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'What can we say about our longing?'

'as speaking about it, is a long speech.'

'Our souls are longing..'

' eager to meeting the messenger.'

'Our souls are longing..'

' eager to meeting the messenger.'

'Our souls.. '

'.. are longing..'

' eager to meeting the messenger.'

'Upraise blessings to him.. blessings be upon him''

'Upraise blessings to him.. blessings be upon him'

Our dear Dr.. today, by the will of Allah..

our talk will be about..

Abu Talib, the uncle of the prophet, (ﷺ).

What does this place have to do with Abu Talib?

This is, col[Shi'Ab] Abi Talib

Allahu Akbar.

Their homes and their houses were here.

The word; [Shi'Ab] means a space between two mountains..

Abi Qubais mountain from the south..

and Khandamah mountain from the north and the east.

And, the [Shi'Ab] is close to Al-Masjid Al-Haram.

this [Shi'Ab] was known by the severe blockade..

where the prophet, (ﷺ)..

where all Bani Hashem, the believers and the disbelievers, were sealed off..

It was a way to force them to hand in the prophet, (ﷺ)..

Even the disbelivers?

Even their disbelievers were included with them.

to give them the messenger of Allah, (ﷺ)..

In this place.. the blockade continued for three years.

until they ate the leaves that fall from the tree after they hit it.. and they ate skins..

Even children..

they were very hungry..

Yet, People from Quraish, didn't change their minds..

they didn't stop their tyranny and their wrongdoings.

Once, the prophet, (ﷺ) stood on As-Safa mountain..

and Jibril was with him..

he said: 'O Jibril..

The family of Muhammad are not left with..

even a pinch of of flour or a handful of Suwaiq.'

His words were not faster than a loud sound that came from the sky.

he became terrified.

Then, the prophet, (ﷺ), said:

'Have Allah commanded the Resurrection to begin?'

He said; No!

But, After Allah has heard you, He sent you Israfil!

Israfil said:

'O Muhammad..

Allah has sent the treasures of earth with me..

Allahu Akbar.

and to transform the mountains into gold and silver.. for you..

So, it is up to you, you can be..

a king and a prophet..

or a servant and a prophet..

Then, Jibril, peace be upon him, he gave him a sign, to show modisty..

So, the prophet, (ﷺ), said:

'Rather, a servant and a prophet.'

In spite of the severity of the trials..

and the hardships..

that Bani Hashim has suffered in this [Shi'Ab]..

Abu Talib was surrounding the prophet, (ﷺ)..

with care and protection.

Every night..

he used to take the prophet, (ﷺ)..

to sleep in the house of one of his sons..

And, he orders one of his sons..

to sleep in the bed of the prophet, (ﷺ..

He was supportive!

He was afraid that he might be killed or assassinated.

Today, nothing of the landmarks of the [Shi'Ab] were left..

other than this house..

Where the prophet, (ﷺ), was born.

Today, it is a library.. full of books..

A beacon of knowledge for scholars..

Inside there, we find a very precious ancient manuscript and scrolls..

and, it is open for visitors.

After the blockade of the prophet..

may Salat and Salam be upon him and his family..

together with his companions, in this place

for three years.

After the blockade.. by 6 months..

it was the time of death of..

Abu Talib, the uncle of the prophet, (ﷺ)

The prophet, (ﷺ), came to him..

and, Abu Jahl and Abdullah Ibn Abi Umayyah were with him..

The prophet, (ﷺ), said to him: 'O Uncle..

say, La Illah Ila Allah..

an expression I will defend your case with, before Allah.'

Then, Abu Jahl and Abdullah said:

Will you turn your back on the religion of Abdul-Muttalib?

But, the prophet kept on talking to him..

trying to convince his uncle, just to say these words..

finally he said;

he is on the belief of Abdul-Muttalib..

So, he died on that!

Then, the prophet, (ﷺ), came out.. he was sad..

He said:

I will keep on asking for Allah's Forgiveness for you..

unless I am forbidden to do so.'

