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HI GUYS!!!!!

Last wedding season you saw Arushi and Girisha shopping for lehenga.

So we thought why should girls have all the fun!?

So Team commerce is here for Sherwani Shopping!

So we are going around Delhi to find the best sherwani for us.

There will be three types of Sherwani.

We will look for the cheap one in Chandni Chowk.

You will get first blessings for your wedding from this place.

And we will get you dressed as the groom.

To look for medium range sherwani we have reached Shahpur jat.

This looks like the Bollywood type sherwani.

For the expensive sherwani we have come to Gurugram.

Collection is kickass!

Today we are looking for our wedding sherwani!

So how should be your wedding's sherwani?

It should be simple ,sober.

And give the Royal kind of vibes.

and the rest I want to explore.

I believe my sherwani should be these two things...

It should be gorgeous and comfortable.

I really liked Virat Kohli's sherwani on his wedding.

So I would go for something like that.

I don't know if I will get my Deepika or not but he will definitely get his Anushka.

Yayy!! high five on that.

Quite a lot of talks been happening.

Shall we explore now?

Let's go!

How much is this one for?


THIS IS FOR RS. 22000!!?

I won't even give Rs.2200 for this.

Please come.

-Satyam. -Kaustubh.

Your name is Mubarak?

Yes sir.

You will get first blessings for your wedding from this place.

I saw outside you have written 'Dulha Package'.

Yes sir you read it right.

From top to bottom we make sure of everything for the groom.

Can you please tell me your approximate budget?

Whenever I go to shop the first thing for budget is that..

You can tell me your starting range to the last one.

So I have the same question for you.

Our starting range is from Rs.4000/-

But you won't get a complete set in that range.

It will just be a sherwani and bottom.

So if Rs.500 are added.

Means Rs.4500/-

So you will have the complete package.

I will show you.

I have never seen such big shop.

So I am really glad that Chandni chowk has such big shops.

If anyone has a peach lehenga..

Then this sherwani has a touch up of the same.

With this piece if you wear any kind of accessories.

It will definitely go.

Even after the wedding this can be used.

After wedding you can bring this to me and..

I will get this styled into Jodhpuri style.

How much is this one?

This is the second color.

This is in the range of Rs.10,000/-


Sir actually this is the replica of Manish Malhotra's design.

And the original piece costs Rs.75000/-

You tell us who among us should try this?

I would say the one who is getting married should try this.

So go Satyam!

Satyam do you hear the background music?

'Din shagana da chadeya'

This is played at the bride's entry.

So what's being played for you then?

'Azeemo shah shensha!'


Satyam is looking really good man.

Is this the Rajasthani look?

-Yes. -Okay.

I like the color specifically.

And I would like to change the golden thing.

Which they said can be changed.

I am doing this to see how comfortable this is.

I would rate it 6/10 in terms of comfort.

The cloth inside is not breathable.

Sir that because you should feel that way because it's winter.

But I still think Rs.7500/- is too much for this.

I also have the one that costs Rs.6000

and also the one which costs Rs.5000.

Then why didn't you show us that?

I showed you the one that suited you the best according to your face.

Satyam you will like this pastel one right?

Why didn't you show me this one?

It's okay Satyam.

You wear it or me. It's one of the same thing.

Let's make this gentleman a groom too.

This looks really good, right?

I have never praised a boy this much ever.

but you are looking very nice.

Thank you so much.

This is not Kaustubh.

This is someone else.

This is some King.

Have you ever seen such Kaustubh before? -No

I have never seen it.


This is called Anarkali.

This is only for Rs.22500/-

Rs.22500/- ONLY!

I recently got to know that anarkali is for boys also.

I knew that it's for girls only.

Anarkali has always been for boys .

You must have seen Mughal- e -Azam? -Yes.

Anarkali was for Salim..'s simple.

You can wear anything.

I think you should just know how to carry it.

Now it looks like we are made for each other.

I must say the two best sherwani in this shop are worn by Kaustubh.

And I am quite jealous.

The only difference between these two is.

This one I have seen a lot.

Many people have worn this.

It's like the safe option.

But this.

This is something I would like to go for.

The sherwani that Satyam wore was of raw silk.

This is Malbari silk.

And this has zari work in it.

