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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Guess What Is Melting In Reverse Challenge I That YouTub3 Family The Adventurers

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- Look! It looks, it looks like a marshmallow

- It looks like a marshmallow right now.

- It kind of does.

- Mouse pad!

- Mouse pad is not correct. (laughing and buzzer buzzing)

- What!

- He loves that chew toy though!

- That's his favorite toy.

- You burned a cat squishy?!

- No both of them are at-- - What did Ty say?

(upbeat triumphant music)

- Hi guys, welcome back to--

- [Everyone] That YouTub3 Family!

- And we are the Adventurers!


- And what we doing, David?

- All right, today I was inspired by Good Mythical Morning

to make this video.

It is really cool.

So this video is gonna be called

Guess What's Melting In Reverse.

(rooster crowing)

- What? - Oh man.

- Okay so everybody has a buzzer

that needs to be put down on the table,

'cause if not people will always be touching it.

(rooster crowing) Eh, Tyler.

- Put it down, Ty.

- All right - I'm the Chow.

- Everyone has a chimer to buzz in.

I'm gonna play a video. - Chime in.

- And what is happening in the video

is something is being melted

but they're gonna see it in reverse.

So they're gonna see it

when it's actually at the melted state

and then go back to its original state.

- Oh man.

- Oh, so we have to guess what it is before--

- You have to guess what it is

when you figure it out, right.

So when you guess (cow mooing)

you hit the button.

(rooster crowing) - Ready?

- That should be easy.

- Ty.

(rooster crowing) - Ty.

- Tyler does not quite understand it.

He only has one button.

- If you buzz in and you don't know

then you get minus a point.


- Yeah, you will.

You'll get minus a point.

The winner that wins this game

actually gets to choose

what we get to have for dinner tonight.

(excited squeal)

- The loser has to do the dishes and take out the garbage.

- We team up. - HuHot, HuHot.

HuHot, HuHot. - All of us we team up.

- [Children] HuHot, HuHot, HuHot, HuHot.

- I think we are all in agreeance.

(laughing) - Okay.

Let's go. They all wanna go to HuHot,

which is like this restaurant around here.

- Or Chick-Fil-A. - It's a Mongolian restaurant.

- Which is good, but takes forever.


- Oh, oh, oh.

What is that?

- Okay, so they are seeing something.

- There's a spring, there's a spring.

- I think I know.

- There's a fire.

- On foil. - I'm scared to answer though.

- It's melted.

- Oh no. - What is this?

- That is not what I was thinking.

- It's coming alight.

- I was gonna guess a Dorito,

but I don't think it is.

- It's alive.

- Is it a Dorito? - It has plastic.

- No, it's not. - It has plastic.

- Don't just quiz, just buzz it in, man.

- Yeah, buzz in if you think you know it.

- But what if it's wrong do you get--

- Then you get minus a point.

- Oh no. - Ew, what the heck?

- Ew! (laughing)

- That is ew!

- Ew! (laughing)

- What do you think it is?

(cow mooing and rooster crowing)

- Oh!

Which one was first?


- I'm done. (laughing)

- Do you even know what that is?

- Let Jordan go first.

Jordan was first.

- Is it a top?

Like a spinning top?

- No. (buzzer buzzing)

- Dang it. - Candle?

- No. (buzzer buzzing)

Both of them minus a point. - What did Ty say?

- Candle. - Candle.

- We're both negative points? - That is not a candle.

- I thought if you just buzz in

and you didn't have any guesses that it'd work.

- No, if you get it wrong, you get minus a point.

Okay, you guys ready? - Wait.

I think I know what this is.

- It's made out of plastic. - Okay, don't.

You guys can't buzz until both of them have buzzed.

If both of them buzz in and both of them get it wrong

then you can buzz in again.

- Oh my goodness. - Oh man.

- Here we go, three, two, one.

Audrey and Jake.

- Oh, what is this?

- Oh!

(pig snorting)

- Like I hit it, I hit it. - Oh.

- Okay, Jake.

- It's the bobbers on the fishing rod.


- It is a fishing bobber, yes. - No!

- Good job Jake, good job.

- Ah man. - Sorry Audrey.

But yes, Jake got it right. - Wow!

That was good.

- That was actually pretty cool.

That did not look like a bobber at first.

- At first I thought it was like Blue Barrel cheese.

- Yeah, that's what I was thinking, too.

