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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Eggless Strawberry Shortcake Recipe 卵と生クリームを使わない苺のショートケーキの作り方

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Salut👋Emojoie here.

This time we will be making a strawberry shortcake that does not require any eggs, heavy cream or butter.

First, put the soy milk yogurt used for the sponge dough in a bowl.

As the baking time will be shorter, we will warm the soy milk yogurt in the microwave oven to room temperature.

Here we use agave syrup, a low GI food, but you can substitute it with your preferable sugar. See the description section for details.

Use BOSCO Extra Virgin Olive Oil instead of butter.

I think olive oil is very rare for sponge dough

But since olive oil goes well with bread, pasta or any other flour-based products, so you can also use it with sponge dough.

Mix soy milk yogurt and olive oil and emulsify.

Soybeans are emulsified well because they contain an emulsifying aid called lecithin.

Add flour and baking powder here.

You can also make it gluten-free using 100g of rice flour and 30g of cornstarch instead of flour.

Mix it with a rubber spatula as it is a slightly harder dough.

This time, bake the sponge cake using a stainless steel bowl.

It is a 20cm diameter bowl.

Lightly oil the bowl before adding in the dough.

Level the dough.

Bake it in the oven, cool and remove the sponge cake.

Use a spoon to peel off only the top of the sponge cake.

Then remove it cleanly with your hands.

This sponge cake is chewy and delicious.

I will be adding cream and strawberries inside, so cut it in half first.

Soy milk yogurt is also used for the cream.

This is the soy milk yogurt that is drained overnight. We will use 200g.

If you drain the water, it will weigh only about half, so please prepare 400g of yogurt.

The soy milk yogurt used for cream should be used cold.

Next is the coconut oil.

If it hardens, dissolve it in hot water before use.

Add syrup and sugar to cold soy milk yogurt and mix.

Coconut oil is added all at once.

It may separate at first, but if mixed well it will emulsify to a smooth cream.

This is also thanks to lecithin.

If you use unscented coconut oil, add a vanilla scent to the cream to make it more delicious.

In the case of coconut-scented oil, you may use it as it is.

Prepare the strawberries by slicing them nicely.

Taste test lol

From here we finish it off with the cream and strawberries.

When the strawberriescores are cut out, it becomes heart-shaped.❤️

Apply a little cream on the strawberries so that the sponge cake does not slip.

Lay the sponge cake on top and apply the cream to the whole cake.

You can add the strawberries after this, so the cream does not have to be as clean.

Fill the whole cake with strawberries.

Decorate with strawberries and herbs for finishing.


Because the dough was baked in a stainless steel bowl, it has become a cute dome-shaped cake.

The cake is also very pretty on the inside.

Lets enjoy it!😋

The sponge cake is soft and moist with a slight green flavor of BOSCO.

You would never have guessed that even the cream was made with soy milk yogurt.

The balance between the sourness of the strawberries and the sweetness of the cake is very good.😁

Thank you so much for watching today. Salut👋

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