And as you can see it's quite a lot of work done on it.

Look at me without Sherwani now.

Comon guys!

Thank you sir.

We felt really nice.

That you showed us the sherwani collection.

We never really expected that..

We can get such good sherwani in this price range.

This got a little high.

The one I told you for higher range

will be double or triple the rate at other places.

Yes, true.

But we got to know a lot about sherwani.

Thank you so much.

You're welcome sir.

Before you throw us out. We will go by ourselves.

No no sir why are you saying so?

To look for medium range sherwani we have reached Shahpur jat.

And this place seems really peaceful

That's why we are also talking in low tone.

'Asli chandni chowk ki chandni yaha par hai'

Hi Ishaan

-Satyam -Kaustubh

Basically whenever you're going out to buy sherwani.

It has to be a classic sherwani.

I mean the sherwani's we have been seeing from the historical times..

Those are still the kind of sherwani which were worn by the Kings.

And today we are wearing them.

Please tell us the starting range and last that you have.

Our range starts from Rs.35000/-

and it goes till Rs.1,50,000/-

Including the sherwani, the kurta, the bottom.

If you want to purchase any accessories these are above and beyond.

So looking at us what do you suggest?

What will suit us?

For your kind of complexion and your kind of height..

I think a light colored sherwani with bright accessories.

Would suit you the best.

And for me?

I mean more or less the same. -Same?

More or less the same.

Light colored sherwani with bright accessories.

Will definitely do.

Okay then. Shall we?

Dude I am finding this collection really good.

I never seen such kind of thing ever before.

So this is definitely something I would love to try.

Do you have the one in 'channa Mereya'?

Kaustubh the one you have selected is something only two people can wear.

You and Ranvir Singh.

What are you saying?

Secondly I don't think anyone will choose that.

So if you want a sherwani for yourself....

you can definitely go for this one.

It's Lucknowi sherwani with chickankari work.

Is it all handmade?

The cloth comes as it is.

The beatifications you see on the top are done by hand.

So if we talk about this sherwani.

Do you think you have seen this somewhere before?

I don't know I can't recall.

You might be having some reference.

So basically Anushka Sharma was wearing similar kind of lehenga.

Virat Kohli... -OHHHHHH

I was trying that I could get something from Anushka & Virat's wedding.

That's why from that reference I got this one for you.

Yes, this is pretty cool.

Ishaan can you please tell me the range of these two?

Also, suggest which one should I wear?

Kaustubh the sherwani which we give comes with a kurta and a pajami.

So this whole set will cost you around Rs.59,500/-

And this one is for Rs.65,400/-

Which one should I try?

We will make you try this one.

So I have selected two sherwanis.

One is that Lucknowi one and the other is this Bollywood style

-Right? -Yes.

Till the time you were deciding I have found myself one more.

-That's very nice. -Ahaaa

It's a Jodhpuri with kurta.

Which you can also carry at a wedding..

but definitely not your wedding function. but some other function.

But you are right this is very classy.

So shall we try?

Yeah, I think we should.

So I see that they are giving a kurta inside and churidar as well.

And have asked to dress properly so that he groom has an idea how he is going to look.

Your Majesty Kaustubh has arrived.



Dude I am looking really good.

This is very comfortable and I am not even feeling hot.

So what is the price of this sherwani?

This will cost you around Rs.48,400/-

It will be nearly Rs.70,000/- to Rs.75,000/-

If you take all the accessories.

Including the 'Pagri'?

-Including the 'safa' shoes everything.

This feels really light.

Usually I feel sherwanis are heavy.

I did hand moment also.

Did the 'Balle balle ' test. < Took sherwani hunt to a whole new level

The best factor is that you are looking really nice in it.

Then the price is justified.

Had I been a girl, I would have gotten really happy seeing you like this.

How do I look?

It's really good man.

Comfort wise I think it's nice.

Even the 'pagri' is really good man.

'Pagri' is the best invention.

You know why?

Otherwise the boys would just be thinking about their hair.

'jija ji! jija ji jijia ji!!'

This was the look in my mind.

Ishaan, Thank you.

It feels really nice wearing this.

Even we are glad to see you in this.

You look like Alauddin Khilji.

So what's the price of this?

Sherwani is of Rs.44500/-

And plus the accessories.

