Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Oscar Frayer's Return to the Court

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And as I'm looking up in the clouds

I can feel my feet leave the ground

Oh oh

(crowd cheering)

Lord come and take me now

All I wanna see is sky city, sky city

(crowd cheering) (shoes squeaking)

Mercy rain down from sky city, sky city

(whistle blows)

Holy is the lamb who is crowned in sky city

- I started playing basketball fourth grade

for a church league, CYO, St. Bedes.

Those are my guys, man.

I don't take them for granted 'till this day.

Family means everything to me, man.

Not having a father growing up,

I feel like that definitely has brought me closer

to my family, especially my mom's side.

They've instilled literally everything into me,

like my characteristics, my traits, my humbleness,

my love for the game of basketball,

my love, just being a good person.

I feel like that's all that they all ever wanted from me.

I can feel my feet leave the ground

Oh oh

(crowd cheering)

Lord come and take me now

All I wanna see is sky city

Initially I was committed

to University of California, Berkeley,

things didn't work out there.

Coach Marley came to one of my practices

and I didn't know who coach Marley was.

From there, I mean it just took off.

I took my visit, crazy. (crowd cheering)

One word, crazy.

There's a love and it's a crazy fan base, man.

Anybody who comes here and gets to witness that in person,

it's amazing. (crowd cheering)

I mean, they come with us everywhere,

literally, any and every gym.

Like sometimes we have more fans

in opponents' gyms than they do.

That's big time for us for sure.

(upbeat music)

I don't wanna word it.

There was a lotta distractions off the court,

there was a lotta distractions on the court as well.

Just coming in, not being focused and not being...

Just having the wrong crowd around me, I believe.

Having to literally lean on my teammates

and lean on my guys that wanna see me win

and like letting them down,

I feel like that was the biggest part for me.

My mother, she's been my backbone through it all.

She supported me through the good, through the bad,

she's definitely stated that, you know,

you gotta make decisions, you gotta change.

(gentle music) It meant the world to me

because I don't wanna go through the same things

that I went through last year.

Breaking habits,

just having the will and the want to be better

and be a better person

and be a better person on the court and off the court.

(upbeat music)

I definitely think this team

is capable of the championship for sure,

with the guys that we have around.

We have a lot of good guys from the coaching staff

all the way down to the last guy on the bench.

It's gonna take a lotta work,

it's gonna take a lotta commitment,

it's gonna take a lotta endurance,

a lotta putting ourselves in right situations.

(shoes squeaking)

We've only been with these coaches

for about the last two to three months,

I can see myself talking to these guys

for the rest of my life,

because at the end of the day,

they do relate to us off the court

and they relate to us on the court.

They instilled a lotta characteristic traits in us

that you can take with you for a life time.

There was times where I wanted to give up on myself

and I know that I couldn't

because these guys are sitting here watching me.

My mom is sitting here watching me.

My family, my brothers, my whole support system,

they're just sitting here watching me,

and I knew that if I was to give up on myself,

they wouldn't like that

and I knew I wouldn't like that.

So I know that I had to come back out of here

and make up for it for sure.

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