cats yep you want to kill dogs

in octopi I don't want to who said that

sadly this is true Zee sure yes

it's fakely god dang you're gonna get

punished now it's just for pride man it

was fake but if it were real it would

have been called the clock de puss in

the 90s the US government experimented

with using pheromones as a non-lethal

chemical weapon the idea would be to

spray enemy soldiers male soldiers with

female pheromones thus making them

attracted to each other and

incapacitating them I can't fight

anymore so a love potion yeah wow I just

got a text okay deal with that on your

own time

false link this is real all right

in the 1992 text it didn't halt

yeah you're getting cheat texts over

there no they actually thought there was

somebody who worked in the government

who thought you could spray someone gay

like that was okay and then people

listen to it and they almost did it what

is going on gay spray good title for a a

bad idea right link you got one more and

there's no arrived this is physical

pride man in the Congo Civil War of 1665

the rebel army sent Lions ahead of

battalions to terrify maim and kill the

enemy who lion who sent them the Congo

Civil War the rebel army but fortunately

lions are not trainable as weapons and

would often just play with each other

find a warthog to eat or occasionally

even attack the army that sent them so

five million that's the risk with the

lion true link what are you laughing at

it's true it's fake I was lying man whoa

you got quite a punishment coming in

good mythical you know what I'm real

this is me guys this is me this is me

met wrong about lo saying

punish me gobble gladly be punished oh

you're gonna be dipping we're gonna be

doing a challenge you're gonna be

dipping warheads into malic acid which

makes them extra sour it's gonna be fun

for everybody except you thanks for

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