Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Photography Challenge on Steemit (now closed)

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okay I've been on steemit a few months now and what I've really enjoyed is

these photographic challenges because you know I've been taking photographs

for years but just snapping away but now with these photographic challenges I

think it's improving my photography because you have to really look at

things and take things into account and that kind of stuff you know like

composition who's in the shop where's the light coming from all that kind of

stuff and on my recent trip to York and I was going around the railway museum

and I started to notice all the signs the signage I've been thinking about a

new photography challenge and when I was up in York at the National Railway

Museum recently I was looking at all the train names the names of the trains why

do they name trains and the signage in general and it struck me that you can

actually look at signs street signs road signs general street art and typography

and if you've travelled a bit you can actually tell where you are just by

looking at the street signs and I'm not saying like okay this is Birmingham or

this is London but just by the typography and the color schemes you can

tell where you are for example this one of the Metropolitan line in Paris if you

ever been to Paris is very striking the the typography and you know exactly

where you are the same applies to the London Underground they've got very

specific typography so you can look at the thing and say oh I know exactly

where that is because of the signage now my idea is to do a hashtag signage for

people around the world so you go out you take photographs of signs posters

street signs you know names of streets that kind of thing we get all these

photographs of all this different signage from around the world and we have a lovely

collection and it's fun to do I think it's gonna be fun I had a lot of fun

doing it so hopefully you will enjoy it and you'll join us thanks for watching

see you next time

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