Then, Allah, Almighty, sent these great verse..

"It is not for the Prophet and those who have believed.. " 9:113

".. to ask forgiveness for the polytheists, even if they were relatives.. "

".. after it has become clear to them that they are companions of Hellfire."

And, Allah, Almighty, said.. about his uncle..

"Indeed, [O Muhammad], you do not guide whom you like.. " 28:56

".. but Allah guides whom He wills.. "

Because of It..

messengers were sent..

and Books were revealed..

"And We certainly sent into every nation a messenger.. " 16:36

".. [saying], "Worship Allah and avoid Taghut.. "

one expression..

He, who would say it, believing in it..

he will enter Jannah.

even if his good deeds were few..

and his bad deeds and his sins were many..

There is an amazing Hadith, narrated by Abi Dharr..

He said: 'I came to the prophet, (ﷺ), and he was asleep..

then, he, (ﷺ), awakened..

then he said:

'There is none among the servants..

who affirmed his faith in La Ilaha Ila Allah [there is no God but Allah]..

and died in this state and did not enter Jannah.'

Then, Abu Dharr said to the prophet..

may Salat and Salam be upon him and his family:

Even if he committed adultery and theft?

the messenger of Allah said:

(Yes) even though he committed adultery and theft.

he said again: Even if he committed adultery and theft?

he replied: (Yes) even though he committed adultery and theft.

he said again: Even if he committed adultery and theft?

then, he, (ﷺ), said:

(Yes) even though he committed adultery and theft, In defiance of Abu Dharr.'

Our talk today..

will be about, the greatest thing, in the existence.

It will be about; La Ilaha Ila Allah [there is no God but Allah]..

and the Guidance of humans.

'Send him blessings.. blessings be upon him.'


This is my advice to you..

and, in this, remember that the prophet, (ﷺ)..

he was sitting by the head of his uncle Abi Talib..

trying to get this expression from him..

'O Uncle, say an expression I will defend your case with, before Allah, at Resurrection Day.'

Just say it!

Say this word, and I'll supplicate Allah not to punish you..

Say; la Ilaha Ila Allah.

The prophet, (ﷺ), was hoping that his uncle..

who was protecting him..

who was defending him, with his life.. with his wealth.. with his sons..

be with him in Jannaj.

But, he died on the belief of Abdul Muttalib.

To tell the truth, this was very painful!

as for myself, I can't bear it.

So, all praise be due to Allah

Alhamdulillah.. Alhamdulillah.. Who has blessed me that my daughter..

had died and she was patient.

We say him talking.. in a video clip..

near the grave of his daughter Sara..

reminding people and preaching them.. about the value of guidance.

and the story about the death of Abi Talib.

So, we wanted to know the whole story..

from him, Doctor..

Iyad Qinabi, himself.

Sara was an athlete..

She liked running... and..

her colleagues used to say to her; You are the fastest!

One day, she said to me:

Baba, my leg is hurting me!

I said to her, maybe it is a temporary thing..

But, the pain continued, and increased..

So, I took her to a Doctor..

The doctor did her some tests..

She said, there is nothing serious.

But, the pain continued, and increased..

One day..

I remember it was at the 27th of Ramadan..

She came to me, she said; Baba, there is swelling in my leg and it is painful.

I saw that her knee was swollen..

I took her to the Doctor..

he said;

there is swelling, so we need to do her..

magnetic resonance imaging..

After we came out of the lab of imaging..

They gave me the result.. it was written..

Ewing Sarcoma.

a kind of cancer..

So, that was the beginning of her case..

Subhan Allah, I felt a reassuring blessing overwhelming my heart..

a sort of tranquility!

This was how I've accepted the news, but, of course, I didn't tell her.

Then, after several weeks..

Excuse me Doctor, how was that tranquility?

How could you have such feeling, after this news?

By Allah, the tranquility is like..

when you smell beautiful perfumes

or you taste tasty foods..