- Okay, so as the next one loads up.

Okay, are you guys ready?

Minus one, minus one, one, and zero.

- Hey, at least you are not in last place.

- So you're losing. - Just second.

- Okay, get ready, here it goes.

- What is that?

- That looks like its came from the cheese thing, you know.

- Oh my goodness, what?

- Remember if you buzz in and get it wrong

it's minus a point.

What does that look like guys?

What could that be? - It looks waxy.

- So it's like a bart.

- It's a cheese thing, isn't it?

- I don't know, hit your buzzer and I'll tell you.

- It kind of, oh.

Wait, what?

- What do you think it is? - Wait, what?

- It's growing. - What?

It's melting in reverse.

- Oh my goodness. - It just looks so gross.

- Oh I think I know, I think I know!

- Okay, hit the buzzer.

I'm not gonna stop until you hit a buzzer.

(rooster crowing) - What is this?

- A candle?

- No. (laughing and buzzer buzzing)

- I always guess candle.

- Tyler likes his candles (laughing).

- What, it looks like one at the start!

It kinda does. - A candle.

- Anything that melts looks like a candle, Ty.

- Okay, everybody else?

- Except plastic.

- Here we go. - Go.

- And go!

All right, it's coming.

(cow mooing) - Oh, I know this!

- Oh! - It's ChapStick.

- ChapStick, ChapStick. - Yeah.

- Coca-Cola ChapStick.

(twinkling) - Coca-Cola ChapStick.

- What!

- I thought for sure Jake would have this.

- I'm back to zero points!

(cheering) I'm out of the negative!

- This is actually Jacob's ChapStick.

- Oh. - No, it's mine!

- That's what happened to it! (laughing)

- I found it in a room and I took it out and melted it.

- No, that's mine!


- That's my Chapstick! - What it's like now!

- Well, it's now a big puddle

sitting out in the garbage can.

- Oh!

- All right, so right now Jordan's at zero, minus two, one,

and Audrey, playing the conservative, is going at zero.

Here we go.

- Oh, wait what is that? - It's a marshmallow!

- It's like so burnt at the very beginning.

- Oh my gosh.

- This one's got lots-- - It can't melt.

- What is that even? - And lots.

- What's that? - What even is that?

- It's marshmallow. - It's got to be a solid.

- Well, buzz in and I'll tell you if you're right or not.

- I am so confused.

Oh, a hand.

- Move it, move it.

- What is this? - What in the world?

- I don't. - It looks sticky.

- It looks like it just doesn't wanna budge,

like it's just stuck.

- It just looks so burnt to me.

- It's a marshmallow.

- It is so burnt.

- I told you it's a marshmallow.

- It could be actually.

- I wanted to burn this all the way down,

but this took forever just to get to this state

so I was like, yeah I'm not gonna continue.

- Yeah, this is like.

Oh, it's expanding.

- It looks like it's a spider web.

- It looks like it's breathing.

- All right.

- Ew this looks so gross. - Oh there is--

- As long as you gonna figure this out here in a second.

- It looks like it has a pimple it's gonna pop.

- Yeah.

- (laughing) Yeah!

- It looks bad. - It has white!

- Yeah, it's like a-- - It's probably a pimple.

- It is so bad to see.

- What is that? - What is this?

- All right, what do you think this is?

- There's a lot of fire. - It's growing!

- Ty is thinking it's gonna be a candle?

(laughing and rooster crowing)

- He buzzed, he buzzed.

- Marshmallow?

I think I got it, but I don't sure, I don't know.

- No, it's not a marshmallow. (buzzer buzzing)

- A marshmallow wouldn't take forever to burn down.

- I don't know because look!

It looks like a marshmallow! - It does here.

It looks like a marshmallow right now.

- It kind of does. - Oh no.

- Let's start it again.

Ready and go.

- That's true. - Aw man.

- Tyler, you got negative three!


- What is this?

- Why is it growing?

- You're gonna figure it out here real quick.

- Oh, I know what this is!

- It looks like a.

- What?

- Oh! (screaming and jingling)

- Jordan.

- You didn't, you didn't!

- I did.

- It's a cat squishy. (twinkling)

- Yes.

- You burned a cat squishy!

- Gone.

- Oh my gosh!

That's one of my favorites. - For the record,

I thought that it was a Garfield Chia Pet head.