Plus the accessories?

I think I can pay that much for this look.

It looks really nice.

If I go like this at the wedding, then I would feel really nice.

Kaustubh if our mom's sees us like this what will they say?

My mom will say get married tomorrow only.

My mom will put 'Kala teeka' on the screen itself.

The sherwani which I wore in Chandni chowk.

And the one which I am wearing now has a huge price difference..

Almost Rs.35000/-

But I think that's justified.

because you feel really nice.

There's no stiffness.

You can move around.

So I think I will pay this much for this.

And right now I am going to try the Jodhpuri one.

I am really exited about that.

Because I have never worn something like that before.

So that's kind of experimental.

So, see you.

Quite different look.

Satyam looks like...

I am loving this look.

There used to be some Pakistani shows on Zee salam.

He looks like one of those character.

Kaustubh could actually pull off this much color I never knew.

Even I didn't knew.

Initially I thought that this would be very heavy.

And it might be a kind of stupidity invest Rs.60,000/- for one time.

Because we can't wear it to many occasions.


'This definetly is love at first sight,I hope it's not infactuation.

So I want to know what's the price of this?

It costs Rs.34,500/-

For the entire set.

Another plus point is that you don't need any accessories.

So the add on cost is gone.

So I really like this look.

It's quite different.

'it's like writing a hand written letter to your crush in the era of DM's.'


Your son has become a groom now.

Is this looking fine?

-It is looking good.

-If you wear something that has color contrast that one will suit you better.


Mom didn't react much because...

she knew what her son would wear.

One should get happy that everyone is seeing it.

but what to say.

Then I told her that I wore Lucknowi sherwani before this.

Maybe his mom didn't like this experiment of Kaustubh.

That one looked really nice on me.

Everyone else also liked it.

So I will share it with you.

You also share it with your moms.

So we have tried he cheaper range.

We have tried the medium range.

Now it's time for the expensive one for which we are in Gurugram.

Store's name is Brahaan by Narains.

Quite heavy.

Also it's as Royal as that.

We got to know that most expensive sherwani collection is found here.

Now I kind of know what's my ideal wedding outfit.

Something that's very royal.

Something like the kings.

I don't want to look 'Maharaja' but for sure 'Dulhe raja'.


-Satyam -Arzoo

-Kaustubh -Nice to meet you.

So what's your highest range of sherwani?

Lowest is Rs.50,000/-

And it can go upto Rs.5,00000/-


Everyone's sees the bride.

The groom is not noticed.

Yes. Correct.

So we want that we should also have that kind of sherwani that we also get noticed.

At least 50%. -Yes.

No one should see the bride.

Just a little attention.

That will be difficult but yes we will try.

We will try to make you both at par with each other.

Alright. Yes.

So this is what we call the groom room.

Honestly, I feel rich after coming here.

We wil make you feel even richer in some more time.

I can see the wooden work here.

I feel bad in these clothes here.

Collection is kickass!

When we went to see the medium range sherwani ..

They were hanging there in one line.

Here the sherwani's are specially in wardrobe.

It feels like someone will just serve me water in glass made of gold.

Is someone coming?

So basically here you can see on a proper body form.

It's on model.

So you get to see the entire look.

With all the accessories.

I really like this color.

I feel like its my color.

So this is another like very smart piece.

It has a different color tone.

I like this belt thing. What is it called?

'kamar band'

What will you suggest for me?

For the Maharaja look that you want I would recommend this one.

With a kurta with flair.

Which is anarkali.

I have a very nice piece for you which I will make you try.

You won't show me now? -No.

Won't show you like this.

We will make you try that.

And then you tell me how you like it.

Alright I am ready.

So apparently Mr.Arzoo have kept a sherwani for me as surprise.

I don't know what it is.

What design is it?

Or what color is it.

I hope it's something related to the kind of reference I gave.

I don't know the price.

It feels like someone will serve me grapes like this.


This is really heavy.

It reminds me of the previous sherwani.

So guys I have pulled out these two sherwanis for you.

These two? -Yes.

This one is for you. Yes.

This is what you will be trying.

So this is your dream outfit.

The enitire work on this sherwani is done with 22 carat gold.


I will be wearing gold? Like real gold?

Real gold.

I am really glad that you have chosen for me.