It is an experience that you might live..

bur, it is difficult to describe!


the first thing that came to my mind was..

the saying of the prophet, (ﷺ)

' When Allah has previously decreed for a servant a rank which he has not attained by his action..

He afflicts him in his body, or his property or his children..

then He enables him to endure that.

so that, He may bring him to the rank previously decreed for him by Allah.'

Later, she knew..

of course, many things had happened..

at first, I was afraid..

to tell her about it..

I mean..

she might refuse to accept or get frustrated..

But, Subhan Allah..

we found that she had accepted her situation.

There is a guidance after having instructions..

It is the process that we should do in Da'awa to Allah, Almighty..

and Allah has explained it in Quran..

when He, Almighty, has told us about our role model, Muhammad, (ﷺ)..

".. And indeed, you guide to a straight path. " 42:52

which means..

O Muhammad, indeed you show people..

and guide them to a straight path.

And, there is a guidance.. a spontaneous success..

It is the direct acceptance of the truth and the guidance..

and it is within the Hand of Allah, Almighty!

As in the case of the uncle of the messenger, (ﷺ).

Allah, Almighty, said:

"Indeed, [O Muhammad], you do not guide whom you like.. " 28:56

".. but Allah guides whom He wills.."

".. And He is most knowing of the [rightly] guided."

The favor of guidance..

is the greatest thing in life..

and the best that you might wish for your beloved..

for your family, and for your realatives.

Don't think that it comes easily..

because, definitely it requires..

great striving.

Of course, the Doctors recommend chemotherapy..

So, we began the chemotherapy..

Then, we must do an operation..

Frankly speaking, this was one of the most difficult moments..

we were to choose one of two operation..


or amputation.. of the whole leg.

I remember, after the last session..

The nurse called me to talk to me alone.

So, I went with him to the Doctor.. he said; I'm sorry to inform you that..

we found some spots of cancer cells in the lungs.

it seems that the tumor is spreading..

So, we told Sara about this..

At the beginning..

the doctor, suggested to start using another chemotherapeutic drug..

She said: another round of chemotherapy, I've just began to have my hair growing again..

I don't want to have chemotherapy.. etc..

So, sometimes she becomes frustrated..

she gets upset, with acceptance of Qadar.

without impatience or resentment.

then, rapidly, she is back to acclimatization.

They removed the cancer from the lungs..

Then, she began a period of relief..

she felt optimistic, that she is cured from the disease..

she was able to walk better..

I forgot to tell you that all of this began when she was..

about 11 years old.. 11 and few months old..

So, the respected Doctor..

who was following her case..

Though, he wasn't responsible of her..

But, we were friends..

and he used to inform me about her case..

Then, he stopped answering to my messages, or to my calls.

Then finally, he talked to me..

He said: honestly, didn't like to talk to you about this..

because, unfortunately, the cancer is back to her leg.

Okay Doctor, can we remove it again?

He said: No, the only thing that we can do is amputation of her limb.

one decision.

I sneaked the news to her, a bit by bit..

Subhan Allah, our Lord has granted her tranquility.. too.

She said: Okay, let's do it!

And, she is back to her life..

The problem was that, the Doctors said that amputation is the only next option..

but, after amputation, she might not live long!

most probably!

There is a hope..

You mean she will die after it.


A painful choice.

To leave her, with no hope in cure..

Because, it is inevitable, in such case..

the deterioration, and death.


we hold on to a very weak hope.

My speciality is in molecular Pharmacology..

I've read researches about this cancer..

looking for alternatives..

But, it was like the advice of the head of pediatric department, in the hospital, he said:

People might be astonished to know that this kind of cancer..

which was proven to be an osteosarcoma.. of bone..

and it is even worse than the first cancer which we thought she had.

He said: no progression has occurred in the treatment of this tumor for 40 years..

Subhan Allah.. then..

The symptoms became more severe towards the end of her days.

I remember she said; I want to make series..

about the aim of life.

I'm Sara, today is the firat episode of a series, about the aim of life.