- It's a squishy. - Oh my goodness.

- Oh, that's sad.

- Oh, poor squishy.

- The squishy has been sacrificed and it's gone.

- That's why it looks like a marshmallow.

It's a squishy. - Aw!

- All right.

- Hey, I'm at one point!

- So Jordan has one point. - Hey, you're tied with me.

- No, I don't have anything.

- Ty has minus three

'cause he likes candles and marshmallows.

Jake, one point.

Audrey's still playing it super conservative.

Plenty more to go, here we go.

- What is there? - Cheese.

- Why is there a grate on it?

- Okay, so there's a grate up to help hold it up, so.

- Oh, okay.

- It's the lead.

That's a head.

- So you guys can see what this is?

- So it's cheese. - I see a little bit of green.


- It's a mon.

Oh green!

- It's bubbling.

- Oh.

- What would cause it to bubble?

- It's melting in reverse.

- Oh I know it! - What in the world?

- It almost looks like a.

- I think I-- - It's a box.

- I think I know, but I'm scared to guess.

'Cause I don't wanna go back to zero.

- You'll see this here in just a second.

- How do you guys know so fast?

- What is that writing?

- Something's there? - That's not a juice box.

- It's like a-- - Shush.

- I feel like it's a.

- I can't tell. - Oh, Ty you gonna hit it?

- Oh, oh wait!

(horse whinnying)

- I know!

- Oh wait! Audrey, what do you think it is?

- Sour Patch Watermelons.

(gasping) - Wait what?

- Oh that is! - Yeah, it's right there!

- That is, you're right! (twinkling)

- Let's see if you're correct, Audrey.

- Audrey, you're so right.

- She is so right!

- I love this snack!

- You're right. - What!

- Audrey got Sour Patch.

- Yeah!

- Good job Audrey!

- Yay I got a point!

I got a point! - Yay!

- So Audrey the sleeper comes back with one point,

Jake with one point, Ty minus three.

- I'm winning! - Jordan one.

- Okay. - Okay.

- No, Tyler is-- - Oh, it's toilet paper.

- No, it's a magazine.

- Hit your buzzer.

- I didn't guess, I didn't guess that.

- Hit your buzzer if you wanna make guesses.

- Look at that one. - It is some kind of paper.

- It looks like a rose.

- This one has a whole bunch of ashes on it,

so they should--

- Is it actually a roll of toilet paper?

- I don't know, you have to hit the buzzer.

- That does not look like

a roll of toilet paper. - No, it's not.

- Let's see.

- It's not.

- What is that? - Why is it expanding?

- It looks like a wallet.

- No, it's not.

- Mouse pad.

- Is it?

(rooster crowing) - It is!

- Mouse pad!

- Mom knew.

- Okay, so Tyler what is it?

- You burned my mouse pad! - Mouse pad.

- Mouse pad is not correct. (buzzer buzzing)


- What! - Nope.

It's not a mousepad. - That's not my mouse pad?

It looks like my mouse pad right there.

- So Tyler is now negative four.

- Sorry Ty.


- Poor Ty is at negative four.

- I'll help you, Ty, clean up.

Okay, I'll help you, Ty.

- Okay, so here's a hint.


It's not a mousepad.


- It looks just like my mousepad.

- It does, it looks exactly--

- It looks just like a mousepad.

- I'm gonna start over again in three, two, one.

- What?

- Go. - He's not starting over,

he's continuing.

- Continue here.

- It literally looks like a mouse--

- What? - Oh!

(cow mooing)

- Jordan?

- No!

- iTunes gift card.

(twinkling) You burned an iTunes gift card!

- Did you use it?

- Let's see if it is. - It's not even used.

- Did you even use it? - It is an iTunes gift card.

- Did you use it?

- It was scratched off on the back

so I'm assuming it was used.

- No, that doesn't mean that it's used!

- Yeah.

- Someone could just look at the code!

- Well, it's gone now.

Jordan's two points, Jacob's one point,

Audrey's one point, Ty zero. - Where did you find it?

- And now we're going again.

- If it's in my room it hasn't been used.

- Oh yeah, I'm zero, dad. I'm zero right?

- No, it was in the-- - You're minus four.

- Dad's office.

- Okay, it's playing.

- That's a. (gasping)

(rooster crowing)

- Jake.

- That is Logan's donut toy! (gasping)

- Good job! - Oh you're right,

'cause it's fuzzy!

