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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dana, nakipagtalo kay David | Love Thy Woman (With Eng Subs)

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- Good day. - Hi.

My name's Dr. Rabong.

I work for Dr. Morales.

I'm sorry, but Dr. Morales can't join us today.

Uhm, here are the results of the tests done on you.

Miss Dana has recently been under a lot of stress.

As a result, her blood pressure shot up

and her white blood cell count increased.

So please make sure she is getting enough rest and sleep.

and her white blood cell count increased.

Your tests results hinted that there are problem areas

in your reproductive system, Mrs. Chao.

We have to run more tests.

Just to be sure.

Be sure about what?


Am I going to die.



Dana, you okay?


you understand how stupid that question is?!

Do you understand how stupid that question is?!

David, I was just told that I'm never bearing a child again

And now, you're asking me that?!

You're asking me if I'm okay?!

I'm sorry. I'm just trying to comfort you--

Well, if you want to comfort me, then shut the hell up!


Because you're not helping!

If you want to talk to me, then make sure that

you're doing something to help. Otherwise, it's pointless.

You're useless!


You know what?! You meant every word you said!

And to tell you the truth?

I've been feeling worthless and useless for a while now!

I'm sorry, but no one wanted for this to happen!

This is no one's fault!

-I can't tolerate this anymore-- - No, no, no!

I won't let you leave!

No, David! No!

Come back here!


I'm sorry. We'll just settle the damages.

Yes. Just send us the bill.

David, come on! Let's go!

- Let's go! - No, you wait!

Science has gone a long way.

How can you be so calm about this?

Do you think I'd be glad to have a grandchild,

who's fathered by that man?

And besides...

After everything we've gone through with Dana,

I'm just grateful that she's still with us.

With or without a child.

David! Listen to me!

It's a huge house!

We have everything we need here! Why would you move out?!

It's for my privacy, Dana!

For my sanity!

I told Papa about it last night.

And?! Did he give his permission?

I said I told him about it. I didn't ask for permission.

Besides, you don't have to come with me.

You'll be more comfortable here.

Wow! It's like you want us to split up!

You're being selfish, David!


Dana, I'm trying to save what is...

- ...left of myself! - What do you mean?!

That you're sick of me?!


I had no control over my life since we got married.

Dana, I'm sorry, okay? I'm not blaming you.

And I'm not bragging about everything I did.

But don't you dare call me selfish!

Because ever since we got married,

I have dedicated my whole life to you!

You're my husband, and that's normal!

Yes, and you're my wife!

The love, the devotion, and the commitment should be mutual!

But not once did you ever check up on me, Dana!

You didn't even ask if I still want to be an architect,

how's my career going,

or do I miss the life I left in Singapore to be with you?!

Imagine a 30-year-old guy still living with his in-laws!

From the food I eat to the house I sleep in...

Everything is yours!

David! You're not a burden here!

That's not the point!

- What is?! - The point is...

...I am still able!

I can still do the things that I want!

I'm serious, Dana! I'm moving out!

I need to find a semblance of self-respect again!

Or maybe you just want to be with your other woman!

Oh my goodness!

You're hopeless.


I'm packing my bags.

Once I find that woman, I'm going to kill her!


You weren't given a second chance at life

just so you can go to jail for committing a crime.

If David wants to go, let him go.

But you're staying.

No, I'm coming with him.


- Dana! - Let her be.

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