Baba told us a real story about a man..

I'll call him Abu Ubaydah..

so as not to hurt his family..

if they hear this,

Abu Ubaydah left Jordan..

he worked in UE for 40 years..

because his dream in life was

to build a palace in Jordan.

Because of his dream, Abu Ubaydah worked hard, without sleeping for many nights..

And, after he had enough money..

he told his relative in Jordan..

and they began to build the palace.

Short before finishing the palace..

Abu Ubaydah began to feel strange symptoms..

So, he went to many physicians..

and after doing the investigations..

they told him that he have cancer colon..

cancer colon!!

Yes, cancer colon.

and, we will try to treat you.

So, Abu Ubaydah began taking chemotherapy..

He became very tired and exhausted..

and, at the end the treatment failed..

And the condition became worse.

The Doctors told him to go to America..

So, Abu Ubaydah went to America.

There, the Doctors said to him..

Too late!

There is nothing to be done, go back home.

Abu Ubaydah became devastated..

All his life he was dreaming of..

living in his palace, with his family and his friends.

next day, unfortunately..

Abu Ubaydah went to his small palace..

which was his grave.

We wonder, does the target of Abu Ubaydah..

deserve all his life, and all his strength?

And at the end, did he accomplish it?

Guys, this makes us think..

what are our goals in life?

and are they the correct goals?

Abu Al-Farooq, what are the factors that helped..

Sara, may Allah give her mercy..

to hope for compensation from Allah and to be patient?

A person cannot wait till the last moment to teach his son patience..

he must discipline him on these meanings, early in his life.

It was a favor from Allah, Almighty..

Sara was raised in a home..

by me or by her mother..

we taught them morals like; appreciation..

acceptance.. submission to the wisdom of Allah..

to the mercy and the justice of Allah, Almighty.

The most important thing for me, was to make my daughter..

meet her Lord, Almighty, with a sound heart!

without any anger or grief in it.

from the factors that gave her patience is that..

we did all that we could do.

I mean..

It is not acceptable that I would not treat her properly..

or not to be there for her..

or to neglect her..

or not to give her the priority..

then, I expect from her to be patient, looking for the reward of Allah.

to accept the decree of Allah.

She would not accept..

if she didn't see that we were doing our best.

I believe, by a favor from Allah, we did all the possible efforts, to the maximum..

from the influential factors.. of her patience..

was the before bed stories.

I encourage all mothers and and fathers to do them.

Doctor, in her last days..

and they are the most difficult days, for any father..

How was your relation with your daughter Sara?

may Allah grant her mercy.


her last days..

they were difficult..

But, we were feeling the gentleness of Allah, Almighty.

I remember a crucial moment, when we went to the hospital..

In the hospital..

The Doctors already have told us that her case is very bad..

it is terminal..

After the first night, Subhan Allah..

she became better, a little.. in the hospital.

next morning, her condition deteriorated..

So, I stayed with her..

for 9 days..

I only go out to carry out the exams of my students..

then, I return back to her directly..

sometimes for Salat Taraweeh..

or for Salat Jumu'ah.

Two days before her death, some thing happened..

The nurse introduced the intravenous line in her arm..

but, it wasn't in place..

They usually give her the medications through this line..

to prevent suffocation..

And, suffocation is the worst feeling a man can feel.

So, because, there was something wrong with the line..

the medication did't enter her body..

Then, Sara began to feel shortness of her breath

she suffocated severely..

she began to say; la Ilaha Ila Allah.. O Lord..

Ya Rab.. Alhamdulillah.. la Ilaha Ila Allah

I was very upset..

seeing my daughter suffocating..

But,By Allah, I was glad..

because, Allah is holding her, steadfast, in such a moment.

I felt that Allah will make her die.. as I love for her to die.

All praise be due to Allah, Lord of the worlds..

I remember, till that moment, the idea of death wasn't clear for her.

At the last day, in the morning..

the nurses came.. she said, Baba, am I gonna die?