- Let's see.

It is Logan's chew toy.

- Whoa!

- It is now gone.

Donated to the cause.

- Logan loves that chew toy though.

- That's his favorite toy.

- Logan has no idea it's gone.

- Oh my gosh.

- He probably does.

That is sad.

That's like a perfectly good toy--

- So Jacob has two points, Audrey one, Jordan two, Ty--

- Zero!

- And Katie negative four.

- Zero.


- Here we go.

- Oh what!

- Oh, what is this?

- Oh, I have a guess. - Oh, I know it!

- I wanna guess. - I think I know what it is.

- Okay, hit the button.

Hit the button. - No!

- If you know what is-- - I'm scared!

- Hit the button.

- Ty, you've got nothing to lose. Hit the button.


- What color is it, Ty?

- Blue.

- It's blue.

- You sure that's blue? - What is blue?

(laughing) - A crayo, can--

- A candle? - A candle?

(laughing) - Crayon?

- Oh, it is a crayon.

- A crayon.

- A candle.

- Wait, that isn't a crayon.

Why is it?

- Oh wait, nevermind. That's not what I was thinking!

- Is it clay?

- All right, it's starting to grow.

- Is it clay? - I think I know.

- It's getting bigger.

- What?

- It's a circle candle.

- It's starting to get shape.

- That is not--

- Oh!

- What is that? - Oh!

- I'm watching your hands.

- Oh! (pig snorting)

It's a ball pit ball.

(twinkling) - It is a ball pit ball!

- Oh my gosh, Jake.

You're so good. (grunting) - I thought it was a--

- All right, look at that.

It's getting back into it's shape.

- Wow.

- Jake, how many points do you got?

- Three.

- Three!

- So Jake is winning so--

- HuHot, like HuHot.

- HuHot, HuHot!

- Yeah, HuHot, HuHot!

- As we watch the ball get back its shape back,

we can see that these balls

actually take a lot of heat to melt down.

It took forever for this to go down.

- It looks so thick.

- Okay so Jake is three,

Audrey? - One.

- Jordan? - Zero!

- Two? - I'm at zero!

- Ty is negative four. - Zero.

- Don't let him fool you. - Negative zero.

- Ty.

- Are you guys ready for this next one?

They're getting harder now. - No.

- I'm like this is hard. - Here it goes.

- What?

- It's a pencil.

- What is that? - Long K.

(dog barking) Pencils.

- Pencils?

- Those are big pencils, Jake.

- Let's see if those are pencils.

- Oh they are!

Jake, you're right!

- Their top. - Jake, you're too good.

- Jake, you're right! - Are you serious?

- Jake, how are you so good? - The top, yeah.

- I looked at the top though but like I can't--

- All right, so the tops did give it away.

I couldn't really-- - They looked too big.

- I thought about taking the tops off,

but then I thought that really wouldn't be a pencil

if you didn't have the top on it,

so I left the top on it.

- Jake has his head in the game.

He wants HuHot. - I would but!

- So Jake's four.

just the opposite of Ty, who is negative four.

- No, I'm negative zero.

- You're at negative four. - He's negative four.


- Jordan? - Two.

- Audrey? - Oh yeah!

- Still being very conservative.

- The least points.

- Only waits until she for sure knows

before she hits the buzzer. - Yeah. (laughing)

- Least points wins!

- I for sure know.

- I know my snacks, Sour Patch Kids. (laughing)

- Ready for the next one to load?


- What else did dad-- - Ash. (laughing)

- What else did dad set on fire?

- Okay, Audrey you have to start guessing

so I don't have to guess. - No!

- What is this? - I don't know.

- This one got burnt to smithereens.

- Yeah, wow!

- Had a red color, though.

You can tell.

- Has a red color?

- Yeah.

- I can't even remember what this one is.

- Let it play along. - What is this?

- You want me to buzz in?

- It's growing. - It's a candle!

- It probably is. (laughing)

- Dude, it does have a red color.

How did you know that? - How did you know that?

- It had red over there. - I didn't see.

I was like what?

- You didn't see the red over there?

- Is this what I think it is? - Hey watch.

- I don't know. - If it is, buzz in.

- It's a candle!

- That is not a candle.

- That's a deformed candle. (horse whinnying)

- Oh, I know what it is.

- Is it a red Solo cup?

