Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Adding LaunchPad Content to Blackboard

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Hello. Today I'm going to demonstrate how to add content that's been assigned in a

LaunchPad course from Macmillan Learning to a content area within

Blackboard so it syncs with the Blackboard gradebook. So as you can see

we have a Blackboard course with no activities assigned to the gradebook. To

add content we're just gonna go to the plus icon on the left and select Content Area.

We're gonna make a new content area called "Launchpad." Then we just hit the

submit button and click into the LaunchPad content area, and now we can

build folders within here. So to do that we're going to go to Build Content and then

select Content Folder. The content folder we'll label as Week 1 and just hit submit.

Now we'll just click into the Week 1 folder and to add content from LaunchPad we

just go to Partner Content and select Commercial Content. We just click on

the Macmillan logo and the LaunchPad folder will show up right here. And we

can expand it by clicking on this little arrow icon to the left. And then we can

do that again for chapters and subsections within chapters. Any

activities that we've assigned in LaunchPad for a grade and a due date will have

a gradeable icon next to it as indicated by these three bars. We can

select these two activities, and then hit submit. Now we'll confirm that we want to put

them in week 1 and also the categories that we set up in LaunchPad do carry

over to the Blackboard gradebook as do the points. When we hit submit now those

activities are automatically added to the Week 1 folder of the LaunchPad

content area. If a student clicks on any of these activities LaunchPad will

automatically open up in a brand new tab and log them in and direct them to

exactly to that activity so they can take it.

Instructors can also preview the activity from here and everyone can

navigate to the rest of LaunchPad by clicking on the home button at the

top left. And of course if we go back to our Grade Center now, both of those

activities are now showing up as columns in the Blackboard Gradebook. If you

have any additional questions

Technical Support can be reached at the top right help tab of the LaunchPad home

page. Just click Chat with an Agent for 24 hour support or you can call

Technical Support 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. at 1 800 936 6899. Thank you.

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