I said to her, you know that, none of us have an answer to this question.

If Allah, Almighty, would have chosen death for you..

then, to be with Allah is better than to be with us.

And, if He would choose life for you..

I tell you, if you would live, you will not be like this.

Then, at the evening, she said to me..

Baba, read to me verses, about Jannah.. abou its beauty..

I felt that she began to surrender to the fact of death.

she knew that she is about to die.

That was the first time..

she asked me this request.

i remember that..

my brother said to me; Go, and have some sleep, Iyad.

have some rest..

of course, the doctors were..

from the first day..

they were expecting her death, at any time..

But, Subhan Allah, she remained alive for 9 days.

He said to me, Go, have some sleep.

have some rest..

I went to sleep.. to rest..

And, she sleeps and wakes..

her uncle was reading Quran for her..

Suddenly he said to me..

Iyad, get up.

wash your face..


I knew that, it is the time..

So, I sat up..

looking at her..

I saw the oxygen indicator declining..

Subhan Allah, the moment I opened my eyes..

the oxygen indicator was gradually declining..

her breathing became slow..

She was unconscious.

Then, she gave her soul to its creator.

Then, my brother went to do the paperwork..

to discharge her from the hospital..

I was holding her hand..

Subhan Allah, it came to my mind to read Surah Ash-Shu'ara..

so, I read it all. to the end..



seeing the good ending of Sara..

now, I feel like..

I don't feel she is dead.

I mean, I have a strange feeling..

I don't know what is it?!

But, I don't feel she is dead.

maybe, the most important reason is that..

I feel very much at ease, knowing where she is going.

And, it is a favor from Allah, Almighty..

that, the story of her death, caused the guidance of many people..

many people told us so..

So, she was a blessed child..

during her life, and after her death,

By a favor from Allah, Almighty.

la Ilaha Ila Allah..

is not an easy expression..

But, It is greatly valued by Allah, Almighty.

In the long Hadith of intercession..

the messenger of Allah, (ﷺ), said:

'.. I will praise Him with those praises..

then, I will fall down, prostrate before Him..

Then it will be said, 'O Muhammad..

raise your head..

and speak, for you will be listened to..

and ask, for your will be granted (your request) and intercede, for your intercession will be accepted..

I will say, 'O Lord, give me permission, for those who said; la Ilaha Ila Allah..

Then, Allah, Almighty, will say..

By My Dignity.. and My Majesty.. and My Supremacy.. and My Greatness..

I'll bring out of it, whoever said; la Ilaha Ila Allah.'

And, remember..

If you were from the people of; la Ilaha Ila Allah..

remember that 75% of the inhabitants of earth..

do not believe in this great expression!

Allahumma, all praise be due to you, because of this expression; la Ilaha Ila Allah.

My belief in Allah, Almighty, that he will honor her..

especially that she is a girl..

a child, not under obligations yet.

By Allah, my belief upon Allah that He will be generous to her.

Now the task became very easy for me and for my family..

to do that which is good, to meet with her in Jannah.

Allah, Almighty said:

"And those who believed and whose descendants followed them in faith.. " 52:21

- We will join with them their descendants, and We will not deprive them of anything of their deeds.. "

".. Every person, for what he earned, is retained."

Even with my sadness..

that my daughter is leaving me..

But, there is more relief.. more tranquility.. more happiness..

that Allah made her ending like this.

and, this is a favor from Allah, and a mercy.

Dr. in the most hard moments..

when you put your daughter Sara in her grave, may Allah grant her mercy..

you said a message, to all fathers..

to guide their children..

Why.. and why in that time?

In fact, the story began at 2012..

after the death of my father, may Allah gives him mercy..

At that time, a Lebanese friend was visiting me..

his father and his mother, weren't practicing Salat..

we were coming from the hospital..

I wasn't crying, but my friend began to cry!

I said, what's wrong with you, Abdul Majeed?

He said: My father and my mother, they do not pray Salat!

woe to me if they would die in this condition!