Sorry Kaustubh.

It looks beautiful.

I hope it looks the same when I wear it.

If it will not look good then I will wear it.

No it's okay I will manage don't worry.

They have chosen it for me.

It's really beautiful but what's the price?

Wait a minute let me just put hand on my heart.

So the entire set of this sherwani...

With the stole and accessories.

Will cost you about Rs.5,00000/-

It is for five lakhs.


This sherwani takes 3 months to make.

Alright Satyam increase the value of this sherwani.

Who would not want to wear it!?

I am pretty sure after you wear this.

All the rich people will say...

'To wear the sherwani that Satyam wore'

This is the sherwani that I have chosen for you.

Now that you have shown me that one.

This is also okay.

This is not bad. It's good.

You try it I am sure you will love it.

I completely feel like anarkali.

It's time to be the king.

I think Kaustubh this is your color.

Absolutely. From top to bottom.

One thing is missing.

You know what.

There it goes.

After this you just need a King's chariot.

I feel I was such kind King in my last birth.

Satyam -Oyeeee!!!

If we compare all three then this is the best sherwani that I have worn.

I think if Sanjay Leela bhansali sees Kaustubh like this.

Then it's possible he might take him

Because this is how Kaustubh will go in historical film.

I mean look at his face man. He is looking soo good!

If Sanjay sir is watching...

My turn.

Why are you taking out the sword man?

You thought that if you tell this to people they won't believe it?

That is why you wrote it here.

What's the price of this whole thing?

The entire set is about Rs.2,00000/-

And what kind of work is done on this?

This is all 'Aari and Zardosi' work.

All hand embroidery.

Even the sword that you are holding is having handmade work.

Why will someone at your shop spent two lakhs ?

See it's totally for the product he is getting.

I personally feel comfort plays a major role.

Without the right fit it's just an embroided cloth you are wearing.

Honestly I don't believe that every expensive thing good.


Trust me some things are really good.

You know how I feel right now?

When all your life you have been using some random headphones.

And suddenly you wear Bose headphones.

Kaustubh which city's King are you?

Am I ready now?

Now can I see?




Are my shoes also gold?

No, not now but when they will be made for you.

Then it will have.

This looks fab!

I am out of words actually.

That how should I define this.

So how many people did actually work on this?

See, not more than 7-8 people can work on the sherwani.

So is there any kind of specialty a person needs to work on this?

It's just that only those number of people can work.

On one panel if 7-8 people are working.

Not more people can work on it.

Okay so that was the end to our shopping journey.

And result time!

Before we share the result we want to share that we are really tired.

We covered chandni chowk, Shahpur jat, Gurugram.

Which three different corners of Delhi.

What do you think which one won among all?

I really enjoyed the expensive one.

The kind of look expensive gave...

out of greed you would actually pay for it.

Wedding is a one day ceremony.

I feel that the whole time that sherwani would just be in my wardrobe..

and I won't wear it twice.

Nevertheless who doesn't like gold?

So I think I would go for the medium one.

In which I have to spend some amount.

Which had colors.

I really liked that one.

I think comfort wise that was okay. Look wise that was very nice.

So I think I would like to buy that.

Same here.

Even I would like to go for medium.

It's not that I didn't like it.

I really liked the expensive one.

But only If I have such kind of budget I will go for that.

Else I will stick to the Medium one.

The difference between medium and expensive had a huge price difference.

But if I compare it ambiance wise..

Then medium was not bad.

It was really good.

They treated us so well.

Pampered us

During such times be it the groom or the family who are out for shopping..

are in a very dilemmatic state of mind.

Whether to buy this thing or not.

And during such time you really need support..

Which we really got from the people in the store.

The cheaper range that we tried was also nice.

I think the one that Kaustubh wore...

the second that was really nice.

The one that I wore was very basic.

And I don't think anyone should get that.

Because we had a camera so the cheaper one was also telling us higher rates.

else had the camera not been there.

We could have bargained.

If I have to choose one out of three I will go for the medium one.

Same here man.

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I have never worn Sherwani guys.

Just look at it behind you man.

Oh damn!

I have to wear this as bottoms and this is the upper part right?

I am losing my sherwani virginity in front of you guys man.


He is trying his first sherwani let's see how he looks.

I think he will look good.

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