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Hello! My name is Daniel Björk I´ve been to NEZ Drift Championship in Riga

If you look to the left you'll soon notice that you wont see anything on the right side


A thought when you're on a cruise:

Drink up as much of the beer as possible onboard and it wont be as heavy to carry when you get to the terminal

I hope for the best, lets see if I qualify Im going to give it all in the twin battles

Its going to be fun, lets see what we can do!

Competition day, qualifying

On the first run i held it back a bit more than in practice which resulted in a bad line and effectively spinning

The second run was good, almost 100%

The third time I tried to push it harder to get a even higher entry speed

Which resulted in that both rear tires dirtdropped and there was no point to complete the run

But I qualified at 6th place out of about 50 drivers which was also best amongst the swedish drivers

6th place, great!

Im going out in the group next to last lets look at some other battles fist

In top 32 I was put up against a finish driver

I started a bit lame put managed to pull some distance which gave me the the advantage going to the follow run

Which started out really good except I had too much speed and that made me hit the outer zone, in the last corner

And my journey was over

What can we expect from this journey?

Well, we´re going home on Sunday, thats nice!

When we arrived to the harbour 1 hour before boarding they told us we had booked the wrong day, tomorrow

Everybody panics, we went to the terminal

30 minutes before departing they told us there´s room

Everybody jumped in to the van, fast to the ferry! We barely managed to unload our luggage before they closed car deck

There´s going to be nice to get home Thats the best part of the whole journey

But I think I was lucky with my opponents... The ones who got good results in Estonia didn´t here in Latvia

So we still have a chance to win the championship Most likely 1st or 2nd place, weré waiting for the verdict

We´ll see, it would be fun to win!

I got a message, it feels good, I think we won

Here comes the beer... Thats atleast something thats been really nice on this journey


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