This meaning.. this situation, shocked me really..

Certainly, if a dear person would die..

a beloved person..

and, he doesn't pray Salat..

it will be very hard.

see how my friend was crying..

Alhamdulillah, my father was praying Salat..

But, he was tested by a long lasting disease..

which is; Parkinsonism.. for 19 years..

By the will of Allah, he was patient, asking the compensation from Allah.

I felt that meaning when I was putting her in her grave.. I was at ease..

I was happy of my daughter.

I mean, my daughter has passed the test!

she've reached the end line..

I remember, few days before this..

a friend came to visit me in the hospital..

He said: By Allah, Abu Al-Farook. you don't know..

it might be for her good, and for your good!

I know a man, who was always worried about his son..

one day, his finger was hurt by the door..

He made a major fuss.. in the hospital..

And all of us went to the hospital..

as if a cosmic disaster has happened.

He said: This boy became older

and he was undutiful to his parents,

the schools rejected him..

His father sent him to a boarding school in Britain, but, they dismissed him..

He reached a stage of beating his father.

His father said; I wish he didn't live.

I wish he didn't live.

Unfortunately, some youths..

If you would say to one of them, fear Allah, and leave sins..

he will say; If Allah wanted to guide me, He will guide me!

No ability, no power, except by Allah.

This is a wrong concept.

If you would want guidance, you should strive to get it.

If a person wanted money..

he won't get it by sitting home asking Allah, Almighty..

without striving and working hard..

and, if anyone would like to succeed in his life..

he must, study and work hard..

and so on!

This is the rule that Allah, Almighty, has made for us in Dunya..

One day, the prophet, (ﷺ), said to the companions:

'There is none among you..

but has a place assigned for him either in the Jannah or in the Hell.'

They said; O messenger of Allah..

should we not depend upon what has been written for us and give up doing good deeds?

The Messenger (ﷺ) said: '

'Carry on doing good deeds. Everyone will find it easy to do such deeds for which he has been created.'

So, people of happiness..

will find it easy to do the deeds of the people of happiness.

and, people of misery..

will find it easy to do the deeds of the people of misery.'

Then, He, (ﷺ) recited for them..

"As for he who gives and fears Allah. " 92:5

"And believes in the best [reward]. " 92:6

"We will ease him toward ease." 92:7

i.e. who believes the speech of Allah, Almighty, and His commands..

then, he did his best in the implementation..

Allah, Almighty, will give him the right of..

having the easy paths to guidance and success..

As it was said:

The servant have to begin..

and Allah will grant the completion.

I ask Allah, Almighty..

for us all...

and for our beloved.. the guidance.

At that time..

I felt the importance of..

The point is not, when my son will die.. or any dear person..

But, on what, his death will be?

this is the important point.. on what?

The point is to reach the end, in guidance..

me and whom I love.

even after this short separation..

we will meet in Jannah, by the will of Allah, Almighty.

in the everlasting eternal life.

'I'm longing'

'my yearning feelings are trembling me'

'longing to Al-Mustafa, my love and my beloved'

'O you.. the light'

'O bright illumination'

'I yearn to you'

'and the longing is flowing in me'


'Walking along the path of the prophet.'

'And loving starts with one step'

'along the unknown..'

Let's learn more.. and come closer to our role model.. Muhammad..

may Salat and Salam be upon him and his family.

What do you know about his uncles and his aunts

may Salat and Salam be upon him and his family

Today, my question to you is..

What are the names..

of the Muslim uncles aunts of the messenger..

may Salat and Salam be upon him and his family?

'Send him blessings.. blessings be upon him.'

No, this is a bit difficult.

Is it difficult?

I don't remember.. By Allah, I don't remember.


From his uncles, Sayyidina, Hamzah

Sayyidina, Al-Abbas..

No, this question is difficult.

give me another one.

I only know Al-Abbas, among the Muslims.

As for his aunts..

there is; Safiyya Bint Abdul-Muttalib.

