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Welcome to BMW Today. My name is Ede Weihretter, Im a trainer and instructor at the Driving

Experience and we are here at the shutdown area of the BMW Driving Experience Academy

in Maisach. And today its all about donuts.

If you want to be successful with your donuts,

I can give you some hints: number 1 is the seating position. Make sure youre seating

is close enough and you have fully control of the break and the gas at the same time.

Then, the steering techniques: the rabbit, the dishwasher actually will not work out.

So, 9 oclock-3 oclock-position on the steering wheel. Grab it, so you have full

control of the full angle and you can turn it even cross hands for bigger drifts if you want.

I would say: lets get started!

So, we are now here at the BMW M town and you can see theres nobody else, its

a locked and safe protected area, no public traffic and I would say: drift happens!

Dont do this on public roads!

You see, this is what we do if we want to

have donuts and actually that is what its all about M in the center of M town.

So, I take the second gear which is the golden gear to have fun out here.

About 30 km/h, a hard

hit on the gas and then you can see the steering techniques and the visual contact are the

ones that are essential.

My guest today is Claudia Hürtgen, our chief instructor. Hi Claudia! Hi!

How about donuts? Not this onethis one!


Im drifting with my boss to see who wins the donut.

I love this sound! And the smell!

I love this job!

Thanks for watching BMW Today and as you could see: there is donuts and donuts!

Now, were going to go for a, we call it agents turn, a quick parking.

Dont do this on public traffic!

Its unbelievable!

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