(twinkling) - Yes!

- Yeah! - It's a red Solo cup.

- Man! - I told you I know my items.

- Like I know my few drinks.

- All right, the red Solo cup comes back into shape.

- I got two points, babies!

Let's go!

- Gave Audrey another point there.

Fun fact, these do take a long time to go down, too.

- I feel like burning plastic is not a good idea, though.

- That's why I did this outside,

not inside by a fire extinguisher.

- Don't do this at home, it's not smart.

This is for your entertainment. (snickering)

We did this so you don't have to.

- Only licensed professionals.

Okay, here we go.

- Why is there tin foil? - Tin foil.

- Tin foil, you think that's what that is?

- No! - No!

- Buzz in and I'll tell you.

- What is that red thing?

- No, don't buzz in for me!

- Oh, watch, it's starting to come to take shape.


- Someone is gonna know it here real fast.

- Dabba dooba dabba dooba dow.

- What do you think it is? - I'm too scared to buzz in.

- Same. - Time to buzz in.

- Oh! - I know, I know!

- Whoa, I know it!

- I'll let you guys do it. - No, I don't know it.

- You're not gonna do it yourself?

- I do know it, I do know it.

- It has polka dots on it. - I do know it.

- Oh, I know it!

(cow mooing)

- Okay, stop, it was Jordan first.

Jordan, what is it?

- It's a balloon.

Like a helium balloon.

- A Mylar balloon. - Right.

- I was gonna say that. - Yes, it is.

(twinkling) - Yeah!

- Now, I'll give you a bonus point. What's on it?

- Polka dots. - Minnie?

- Polka dots. - Huh?

- Like Minnie?

Like it's got polka dots and like a bow or something?

I don't know.

- No, okay Jordan gets one point.

Let's see what it is.

It is a Mylar balloon.

- Oh, it's a Valentine's Day balloon.

- It's a Valentine.

- I actually got this from Katie last year at Valentine Day

and it was sitting in my closet.

- And it's still inflated and it's still good.

- There you go. - Well, it was.

- Or you could just reuse it every year.

- I could've but, (laughing)

it was donated to the cause.

- I mean and that's a pretty good balloon

if it's lasted that long.

- Wow, that is a pretty good balloon.

- Wow! - There you go.

Okay, Jordan three points.

- Yeah, I'm at three points!

- Jake? - I've got four.

- Is at four, Jake's leading. - I'm so close.

- I'm at four! - I might be able to sway

the vote to Chick-Fil-A. - I'm at four!

- Okay, here we go. - I'll join.

- Here we go.

- Oh, oh, oh, I know it!

It's a food.

- It looks like puke. (laughing)

- I will give two points to the winner of this one.

- Candle! (giggling)

- It looks like gum. - This is worth double points.

- Candle!

- Candle! (giggling)

- It actually does look like it.

- Double points. - I just hope it's a candle.

- Ew, it's growing. - What's it gonna be?

- What on Earth.

- Oh! - Jordan?


- Easter egg! (giggling)

(twinkling) - Easter egg!

- You are correct.

- Jordan, Jordan!

- I thought I got it wrong for a minute, I was like no.

My thing, my buzzer wasn't working.

- Good job, Jordan.

- Yay, I got four!

We're tied!

- No, you got six. - I got four!

- So you got double points, you got double points.

- Chick-Fil-A! - No!

- Jordan got five, Ty got negative four.

- He's hiding. (laughing)

- Jake got four, Audrey the conservative got two.

That's the end of the video. (gasping)

- So that means Jordan is the winner.

- Good job Jordan!

(party horn tooting) - Yeah!

- So Jordan gets to choose where we're eating

besides Chick-Fil-A.

(laughing) - Chick-Fil-A.

- Oh my goodness.

- Or HuHut, but I can't decide.

- Well, you have time to decide it.

- Yeah, I'll decide at dinner.

- Okay, that is it for today's video,

but comment down below different things

that you'd like to see us do in round two.

- Oh!

- I'm coming back, babies, let's do this.

- We'll make some fun ones and exciting ones.

We'll let you guys participate.

- We should put all foods

so that Audrey will annihilate the challenge. (giggling)

- All right, remember do not try this at home

because it can be dangerous.

So this is only for adults, adult supervision.


- We'll see you next time!

- Bye! - Make today an adventure!

- Bye!

(upbeat poppy music)

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