No. No, I can't give a name..

Hamzah Bin Abdul-Muttalib


By, Allah, I don't know!

I don't know his aunts, but his uncles..


Sayyidina Hamzah

and Al-Abbas.. Ibn Abdul-Muttalib.

And, from the aunts of the messenger..

Assaiyidah Sumayah..


honestly, I don't know the aunts of the messenger..

Abu Sufyan!!

'Send him blessings.. blessings be upon him.'

His uncles..

only Hamzah and Al-Abbas were Muslims.

Hamzah Bin Abdul-Muttalib, the lion of Allah.

He was the uncle of the prophet, may Salat and Salam be upon him and his family

and his brother, by breastfeeding [foster brother]


he was the youngest..

and he had many children compared to them.

From his sons..

Abdullah Bin Al-Abbas..

Habr Al-Ummah.

The rest of his uncles were:

Abu Talib..

sibling brother of Abdullah..

the father of the prophet, (ﷺ).

Abu Lahab..




and, Al-Mughirah.

As for his aunts..

The Muslims were; Safiyah and Arwah.


she is the sister of Hamzah..

the mother of Az-Zubair Bin Al-'Awam.

And Arwah..

she is the sister of Abdullah..

the father of the prophet, (ﷺ).

The rest of his Aunts..

were, Umaymah..



and, Umm Hakeem Al-Baydaa.

'Send him blessings.. blessings be upon him.'

The prophet, (ﷺ), was

the best among people in maintaining the ties with his relatives..

He, didn't just ask about them and visit them..

But, he was keen to make sure, they were on the straight path of Deen.

So, they were the first to invite to Islam, his family and his tribe..

He gathered them, and said to them:

'O people of Quraish..

buy yourselves from Allah..

I cannot avail you at all against Allah..'

Then, he began to call them, one by one, by their names..

his uncles and his relatives..

That was his way of inviting them.

with special attention, till at the time of their death..

as he did with his uncle, Abi Talib.

This is how our prophet, Muhammad, (ﷺ) was..

with his relatives..

he was loving..

concerned about their happiness.. in Dunya and Akhirah.

So take him as your Role Model.

'He who was claiming loving him'

'he should always harbour him in his heart'

'He who was claiming loving him'

'he should always harbour him in his heart'

'and he should walk behind him following his caravan'

'so that, someday, he would attain his companionship'

'and he should walk behind him following his caravan'

'so that, someday, he would attain his companionship'

'Our souls'

'are longing'

'eager to meeting the messenger'

'What can we say about our longing?'

'as speaking about it, will be a long speech.'

'Our souls are longing'

'eager to meeting the messenger.'

'Our souls'

'are longing'

'eager to meeting the messenger'

'Upraise blessings to him.. blessings be upon him'

'Upraise blessings to him.. blessings be upon him'

'Our souls are longing'

[In the Next Episode]

When the prophet, (ﷺ), came to Al-Madinah

everything in Madinah became illuminated.

When will be the hour?

The companion have heard the whining of the trunk..

I used to watch Christian movies..

We loved him more than our wealth..

our sons.. our fathers..

I wasn't convinced with this.

And he told him, he will be with him in Jannah.

How can you believe that He is one of three?

And this trunk didn't stop..

till the prophet, (ﷺ), hugged it in his arms.

There is a missing thing..

What did you prepare for it?

a person prays Salat 5 times.


it loves our prophet, and we love it..

It is based on a corrupted faith.

We weren't blessed by meeting him in Dunya..

Everything in Al-Madinah, loves the prophet,

may Salat and Salam be upon him and his family

So, we hope..

to be blessed by meeting him at Akhirah.

If you were loving the prophet, (ﷺ).. truely.. then, follow him..

You will be with whom you love.

This was the greatest blessing, the best day in my life.

So take him as your Role Model.

'Send him blessings.. blessings be upon him.'

The Description of الحلقة 11 قدوة | نعمة الهداية | فهد الكندري 2020